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VOLUME 55 NO.1 JANUARY 2007 2007

Agriculture and Industries Commissioner Ron Sparks returned to Alabama in december after a four day trip to Cuba to follow up on commitments made to companies during the Havana Trade EXPO held in November. "Over the last several months, there have been many rumors as to the future of Cuba because of President Castro's health issues," said Sparks. "We felt that it was important for us to make this trip because we want to ensure that no matter what happens within Cuba, that Alabama will be able to continue our trade relationship." This most recent trip and the one for the EXPO have yielded a total of over $30 million in commitments of purchases from Alabama companies or for companies representing Alabama companies. In 2005, Cuba purchased about $140 million in products from Alabama creating a $400 million economic impact for the state. In 2006, Cuba bought almost 1/3 of its entire US purchases from Alabama. "Alabama's exports to Cuba have become an impressive addition to our state's economy," added Sparks. "I believe that other states who have not been sending products and company representatives to Havana will soon realize they may be missing out on a great opportunity. While Alabama's delegation was in Havana, ten US Congressmen arrived for meetings with government officials. And, I was told that a delegation from Mississippi was also expected to visit during the week. Whether there is a change within the Cuban government

We are expecting 2007 to be another busy year at the Department of Agriculture and Industries. With new project goals, planned renovations for Garrett Coliseum, and improved emergency programs, I am looking forward to the year ahead. The Department will focus on three major projects in 2007. First, we will work to create and develop opportunities for the production, usage, and promotion of alternative fuels. We will continue to play a vital role in reducing our dependence on foreign oil. We took a proactive step in achieving this goal last month by creating a Center for Alternative Fuels. We also plan to assist Alabama's wineries with their efforts to expand their industry in the state. Another extremely important project that we will focus on is to renovate and improve the facilities at Garrett Coliseum. Improvements to Garrett Coliseum will not be just a simple facelift. Improving the coliseum will take a lot of money and patience. We have been working on the initial construction evaluation to find out exactly what can be done to the facility and how much it will cost. The planned renovations will definitely make the venue more comfortable for those of us who already attend events there. But, we should also be able to attract a whole array of shows, concerts, events, and agricultural activities not only from

Alabama, but regionally and nationally. We have made many improvements to our emergency management programs over the last year. Our State Agriculture Response Team has been trained well to respond to an agricultural emergency event. Over the next year, we plan to improve our Emergency Operations Center to be even more efficient in preparation for the 2007 hurricane season. We will continue to work closely with county officials and other states to improve our ability to communicate and develop plans and policies that will allow seamless and effective emergency response. One aspect of our emergency program that will receive considerable attention this year is companion animal recovery, rescue, and sheltering. We are working closely with county emergency management agencies to identify county-level shelters that can be utilized during a disaster. At the state level, the Department is putting together a network of Mega-Shelters that will be overflow evacuation shelters. This includes facility identification, contracting with vendors to have necessary supplies in place to house and care for animals, and working with local, regional, and national humane groups to staff and run the facility. We also have a pilot animal identification project in develop(continued on page 7)

Commissioner Sparks shows Pedro Alvarez, Chairman and CEO of Alimport, how to fry Alabama catfish while in Havana, Cuba. or not, I want to be sure that Alabama maintains its position as a trade leader with Cuba and that we are able to continue to promote Alabama products." While in Havana, Commissioner Sparks and his staff prepared a traditional southern meal using Alabama products. Cuban officials were served fried catfish from Southern Pride Catfish, cornbread, butterbeans, green bean casserole, coleslaw, pecan pie with ice cream, and Red Diamond sweet tea. During the lunch, Alimport Chairman and CEO Pedro Alvarez, who determines which products Cuba purchases from North American countries, was given a
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BOX 3336, MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA 36109-0336 Address Services Requested


