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PLACE: Bliss and Root Halls, U.S. Army War College DATE AND TIME: Saturday, 12 September 2009 8 am-3 pm 8:00-9:00 am 9:00-9:30 am 9:30-10:00 am 10:00-10:30 am 10:30-11:00 am 11:00-11:50 am 11:50-1:00 pm 1:00 -1:30 pm 1:30 -2 pm 2:00 - 2:50 pm 2:50 Registration (Command Conference Room) Hosted Coffee & Doughnuts available at the Joint Deli Presentation of Colors (Bliss Hall Auditorium) Pledge of Allegiance, Invocation, Welcoming Remarks, Speaker Introductions Keynote Speaker Dunham Clinic Update Break & Return to Bliss Hall or go to Reynolds Theater TRICARE Briefings-Tricare-For-Life (over age 65) in Bliss Hall & Tricare (under age 65) in Reynolds Theater Luncheon VA Briefing in Bliss Hall Short Break Legal Briefing in Bliss Hall Bliss Hall-Award of Door Prizes, Farewells

Don’t forget that the DUNHAM Clinic will have a Mini Health Screening in the Dr. Mary Walker Room during registration and DUNHAM Clinic Pharmacy will be Open from 7:30 am-11:30 am & 12 pm- 4 pm! Remember that Vehicle Registration & ID Card Section will be Open from 8 am – 2 pm in Anne Ely Hall (bldg 46).

COUNTRY LUNCHEON BUFFET MENU Tossed Salad with House Dressings, Assorted Bakery Rolls with Butter Water/Coffee/Iced Tea/Tea Baked Meatloaf, Broasted Chicken, Rustic Mashed Potatoes, Fresh Vegetables Assorted Desserts, COST: $14.10 (this includes the 15% gratuity & the 5% service charge) --------------------------------------------------------------(CUT HERE)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------For Official Use Only PLEASE MAIL to: Retirement Services Office, 46 Ashburn Dr., Carlisle PA 17013-5062 BEFORE Thursday, 9 September 2009. If you are not going to join us for the Luncheon Buffet, you can Fax the Registration Form to717-245-4227 or email your information to CARLISLE BARRACKS RETIREE APPRECIATION DAY PRE-REGISTRATION FORM YES, I would like to be placed on the Retirement Services E-Mail List! _____ YES, I plan to attend this year’s Retiree Appreciation Day! There will be ______ in my party. (Number) YES, Please make reservations for lunch at the LVCC $14.10 x _____ = $_______. (Please mail Registration form with check.) (number of meals) (check total) I have enclosed check# _____ for $ _______, payable to: Letort View Community Center or “LVCC”. We are forced to request Social Security Numbers be placed on the checks or on the Pre-Registration form below because checks were returned for insufficient funds. I apologize for this request. Please place your SSN here __________________________or on your check only if you are joining us for lunch at the LVCC: NAME _____________________________________________________RANK_____SERVICE_________ ADDRESS___________________________________________________ __________________________ _________________________________________________________STATE____ZIP_____________ EMAIL __________________________________________PHONE (____) ________________________
For Official Use Only

Retiree Bulletin 1

Retiree Bulletin 2

Carlisle Barracks Retiree Bulletin
Military Personnel Services Division, Carlisle Barracks, Carlisle, PA 17013 August 2009

FYI from Your RSO
The Retiree Appreciation Day at Carlisle Barracks is scheduled for 12 September 2009!
I would like to thank everyone for your patience & consideration this past year. My family saw our father, SFC William Derr, USA-Ret, through Pancreatic Cancer, home hospice, passing-on 26 Jun 2008, his burial, and then seeing mom through the next transition of becoming a Survivor. Most Q&A’s are things I learned this past year! We will have the busses running “round robin” throughout the day for those who want to go ride through post and to the Army Heritage Education Center and walk the Heritage Trail. Entrance of the War College will be in a different area so look out for the new entrance by the Army War College Security Desk Station. The NEW Registration Area will be in the Command Conference Room. Venders will be through the War College Halls. You’ll be able to enjoy your Hosted Coffee and Donuts in the Root Hall Café.

Around the Barracks & Beyond!
No RAD at C.E. Kelly, Oakdale PA
It’s Sad but true; the Oakdale Retiree Council is not able to have a Retiree Appreciation Day this year. The Community Center closed and the Council wasn’t able to find a venue to hold the event. The Post Exchange, Clothing sale store, Commissary and ID Section are all still open until further notice. The Carlisle Barracks Retirement Services Office & Retiree Council is saddened to see this happen to the Western PA area. Truly, The Oakdale Council are Retirees….Still Serving!

