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1A HIGH GUN’IN Rowland the water-buffalo challenges Gnu for the leadership of the herd. After doing everything he can to avoid a confrontation, Gnu finally decides to stand up for himself. 1B EU-GENIAL Eugene decides to turn over a new leaf and actually be “nice” for a change. Unfortunately, his misguided attempts at performing good deeds” end up causing even more pain and suffering. 2A DINO-SORE-AS HECK Lyle discovers a perfectly preserved dinosaur skeleton and decides to impress Lana with his amazing find. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang attempts to reconstruct what they believe to be an early ancestor of Dodo‟s. 2B WILDERNESS TRAINING 101 Gnu becomes volunteer scout leader to c-squad, the most unorganized, accidentprone, inefficient bunch of young wilderness scouts in training. Gnu‟s task is made all the more difficult by the late addition of an eager new recruit: Eugene. 3A TREASURE OF THE PRESERVA FREEBORNA It‟s Indiana Jones meets Looney Toons as Dodo, Lyle, and Tito the chameleon journey off in search of a legendary treasure. 3B CALL WAITING It‟s Twister meets that movie where a bunch of people fight over something when an act of nature deposits a shiny new phone booth smack-dab in the heart of the Preserve. 4A GOODNESS SNAKES Lyle is bitten by a snake who doesn‟t know whether she is poisonous or not. Assuming the worst, Lyle milks his impeding doom for all it‟s worth.

4B MEAT THE FOLKS When her parents come to visit, Lana drafts Lyle into pretending he is her boyfriend. But when mom and dad want a test of their future son-in-law‟s hunting skills, Lyle has to convince Gnu to play along. 5A IF YOU CAN’T BE ‘EM, JOIN ‘EM Dodo uses hypnosis to help Eugene overcome his fear of mice. The session works well-in fact, a little too well and Eugene becomes convinced that he is, in fact, a mouse. 5B SPRING FEVER Lyle, Gnu, Dodo, and Tito the chameleon are smitten with spring fever and go all-out in their attempts to woo Lana. Dodo, meanwhile, suffering from amnesia, sweeps through the preserve as a mysterious, masked romancer. 6A PACHYDERM EPIDEMIC Eugene is thrilled to hear that the Loyal Order of Rogue Elephants has chosen Freeborn as the location for its next convention. But when his old buddy Ralph drops by for an early visit, trouble brews. This jungle aint big enough for two bullies. 6B HERD MENTALITY In their eagerness to win the annual Better Herds and Flocks competition, the herd dumps Gnu for a more resilient leader: Eugene. 7A GOING QUACKERS After reading a book entitled “Odd and Doubtful Birds of Africa”, Dodo becomes convinced that he is really a duck. 7B BLOCKBUSTED After viewing a tourist video of their daily lives, the gang “borrows” the camera in an attempt to reshoot the film to their liking. 8A PACHYN MY BAGS


by the rest of the preserve‟s lack of respect for him, Eugene packs his to the delight of everyone else.

bags and leaves Freeborn

8B MOMMY DEAREST A baby bird imprints itself on Eugene. Despite the elephant‟s most creative efforts, he just can‟t seem to shake the little guy. 9A SHERLOCK DODO When Lyle mysteriously disappears, everyone assumes the worst…and Sherlock Dodo is on the case. 9B POULTRYGEIST When things begin to mysteriously disappear from the preserve, the animals organize a neighborhood watch. But they soon suspect that they are dealing with a ghostly presence. 10A LYLE’S PSYCHIC ALLIANCE When a couple of off-hand predictions come true, Lyle opens up his own psychic network. 10B SNOWED INN The preserve is hit by a drought and Lyle takes it upon himself to enact a ancient ceremonial rain dance. But instead of bringing rain, he causes it to snow. As the entire preserve falls under a snowy spell, Lyle works feverishly to reverse the incantation. 11A SVELTE VELDT Eugene decides to diet and appoints Gnu as his personal trainer. But when his diet and exercise program becomes a little too taxing, Eugene decides that misery loves company and orders the rest of the preserve to join him on his get-fit plan. 11B ALL THE PRESERVE’S A STAGE The gang stages their own version of Romeo and Juliet in commemoration of Freeborn‟s 100th anniversary. 12A IT’S A DATE

Frustrated by his inability to get anywhere with Lana, Lyle resorts to a dating service.

