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					1 Sep 1, 2009 5:05:40 PM - PBS - CLASSROOM 2.0
02:37 - PeggyG

Love seeing those red dots on the map!! Wonderful community!!
02:42 - MrColey

Rainy in Southeast GA
02:43 - Jenny Bradbury

Washington, DC. Beautiful 70 degree weather!
02:46 - Kerry Purcell

Hooray Illinois - it's a beautiful 70 degrees here!
02:47 - Lorraine Leo

logging in from Watertown, MA
02:49 - Peter Bergh

02:58 - bran

New York, 60
03:01 - sebaraff

here in Pacific Palisades, CA warm and ash is falling from the many fires
03:02 - JoNelle G

SC - wonderfully warm
03:03 - KDS

Corpus Christi TX...and we FINALLY have rain and are below 100 degrees
03:11 - lynnmarentette

Near Charlotte, N.C.
03:12 - PeggyG

had a great rain in Phoenix last night and the temperature dropped to about 106 today :-) Life is good!!
03:13 - Tracey McKee

Woodbridge, VA 70 degree weather, very comfortable
03:19 - Leslie

Fryeburg, ME - beautiful day, but going to 40s tonight
03:19 - Trudy Pachon

Trudy from San Diego, hot and humid here

03:22 - Billy

Beautiful fall day on NYC
03:24 - lynnmarentette

I missed what icon
03:25 - kmb211

kmb211 Pennsylvania
03:27 - Matthew Brown

Lafayette, IN...clear and a comfortable 68
03:28 - Susan Rardin

Susan Rardin: Cliffwood, NJ
03:30 - aforgrave (Andrew)

North shore of Lake Ontario -- getting dark, nice day. First day back with students :-)
03:33 - P.O.V.'s The Principal Story

Lynne ABQ Sunny and warm
04:07 - Trudy Pachon

I don't have audio for some reason, is this normal?
04:20 - nicola

i'm in toronto...nice day...kind of cool...
04:35 - Teri

in ohio..chilly for the beginning of august
04:35 - Steve Hargadon 1

@Trudy: you should go to tools > audio > audio setup wizard
05:58 - PeggyG

I'm excited to hear these personal stories!! Always inspiring!
06:25 - Steve Hargadon 1

Put questions here in the chat and we'll collect them!
07:12 - adhesq

07:15 - nicola

07:22 - Billy

07:31 - Susan Rardin

3 Susan: E
07:32 - PeggyG

wish I could choose 2--retired principal :-)
07:45 - KDS the polling
07:50 - Bdalbrecht

08:12 - adhesq

wherere are those?
08:16 - lynnmarentette

The sound quality is low, so I don't know what you asked.
08:19 - aforgrave (Andrew)

Are those results correct --- we have NO principal's in the audience?
08:20 - jackiegerstein

POV rocks - been watching the films on POV for years
08:39 - Bdalbrecht

Can she repeat the question please?
08:41 - MrColey

08:51 - Billy

Assistant Principal here
08:52 - maryW

Are yo familiar with POV, red x no, green check yes
09:06 - Paul George

what does POV sound for? when do they air?
09:09 - Jenny Bradbury

The question was how many people are familiar with P.O.V. and how many people have used their resources.
09:19 - nicola

point of view paul...
09:19 - Jenny Bradbury

P.O.V. stands for Point of View.
09:32 - Jenny Bradbury

4 Check your local station listings to find out when it airs in your area
09:55 - Jenny Bradbury

Andrew, the slides weren't supposed to be moving. Thanks, though.
09:55 - Steve Hargadon 1

@Andrew: just on one slide for now.
10:09 - Paul George

thanks, nicola
10:15 - Steve Hargadon 1
10:40 - Paul George

choppy video
10:40 - nicola

hmmm no audio
11:03 - Steve Hargadon 1

This video is playing on your own bandwidth. If you're having any issues, you can use the link to watch later.
11:12 - nicola

