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					Volume 7, Issue 10 October 2005

Back on Track
After a couple of months of technical difficulties and personal challenges, here’s the October Newsletter (just in time!). I want to thank each of you for your care and concern as our family went through various trials. Some of you provided meals, some wrote cards or emails of encouragement and many prayed for us. Your kindness is a blessing that I have not taken for granted. I am pleased to announce that the website and my email are fully functional again. You may continue to use the kbalding email address or return to using, whichever you prefer. I check my email many times each day so this is a great way to contact me. activate it again. While my computer is on most times, I am also teaching most of the day. If I do not answer your message right away, it is because I am teaching or away from my computer at the time. If you have known me for long, you know that I try to be an effective communicator. I have failed in this area in the past two months and I apologize. But now...I’m Back on Track! Miss Kristi

Noteworthy News


Some have asked if I have an instant messenger service. I have AOL Instant Messenger and my login name is (no mail to this address, though) and my Yahoo! Instant Messenger login is kbalding@sbcglobal. net. While I am teaching, I usually remember to post an “away messege,” but you can still send a message and I will get it when I

How does Autumn sound to you? Could you imitate it’s “music” on the piano?

Annual Recital Scheduled for January 20 & 21
While we usually have our annual recital in November, this year we are having it in January. There will be 2 performances. They will be at Evola Music on Telegraph Rd. (but the road construction should be over by then!). The exact times have not been determined, but I wanted you to know the dates so that you can reserve them. Students will attend only the performance in which they perform. If you have a preference as to the day that your child performs, or a conflict that you are already aware of, please email me those details so that I can keep any of the requests in mind as I schedule students. My intention is to have all of the students requiring an accompanist in the same performance time (woodwinds and vocalists).

Inside this issue:
It’s Puppy Time! Perfect Practice Acheivements Clavinova Festival Thanksgiving Poem Thanksgiving Day Lessons Dates to Remember 2 2 3 3 3 3

Special points of interest:
• Important Dates to Remember • Holiday Performance Classes • Clavinova Festival Scrapbook Submissions • Perfect Practice Achievements • Mr. Tom Turkey • National Federation of Music Clubs Jr. Festival Dues due on Dec. 1st, 2005

It’s Puppy Time!
As you are aware, we breed beagle puppies once a year and they are due this next week. I may have to call and reschedule your lesson, if the puppies decide to come on the day of your regular lesson. (Now, Dixie and I have had a few heart-to-heart talks and she is aware she is to deliver either Sunday or Wednesday evening, but we all know these are things out of our control!) As an extra incentive for Perfect Practice, students who have 5 practices for the week will get to take a peek at the puppies after they arrive. As the puppies get older in the weeks to come, perhaps Dixie will let you even hold one ~ but that’s up to her because she is the mommy. At no time should any student approach the puppies without one of my family members present. Dixie has never had a problem with visitors, but we acknowledge that animals feel the need to protect their young and we want to make sure everyone involved is safe. If you have friends and family members who are looking for a new puppy, please feel free to give them my name and number.

Puppies are due this week!

Perfect Practice Awards
Taylor DeRousse~Piano Kellyn Carpenter~Piano David Carpenter~Piano Jensyn Cone~Piano Kara Halleck~Voice Melissa Missel~Piano Angela Marshall~Piano Julie Knakal~Piano Aug/Sept Aug/Sept Aug/Sept Aug/Sept Aug/Sept Aug/Sept Aug/Sept Aug/Sept Annual Annual Annual Annual Annual Annual Annual Annual Annual Annual Annual Annual Annual Annual Annual Congratulations, students! Keep up the good work! Anna McMahon~Piano Maiah McMahon~Piano Ana Campbell~Piano Megan Crawford Sarah Crawford~Piano Megan Doyle~Flute Kellianne Miller~Voice Star Fall~Voice Star Fall~Piano Sept Sept Aug/Sept Aug Aug/Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept

Brittany Vandenkieboom~Piano Aug/Sept Brittany Vandenkieboom~Voice Aug/Sept Haley Grumblatt~Piano Haley Grumblatt~Flute Mariel Cutler~Piano Cassie Crawford~Piano Kaley Gross~Piano Brenden Lemp~Piano Dylan Lemp~Piano Nicholas Lemp~Piano Maddi McMahon~Piano Aug/Sept Aug/Sept Aug/Sept Aug/Sept Aug/Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept

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Clavinova Festival ~ So much fun!
Students enjoyed wearing costumes and experimenting with technology and music. The audience enjoyed the performances! We had so much fun! If you took digital pictures of the event, would you mind emailing copies of them to me? I would love to see them all and put together a little scrapbook and email it to you all very soon.

Thanksgiving Day Lessons
For students with lessons on Thursdays, we will need to find a make-up lesson time for Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2005. Students can choose a make-up lesson on Friday, November 25th, Saturday, November 26th or can “bank it” for the week of Christmas Performance Classes (December 12-17, 2005). Please let me know your preference at your next lesson. For families who are traveling, please give me prior notice and we can work out a mutually beneficial make-up lesson time.

Can anyone tell me the rest of this song and who wrote it?

“Mr. Tom Turkey, We’re in the mood, For being thankful~ ‘Specially for food! You are invited To be our guest. Please come to dinner, Very well-dressed!”

Dates to Remember:
November 24, 2005 Thanksgiving Day! Please arrange a make-up lesson. December 1, 2005 National Federation of Music Clubs Jr. Festival Dues due with December invoices. Cost is $16 per event. December 12-17, 2005 Christmas Performance Classes and make-up lessons week. December 18, 2005—January 1, 2006 NO LESSONS CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR’S DAY BREAK! January 2, 2006 Regular Lessons Resume
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V O L U M E 7, I S S U E 10

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