CATTLE Brahman heifers $1,000/up, breeding Brahman cattle since 1978, top blood lines. Wes Tyler 2318 Villaret Dr Huntsville 35803; 256/673-2672 (Madison) Reg. Angus bulls $1,250/up, best bloodlines of the breed, gentle, semen tested. Ken Tyler 2984 Pine Ridge Rd Union Grove 35175; 256/498-3174 (Morgan) BBU reg. Beefmaster breeding age bulls $1,100, some Polled red, black, red white paints. Carmon Smith 3557 CR 24 Crossville 35962; (day) 256/891-3777 or (night) 256/891-3438 (Dekalb) Simmental bulls purebred & SimmentalAngus $1,500/up. Steve Williams 334/693-2652 (Henry) Charolais bulls reg. polled King Grazer, Magnum 93 bloodlines, all ages $1,200/up. Robert Wesson 256/5383434 or 256/393-9091 before 8pm (Etowah) Want young cows, bred heifers, Charolais/Santa Gertrudis cross, 10-15 hd, frame score 5 or better. W.B. Barnes 205/695-9684 (Lamar) Top quality, growthy double polled Santa Gertrudis bulls, heifers $1,200/ea, less if 2 or more, free ball cap to lookers. Betty Kelso-Clough 85 Jackson Cove Somerville 35670; 256/778-7878 or 256/778-7362 (Morgan) Reg. Black Angus bulls & heifers exce mating & EPD’s, cattle represent some of the best genetics within Angus breed, starting $3,500. Scott Bickley 1449 Hwy 82 Midway 36053; 334/687-5903 or 334/687-8343 (Barbour) Reg. Limousin bulls & heifers, red & black, double polled, gentle, LBW 25-32 mo, bulls $1,400-$1,650, heifers $875. Don Jones 15246 Hwy 110 Fitzpatrick 36029; 334/279-1023 (Bullock) Reg Black Angus bulls 13-24 mos $1,100/up gentle quality bloodlines. Wayne Gallegly 551 New Home Church Rd Oneonta 35121; 205/466-7045 (Blount) Full blood weaning age bull dark red ½ Fleckvieh grandson out of Three Sixes & Bar 5 Overdrive $750. Leroy Matlock PO Box 188 Killen 35645; 256/740-2038 (Lauderdale) Reg Polled Charolais bulls 12-16 mos AI sired Fasttrack, Gridmaker, heavy muscle, long bodied, good EPD’s for growth milk, calving ease, very gentle $1,200/up. Billy Gilley 135 CR 1684 Holly Pond 35083; 256/796-7801 or 256/708-4700 (Cullman) Brangus bulls purebred LBW gentle black exce bloodline $800/up. 256/7737839 (Morgan) Reg. Polled Charolais bulls 8-11 mos $900-$1,400/ea; heifers 8-10 mos $800$1,000/ea; bred heifers $1,200/ea; bred young cows $1,200/up Wyoming Wind breeding. Glenn Biddle 1407 Union Chapel Rd Union Grove 35175; 256/7536622 (Marshall) 25 cows Black & Charolais cross guaranteed bred to Angus bulls $525/ea/obo. 256/627-6195 (Franklin) Reg. purebred Limousin bulls LBW red great genetics, one 18 mos $1,100, one 9 mos $825, one 8 mos $700 dam & sire on premises. Donald Smith 205/9958612 (Shelby) 3 yo Jersey cow exce milk cow not giving enough for dairy $800 very gentle. W.E. Paravicini 1201 Ingram Rd Elmore 36025; 334/285-4928 (Elmore) Reg Angus bulls 25-30 mos EPD’s BW 0.2-+2.9 WW 34-44, milk 20-23, semen check, delivery $1,500/ea. Jeff James 196 Rabbit Rd Brent 35034; 205/9267521 or 800/844-4435 (Bibb) Purebred Belted Galloway cows (3), heifers (1) black & white $800/up. Reynold Edmondson 334/576-8405 (Chambers) CATTLE Reg Angus heifers 13 mos $750-$850; reg. Angus bulls $1,300-$1,700. 205/4830048 (Walker) Purebred Black Angus bulls long body heavy muscle 18 mos $1,500. Philip Morgan 6543 Old RR Bed Rd Toney 35773; 256/420-4355 (Madison) Reg Brangus bulls, cows complete dis persal all w/papers $825/up. Marlin Roberts 6120 CR 601 Hanceville 35077; 256/352-5775 (Cullman) Reg purebred black Angus bulls 30 mos $2,500/ea. 605 Indian Creek Rd Huntsville 35806; 256/837-0544 (Madison) Reg. Limousin bulls double black, double polled, some homozygous black & polled, exce EPD’s $1,100/up. Bill Witwick 6132 Hwy 27 Enterprise 36330; 334/447-2396 (Coffee) Reg. Limousin bulls red or black exce EPD’s 16 mos polled $1,000-$1,200/ea. Richard Beard Jr (BCIA member) 205/296-3461 (Jefferson) 7 reg Angus bulls heavy muscle exce EPD’s, LBW, very gentle, high quality bulls, yearlings $1,200/up. 256/538-6458 (St Clair) 21 reg Angus cows, exce bloodlines, dropping calves now, some AI, 1 & 2 yo bulls, semen tested $1,500/up, heifers $1,200/ea. Anne Stewart 251/294-3060 (Escambia) 20 gray Brahman cows with tiger stripe calves $1,290/ea. 256/810-0779 (Franklin) Reg Black Angus bulls ready for breeding cows/heifers $1,500/up AI sired. A.L. Bonds 165 Bonds Rd Guntersville 35976; 256/878-7060 (Marshall) Reg Black Angus heifer due to calf in spring, bred to LBW Angus bull $1,175. Alex Khan 205/566-9101 or 205/5923003 (Shelby) Reg. quality Charolais bulls & heifers, top bloodlines, LBW, good EPD’s, thick, meaty 12-24 mos; bulls $2,000-$2,500; heifers $800-$900. Frank Ellis 250 Ellis Rd Letohatchee 36047; 334/227-4856 or 334/315-8927 (Lowndes) Bulls, Angus & Charolais reg 10-18 mos $1,000-$1,400; 800-1200# several to choose from, hand fed gentle. 256/5652054 (Lawrence) Reg. Black Angus bulls 12-16 mos $1,200/up, gentle w/quality bloodlines. Larry Farmer 5225 Coosa River Rd Deatsville 36022; 334/569-3496 (Elmore) Reg Brangus heifers 8-12 mos $1,000; reg Brangus bulls 8-12 mos $800, all Camp Cooley genetics. Aaron James 251/867-6410 (Conecuh) Reg Brangus bulls, heifers 8-13 mos gentle $800/up. 256/892-3836 (Calhoun) Brangus herd pairs, heavy bred, calve Dec. 06, bred to LBW 419 Dakota bull, 12+ mos open heifers $900/up. John Fraizer 2896 Weldon Rd Tallassee 36078; 334/399-6440 (Elmore) Black Angus bulls, heifers $800/up; reg. Black Angus bulls, heifers $1,000/up LBW, exce bloodline EXT, 878, 1680 bloodline, good milkers. Earl Woodard 318 Faust Rd Blountsville 35031; 205/429-2883 (Blount) Reg Charolais bulls $1,200/up; Charolais heifers 8-15 mos $800/up; bred heifers $1,000/up good EPD’s perfect records. James Foust 33280 Al Hwy 91 Cullman 35055; 256/352-5709 (Cullman) 55 Black heifers bred to LBW Black Angus bulls gentle pregnancy checked, start calving January 15 $1,100/ea. Wendell Bolton 11324 CR 33 Ashville 35953; 205/594-7068 (St Clair) Angus, Chiangus bulls $2,000-$2,500, 24 yo gentle, ready for service, not fat. Hudson Hines 251/575-7696 (Monroe) Reg Angus bull 3 yo w/papers LBW, Focus breeding, good “heifer” bull $1,200. Ralph Richburg 113 Forest Ave Troy 36081; 334/566-0383 night (Pike) CATTLE 13 Longhorn cows $650/up; 1 Charolais bull 5 yo $1,500. Sammie Smith 1969 New Hope Rd Berry 35546; 205/9325534 (Fayette) Reg Angus bulls long body LBW heavy muscle, N-Bar bloodlines very gentle, high growth $2,000/all bulls 100% guaranteed. Philip Morris 2206 Spg Creek Rd Montevallo 35115; 205/368-7322 or 205/665-1130 (Shelby) Reg. Angus bulls good EPD’s gentle, semen checked, 15 mos – 3 yo $1,500/up. Bobby Howard PO Box 427 Lexington 35648; 256/762-5700 (Lauderdale) 18 Black heifer 2 calves, 90 days calving cycle $900, bred to LBW Low Creek bull. Brad Burleson 784 Co Hwy 76 Haleyville 35565; 205/486-2244 or 205/269-1122 (Marion) Brangus bull 10-11 mos $700 no papers. Wayne Adison 2101 Co Hwy 60 Winfield 35594; 205/487-6203 (Marion) 40 crossbred cows young-middle age, blacks, yellows, reds, 20 calves, 2 purebred bulls $38,500, will price in groups of 10. Leonard Howell 2984 Curry Station Rd Munford 36268; 256/362-1068 (Talladega) Reg Angus bulls 20 mos AI sired by 878, Morgan’s Direction, EXT long bodied, deep, gentle, BSE passed at Auburn $2,500. Don Simmer 205/665-2914 (Shelby) Purebred Barzona & Barzona X Angus composite bulls, range ready, hardy, red/black, good w/heifers, approx 20 bulls $800-$1,300. Raymond Boykin 334/277-3394 (Montgomery) Reg Brangus bulls 12-15 mos, LBW great maternal EPD’s $1,500-$2,000. Steve Smith 256/447-9731 or 256/5910350 (Calhoun) Cows 23 black 5 yo bred to Brangus bull $1,200/ea/all; 1 herd 37 Charolais, 20 black cows 28 already calved $1,000/ea, nice. I.E. Burleson 971 Co Hwy 76 Haleyville 35565; 205/486-2845 (Marion) Reg. Polled Hereford bulls 22-23 mos, top quality, best pedigrees, EPD’s, dark red, extra gentle $1,700, satisfied cus tomers throughout Ala. Jim & Lynda Lowery 5320 CR 36 Heflin 36264; 256/253-2445 (Cleburne) Reg Black Angus bulls exce EPD’s LBW large frame, semen tested 2 yo $2,000, yearlings to 15 mos $1,500/up. 334/2819434 (Lowndes) 5 reg Black Simmental bull 10-22 mos $1,750-$2,000; 17 heifers from 8-11 mos $1,500-$2,000. 205/755-0873 (Chilton) Reg Limousin bulls 16 mos black & homo black, all AI sired, great EPD’s $1,500/up. Steve Huffaker 17401 Bee Gum Rd Bay Minette 36507; 251/454-4324 (Baldwin)

CATTLE 4 reg. Black Brangus bulls good disposition, exce genetics 10-22 mos $1,000/up; Black bred cows, open heifers. Bob King 256/354-7726 or 256/618-1677 (Clay) Reg BBU bulls 8-17 mos polled genetics, red & RWF $800/up. 256/488-0007 (Clay) 15 reg. Angus bulls 20-24 mos sons of Alliance, 878, Alberta Traveler, Gar Expectation, grandsons of Right Time, 602C, Rito 616 $1,600-$2,000. George Gibbins 256/237-7350 (Calhoun)