11:14 - Bdalbrecht

sometimes if you pause the video and let it buffer it will play smoother
11:26 - Jenny Bradbury

If you're having issues with the video, it may be a result of your connection speed. If you can't watch it here, we'll provide the URL so you can check it out later.
11:27 - PeggyG

playing great for me
11:29 - Jenny Bradbury
11:38 - Bdalbrecht

11:39 - nicola

roger and me was a pov commission?
12:03 - MrColey

looks like it. i was suprised too

14:24 - nicola

totally agree with that. re: principal training
15:02 - maryW

Are there any leading universities for principal leadership?
15:08 - Kerry Purcell

So important isn't it? So is the idea of principal mentoring!
15:25 - nicola

in england there is a national association or something for school leadership
15:50 - PeggyG

Reminds me of the Principal for a Day program we have in AZ--business or civic leaders spend a day following a principal around to learn more about what they do. Great program!
16:08 - Kerry Purcell

Sounds really neat, Peggy!
16:22 - Paul George

if she's like a shark, how can she focus on instructional leadership?
16:31 - nicola

or not so incredible jobs they can do...
16:41 - KDS

That really does sound fantastic. I think many community leaders are out of touch of what the classroom is like
18:01 - Steve Hargadon 1

I've never heard that but really like it: heart work is hard work.
18:16 - PeggyG

it was a great experience for me because one of my "shadows" was the president of a local bank--very eye opening for him
18:44 - Steve Hargadon 1
18:49 - aforgrave (Andrew)

@Paul George -- to me it sounds like a metaphor suggesting she's always out and about in the school looking ot make a difference ..
18:55 - KDS

this documentary is such a project of love and respect! LOVE it
19:03 - Lisa Puckett

Wasn't one of the principals featured a first time principal?


19:16 - Dawn

19:31 - Dotty Myers

my district blocks you tube, so I can't see or hear the video
19:48 - Steve Hargadon 1

@Dotty: darn!
20:10 - Steve Hargadon 1

@Dotty: the links will be in the chat log, which we'll publish after the show.
20:19 - nicola

20:37 - Paul George

i'd like to hear more about how Kerry came up with the vision and mission; was there a lot of input from the stakeholders, or did most of it come from Kerry herself?
20:49 - nicola

and how did the teachers react?
20:55 - adhesq

who were the other stakeholders?
21:14 - Paul George

parents, community, teachers, board
21:48 - nicola

wow look at those math scores in grade 5
21:55 - KDS

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those test scores an amazzzzing
21:57 - Bdalbrecht

22:06 - Paul George

22:34 - KDS

does the ISAT keep students from advancing grades? ie: if you dont pass the 5th grade test, can you move to 6th grade
22:43 - sayyid

How did it affect the poverty factor at school level
22:51 - PeggyG

7 exciting growth!! data can be so helpful for looking at what's working!
23:05 - PeggyG

of what's not working :-)
23:26 - Steve Hargadon 1
23:37 - nicola

right PeggyG
23:48 - MrColey

it is fuzzy
23:51 - MrColey

and slow
24:04 - KDS

24:06 - Trudy Pachon

24:08 - MrColey

there it is. nevermind.
24:09 - nicola

24:12 - LeeAnn

24:13 - jackiegerstein

Can't get it to load 24:18 - nicola

there it goes
24:22 - Steve Hargadon 1

We're straining YouTube! :)
24:23 - kmb211

not loading
24:28 - nicola

hee hee
24:29 - sayyid

still spinning'


24:30 - MrColey

Am I watching the righthing?
24:31 - adhesq

24:37 - LeeAnn

gone here too
24:37 - lynnmarentette

Oh well
24:43 - Jenny Bradbury
25:21 - aforgrave (Andrew)

very ambitious -- 95% or 80%?
25:27 - PeggyG

But if we think about it, why would we ever "settle" for 75%

interested in how they measured family involvement to reach the 95% goal
25:48 - nicola

did you ever just listen to the kids and throw away the data?
25:57 - nicola

let them direct their learning?
26:03 - aforgrave (Andrew)

