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					Unit 3 Text A Have you ever paid tributes to your mother? Have you ever expressed your emotions on the theme of mothers? Here industrialist Ross Perot and Professor Michael DeBakey are eager to salute their own mothers. Mothers An old Jewish proverb says, "God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers." Ann Taylor expressed her emotions on the theme of mothers with the following: Who ran to help me when I fell, And would some pretty story tell, Or kiss the place to make it well? My mother. On account of the many tributes paid to mothers from the time of Eve, one might think the subject exhausted. But not so. Here, Industrialist Ross Perot and Professor Michael E. DeBakey are ready, indeed eager, to salute their own cherished mothers. My mother was an angel. Our family lived six blocks from the railroad tracks. During the Depression, the freight trains were filled with hoboes wandering from town to town looking for work. Every day they would come by our house asking for food. My kind mother would always share our food with them. These people were poor and desperate, but we had absolutely no fear of them. When they knocked and asked for food, there was no concern that they might break in and steal things. One day, a hobo said, "Lady, don't you have a lot of people stopping by here?" My mother said, "Yes, we do." "Do you know why?" he asked. She replied, "Not really." Then he took her out to the street and showed her a mark on our curb. He said, "Lady, this mark on your curb says that you will feed people. That's why you get so many visitors." After the man left, I turned to my mother and said, "Do you want me to wash that mark off the curb?" She replied with words that I will remember for the rest of my life. "No, Son, leave it there. These are good people. They are just like us, but they're down on their luck. We should help them." Ross Perot Industrialist

My mother's birthday, Christmas, is symbolic of her human warmth, her giving nature, her noble character, and her high Christian values. She and my father instilled those values in all their children from the earliest age, and she lived to make life better not only for her family, but for everyone she knew, particularly those less fortunate than she. I recall vividly one incident in my childhood that had a lasting impact on me. Every Sunday after dinner, my parents would pack food, clothing, and books in our car and would drive, with their children, to an orphanage just outside our hometown. One Sunday I saw my mother packing a favorite cap of mine, and I protested. She calmly explained that I had several other caps and could easily get new ones, whereas the orphan who would receive this cap had none at all. She assured me that I would derive a special feeling of happiness when I saw the smile on the boy's face as he put the cap on his head. That lesson made a deep impression on me, and the truth of her words has certainly stood the test of time as other incidents in my life have validated her words. I consider the wonderful parents that God gave me my greatest blessing, for they both believed it was always more blessed to give than to receive. Michael E. DeBakey, M.D. Professor (545 words) New Words Jewish a. of the Jews 犹太人的 proverb n. 谚语,语言 emotion n. strong feeling of any kind 激情;情感 theme n. the main subject or idea of a talk, book, movie, etc. (谈话、 书、 电影等的) 题目, 主题 following a. 下列的,下述的 account n. 理由,根据;账目 * tribute n. a gift, speech of praise, etc., given as an expression of gratitude toward another(表

示敬意的)礼物;颂词,称赞 exhaust vt. 1. use up 用尽,耗尽 2. talk about, write about or study a subject fully 详尽论述(某事物) industrialist n. a person engaged in the management of industry 工业家;实业家 eager a. full of interest or desire; keen 热切的;渴望的;热心的 * salute vt. honor or acknowledge with praise 颂扬 * cherish vt. be fond of (sb./sth.); love 珍爱(某人/某事物);爱 railroad n. (AmE) railway (美)铁路 freight n. goods transported by ships, aeroplanes, or trains (水运、空运、陆运的)货物 hobo n. (esp. AmE) an unemployed worker wandering from place to place (尤美)流动的 失业工人;失业游民 wander vi. move about without any special purpose or direction 游荡;闲逛;流浪 desperate a. wild or dangerous because of despair (因绝望而)不顾一切的,拼命的 absolutely ad. completely; beyond any doubt 完全地;绝对地 concern n. worry; anxiety 担心;焦虑 * curb n. (由路缘石砌成的街道或人行道的)路缘 symbolic

a. 象征的,象征性的 warmth n. the state or quality of being warm 热情;温暖 character n. mental or moral qualities that make a person, group, nation, etc., different from others (个人、集体、民族等特有的)品质,特性 Christian a. 基督教的;基督教徒的 instill vt. put (ideas, feelings, etc.) gradually but firmly into sb's mind by a continuous effort 逐渐灌输 particularly ad. especially 特别,尤其 fortunate a. lucky 幸运的 recall vt. remember; bring (sth.) back to mind 记得;回想起 vividly ad. in a lively manner 清晰地;生动地 incident n. event or happening, often of little importance 事情,发生的事;小事 childhood n. the condition or time of being a child 童年;幼年时代 lasting a. continuing for a long time 持久的 impact n. strong effect or influence on sb./sth. 影响;作用 pack vt. put (items) into a container 把东西装进(箱子、盒子等) orphanage

n. a place or institution for the housing and care of orphans 孤儿院 hometown n. the town where one was born and lived while they were young 故乡,家乡 favorite a. best liked 最喜欢的 protest v. express strong disagreement or disapproval about (sth) 抗议;对…提出异议 calmly ad. 平静地;镇定地 whereas conj.compared with the fact that; while 然而,但是;而 orphan n. a child whose parents are dead 孤儿 assure vt. promise or tell sth. to (sb.) confidently or firmly 向…保证 derive vt. get or obtain 取得,得到 happiness n. 愉快,快乐,高兴 impression n. an effect produced (esp. on the mind or feelings) 印象 validate vt. 1. make (sth.) logical or justifiable 证实;确证 2. make (sth.) legally effective 使(某事物)具有法律效力 blessing n. God's favour and protection (上帝的)赐福,保佑 Phrases and Expressions on account of because of 因为,由于

pay (a) tribute to sb./sth. express one's admiration or respect for sb./sth. 对(某事物)表示赞赏或敬意 look for search for or try to find (sb./sth.) 寻找;寻求 come by visit a person or place for a short time, often when one is going somewhere else; get, obtain 访问,看望;得到,获得 ask for expect or demand (sth.) 要;要求 share with have a share of (sth.) with another or others 与别人分享(某物) break in get into a building by using force, usu. in order to steal sth. 强行闯入屋内, 破门而入 stop by pay a short visit to a person or place, usu. when one in going somewhere else (顺便) 过访 wash sth. off remove sth. from the surface of a material, etc., by washing 把某物冲洗掉 be down on one's luck have bad luck, esp. in money matters 不走运;穷困潦倒 at all (used with negatives or questions) in any way or of any type [用于否定句或疑问 句]丝毫,一点;根本 Proper Names Ann Taylor 安·泰勒(人名) Eve 夏娃(《圣经》故事《创世纪》中上帝造的第一个女人) Ross Perot 罗斯·佩罗(1930—,美国企业家。1992、1996 年两度竞选美国总统)

Michael E. Debakey 迈克尔·E·德巴基(1908—,美国外科医生) the Depression 大萧条(指 1929 年到 20 世纪 30 年代早期的世界性严重经济萧条)

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