Bass $.75/up; bluegill, coppernose, shellcrackers $.25/up; white amur $3$5/ea; fathead minnows $8/lb; crappie $.75/up, lake design, management/ liming. Steve Brown 445 CR 55 Moundville 35474; 205/371-4494 (Hale) Channel catfish $25-$50/100; large mouth bass $1-$1.50/ea; bream: coppernose bluegill, shellcracker $30$45/100; white amur $5/ea; minnows $8/lb. Tommy Pettit 50001 St Hwy 79 Blountsville 35031; 205/429-3415 or 205/429-1059 (Blount) Channel catfish fingerlings 6-8” $.40/ea, located Crenshaw Co. north of Luverne off hwy 331. Matthew Pippin 334/3354099 or 334/429-0572 (Crenshaw)

Bantams rare Nankins, Seramas, Sultans, Silkies, Cochins, Frizzles, standards Lakenvelders, Hamburgs, guineas, ducks, geese, NPIP $3/up. Darlene Thompson 205/515-7163 free call (Shelby) Bantams-Silkies, Cochins, Frizzles, D’uccles, OE, all variety colors, young/adult stock, NPIP tested $5/up. 205/333-6987 (Tuscaloosa) Peacocks India Blue $50 & $100; 30 buff Cochins Bantam $50/all. Claude McLaughlin 225 McLaughlin Ln. Westover 35147; 205/678-6078 (Shelby) Pearl white leghorn pullets from McMurry hatchery 5 mos in Dec. eight $7.50/ea no shipping. Billy terry 2421 Cr 165 Moulton 35650; 256/974-1645 (Lawrence) India Blue peafowl 2 yo & up social, good watch dogs males/females $50$80. Leslie Amato 1519 Old McGehee Rd Montgomery 36105; 334/284-3846 (Montgomery) Quail flight pin weather cond $2.85. Ricky Spratlin 334/727-4700 or 334/202-8281 (Macon) Black Swans 1 yo $200. William Jewell 508 CR 30 Thomaston 36783; 334/3852322 (Marengo) Want Toulouse geese male/female. Gary Hubbard 2225 Plantersville Rd Alpine 35014; 256/268-9501 (Talladega) Barred rock chickens $15/pr $25/trio. 256/498-2073 (Morgan) Brown egg layers 16 mos golden comets; 2 yo black sex-linked $4-$6; RI red roosters $5. Linda Rankins 334/7452357 (Chambers) Bob White quail $2.50/ea; Ring Neck Pheasants $12.50/ea. 256/582-8773 (Marshall) Peafowl 2006 hatch whites 4120/pr or $60/ea; GQF 3-tray incubator, like new, $300; trio 2006 hatch Emerald Spaulding peafowl $225. Scott Davis 256/230-3654 (Limestone) Hatching eggs day old chicks flight cond birds $3/ea. 256/338-1040 (Winston)

All livestock listings must be from bonafide livestock farmers. Notices from livestock dealers, order buyers or persons selling on commission cannot be accepted. CATTLE SALES Animals sold out-of-state must meet animal health requirements of the state of destination. Belted Galloway cows down sizing herd 7 girls, 2 boys $500/up. 205/699-5596 (Jefferson) Black Simmental bulls, heifers, purebred, some Simmental-Angus, many AI $1,200/up. Steven Petcher 867 Doug Price Rd Fruitdale 36539; 251/827-6755 (Washington) 18 bred Black Heifers due to calve Jan/Feb 2007, bred to LBW reg. Black Angus bull $1,300/ea. Hugh Ezekiel 225 S. Cannon Ave Sylacauga 35150; 256/249-0784 (Talladega) 10 reg. Brangus heifers 11-12 mos Best Bet & Special Addition bloodlines, good EPD’s $900/ea. Levon Enzor PO Box 155 Frisco City 36445; 251/267-3996 or 251/282-0553 (Monroe) Simmental bulls black & red SimmentalAngus all yearlings superior quality $1,500/up 10 left. Chester Hicks 4892 Crawford’s Cove Rd Springville 35146; 256/543-7344 (St Clair) Reg Black Angus heifers 7 mos $850/ea. David Ford 8651 CR 26 Ragland 35131; 205/472-2080 or 205/283-0638 (St Clair) 2 cow heifer calf pairs, 2 more heifer cows red, others black very gentle, must take all 6 $3,200. 256/234-5739 (Tallapoosa) 4 bred black BWF heifers due to calve Feb/Mar 2007 $1,250/ea; Black Polled, red Simmental bulls $750-$1,750. W.P. Powell 6712 CR 24 Clanton 35045; 205/755-3786 (Chilton) Reg Angus bulls, AI sired, 338, 602C, 878, Lead On, exce disposition/EPD’s 10-12 mos start $1,250. Larry Duke 2308 CR 1225 Vincent 35179; 256/734-8458 (Cullman) Service age Brangus bulls good EPD’s disposition start $1,800. John Brannon 2291 West CR 16 Samson 36477; 334/898-2279 (Geneva) Reg Brangus bulls 18-24 mos good EPD’s service ready $1,800-$2,500. Albert Fritzke 2781 W. CR 16 Samson 36477; 334/898-1486 (Geneva) 30 bred Corriente & Corriente cross 5 pr. $550; 25 cows $450; reg Corriente Black bull $2,000. 205/665-1617 (Chilton) 14 cow calf pr. 3 cows to calve Dec, 1 heifer, 1 Black Angus bull $17,000/all. 205/339-9558 (Tuscaloosa) Reg. Angus bulls some AI bred to New Design 878 $1,200-$1,900. Joe Walters 205/957-0775 or 205/533-5474 (St Clair)

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Header Photo of a Hayfield in Hope Hull, Alabama Taken by Amy Belcher

EGG & POULTRY Mandarin ducks $40/pr; Indian blue, black shoulder Peafowl $40/ea; pied white, spaulding $50/ea/up. 256/7789547 (Morgan) 50 white homer pigeons w/squabs 12 colored homers w/squabs $200/all/cash. Harry Sims 1807 Yellow Leaf Rd Clanton 35045; 205/755-0276 (Chilton) Peafowl 2005 hatch yearlings, many colors, bronze, opal, blue, white, pied, silver pied, green, cameo, others over 100 birds $50/up. Carol Cook 7884 CR 9 Shorter 36075; 334/727-2252 (Macon) Several breeds of Pheasants, 8 colors of peacocks, jungle fowl red, gray $50$500. Elton Housley PO Box 153 Geneva 36340; 334/684-9761 (Geneva) Jumbo brown quail hatching eggs; eggs for pickling, good price for either $8/100 eggs hatching eggs $.25/ea. Clyde Allen 256/738-0569 (Marshall) Woodies $40/pr, Mandarins $50/pr, Canadians, pilgrims, Pomeranian $50/up; ducks: Indian runners white Peking, magpies, mallards $25/pr; giant dulaps geese $150/pr. Joe Mitchell 1837 S. Broad St Albertville 35950; 256/878-2969 (Marshall) Peafowl 2006 hatch very gentle, will eat from hand, healthy India blue $50/ea. 205/967-2535 (Jefferson) Taking orders now, book Bob White flight cond quail for 2007-2008 hunting season $3.50/bird under 100, $3/bird over 100. Stacey King 11470 Live Oak Dr Tuscaloosa 35405; 205/826-7249 (Tuscaloosa) Incubators from $150-$275 good to exce cond. Ed Newell 205/486-8793 (Marion) Eastern turkeys new/improved bloodline $10/up, orders made now, filled as turkeys hatch, 12 remaining from 2006 $30/ea. Heath Vines 205/647-3294 (Blount)