12B WOOLLY FOR BULLY When the gang defrosts a centuries-old Woolly Mammoth, the prehistoric pachyderm becomes the hottest thing to hit Freenborn since pizza pockets. As Woolly Fever sweeps through the preserve, Lyle is left to wonder “What the heck is going on here?” 13A PROSE AND CONS Lyle enlists the aid of amed gecko director Sidney Vanderlaffderlanger to help him win Lana‟s heart. 13B BUD AND EDNA’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE! When near-sighted tourists Bud and Edna Farkle set up camp on the Preserve, the gang comes up with some “creative” ways to rid themselves of the unwanted guests.


14 A


Eugene can‟t sleep, and decides no one else can. What he calls a sleepover is really an invitation to entertain him all night. 14 B CLASSIFIED CASANOVA

Gnu uses the classifieds to find a true love match. Things don‟t work out the way he‟d hoped when Eugene turns out to be his surprise date. 15 A EIGHT HOOVES OUT

Dodo gets his friends in way over their heads when he accepts a challenge to a baseball game from the All-Star monkeys. Especially when Eugene, the Babe Ruth of Freeborn, would rather do anything else. 15 B MY BROTHER’S KEEPER

Lyle take over the responsibilities at a Ranger‟s Station when Dodo‟s misreading of a holiday brochure leads them to an abandoned park. 16 A LYLE’S ARK

Everyone ignores Lyle‟s warnings of an impending monsoon, and the good-hearted lion ends up building an ark with room enough for everyone – but him.

16 B


When news spreads about Lyle‟s inheritance, the lion becomes very popular as everybody starts manoeuvring for a piece of the riches. 17 A LYLE FILES

A firefly caught in the lens of Lyle‟s telescope has all of Freeborn believing in flying saucers. 17 B THE BUTLER DID IT

After the gang convinces Eugene that Dodo saved his life, the pachyderm reluctantly agrees to become his butler. When Eugene finds out the truth, everyone pays. 18 A LYLE IN THE FAST LANE

Lana shows appreciation for hard-partying monkeys, provoking a misguided Lyle to steal a jeep and take the gang for a joyride. 18 B A WING AND A PRAYER

When Dodo tries to take advantage of a money-back guarantee, he accidently attracts the Godfather of vultures to the Preserve. 19 A SCHOOLDAYS

Much to their horror, our gang of regulars is invited to a Class Reunion. 19 B CALL OF THE WILD

Dodo, upset with how domesticated the Freeborn animals have become, arranges a return-tonature expedition – portable tv and all. 20 A THE COLD SHOULDER

Lyle returns from meditating with Tibetan monks and tries to force his quacky ideas on a fluridden Freeborn. Thanks to Lyle‟s tireless efforts, everyone gets worse. 20 B THE LAST DODO EGG

When Dodo believes he‟s laid the last Dodo egg, he treats it with all the reverence the event implies. Eugene just wants to eat it. 21 A LANA TURNER OVERDRIVE

Lana‟s had it with Lyle‟s constant pestering for a date, but when her efforts to chase him off work, she missed him. 21 B TRUST ME

The past comes back to haunt Lana when a Trust Councillor she hires turns out to be someone she slighted in school. 22 A RUST IN PEACE

No one throws a surprise birthday party like Lyle, except it‟s HIS birthday. He‟s got to get the idea into someone else‟s head before it‟s too late.

22 B


A female chameleon moves to Freeborn, and Tito is smitten. With the help of his friends, his chances of capturing her tiny heart become next to none. 23 A DOWNSIZING

Dodo misunderstands a news report and sets all of Freeborn competing to prove their „worth‟ to the community before being turfed out. 23 B GNUS IN CANOES

When Gnu sets off on a father/son adventure with Jr., the last thing he expects is to be joined by Lyle and Dodo. 24 A BEAUTY AND EUGENE

The biggest star in the world is an elephant named Ella, and when her show makes a pit stop in Freeborn, Eugene does everything he can to capture her heart. 24 B FREEBORN FOR RENT

J.P. Weasel manages to turn Freeborn into a tourist trap with Eugene the Mad Elephant as its main attraction. 25 A HORRORSCOPE

When Eugene becomes a devout follower of his daily horoscope, all of Freeborn pays the price. 25 B LIGHTS! CAMERA! GNU!