ALL Post Exchanges “Still Serving” Celebration 18 thru 20 Sep 2009!
All Post Exchanges (Carlisle Barracks, C.E. Kelly, Tobyhanna & Ft Indiantown Gap) will have the “Still Serving” Celebration from Friday, 18 September thru Sunday, 20 September 2009. They will have many specials and drawings for all us retirees!

Commissary Case Lot Sales
The Carlisle Barracks Commissary’s Case Lot Sale is Thurs, 17 Sep thru Sat, 19 Sep 2009! Hours are Thurs thru Sat 0900-1800. Call 717-245-3105 for info. C.E. Kelly’s, Oakdale Commissary’s Case Lot Sale is Thurs, 3 Sep thru Sat, 5 Sep 2009! Hours are Thurs & Fri 0900-1700 and Sat 0900-1600. Call 724-6932463 for info. Tobyhanna Army Depot Commissary’s “Parking Lot Sale” is Fri, 7 Aug & Sat, 8 Aug. Hours on Fri is 10001700 and Sat is 0900-1500. Store is open until 1800 on Fri and 1600 on Sat. Call 570-895-7709 for info. .


1-2 Your Pre-Registration Form and Retiree Appreciation Day Invitation!
3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10
FYI & Around the Barracks & Beyond Finance & VA News TRICARE & ID Card Sites Web Sites & MWR Happenings Handy Post & Toll-Free Phone Numbers Post Map

…more Appreciation Day Information

Just got the word that Root Hall Café will have a lunch menu! Don’t know what will be served but suspect will be several types of cold sandwiches, chips, pickle, dessert, ect…

Retiree Bulletin 3

Finance Update
Retirees Mail/Fax to: DFAS-US Military Retirement Pay, PO Box 7130, London, KY 40742-7130 or fax 1-800-4696559. Toll Free Phone: 1-800-321-1080 Annuitants Mail/Fax to: DFAS-US Military Annuity Pay, PO Box 7131, London, KY 40742-7131 or TF FAX# 1-800-9828459. Toll Free Phone: 1-800-321-1080

VA Phone Number: Toll Free 1-800-827-1000

Very good questions…
…What else should I do to help my family after I’m gone?
When working with the VA; the best thing to do is find your DD Form 214 Certificate of Separation and put it in a spot your family knows where to find it! That is the most important form for your family to locate and use! Put it in a fire box at home. If you can’t find your DD Form 214, go to the website to request a copy.

Finance Questions…
I’m trying to get my finance affairs in order…what should I first do to make my things easier for my Family?
Please have everything in one area, like File folders in a cabinet/briefcase, or a Fire proof Box at home. You can have your instructions handwritten (neatly) or electronic (typed or via computer). Keep a copy of the most recent Pay, Retirement and Social Security Statements. Dad had his handwritten instructions on paper tablets in his old Army brief case and used his computer to play solitaire on! That’s ok…he made sure we knew where all the important items were located! Make sure your family knows what they are going to have. No surprises. Tell your spouse if you have the Survivor Benefit Program (SBP) for her. Have at least 2 months of savings for your family to live on till the SBP starts. If talking to your family is too hard or your family doesn’t want to hear it. Write it down. Tell them where your instructions are. We were relieved to find contact Phone Numbers for the State Benefits! List your Life Insurance policies & contact phone numbers. List your Bank Account numbers and Contact numbers. Have your survivor’s names on the Bank accounts so they will be able to work with the bank/credit union without special legal documents. If you have accounts with passwords, make sure someone you trust has the passwords. Remember you are trying to make things easier for your loved ones.

…I’ve been told that I need a hearing aid. (Yes, Dear…) Can I get it through the VA?
YES! If you have 10% Service Connected Disability you are authorized free Hearing Aids! Call 1-800-827-1000.