FARMS FOR SALE 68 ac 10 mi. south Greensboro, aquaculture or wildlife habitat, 38 ac water in 24 ponds, 3 water wells, hatchery w/reservoir, fenced $125,000. Sonny James 334/683-5709 (Perry) Beautiful 15 ac rd. frontage, city water, phone access, pine hard wood, deer/turkey hunting $1,750/ac. 205/924-8095 (Walker) 290 ac. Frankfort N. hardwood pines, creeks, abundant deer/turkey $1,200/ac. 256/383-5195 (Colbert) Three 40’x500’ chicken houses, 78 ac, 100kw generator, compost shed, 3br/2ba home, 3 barns, shop, 2 rental homes, fenced/cross fenced, some wooded, some equip $790,000. 256/748-2285 (Cleburne) FARMS WANTED Acreage w/lake or lake site adjacent to national forest “Forever Wild” or management area. Billy Essman 205/424-2200 (Jefferson) HORSES & MULES TWH 15 yo strawberry roan, 16.5 hd gelding, good field trail horse $1,250. Matt Rabren 334/319-2282 (Lee) AQHA broodmare 29 AQHA halter points 1st foal over 60 AQHA pleasure points, others by AQHA world champion $1,000/up. 256/447-7661 (Calhoun) 5 mos standard Jack gentle family pet $150. 1130 CR 537 Enterprise 36330; 334/347-7128 (Coffee) Buggy mares 3 yo dun 15 hd. stock ings $600; 8 yo bay 14 hd. w/mule filly $1,000, both gentle work good, har ness Charles Penney 578 S. Johnson Chpl. Rd Danville 35619; 256/3181384 (Morgan) Dispersal sale APHA AQHA brood mares, Doc Bar, Intimidator, Mardelle Dixon, Peppy San Badger $800/obo. Beverly Baker 205/755-7392 (Chilton) QH 10 yo bay gelding 16+ hd 1400#, anyone can ride, worked Cullman Stkyd, not afraid of cows, large easy handle $1,500. 256/778-9562 (Morgan) 2 young AQHA Bar bred mares, 2 western saddles, training videos $4,000/trade for reg. Angus cattle. 256/523-6176 (Cherokee) TWH/RH/SSH ponies most spotted, gray, several nice breeding stallion prospects, others nice lead line/show prospects $800-$2,000. Jim Hester 135 Carrie St Russellville 35654; 256/332-2746 (Franklin) Several TWH/RH/SSH weanlings, yearlings, bred mares, foals sired by beautiful gray stallion Mark of Iron $750-$3,500. Joe Hester 325 Woods Rd Russellville 35653; 256/332-3859 (Franklin) 8 yo AQHA sorrel gelding trail rider for 6 yr, easy to catch, load, saddle $2,500. 256/310-9243 (Randolph) AQHA, paints good bloodlines, very nice/calm, papers $750-$1,500, miniatures. Joey Blackman 339 Springhill Rd Talladega 35160; 256/268-0215 (Talladega) Donkey exce cond 1 yo male $100. 256/840-0198 (Marshall) 1999 Trailwest 2-horse slant load, large dressing area, fully enclosed, tack area, excellent cond $5,800. 256/435-2703 (Calhoun) APHA, AQHA fillies 2 yo saddled, mounted, loaded, exce dispositions, trail horse potential $650/ea. Curtis Whisenant 1456 Hickory Circle Union Grove 35175; 256/759-0550 (Marshall) 5 yo AQHA sorrel mare, pleasure to ride, loves people, healthy beautiful, no bad habits $3,000. Nelda Hix 853 Lee Rd 201 Salem 36874; 334/2149675 (Lee) 8 yo San Peppy gelding, great H.S. rodeo horse, super fast w/great han dle, exce on poles, barrels, side passes, spins $5,000. 334/496-3916 (Crenshaw) 2005 AQHA bay gelding Impulsion breeding WP prospect great mover, UTD vacc. worming, beautiful, quiet, mature 15.1 hd $5,000/obo/trade. Carl Smith 251/979-1132 (Baldwin) 1 Jack, 2 females $65/up. 334/5379434 (Crenshaw) AQHA 8 yo gelding, sorrel 16.1 hd. Zippo Pine Bar, James Caan grand son, very gentle, good ride, some show experience $1,500. 205/6814297 (St Clair) AQHA 3 yo filly 15 hd AQHA 5 yo gelding stocky both well kept $1,500/both. Dwight Bailey 932 Oak Grove Rd New Hope 35760; 256/723-5248 (Madison) Full board $200, horses $1,500/up; TWH/RHB stallions at stud fee $350, champion bloodlines. Beverly West 334/644-7225 (Chambers) HORSES & MULES Flashy gray TWH John mule 4 yo w/chrome 14.2 hd, yr. of trail riding $800. Davy Haden 334/381-0064 1353uMpzUQ (Lee) Miniature donkeys: spotted, reg., beautiful 1.5 yo Jennies $1,400, new foals, Jacks, Jennies. Jerry Duke 205/590-0801 (Blount) 8 yo red roan Paso Fino gelding gen tle good trail riding horse $1,600. 205/559-4178 (Blount) Several TWH for trail riding/show, brood mares, weanlings, old blood lines $600-$3,700; palomino 3 yo stud out of Royal Ivory $3,000. Francine Janes 10200 Wills Rd Theodore 36582; 251/957-2309 (Mobile) Horses various ages, selling out $500$3,000. 256/665-4813 (Lauderdale) Reg Appaloosa stallion at stud, own son of The Hunter, current leading sire of Appaloosa halter performance horses, fee $400 LFG. Wes Tillison 4185 Rock Spg Rd Ohatchee 36271; 256/892-2975 (Calhoun) Mule “possum” winner of 9 world championships NASMA high point gaited world champion 2006, children can ride/show $10,000. Dwight Bailey 1111 Bailey Rd NW Arab 35016; 256/586-4517 (Marshall) AQHA broodmare 11 yo granddaughter of Special Effort, Will Win, gentle, broke to ride $2,250. 256/874-0246 (Limestone) 12 & 13 yo black mare Percheron mules around 1200 lbs parade ready, bomb proof very nice $3,500. Audie Davis 2132 CR 7705 Troy 36081; 334/584-7483 (Pike) Reg 5 yo TWH mare, 5 WGC in pedigree; reg 3 yo RHB/SSH Paso gelding; 2 ½ yo SSH stallion $700-$1,500 gentle smooth. 251/296-4291 (Escambia) Herd reduction TWHBEA RHBAA SSHBEA NSSHA mares stallions, weanlings, most under 10 yo spotted, blue roans, white palominos black $500-$4,000. Bobby Gilliland 256/4378896 (Jackson) Donkeys raised w/cattle, white 9 mos Jack $50, Jenny $100, bred Jennies $200. 334/566-1997 (Pike) Nice sorrel Jack good head/bone, gentle/sound $600. 334/524-0134 (Lee) 6 yo racking gelding 14 ½ hd gentle, smooth, good trail horse, not for beginner $900. 205/680-9942 (Blount) AQHA NFQHA reg mares 8 yo buck skin 89% Foundation $1,800; palomino 9 yo 87% Foundation $2,000; black gaited gelding $1,500. 334/613-3817 (Montgomery) 6 yo head/heel horse $6,500; Elite 4horse slant trailer $13,500. Mike Patterson 7681 Lee Rd 95 Opelika 36801; 334/821-9670 (Lee) Wagon 1-horse “A” model wheels, hydra brakes, looks/pulls great, seats 5, exce cond $1,800/trade for child’s horse. Howard McInvale 205/6476674 (Jefferson) Qtr horse 22 yo saddle, tack $950. Lee Murphy 334/741-0007 nights (Lee) Reg KMSH 6 yo mare, 2 yo gelding, 18 mos filly, very nice horses $800/ea. 256/287-2889 (Cullman) Need hauler for miniature burro from Huntsville to Tuskegee. Howard Settler 334/727-6553 (Macon) Standing at stud gray son of Freckles Playboy; gray son of Smart Little Lena; sorrel son of Doc O’Lena fee $550 plus mare care. Joe Creel 334/585-3220 (Henry)