When a film director, famed for turning nobodies into big name stars, arrives in Freeborn for some R&R, Gnu sees it as an opportunity to find a new career path. Unfortunately, Gnu is lacking in that one quality the director desperately need – talent. 26 A THE LOONY BIN

A bird arrives believing he‟s Dodo‟s cousin. Much to Dodo‟s dismay, everyone falls for the loony imposter. 26 B THAT’S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR

Lyle and Dodo‟s friendship is tested when a piece of clothing proves more popular than the both of them.



Lyle gets to play Uncle to his little nephew Louie, with all the expected, and disastrous results. 27B PARIS,FREEBORN (AKA FREEBORN YESTERDAY)

Lyle, just back from a trip to France, tries to instill some Parisian manners on his less than enthusiastic Freeborn friends. 28A EUGENIUS (AKA MAGNET) STUCK ON EU’GENE,AKA EUGENE

Eugene is struck by lightning, provoking two startling changes; One, he‟s getting smarter in leaps and bounds. And two, he‟s become the largest magnet in the world ! 28B CITIZEN EUGENE (AKA TATTLE TAIL)

Eugene decides to publish a quality Freeborn newspaper which quickly deteriorates into a tabloid. 29A DIAL-A-PHOBIA

A local radio shock-jock convinces the Freeborn community that EVERYBODY has a phobia! 29B TIME FLIES BUT DODO DOESN’T

Dodo bangs his noggin‟ and travels back to prehistoric times when dodo birds were a dime a dozen. 30A A RUMOR OF HER OWN

Lana decides to prove how gullible everyone is by starting a ridiculous rumour. Problem is, everything she makes up keeps coming true !



Dodo is everybody‟s best friend when they discover he has illegal cable. That is, until the cable police start asking questions, and the gang disappears. 31A DUSTBUSTERS

The gang believes unless they clean up their act, and Freeborn, they‟ll be sent packing by the Park Ranger. 31B FREEBORN ONLINE

Dodo discovers that ANYTHING can be bought online, provoking a Freeborn-wide buying spree. Then , the bill arrives. 32A STOP IN THE NAME OF LANA

Lana replaces Eugene as the Freeborn Sheriff, and surprises everyone with her power-mad enthusiasm for the job. 32B STARSTRUCK (AKA THE METEORITE)

When a meteor crashes into Lyle‟s cave, everyone goes looking for aliens. Soon, EVERYONE looks suspicious. 33A VOLCANO MADNESS

The rumbling of a nearby volcano provokes the gang to come up with Freeborn-saving solutions, each more ridiculous than the last. 33B LOVE IS BLIND (AKA OBJECT OF DODO’S AFFECTION)

A very lonely Dodo mistakes a plastic dodo as the real thing, and falls in love.



When Gnu accidently empties a wishing well of all its coins, he takes it onto himself to see to it everyone‟s wishes still come true. 34B EU’VE GOT MAIL

Eugene refuses to respond to a chain letter, setting off a string of comical consequences. 35A MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE

When Lana responds emotionally to a message in a bottle, a jealous Lyle tries his own hand at romantic poetry. 35B : FAME, FORTUNE, MADNESS J.P. Weasel makes a return visit to Freeborn, and everyone is understandably suspicious of the charlatan. Still, in no time at all our gang falls for his promises of fame and fortune, hook line and sinker. 36A STORYTELLER

Lyle falls asleep reading Robin Hood, and dreams the romantic tale starring himself and Lana. 36B ANIMAL COURT

When no one will admit to theft, it‟s decided by Lana that the mystery can only be solved in a Freeborn courtroom. 37A BOO

Freeborn is haunted! What starts out as a playful sting on Lyle ends up scaring everybody. 37B FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH

The gang believes one of their ponds has magically transformed into a fountain of youth.



Gnu falls out of a tree, and forgetting who he is, accidently assumes the identity of his son‟s favorite comic character. 38B BOYZ NIGHT OUT

Little Louie decides to go out on an adventure all by himself, provoking Lyle and the others to form a hapless search party.



Lyle finds what he believes to be a treasure map, and the gang combines all their natural tracking instincts to find it. 39B NEAR MYTHS (AKA URBAN LEGEND)

Our gang, ever-ready to believe anything, gets caught up trying to debunk a ridiculous succession of urban myths.


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