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Healing – Ben Livingston/general health; Gloria Dotson/M.S.; Josie Bray/M.S.; Bob & Vickie Berwaldt/M.S.; Debbie/salvation (Stephanie Tarrant’s co-worker); Ed Meehan/kidneys; Paul Fournier/prostate cancer (friend of Mike Boober); Jeff Jones/cancer (Dave Forgie’s uncle); Jarid Niejadlik; Katie O’Neill/liver problems (Amber Boober’s friend); Vanessa Bronson; Ella Grace Bartlett/toddler with critical health issues; Sarah Marra/heart condition; Mary Syrette/liver and bone cancer (friend of Dan & Brenda Marra); Rafael Rivera/; Dan Saimeri/broken pelvis in 4 places due to motorcycle accident (Mike Boober’s co-worker). Special Prayer Requested – For Gloria Dotson’s brothers and sisters and her son, David, that they would seek and/or return to the Lord. Salvation for Alison Haak and Bob Goldenberg (friends of Pete & Robin Ashworth). Pray for Pam Warren’s dad who has just gone into a nursing home and for her mom who is now trying to adjust to this great change in her life. Employment – Jessica Roberts, Ben Livingston, Jr. Expecting – Katie Frageorgia, Jamie Bartlett, Chris Bartlett; Courtney Allan In College – Sarah Marra, Jessica Roberts, Ashley Graham, Alison Boober, Alicia Salemi, Jon Smuda, Kara Smith, Tara Howe, Rachel, Meghan and Jenna Deschaine, Hannah Purdon. U.S. Military – Nate and Denise Graham, Vanessa Kenney, Eric Lemoine, Dwayne (Gloria Dotson’s nephew), Josh Benoit, Deven Thomas. Pray for all of our troops. Missionaries – Pray for Helen Spear serving with the Mercy Ships ministry. Pray for missionaries all over the world for God’s protection and that they will be used mightily by the Lord.

Sunday School Sunday Worship Wednesday Bible Study 10:00 AM 11:00 AM & 6:30 PM 6:30 PM

Pioneer Valley Baptist Chapel
56 Perkins Street, Chicopee, MA 01013
(413) 594-8650 Pastor Steven A. Graham

Sunday Worship Service
  A religion that is small enough   for our understanding  is not great enough for our need. 

Sun., Oct. 4 Guest Speaker: Mr. Gordon Taylor (ARBCA) Communion – AM service Marriage Counseling - Joe & Becky – 7:00 PM Ladies’ Yoga Class – 6:30 PM Pastoral visit with the Thurston family Ladies’ Yoga Class – 6:30 PM Benevolence Offering – AM service Crockpot Sunday – 6:00 PM Columbus Day holiday Ladies’ Yoga Class – 6:30 PM Pastoral visit with the Niejadlik family Ned Boober’s birthday Ladies’ Yoga Class – 6:30 PM Christine Bassett’s birthday Ladies’ Yoga Class – 6:30 PM Jorja Payne’s birthday Ladies’ Yoga Class – 6:30 PM Annual Youth Rally Zack Graham’s 25th birthday! (Wow! A quarter of a century!) Ladies’ Yoga Class – 6:30 PM Michael Forgie’s birthday Ben Livingston, Sr.’s birthday Ladies’ Yoga Class – 6:30 PM

October 4, 2009

Mon., Oct. 5

Thurs., Oct. 8 Fri., Oct. 9 Sun., Oct. 11

Arthur J. Balfour

Last week’s offering Amount Below Budget Amount Above Budget Fiscal YTD Gifts to Missions Amount Above Pledge Amount Above Pledge Fiscal YTD Benevolence Offering Miscellaneous Gifts Total Giving

$1,989.84 (242.86) 26.82 120.00 24.00 829.00 40.00 280.00 $2,429.84

Mon., Oct. 12

Thurs., Oct. 15

Fri., Oct. 16 Sat., Oct. 17 Mon., Oct. 19 Thurs., Oct. 22 Fri., Oct. 23

Thank you for giving to the Lord!

We will, once again this year, be participating in the Operation Christmas Child ministry. First you will want to determine whether your gift will be for a boy or a girl, and the child’s age category: 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14. Then begin collecting gifts small enough to fit in a shoe box and fill it! The earlier you begin, the less it will affect your weekly budget! That way, maybe you could do two shoeboxes! The deadline for turning in your shoeboxes is Sunday, November 15. This is just before Thanksgiving. What a tremendous way to express your gratefulness for all the Lord has done for us—by blessing someone else! Watch upcoming bulletins for more details but start buying NOW!!!

Sat., Oct. 24 Mon., Oct. 26

Wed., Oct. 28 Thurs., Oct. 29 Fri., Oct. 30

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