HORSES & MULES Reg POA mare pony 3 yo beautiful bay w/white blanket, pretty mover Western Pleasure, sweet/gentle $2,800; sad dles $75/up. Betty Durham PO Box 87 Section 35771; 256/228-3370 (Jackson) AQHA fillies: Hollywood Dun It granddaughters, sorrel $1,000; red dun $1,200; 2 year old Doc’s Hickory granddaughter 60 days training $2,000. 256/643-5565 www.shin (Cherokee) Quality AQHA horses weanlings to 3 yo, most Incentive Fund, several nice broodmares top bloodlines $500$2,000. Richard Brown 3515 Atchinson Rd Hope Hull 36043; 334/281-7853 (Lowndes) Black/white spotted filly colt 8 mos $650; brown/white spotted filly 7 mos $650. 4729 CR 8 Woodville 35776; 256/587-9324 (Jackson) APHA paint stud overo sorrel, white 19 mos halter confirmation grandson of Kid Clue, Money Broker $3,500/obo. Gerald Kelley 2245 Whorton Bend Rd Gadsden 35901; 256/490-8775 or 256/442-4889 (Etowah) Percheron stud colt gray 8 mos, filly black 7 mos $700/ea; Percheron mare black gentle works good $600. Grady Knight 441 Knight Rd Sulligent 35586; 205/698-9695 (Lamar) Buggy horses standard bred, American saddle bred, new Dr. buggy, harness $1,250/up. Arnold Kontogeorge 191 CR 642 Hanceville 35077; 256/3524511 (Cullman) Gaited black mare 6 yo over 15 hd bred to reg TWH red roan stud $1,500 due in May. Brandon Shirah 334/7143860 (Houston) 2 red dun reg QH geldings 4 & 5 yo ½ brothers, sire Days San Badger $6,500/both great disposition. Wayne Butler 12929 US Hwy 31 Hope Hull 36043; 334/284-4058 (Montgomery) English show saddles Campbell Brown 21” suede seat $450; child’s black suede seat $250, both like new. 256/773-2011 (Morgan) Appaloosa reg. colt 9 mos, bay perfect blanket, stallion quality, good blood lines gentle $1,500. Teresa Jones Griffin 205/429-3998 (Blount) Finish training western/English $500/mos “putting shine on your show horse” lessons $25/hr novice to predressage, I-85 near Auburn/Lagrange. 334/444-2938 (Lee) Palomino stallion: AQHA/PHBA IF nominated by Kid Tama out of Money Broker daughter $450 + AI fees, standing at Centaur Farms. 256/4635487 (Cleburne) AQHA 8 yo trail mare, sweet, gentle, broke, sorrel $1,200 current vaccinations/coggins by vet. 205/384-1737 (Walker) Nice 54” red sorrel mammoth Jenny $500. Harry Sprewell 4 04/775-4075 (Randolph) Miniature donkeys: Jenny $500, Jack $200. George Curlee 438 Chappel Ln Talladega 35160; 256/362-8924 (Talladega) 3 T/W geldings 30-42 mos professional training $700-$1,200; new/used saddles $100-$825. 334/886-2802 (Geneva) ½ Andalusian ½ Paso gelding reg. IALHA gray gorgeous 5 yo trained loves people $3,500/obo rare cross. Sue Embry 46180 Hwy 25 Vincent 35178; 205/672-2882 leave msg (Shelby)

FARM LABOR AVAILABLE Handyman FT/PT home, utilities fur nished, references required. 256/5689625 (Cleburne)

65 hay tarps 30’x48’ will cover 54 5’x5’ rolls $150/ea, 5 or more $140/ea. PO Box 337 Frisco City 36445; 251/3620230 (Monroe) Wheat straw sq. bales $3.95. 334/618-8365 (Geneva) Alfalfa hay sq. bales $6-$6.75 depending on grade of hay. Scott Rowe 390 Water Tank Rd Union Grove 35175; 256/640-6509 (Marshall) Alfalfa hay western grown sq. bales $7.50/up depending on wght/grade. J.N. Beard 205/655-7682 (Jefferson) Wheat straw $3/bale; rd bales 425/bale; corn $160/ton; feed soy beans $266/ton. Mike Duke 4476 Stockdale Rd Munford 36268; 256/362-4369 (Talladega) Alfalfa/orchard grass mix $7.75; Alfalfa $8.75; some Timothy $7.75, all sq. bales weigh approx 60+ lbs. George Lawton 2012 Ironman Rd Hartselle 35640; 256/773-8156 (Morgan)

FARMS FOR SALE Approx. 13 ac hwy frontage, inside city limits, 10 ac grass, 3 ac wood land, mostly fenced $90,000. Frank Bowen 203 Cool Spg Rd Opp 36467; 334/493-7107 (Covington) 22 ac nice property, 4br brick home, barn $139,900. 256/423-3045 or 205/412-1212 (Limestone) The original “show time stables” 20 ac 6000 sq ft barn w/office/feed area, 6 separate pastures, arena, round pen, spring fed pond, paved rd $425,000. Johnny Easley 251/233-8204 (Baldwin) Baldwin Co beautiful 10.8 ac horse farm, all pasture, pecan trees, fenced 1800 sq ft 3br/2ba home, barn, cus tom stables $499,000. 205/919-8386 (Baldwin) 18.3 ac small pond, hwy frontage, great for home/house/business, northern Talladega Co $6,500/ac. 256/362-6062 or 256/223-2182 (Talladega) 53 +/- ac 4-50’x500” poultry houses 3 yo, 32x90 D.B.W.H. 40x96 pole barn, 2 stocked ponds $1,100,000. Mike Kelley 334/897-1306 (Coffee) 150 ac east Macon Co. off CR 24, 60+ ac planted pines, ready to thin $3,000/ac. 334/283-6490 (Elmore) 44.6 ac fenced barn sheds 1,400’ rd frontage 3br/2ba brick appraised $553,000 exce development Bagley Corner schools. 205/648-2683 (Jefferson) Beautiful 165 ac winding creeks, 5000’ Co. paved rd frontage thru middle, city water, power/phone access, 18-30 yo pine/hardwood exce deer/turkey hunting $1,600/ac. 205/924-1901 (Walker)

Horse boarding large box stalls, daily pasture turn-out, ice free water, lighted outdoor arena $280/mo. 256/8819596 (Morgan) Horse boarding full care, box stalls, lighted arena, prof care, private farm Athens $250/mos. 256/777-2555 (Limestone) Horse lovers paradise training, lessons, boarding start $200/mos. 256/582-0427 (Marshall) 2005 reg. racking colts blood typed vac/wormed, gentle, show/pleasure prospects, ready to start $1,500/ea/obo. Lynn Brown 701 CR 247 Fruithurst 36262; 256/463-2652 (Cleburne) Qtr horse gelding easy loader healthy, ex. roper, used for trail riding, not dominant, no vices $800. Gail & Rick Graham 251/978-3700 (Baldwin) 15 hd gaited mares 5 w/mule colts $350$550/obo. 251/248-2912 (Conecuh) Good trail riding geldings 10 yo grade paint geldings (cribber) $600; 12 yo QHA reg gelding good bloodlines $1,200 firm. 251/937-2822 cindy (Baldwin)

HORSES & MULES AQHA 2005 great all around prospects, good looks plenty of cow sense halter broke quick learner’s grays, bay roans. $1,200/ea. 334/5847611 (Pike) 3 reg. horse colts, 1 horse mule colt 9 mos gray/black, off Percheron mares $700/ea. T. J. McDaniel 120 McDaniel Rd Kennedy 35574; 205/596-3434 (Lamar) TWH/SSH reg weanlings, yearlings, mares, geldings stallions, all w/color, sales/breeding $900/up. Byron Ketcham 205/670-9945 (Shelby) Herd reduction sale, AQHA cow bred gelding, yearlings APHA & AQHA, paint broodmare, other horses $1,000$3,000. Linda Harrison 205/665-0972 (Shelby) AQHA & APHA 30+ mares, colts, filly’s ex. Pedigrees for halter, performance, 2 in 1 & 3 in 1 pkg, top quality stock $500/up. 256/390-4651 (St Clair) AQHA & APHA 60 plus all ages/genders, bk/wh Tobiano, palomino, buckskin, grullos, cremello excellent pedigrees for performance, stallions, mares and weanlings $1,000/up. 205/467-2431 (St Clair)