Were those assessment meeting "monthly" or "weekly" ?
26:35 - nicola

did you know that in finland there is no assessment until students are 18?
26:53 - Lisa Puckett

12-15! Wow. Our kindies are 25+
26:58 - LeeAnn

Really? What happens if they don't pass them?
27:00 - Kerry Purcell

These meetings were weekly - at grade level and at the Instructional Leadership team level.
27:13 - Trudy Pachon

What about use of technology in the classrooms? to get the students up to speed in math and reading? Programs like Reading Plus

28:27 - LeeAnn

I agrre with in-house PD
28:53 - KDS

question: what is PD
28:58 - Dawn

what support staff was available?
29:02 - Kerry Purcell

professional development
29:10 - KDS

*blush* i knew that
29:15 - MrColey

I keep getting sent to a Middle East video
29:16 - Kerry Purcell

no worries :-)!
29:18 - aforgrave (Andrew)

I would be interested in hearing Kerry discuss her intent behind developing leadership in her staff.
29:21 - Jenny Bradbury
29:34 - bran

still fuzzy
29:43 - MCH726

Can you readdress the relationship between leadership and classroom instruction?
29:44 - KDS

i have the mid east vid too
29:59 - Matthew Brown

@Kelly, what element or aspect of your building's culture do you feel needed to be changed? Which had the biggest positive impact?
30:02 - davidmrazek

I'm seeing the right clip
30:06 - Kerry Purcell

me too
30:08 - adhesq

not me


30:10 - Bdalbrecht

me too
30:16 - Paul George

what's RTI on slide?
30:27 - LeeAnn

I keep getting some kind of debugging message
30:28 - Paul George

no video for me
30:30 - PeggyG

Response to Intervention
30:31 - Kerry Purcell

Response to Intervention - supporting tier two and tier three kiddos
30:51 - LeeAnn

I cannot see video either
30:59 - Paul George

i'm getting the same clip and fuzz as before
31:06 - maryW

i get 2 videos to pop up at the same time!
31:09 - aforgrave (Andrew)

I'm also seeing lots of teaching happening "on the floor" -- any background behind that? Open concept building? Limited classroom space? Changing up the instruction locations? Smaller groups for focus?
31:10 - adhesq

middle east on my screen
31:15 - Lisa Puckett

no video here
31:20 - PeggyG

such an important point about immediate feedback whether it's for students or teachers!
31:25 - FAMU

Did not see that video
31:26 - bran

not me, I saw some middle eastern people not liking Bush

31:34 - nicola

me too
31:47 - maryW

two videos pop up, at the same time.
32:06 - Lorraine Leo

PD built in to the school day?
32:16 - lynnmarentette

me too. This is why it is difficult to get lower-tech teachers enthused about using more technology. If they were using this in a classroom, they'd be fumbling to get it to work, rather than focus on the learning experience.
32:29 - Jenny Bradbury

Sorry, Bran and Nicola. Please use the links that we're posting in the chat window (they'll be in the recording and transcript) to watch the video after the event.
32:41 - Lisa Puckett

Are embeded videos possible vs. Utube?
33:05 - Steve Hargadon 1

@Lisa: is much harder. We'll try to get it right this time.
33:10 - nicola

some interesting experiments using technology you can check out through alan november...
33:20 - nicola

i mean technology in the classroom
33:31 - Lisa Puckett

No problem just curious, first time webinar participant
33:46 - Kerry Purcell

We had limited technology - more in the early grades
33:47 - PeggyG

I really like that Kerry emphasized that the expertise was right there in their own school with their own teachers--don't need outside consultants!!
34:30 - Paul George

sound not consistent from this speaker
34:43 - LeeAnn

my audio is breaking up
35:07 - Steve Hargadon 1

I think they are on a speakerphone and it is finiky...