…I heard that I can transfer my Education Benefits to my Spouse and Children…is it True?
You heard about the new Post 9/11 GI Bill. YES, those who are eligible for retirement STARTING on August 1, 2009 and have the Post 9/11 GI Bill can transfer their benefits to Spouse and/or Child(ren). To be eligible for the Post 9/11 GI Bill you must have least 90 days of combined service on or after September 11, 2001, or discharged with a service-connected disability after 30 days. You must have an honorable discharge. First, apply for the Post 9/11 GI Bill. You can switch from

Who does my Survivor Call to Stop My Retirement pay and Start the SBP Process?
Call Me…at 717-245-4501. I may not be able to call back as quickly as I like, but I do call. I will report the information to the Ret Pay Center, and mail a condolence packet with partially completed claim forms for the Final Pay & SBP to your spouse. When I receive the completed claim forms and Death Certificate, I will check for errors, resolve them & forward the correctly completed claims to the Retirement and Annuity Pay Centers. If your Survivor feels anxious about the processing, she/he can call me and I can check out the status. They can also call the Retirement Pay Center at 1-800-321-1080, Press 3, then 1.

REAP, Montgomery GI Bill-Reserves, Montgomery GI Bill – Active to the Post 9/11 GI Bill. Even if you may not be able to transfer your benefit to your family; you’re still eligible for the benefits! If you can transfer your benefits, complete a VA Form 22-1990E. You can transfer benefits without serving additional military service if you became eligible for retirement between August 1, 2009 & July 31, 2010. Starting Aug 1, 2010, additional service time must be completed. To apply & learn about the Post 9/11 GI Bill see or call 1-888-442-4551. To learn more about transferring your benefits click on

Retiree Bulletin 4

Local Health Benefits Advisors
Dunham Clinic, Carlisle Barracks Naval Br Clinic, Mechanicsburg 717-245-4112 717-605-6137

TRICARE Svc Centers in Pennsylvania! 1-877-874-2273 (Under Age 65) 1-866-773-0404 (Over Age 65)
o DUNHAM Army Health Clinic, Carlisle Barracks, 450 Gibner Road, Carlisle, PA 17013 Mon-Fri 7:30 am – 4:30 pm

The Retirement Services Office publishes the Carlisle Barracks Retiree Bulletin. Comments should be mailed to Theresa A. Derr, RSO MPSD, 46 Ashburn Drive, Carlisle, PA 17013-5062 or call (717) 245-4501 or email at


Pittsburgh TSC, 333 Rouser Road, Building 4, Coraopolis PA 15108 M, W, F 8:30 am – 12:30 pm T, Th 12:30 pm -4:30 pm

I’ve heard great things about TRICARE-for LIFE (TFL) & MEDICARE from my friends…I have MEDICARE, State/Federal/Other insurance, & TRICARE and have problems my friends don’t seem to have. Will my Survivor have problems too?
The extra insurance you have is a Secondary Insurance. I have found that only folks who seem to have issues with TFL are the ones with other insurance and the troubles seem to go away when they DROP the other insurance. After Dad passed away Mom opted to go with the TRICARE-for-Life and Medicare. It was easy to stop the State’s Insurance. I had to make sure TRICARE understood that mom dropped the State Employees Health Insurance. TRICARE was very helpful and professional during that period. Now mom’s happy with TFL & MEDICARE!

Request USN, USAF, USMC, USCG, (Retired), Survivors & those who specially requested the Bulletin, write with any address changes. USA Retired & Army Annuitants do not have to mail your address changes! Your address changes come from DFAS-Retired & Annuitant Pay Centers!
You all might be wondering why the RAD Date is not the same date as the Carlisle Barracks Commissary Case Lot Sale & the PX’s “Still Serving” Celebration. Sat, Sep 19th is the Jewish Holy Holiday Rosh Hashana. Several years ago I unknowingly scheduled the RAD on the same date as the Holy Holiday. I vowed that would never happen again!

I’m Under Age 65 with TRICARE Standard or Extra. Can I get a Supplement to help cover with the 20% or 25% that TRICARE does not cover?
Good Idea! Do you belong to a Military Organization like T he Retiree Enlisted Association, Military Officers of America, NCOA, USAA, DAV, AMRA, USBA, American Legion, or NAUS? Check them out and you should find a Supplement to help cover the amount that you have to pay and count down the years till you turn 65 to get MEDICARE and TRICARE-for LIFE!!!.