LIVESTOCK DOGS Great Pyrenees, shots, 3 ½ mos exce guard w/goats/Emu/chickens/cows $250/obo. 205/763-3096 (Talladega) Great Pyrenees 2 working males w/goats/cattle about 1 yo $50/ea. Joe Davis 334/341-0943 (Hale) Anatolian Shepherd dogs reg, both parents on premises, working live stock DOB 10/16/06, 6 females $650/ea. Gary Liverett 1000 Alpha Ranch Dr Ashville 35953; 205/5947834 (St Clair) MACHINERY 560 Int’l tractor 6 cyl diesel 3pth tricycle front end good cond $4,500/obo. T.W. Batchelor 2914 Tallassahatchie Rd Alpine 35014; 256/249-9605 (Talladega) 2002 18’ gooseneck trailer hauls 2 horses & wagon, very good cond $2,500. Jerry Bonham 6499 Fall City Rd Jasper 35503; 205/387-8750 (Walker) Ford 4000 tractor 4 cyl gas, new bush hog, great shape, tractor located Blount Co. $4,900. 205/655-22206 (Blount) 56 Ford 600 Work Master 5’ bush hog, runs good, rebuilt least once, added roll bar, seat $3,000 no delivery. Stephen Guesman 205/919-6231 (Blount) JD 3300 gas combine, 13’ head good shape $1,500. 256/426-0235 (Madison) IH 1440 combine, 15’ grain table, 6R30” corn new motor/300 hrs, 2700/total hrs $12,000 good cond. Andy Bertolla 251/947-2932 (Baldwin) 6410 JD tractor 4wd 640 self leveling loader $32,000; 4455 JD 2wd very nice $26,000. 256/751-0929 (Morgan) IH 435 sq bailer Rossi BF 210 7’ sickle cutter, Ford PTO drive hay rake $2,500/all. Richard Pender 617 McClain Rd Bessemer 35023; 205/300-4814 or 205/965-2687 (Jefferson) Gooseneck flatbed trailer 16’ 2’ dovetail 2004 yr $2,700/obo. Larry Wilson 22440 Hwy 48 Woodland 36280; 256/449-9379 (Randolph) 3pth sprayer 120 gal. plastic tank 1 nozzle, 40’ coverage $425/obo. 1609 E. Hanceville Rd SE Cullman 35055; 256/737-9513 (Cullman) JD 4-row wide 7200 maxemerge planter no-till fertilizer insecticide, planters, shed kept $3,900; 4-row wide Taylor Way cultivator $500. 256/659-5206 (Dekalb) Int’l tractor 35-40hp, 5’ bush hog $4,950; Int’l tractor 544 diesel 5560hp, 6’ bush hog $5,950. 205/4552542 (Sumter) JD tractor 1010 special 35hp 5sp gasoline 3pth runs good $3,900/obo. 205/559-7888 (Blount) 2006 Mahindra tractor 5500 4x4 55hp shuttle valves, 265 loader, 10 hrs, 3 yo warranty, bought new 10/20/06, to large, exce tractor $21,500. 205/3756010 (Pickens) Int’l 664 diesel farm tractor remote hydra. exce cond, new tires $6,000; Farmall “H” late model for parts, can be restored $1,000. 5393 Montgomery Hwy Greenville 36037; 334/382-8371 (Butler) JD 2140, 75hp, ac, cab $12,500; JD 2440, 60hp $6,250; MF 65, p/s runs good smokes bad $1,600. 256/7532953 (Marshall) Trailer for hauling trusses $1,000; hydraulic lift for truck approx 25” $600; belly mower for cub $300. 256/2321549 (Limestone) 2030 JD diesel tractor, ps, IPTO, new tires, front-end loader, 60hp good cond $9,500. 256/435-7844 (Calhoun) 16’ gooseneck stock/horse trailer, metal top, front feed compartment, middle gate, rear gate slides/hinged, new tires, good cond $1,800. 256/282-5685 (Calhoun) 3pth bush hog chipper used very little, chips up to 4” $1,300; PTO driven 3pt hay spear front/rear $350. 256/2492025 (Talladega) 50’ bale elevator power take-off $500; 4-bottom Int’l plow $250; Gravely rototiller $100; Gravely cultivator/dozier blade $150; pr. front wheels for Gravely tractor $40. Eugene Tate 1135 Wayne Rd Huntsville 35806; 256/837-1436 (Madison) Corn picker 2-row NI model 324 $2,500; corn/hay elevator 36’ long PTO $800. 247 Willow Tree Ln Union Grove 35175; 256/753-2318 (Marshall) MACHINERY MF Ind. Tractor, ps, 3sp, high/low, good tires, trencher, front blade, no 3pt $3,600. 256/839-5486 7-9pm (Tallapoosa) 20’x8 wide aluminum trailer 4 Star brand 86 model exce cond spic/span clean $8,500 firm. Jeff Bynum 256/441-9917 (Etowah) Longtrac tractor 2002 yr model #LGT480 102 hrs $9,000. Charles Ethridge 4048 Ethridge Rd Adger 35006; 205/491-2207 or 205/9360343 (Tuscaloosa) Farmall 140 belly mower 3pth $3,200; 8N good tires $2,200; loader off Super “C” $400; pull bush hog $400; pull disc $75. 256/451-3367 (Jackson) 99 model Exiss horse trailer, goose neck, 3-horse slant load, drop win dows, ac, canopy, 4’ short wall, rear tack $11,500. 2753 CR 702 Enterprise 36330; 334/393-4444 (Coffee) Standard Monarch walk behind trac tor, steel wheels $800. 256/582-3290 (Marshall) NH TC29D tractor 4wd, 7308 loader, Ag tires, cruise, hydrostatic, 334 hrs $15,000. 205/758-7871 (Tuscaloosa) Cattle trailer 4 1/2x9’ steel single axle, 4-way back gate $500. Steve Burleson 205/465-9051 (Marion) JD 566 hay baler $12,500; 4000 Ford tractor rebuilt engine $6,100; 4020 JD tractor, diesel, wide front-end $5,900. 256/828-4320 (Madison) Bush hog 5’ $375; double disc $400, both good. Stoney Pair 291 Beasley Rd Eldridge 35554; 205/924-4851 (Walker) Woods belly mower for Cub tractor good cond new blades $275. 1425 13th St SW Childersburg 35044; 256/404-9922 (Talladega) 1979 GMC 1 ½ ton truck $1,000; irrigation pump reel 1000’ hard nose 80 30’ aluminum pipe $20,000. Charles McClain 256/547-6149 (Etowah) JD #8 cycle bar mower ready to mow, some extra parts $200. Hubert Parker 1623 Cedar Creek Rd Alex City 35010; 256/234-2363 (Tallapoosa) Ford 6610 diesel, ps, canopy w/brush guard, good tires, front wghts, good seat, runs good $7,900. 256/839-5479 (Coosa) New in crate 7.3 IH turbo diesel engine $7,500; 1988 GMC 3500 flatbed V8 stick shift $1,950. 215 Thrash Ln Guntersville 35976; 256/891-1398 (Marshall) 10’ M & W hay fluffer $800; JD 260 hay mower $2,800. 2957 CR 29 Crossville 35962; 256/528-7649 (Dekalb) Rainbow 302T traveler used less than 50 hrs 329 JD power unit, Berkley pump $14,500. Jerry Holladay 334/335-6409 (Crenshaw) Grain elevator 15’ long 6” deep 6” wide solid aluminum $150, Harvest Handler model “C” belt corp. #C11556. 256/739-3407 (Cullman) Int’l tractor 7110 2600 hrs sharp $30,000; 4000 GMC truck heavy duty good $1,500. T.L. Conner 256/8783009 (Marshall) Two F2 Gleaner combines, (1) 4-row black corn hd, (1) 13’ Hart Carter floating bean hd $6,000/ea; MF 1100 tractor $5,500. Lee Michelfelder 256/3529662 (Cullman) Ford 2000 parts only $1,000/all or sell piece by piece, late model tractor. Butch Burchfield 2020 Drip Branch Rd Bessemer 35023; 205/491-1262 (Jefferson) 2001 JD 9976 cotton picker 6-row 1290 fan hrs $167,000; JD 4230 tractor, JD loader $16,700. Robert Acker 3110 CR 8 Piedmont 36272; 256/4478080 (Cherokee) 1990 Chev ¾ ton pickup 4x4 $4,950; 1979 Ford ton truck, side toolboxes $2,350; 444 JD tractor good rubber, cab/air $22,900. Dennis Acker 2950 CR 10 Piedmont 36272; 256/4478344 (Cherokee)