35:16 - LeeAnn

35:17 - nicola

huge problem up here in toronto - parent involvement!
35:44 - Trudy Pachon

Parent involvement is a huge problem everywhere!
35:47 - Dawn

35:47 - Kerry Purcell

We had an issue too - I think it's a challenge everywhere.
35:48 - adhesq

middle east
35:54 - Nancy C

I can see the video
35:57 - Kerry Purcell

it's good on our end
35:57 - Sharon Carlson

I'm getting the mid eastern video
35:58 - Paul George

shows same guy w/ broken fence, 2 cars in background
35:58 - Lisa Puckett

middle east here too
35:58 - LeeAnn

same one as last two times and debugger thing keeps popping up
35:59 - Bdalbrecht

looks good here
35:59 - davidmrazek

getting video but no audio
36:02 - bran

same middle eastern video
36:04 - PeggyG

I'm seeing the corect video of visit to the neighborhood homes

36:07 - maryW

but the right one is THERE
36:20 - maryW

just click on the right one.
36:22 - davidmrazek

getting the clip with vid and audio
36:27 - Leslie

Got it, thanks
36:28 - aforgrave (Andrew)

It seems to be coming through -- she's on her way to a house.
36:34 - Dawn

36:35 - nicola

got it...
36:36 - Bdalbrecht

36:37 - adhesq

now i'm getting it
36:38 - PeggyG

definitely seeing the correct video
36:38 - davidmrazek

looking good
36:39 - Jackie Baumgartner

36:40 - Lisa Puckett

36:41 - MikeR

36:43 - KDS

36:43 - FAMU

36:43 - Sharon Carlson

14 got it
36:45 - Stephen Lochiatto

36:49 - Steve Hargadon 1
36:52 - nicola

can't hear it of course
36:57 - nicola

i'll check it out later.
37:11 - LeeAnn

Got it
37:22 - Paul George

37:22 - Kerry Purcell

please do - it is a good snapshot of what we did at HP
37:28 - Paul George

every house?
37:31 - Paul George

37:32 - Kerry Purcell

37:35 - Kerry Purcell

not along
37:39 - Kerry Purcell

I meant alone
37:49 - KDS

it is an amazing piece...showed it to a group of GT high school students and they were AMAZED
37:56 - maryW

Love that clip!
38:00 - LeeAnn

Video keeps stopping
38:02 - Tracey McKee

15 wow, how many students are at your school? How many houses did you visit?
38:21 - Bdalbrecht

How long did it take you to get to all the student
38:24 - Dawn

this is an incredible event!
38:25 - Kerry Purcell

400 plus students give or take a few
38:28 - Tracey McKee

We do a math night at our school too and has been very successful involving the parents.
38:32 - Kerry Purcell

it took me ALL year
38:41 - maryW

I can imagine it did
38:45 - Jenny Bradbury

Here are alternate URLs for the videos: 1 2 3 4
38:50 - Tracey McKee

Wow, that's dedication. Very awesome!
38:59 - PeggyG

that personal contact is so important!! one of our local schools has all of the teachers and principal going to every home the week before schools starts just to let them know they can't wait to have the kids back at school. Parents and kids love it!
39:02 - Bdalbrecht

Yes it is!
39:09 - Steve Hargadon 1

Great video. I can't wait to watch the others!


39:17 - Bdalbrecht

Me too
40:24 - Matthew Brown

Great idea about a pre assessment open house
42:04 - Paul George

your parent involvement seems different than a traditional PTA
42:09 - aforgrave (Andrew)

Principal coming direct to you to make a connection and then ask that you become engaged to help children to learn.
42:53 - nicola

gotta run, dinner's finally ready...i'll check out the log later...thanks for doing this!
44:39 - maryW