Retiree Bulletin 5

Pennsylvania Military ID Card Locations
Including Ft Detrick, MD
Phone Notes Location
AG HQ State FTIG Bldg 9-68 Annville PA NRC Avoca PA Carlisle Barracks Anne Ely Hall Carlisle PA 171 ARW Coraopolis, PA Letterkenney Chambersburg PA NMCRC Ebensburg PA NMCRC Erie PA 464th Chemical Johnstown PA USARC Lewisburg Lewisburg, PA 193d SOW MSF Middletown PA DDC, Bldg 2021 New Cumberland PA Charles E. Kelly Spt Ctr Oakdale, PA 911 AW/MSMAC Pittsburgh NMCRC Bldg 108 North Versailles PA Tobyhanna Army Depot Tobyhanna PA Army Reserve Center Williamsport PSD Willow Grove NAS 1215 GSU Willow Grove NAS 111th FW Willow Grove NAS MPD 1520 Fredman Dr. Ft Detrick, MD



717-861-8693 570-457-8430 Press 736 717-245-3533

Mon -Fri 0800-1600 Appt Only Tues – Thurs 1000-1500; Fri 1230-1500 Mon-Fri 0700-1600 Takes Appts Tues-Fri 0730-1100 & 1300-1530 Call 1st !– Location is Remote and Secure Takes Appts Only Mon-Fri 0730-1500 Appt Only Tues & Thurs 0900-1130 Tues 0900-1200 Thu 0830-1100 & 1230-1530 Appt Only Mon-Thurs 0800-1600 Call for Appt! Tues-Fri 0800-1500 Mon-Fri 0630-1600 Mon & Wed 0800-1500 Tues,Thurs,Fri 0800-1530 Closed for Lunch 1130-1230 Appt Only! Mon-Tues-Wed-Fri 0830-1500; Thur 1200-1500 Tues & Thurs 0900-1100 & 1300-1600 Tues -Thur 0930-1100 & 1230-1400 Mon-Thurs 0830-1630 Mon-Fri 0730 - 1300 Mon – Fri 0800 - 1400 Mon – Fri 0700-1100 &1300-1630 Mon - Fri 0900 – 1530


412-776-7485 717-267-8751 814-472-5083 Press #810 814-866-3073 Press 1 814-288-6000 Press #2 570-523-3468 717-948-2285 717-770-7111/4567




412-474-8526 412-673-0809 Press 1 then 6 570-895-7409 570-322-4696 ext 213 215-443-6863 215-443-1675 215-443-1356 301-619-7311


Reminder! Call first to ensure hours are correct & Systems are working!

Retiree Bulletin 6

1. 2. 3. Air Force Retiree News Arlington National Cemetery

Armed Forces Recreation Centers 4. Armed Forces Vacation Club

5. Army Morale Welfare and Recreation 6. Army Outdoor Recreation 7. Army Retiree News 8. Carlisle Barracks Web Site 9. Carlisle Barracks Dunham Health Clinic 10. Combat Related Special Compensation-Army 11. Delta Select Tricare Retiree Dental Program 12. 13. Express Scripts

Long Term Nursing Care Insurance 14. Medicare


Military Awards & Medals

16. 17.

Military Records Request by Internet National Archives and Records Administration 18. Navy Lodges

19. 20.

PA Dept of Mil & Veterans Affairs Reserve Retirement 21. Retired and Annuity “My Pay” Sites 22. Social Security


Space A Travel Information,,SAF_overview,00.html or (click on “Space A Air Travel ” on Top of site) 24. 25. TRICARE Management

TRICARE National Mail Order Pharmacy Program 26. 27. TRICARE for Life

TRICARE Provider Search 28. TRICARE Region North


TRICARE Retail Pharmacy Program 30. 31. 32. Veterans Administration Education Veterans Administration Information

Veterans Administration National Cemetery

Retiree Bulletin 7

Retiree Bulletin 8

HANDY POST PHONE NUMBERS Post information - 717-245-3131 during normal duty hours only Mon-Fri 00700 – 2300 or Call Office you want at 717-24x-xxxx DUNHAM HEALTH CLINIC Clinic Information Health Benefits Advisors (Tricare-For-Life) Medical Records Patient Affairs Patient Appointments Patient Appointment Cancellation Line Pharmacy Pharmacy (Dunham Clinic Phone-in Refill) OTHER POST PHONE NUMBERS Army Community Services Army Emergency Relief Army Heritage & Education Center Automotive Center Barber Shop (PX) Barracks Crossing (Engraving, Frame, Auto) Bookstore (Root Hall) Bowling Center Catering (Letort View Community Center) Chapel (Post) Class Six Store Commissary Education Center Financial Counsel Framing Studio & Custom Golf Course (Pro-Shop) Golf Course Club Lounge & Snack Bar Guest Housing & Lodging Reservations Gym-Thorpe Hall ID Cards Center (DEERS) Invitation Ticketing & Registration Ofc Laundry & Dry Cleaning (PX) Legal Assistance/Appointments (JAG) Letort View Community Center Military Heritage Foundation Optical Shop (PX) Outdoor Recreation Rentals Post Exchange Post Closures Due to Bad Weather Post Police Desk Sergeant Retirement Services Office (Military) Survivor Assistance Office (Military) Theater (Post) Thrift Shop Transition Assistance Program Manager Vehicle Registration Veterinary Treatment Facility