MACHINERY 22’ portable corn elevator $200; popup sq. bale loader $200; new spreader $325; dirt scoop $225. 205/275-1229 (Walker) Kubota model 5030 w/Kubota frontend loader, 6’ bucket, hay spear, metal canopy, 3300 hrs, 1 owner, good cond $10,500. 205/646-2480 or 205/3891528 (Chilton) JD 2 cyl parts tractors “B” “A” 70 all fuel 720 gas $500/ea; F30 Farmall $500; MT$1,100. 251/965-7484 (Baldwin) JD 2440, 61hp diesel, exce cond, ps, remotes IPTO, roll-bar, canopy, new quick attach loader, wide tires $12,300 256/235-2024 (Calhoun) 45hp JD 1130 diesel tractor, p/s, IPTO, new tires, very nice, great bush hog tractor $6,200. 256/282-4487 (Calhoun) Farmall “C” tractor new Flywheel 12v runs very good, needs 1 back tire, includes 5x5 bush hog, single disc $1,000. 256/245-2408 (Talladega) 2 Ford 6000 tractors, ps, 3pt 6 cyl diesel, 1 ready to work $5,000/both. 205/477-6737 or 205/966-0397 (Jefferson) Equip. trailer 24” 3 axle dovetail heavy duty $1,800. 205/966-3376 (Jefferson) 16’ lvstk 2 axle utility trailer, bumper hitch, electric brakes, good floor, exce tires $1,500. Ted Mattle 16326 CR 8 Florence 35633; 256/764-2509 (Lauderdale) 10’ wide Bermuda King fairway sprigger, barn kept, 1990 model, recondi tioned, new blades, good paint $6,500. 251/986-5496 (Baldwin) Leyland 472 4wd tractor cab, no air 72hp $7,500; MF 290 1986 model 2600 hrs ROPS dual ext. hydr. wheel wght $8,000. Fred Luteraan 546 CR 329 Wedowee 36278; 256/363-2368 (Randolph) 8-shank chisel plow $350; 2-row cultivator $250; small 1-row cultivator $95; horse drawn dirt slip, harrow $45 & $85. 1440 Northington Rd Prattville 36067; 334/361-6033 (Autauga) JD 40 NF good for work/restore, M-JD valves stuck good sheet metal $3,600/all. 6702 Mud Creek Rd Millport 35576; 205/662-4579 (Lamar) 1979 Farmall cub tractor yellow/white front/rear cultivator disc, plow, original owner, manual, parts book $3,000. 205/664-7203 (Shelby) W.D. Allis Chambers model “B” restoration/parts $150; power steer ing, lots of good parts $350. Sam Thompson 51 Lou Dr Gilbertown 36908; 205/459-3714 (Choctaw) Ford 3000 gas runs great, good cond $3,200. L.C. Perkins 18 Windsor Dr Tuscaloosa 35404; 205/556-2117 (Tuscaloosa) JD 350 bull dozier 6-way blade $8,000. 256/395-2589 (Randolph) Backhoe JD 95 model $20,000; 89 F450 flatbed $4,500; 93 F350 dump truck $1,200; Dodge 500 dump truck $1,000. 9495 Taylors Ferry Rd Bessemer 35023; 205/229-1897 (Jefferson) 2-row cultivator farms $200; MF “60” tiller $1,000. 334/792-4919 (Houston) Ford 2000 gas, bush hog, disc $3,800/obo; 8N Ford 1952 model good lift brakes 12v $1,400. 205/9322777 (Lamar) Ford tractor model 801 Power Master, front-end loader $5,500; 1997 Dodge Ram V8 ext cab 4wd low mi. like new $6,000. Scott Keeton 205/300-0780 (Walker) Very nice Cub Farmall, new rings, valves, starter alt, seat cover, profes sional paint $1,900. 256/593-4968 (Marshall) JD 158 loader, joy stick, good cond, hay forks and litter bucket $4,000. 256/845-0757 (Dekalb)

MF 165 tractor good cond $4,000. Richard Dean 334/797-1842 (Dale) DR brush/field mower 17hp commercial Kawasaki eng. electric start 30” cutting deck less than 30 hrs $1,600. 256/225-7370 (Calhoun) 16’ enclosed trailer dual axle alu minum mags, cold roof AC exce cond $3,500/obo. 205/221-6778 (Walker) JD 300B backhoe w/loader, bucket, canopy, strong motor, good tires $7,500/obo. Jim Clark 984 CR 89N Camp Hill 36850; 256/896-4680 (Tallapoosa) 3300 bu. corn bin $750; F2 Gleaner combine $5,500. Lonnie Jones 4307 Mt Hebron Rd Boaz 35957; 256/5934373 (Marshall) 140 Farmall tractor $3,000; 80 Ford F350 12’ steel flatbed $2,500. 256/462-3243 (Cullman) 360 CID Ford eng. complete rebuilt new STD parts $495, removed from rusted fertilizer farm truck 70, runs good complete except exhaust manifolds. Dillard White 2160 Co Farm Rd Tuscumbia 35674; 256/383-4574 (Colbert) JD 4230 quad range $16,500; JD 3020 $9,500 console model, both good cond. 256/729-8561 (Limestone) JD 1070 MFWD loader 6’ rotary mower $9,500; MF 431 2004 2wd $12,500; MF finish mower 7’ $1,450; Big Bee finish mower 6’ $500. 334/566-2426 (Pike) 3pth post hole drill 4” & 12” augers $300. Furman Gunter PO Box 172 Seale 36875; 334/855-4968 (Russell) Tufline wheel disc 9’ w/cyl 19 ½” blades $1,500; 2 gravity wagons $675 & $700; 2-row planter new $1,000. 1295 Hwy 157 Florence 35633; 256/764-5322 (Lauderdale) JD tractor 955 4x4, front end loader JD 72” belly mower 340 hrs $12,000/obo; 235 MF gas eng 1900 hrs power steering $3,800. 205/5892741 or 205/504-5136 (Etowah) Bush hog 6’ finishing mower rear discharge $1,300; 5’ swisher pull behind finishing mower $10,500, both like new. 205/589-6965 (Etowah) 1130 MF tractor 107hp good hydra new clutches, new bottom end of eng. good strong tractor $4,000. 819 Windham Loop Rd Jasper 35503; 205/221-4039 (Walker) 1997 New Leader fertilizer/lime spreader bed L2020 $2,950. Ken Shrader 26755 John T. Reid Pkway Scottsboro 35768; 256/574-1688 (Jackson) 8’ IH disc $1,200; 5’ Yan-Mar tiller $550; gravity box $600; 3-bottom Ford plow $400; 4-row JD planter $1,750. 256/729-1079 (Limestone) JD 2850 cab/air $14,500Int’l truck 2001 4700 DT 466 eng, 6sp, air/cruise, 232k $13,200. 256/3529375 after 6pm (Cullman) Onan diesel eng Rockford power take off 12” opening, 3500# runs great good cond $2,500. 205/240-7732 or 205/681-4098 (Blount) 806 Farmall Int’l tractor good tires, gas wide front end $5,500. 205/454-4695 (Hale)

