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									PERFORMERS Proposed Schedule for Questions for the Oral Histories in the New Orleans Drag King Collection
Introductory Statement and Questions: First, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Second, I want to make sure that you understand that your participation is completely voluntary, and you may choose to respond or not respond to any and all questions as you wish. You may also choose to withdraw your consent and terminate the interview at any time if you are unwilling or unable to continue. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to raise them at any time during the interview. We will begin with some preliminary questions so future researchers and others will have a better idea of your background: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Do you mind sharing with us your name, birthday and hometown? Where were you raised? Where have you lived as an adult? How long have you lived in New Orleans? What originally brought you to New Orleans?

6. Tell us about how and when you first learned about drag kinging. 7. How are you connected to the New Orleans Drag King scene? Specific Questions for PERFORMERS Performance History 1. When did you begin performing? 2. Do you still perform? a. (If no) Tell us about why you stopped performing? b. Do you participate in other way? c. Do you feel you are still involved in the community? 3. What made you first want to perform as a drag king? 4. Do you have (a) stagename(s)? Please share. 5. Tell us about the kind of performances that you do. 6. What kind of masculinity(ies) do you perform? 7. Do you consider yourself an impersonator?

8. Do you have a favorite or signature performance? 9. Do you perform with others on stage during your acts? 10. Do you prefer performing solo or with others? 11. Do you think your sexual orientation affects your performance? 12. Do you take your king persona off stage? (If yes) Tell us about the difference between your on-stage persona vs. your off-stage persona.

Preparing for Performance 13. Tell us about how you prepare for an act. 14. (If with a troupe) Does your group rehearse? 15. Tell us about the level of improvisation in your performances? 16. Do you have major influences that affect how you perform? Performance Contexts 17. Where have you performed? 18. How would you describe the audiences? 19. What is the ideal audience reaction to you? 20. Do you think New Orleans affects your performance? How? 21. Have you seen out of town performers? Describe your reaction to the performance. 22. Have you performed in other cities? How was it different than performing in New Orleans? Communities 23. Do you identify as a member of any specific communities in New Orleans? 24. Do you identify with any specific performance communities here, and/or elsewhere? 25. Do you think drag king shows are meaningful to this community? 26. Do you think there is a "drag king community" in New Orleans? If so, how would you describe it?

27. Do you think there is a community that has formed around drag king shows? Or, alternately, have king shows developed out of a specific community or a set of communities? We have reached the end of our list of questions, would you like to add anything else that has not been covered thus far?

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