Thank you Kerry and Whitney!!! Super Job!
45:08 - lynnmarentette

45:17 - Whitney Kim

Thanks Mary! We really love what we do!
45:20 - Dawn

Is there a strong school library at Harvard Park?
45:20 - Kerry Purcell

You are most welcome! We hope you walked away with at least one new idea.
45:23 - Paul George

Inspiring, Ladies, Thank you!
45:41 - Kerry Purcell

No library - unfortunately that was cut several years ago - very sad!
45:49 - Bdalbrecht

45:54 - KDS

NO library?!?!?
45:56 - KDS

46:11 - Kerry Purcell

17 To compensate, we tried to use funds to give kiddos books on their birthday, at family events, etc.
46:12 - Dawn

how unfortunate! (I'm a school librarian...)
46:21 - adhesq

how about gym and health classes?
46:21 - Tracey McKee

Unbelievable that the library was cut, I can't even imagine.
46:24 - PeggyG

your vision and leadership is very inspiring and you definitely set the tone for collaboration and partnerships with parents and families!
46:33 - Jenny Bradbury

You should definitely check with your local station to see what they're doing around the film. Hopefully there are great events in your community.
46:40 - Jenny Bradbury
46:55 - Kerry Purcell

We really were a team - a real family who did the work because of a passion.
47:15 - Paul George

was the staff in place or did you pick them?
47:33 - Steve Hargadon 1
47:59 - Kerry Purcell

staff was in place for the most part - I did do a lot of moving of staff so that they were sitting on the right seat on the bus
48:13 - Paul George

love that quote!
48:13 - PeggyG

fantastic site to have all of those resources in one place!!
48:18 - Dawn

was there a lot of resistance?
48:25 - Paul George

did you have to kick anyone off the bus?
48:38 - Kerry Purcell

18 yes just a few - it wasn't pretty!
48:47 - Dawn

tough job...
49:01 - KDS

did you have people leave w/o having to ask them to?
49:15 - Tracey McKee

After such small kindergarten classes, was there a big leap to first grade classes in terms of size?
49:29 - Dawn

that's what I find...the bus seems to leave without them
49:37 - Kerry Purcell

Hmmm - good question - I am trying to think - I am thinking that no one wanted to leave
50:04 - Kerry Purcell

I always told my staff - they can sit wherever they want on the bus, they just can't slit the tires!
50:21 - KDS

Great....i followed a principal from one school to the next for just that attitude
50:24 - Dawn

50:42 - Whitney Kim

We had lots of folks follow Kerry to Harvard Park.
50:59 - Kerry Purcell

Sorry we talked too long, Steve
51:04 - maryW

Where does the Wallace Foundation receive it's funding?
51:08 - Dawn

good leadership empowers talented staff
51:09 - KDS

was there resistance to the "Kerry" folk?
51:23 - KDS

ie: that she was bringing in 'her' team
51:27 - PeggyG

I can't wait to explore the site!!!


51:27 - Kerry Purcell

Yes, some - it took lots of relationship building to overcome that
51:49 - Steve Hargadon 1
52:06 - maryW

Great resource Anne
52:13 - Kerry Purcell

Oh heavens - sorry everyone!
52:25 - Whitney Kim

I was a newbie to the "Kerry era" and I realized early that Harvard Park was where I needed to be. Those who followed her there felt the same.
52:34 - Jenny Bradbury

Here's Anne's email address:
52:43 - Dawn

please bring back the school library....
52:50 - Jenny Bradbury
52:51 - lynnmarentette

I put the link on Twitter.
52:55 - Kerry Purcell

It's okay
53:02 - Jenny Bradbury
53:03 - Steve Hargadon 1
53:29 - KDS

oh good...glad the lesson plans are up!
53:41 - Kerry Purcell

Isn't that an awesome feature?
54:06 - KDS

it is wonderful.
54:21 - PeggyG

20 that is such a great support service to have the lesson plans to help guide the process in our own schools
54:44 - Jenny Bradbury