5-3400 or Tollfree 1-877-787-2569 5-3778/5-4112/5-3918 5-3117 5-3911 5-3400/1-877-787-2569 5-3325 5-4509 1-800-248-6337, Pres 4, then 1, then 1 Phone 5-4357 5-4720 5-3971 5-3156 249-4958 5-3319 258-3326 5-4109/5-3027 5-3960/5-4329 5-3318 5-2275 5-3105 5-3943 5-4720 5-3319 5-3267 5-3267 5-4245 5-3418 5-3533 5-3309/5-4048 258-1857 5-4940 5-3991/5-3215 258-1102 249-5150 5-4616 243-2463/2065 5-3700 5-4115/5-4342 5-4501/3894 5-4501/3894 5-4108 243-1434 5-3684 5-4972 5-4168

Retiree Bulletin 9

HANDY TOLL-FREE NUMBERS Armed Forces Vacation Club (Resort Condos) ARMY Reserve HR Retirement Benefits, St. Louis, MO Bureau of Veterans Affairs, Ft Indiantown Gap DEERS Update/Information Social Security Federal Long Term Nursing Care Insurance MEDICARE Retirement Pay Center, Cleveland, OH Retirement Pay Center, Casualty Line, Cleveland, OH Survivor Benefits Annuity, Cleveland, OH TRICARE PHONE NUMBERS Claims Information (Under age 65) Delta-Select Retiree Dental Program For LIFE! (Over age 65) General Information/Assistance Mail-Order Pharmacy Program Retail Pharmacy (TRRx) Program Service Center 1-800-724-9988 1-800-318-5298 1-800-547-2838 1-800-538-9552 1-800-772-1213 1-800-582-3337 1-800-633-4227 1-800-321-1080 1-800-321-1080 1-800-321-1080


1-877-874-2273 1-888-838-8737 1-866-773-0404 1-877-874-2273 1-866-363-8667 1-866-363-8779 1-877-874-2273

VA VA VA VA Insurance Information (NSLI-Old GI Insurance) Insurance Information (VGLI & SGLI) Education Customer Service Office Regional Office (General Questions) 1-800-669-8477 1-800-419-1473 1-888-442-4551 1-800-827-1000

Carlisle Barracks SPEED LIMIT IS 15 MPH, talking on Cell Phones & Driving on Post is a “NO GO” and Walkers have the RIGHT OF WAY AT CROSSWALKS! If you don’t have a Dept. of Defense (DoD) Decal on your vehicle, You’ll have to come on post thru the BACK GATE! The Back Gate is by the PX & Commissary on Claremont Road.

If you have a DoD Decal, you can come in through the FRONT or BACK Gates! You still have to Show Picture ID’s for everyone in the vehicle and vehicles are subject to Inspections. DIRECTIONS From Interstate Rt. 81, Exit 52 or PA Turnpike I-76, Exit 226. 1. Follow US Route 11 South, If you have a DoD Decal Go Straight and make a Left to Come on Post thru the Front Gate. 2. If you don’t have a DOD Decal, go approx. 2 miles to Light (look for the Blue Carlisle Barracks Direction Signs) at the Sheetz & Texaco Gas Stations. Turn Left onto Harmony Hall Road. Follow the Blue Carlisle Barracks Direction Signs to the Back Gate! You’ll have to go into the Visitor Lane and show your Driver’s License, Car Registration & Proof of Car Insurance, if your vehicle doesn’t have a DoD Decal. Follow the SPECIAL EVENT SIGNS to PARKING LOTS, ID CARD SECTION, and the RETIREE APPRECIATION DAY SITE
Retiree Bulletin 10

Retiree Bulletin 11

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