Yes, please take advantage of P.O.V.'s lending library. It's a great service for educators.
55:01 - KDS

if i do ever go back to that i have been at a PBS station for 3 yrs....i will be a totally different teacher
55:15 - Jenny Bradbury is where you can find the film starting on 9/16.
55:57 - Kerry Purcell

Thanks everyone - keep doing your great work!
56:29 - Kerry Purcell

Sure will!
56:33 - Paul George

pls repeat how to get the certificate?
56:45 - Jackie Baumgartner

Jackie: Can we save this chat as a text file?
56:50 - Paul George

thank you!
56:54 - Steve Hargadon 1

@jackie: yes.
57:00 - Steve Hargadon 1

And we post the chat log as well.
57:05 - Lisa Puckett

What can you suggest to establish community relationships in a school that is 800+?
57:05 - PeggyG

great session! Thanks a lot!! Can't wait to explore all of the resources and start watching the series!
57:29 - Trudy Pachon

can we get e-mails for upcoming webinars? I won't remember!
57:36 - Paul George

these resources are fantastic! thank yoU!
57:52 - KDS

21 We get to have Walking with Dinosaurs here in CC...working to do something cool with Dinotrain
58:11 - Kerry Purcell

Are you a principal, Lisa? What about hosting monthly coffee chats - just to get folks in the building? You might also try linking with a community center "in the neighborhood" and hosting coffee chats there.
58:54 - PeggyG

I'm very excited about the Digital Nation project--I get to work on an AZ contribution to the project. Very exciting!!
58:59 - Kerry Purcell

One school I know (that is a bit larger) has divided up families among staff - each staff gets "X" number of students/families and follows mentors them through their school career.
1:00:06 - Dawn

thank you kerry-this was really inspiring can hardly wait to see the entire show
1:00:11 - PeggyG

what an awesome concept--providing the resources so they can be embedded directly on teacher websites!
1:00:59 - Lisa Puckett

I am a classroom teacher. I was on the cadre that opened a new school 2 years ago. I have a deep rooted passion for the success of my school. We have a new principal this year who is a first year principal.
1:01:09 - Matthew Brown

can't wait for the show Kerry, very empowered as a principal intern working my way towards my license
1:01:15 - Kerry Purcell

Thank you Dawn for your time. We were honored to have the chance to tell our story.
1:01:48 - Kerry Purcell

Good luck Matthew - it is great to know that there are folks still interested in pursuing their license
1:02:08 - Kerry Purcell

Also, don't hesitate to contact either of us by email if you think of a question later on.
1:02:11 - Lisa Puckett

Thanks you for the tips. We have thought about hosting curriculum nights to engage our parents.

1:02:13 - KDS

an additional question to Ms Purcell...on the documentary, there was a young man that needed to be taken away in an ambulance. one group i showe the material to wanted to know how he is doing
1:02:23 - bran

thank you
1:02:35 - FAMU

Thank you everyone.
1:02:45 - Kerry Purcell

He is actually doing so much better. He is in a behavior room where his needs are being supported.
1:02:52 - PeggyG

thank you all!! Another great PBS presentation!!
1:02:53 - Steve Hargadon 1
1:03:05 - Kerry Purcell

The family has also agreed and followed through on therapy - whew!
1:03:12 - Matthew Brown

Kerry, where did you receive your principal training?
1:03:15 - KDS

that is wonderful
1:03:30 - Anne Llewellyn

Thanks so much everyone! Anne
1:03:38 - lynnmarentette

Well worth it.
1:03:41 - Kerry Purcell

I did my master's work at the University of Illinois at Springfield.
1:03:43 - kmb211

Thank you
1:03:48 - aforgrave (Andrew)

Thanks so much!
1:03:49 - PeggyG

Thanks Steve!
1:04:12 - aforgrave (Andrew)

23 Great to see such a powerful and successful vision!
1:04:13 - FAMU

will you send the survey
1:04:19 - sarah McPherson

What should an internship for a School Building certification and technology look like?
1:04:21 - Kerry Purcell

Thanks Steve!!! Again sorry I talked on and on - in fact, poor Whitney didn't get all of her turns - not a good example of collaboration on my part!
1:04:36 - Lorraine Leo

Thanks very much
1:05:31 - Kerry Purcell

Oh heavens - I felt out of my comfort zone for sure - I obviously still have issues talking and chewing gum let alone talking and manipulating a computer!
1:05:31 - FAMU

Steve could you please send the survey again. Thanks
1:05:37 - Steve Hargadon 1
1:05:46 - Paul George

Kerry, how's your work/life balance?
1:05:49 - Steve Hargadon 1 ml
1:06:09 - Kerry Purcell

Well, not so good - but I am trying to work on that. If we aren't good to ourselves we can't be good to others.
1:06:46 - Steve Hargadon 1
1:06:49 - LeeAnn

Thank you for an interesting evening. The survey opened in my browser.
1:06:51 - Whitney Kim

Kerry always encouraged her staff to take care of themselves even if she did not always follow her recommendation!
1:06:55 - davidmrazek

I'm seeing the survey


1:06:55 - adhesq

click on the URL
1:07:15 - Kerry Purcell

I see the survey!
1:07:30 - bran

I completed it.
1:07:30 - maryW

got it, done already, thanks
1:07:35 - Dotty Myers 1

It's in the chat window and I completed it. Good night all
1:07:50 - Matthew Brown

how soon can I access my classroom2.0 account to access tonight's transcript?
1:07:55 - LeeAnn

Have a good night all.
1:07:57 - Heidi

1:08:00 - Steve Hargadon 1
1:08:05 - maryW

thank you see you all soon, bye.
1:08:05 - Steve Hargadon 1

Look for the big PBS logo!
1:08:09 - Lisa Puckett

Steve's email again?
1:08:10 - Kerry Purcell

Will Whitney and I see the results of #8? It would be helpful for us to know if we were at least sometimes helpful to others who are doing the good work.
1:08:15 - Matthew Brown

1:08:17 - Steve Hargadon 1
1:08:28 - adhesq

Thanks everyone.


1:08:46 - Lisa Puckett

1:08:53 - bran

good night
1:08:55 - Steve Hargadon 1

Great work and great information!
1:09:11 - KDS

another question about the ISAT...can the test keep someone from advancing to another grade? Sep 1, 2009 6:15:16 PM - PBS - CLASSROOM 2.0
1:09:45 - Kerry Purcell

That is not a current practice in #186, however it is a factor to be considered.
1:10:05 - Kerry Purcell

We tried to take a look at the bigger picture - so much rides on one test
1:10:11 - KDS

in TX we have the TAKS which in some grades can prohibit advancement
1:10:51 - Kerry Purcell

I have heard about that - seems a little challenging to make that kind of decision since a student can always have a bad day or not be a good test taker
1:11:18 - KDS

if you want to get someones blood pressure up...we use the 4 letter word...TAKS
1:11:29 - Kerry Purcell

so true!
1:11:31 - KDS

thank you for taking the extra questions
1:11:47 - Lisa Puckett

Steve-how do you save the private notes taken during the webinar?
1:11:49 - Kerry Purcell

sure thing - keep up the good work I know you are doing
1:11:57 - KDS

1:12:12 - KDS

26 thank you everyone...enjoy the rest of your evening
1:12:20 - Lisa Puckett

I took a lot, can I select all of them at one time?
1:12:25 - Kerry Purcell

You too!
1:13:09 - Lisa Puckett

It looks like you can only highlight on section at a time and export them seperately
1:13:24 - Lisa Puckett

Thanks for everything!
1:13:45 - Kerry Purcell

You are most welcome! Thanks to you all! Best wishes on changing the world one child at a time.
1:13:58 - Whitney Kim

Thanks to everyone for listening to our stories. Keep on doing this heart work!
1:14:28 - Eliza Licht

Thanks everyone.

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