Australian Shepherd puppies reg black tri colored lot, shots/dewormed, makes great pets/working dogs $100. 256/546-4945 (Etowah) Miniature Australian Shepherd pup pies black tri & blue merles taking deposit exce for children $450 guar anteed health/temperament. Melissa Strahan 205/391-9237 (Tuscaloosa) Anatolian Shepherd 1 year old female all shots, raised w/cats/dogs/goats/minia ture horses $300. 205/665-5605 or 205/451-2373 (Bibb) 7 Great Pyrenees puppies raised w/goats ready now, works good w/goats/cows $100/ea good dogs. 3010 Bynum Rd Steele 35987; 256/538-1447 (St Clair) Experienced LGD & young pups, all reg. AKC Anatolian Shepherds, in with working parents/livestock, 1 yo & 4 mos males $750/ea. 334/886-2930 (Geneva) Purebred Pyrenees DOB 11/27/06, all “badger markings”, like “Sampson” (140#) 2 litters 8 males 6 females $150 include shots and pictures w/KikoXgoats. 256/796-5540 bam (Cullman) Blue Healer puppies 7 in all, ready to be weaned around Jan. 1, 07 $100. Anne Colafrancesco (Shelby) Reg. Border Collie pups, working cattle dogs from selective breeding, way of life for stockman, training services available $300/up. James Thomas 334/886-2524 (Geneva) Great Pyrenees puppies DOB 10/17/06 raised w/goats/cattle/cats, shots up to date, males/females $85. Ronald Turner 256/538-5707 (Etowah) Great Pyrenees 5-20 mos full blood ed, raised w/goats/cows/cats $125$200, trade for non-livestock. Craig Hunter 1171 CR 70 Ariton 36311; 334/798-2446 (Dale) Anatolian Shepherd LGD pups DOB 11/6/06 parents on premises, both ASDCA reg $600/ea. Vivian Tucker 334/864-7974 (Chambers) Great Pyrenees puppies DOB 9/12/06, 2 females vet checked, shots/wormed, puppy kit, health records, 5 lb puppy chow included raised w/goats, parents on premises $200/ea. William Wild 152 CR 27 Prattville 36067; 334/3654340 (Autauga)

MACHINERY JD sub-soiler $1,500; 750 bu. Bin w/auger $2,500; 5T spreader $4,500; 71 Ford cattle truck $1,500. Lewie duke 4472 Stockdale Rd Munford 36268; 256/362-8824 (Talladega) 1990 Ford F450 truck 12’ steel flatbed 7.3 diesel, ps, auto $3,800; Dodge 1994 1500 SLT ac, ps, auto $3,200. 205/468-8028 (Marion) Nokka 3970 hydraulic loader, trailer, for storm cleanup, logging, farming $16,900; Ford truck, lowboy $4,500. 256/892-0548 (Calhoun) 1988 Int’l model 1955 spreader truck, 12’ BBI spreader bed w/press wheel controlled chain, hydraulic spinners, semi float tires $10,500. Thomas Ridgeway 256/623-2968 (Dekalb) Tree planter, tractor 3pth type $600. Jimmy Powell 205/392-5461 (Sumter) 1700 Yan-Mar bush hog middle buster, disc, box blade, planters, cultivator, 5 1/2x16 trailer $4,600. Joel Gilstrap 205/273-4566 after 4pm wkday, any wkend (Lamar) Eversman 6 yd dirt pan, dolly wheel $5,500; 2003 JD 120 stalk shredder w/end transport $7,500. 205/587-2236 (Shelby) Detroit 371 diesel eng, good cond $500. Cary Smith 205/796-0972 or 205/ 613-3819 (Jefferson) 1995 Ford NE tractor7740 cab/air low hrs like new cond $22,000. Roy Jordan PO Box 33 Coffee Spg 36318; 334/684-6043 (Geneva) 1948 model “B” AC restored like new $3,000. Larry Alexander 615 Nuckols Rd Seale 36875; 334/855-3100 (Russell) 7 ton pintle hook trailer 8 ½’x25’ $2,500; Long 3pth backhoe, 2 buckets $2,400. 205/924-8163 (Walker) 2-row corn planter 3pt $150; Int’l manure spreader medium size $650; NH manure spreader, 60 bushel, power take-off good, not new $1,750. 256/729-6517 or 256/206-0578 (Limestone) 2001 NH 565 sq. baler $6,000; NH 1002 bale wagon $2,500; hay mower $250; NH side delivery rake $800. Joey Smith 256/586-6293 (Marshall) Box seat “A” JD tractor very good $3,000; box seat “B” JD runs good $2,000. 256/773-9918 or 256/7733206 (Morgan) JD 450 track loader, rear mount, root rake, new undercarriage, runs very good $11,500. Tom Raines 5595 Sandfort Rd Seale 36875; 334/8554333 (Russell) MF 2-bottom flip plow $375; heavy duty 6’ disc $550; 250 gal. skid fuel tank $100. Wm. Fuller 105 Cherokee Dr Prattville 36067; 334/365-9007 (Autauga) 52 8N Ford overhauled motor, lift, 12v system $2,800; 50 8N needs paint $1,700. 205/647-9420 (Jefferson) Ford 4000 diesel ps, good shape $5,200; Farmall “C” quick hitch 3pth adaptor $1,100. 5769 CR 24 Eldridge 35554; 205/487-3519 (Fayette) 2 tractor tires 16.9x24 90% tread $115; Int’l 3-bottom plow new points $550; 5’ side cutting bush hog mower, new pump, drive shaft $2,600. D. Alberti 2025 Embry Bend Rd Lincoln 35096; 205/ 763-7249 (Talladega) IH model 46 sq. baler good shape $1,200. 1235 CR 424 Haleyville 35565; 205/486-3902 (Winston) Model 20 6-bar MF rake working cond $600 used this yr. 256/597-2265 (Jackson) Sub-soiler 1’ heavy duty 3pth $50; side boards long wheel base GMC Chev pickup white exce cond $50. W.E. Robertson 5510 CR 22 Collinsville 35961; 256/523-3904 (Dekalb) 2096 Case IH cab/air 110hp Cummings engine $13,900; Lieberr excavator $29,500. 256/363-2945 (Randolph)

MACHINERY Clark forklift outside 5000# lift 3 cyl diesel Perkins engine $2,500 auto; crane 6000# lift 380 degree $4,500. Mike Sanders 256/310-0867 (Calhoun) Forks/log grapple fits model 950 Cat & up $1,750. Daniel Mayfield 8344 John Goggans Rd Dora 35062; 205/288-2111 (Jefferson) Irrigation system DT466 power unit 700’ Hobbs reel rain w/Amadas walking gun 3000’ 6” pipe, trailer, all fittings $27,500. Mike Rice 9500 Trammel Rd Dora 35062; 205/288-4167 (Jefferson) 8 1/2‘ Tufline pull type disc good cond $1,900. Marilyn Rice 9596 trammel Rd Dora 35062; 205/647-0952 (Jefferson) 4000 & 5000 Ford $3,900/ea; 225 Kubota $4,300; 1100 Ford $3,000; bush hogs, finish mowers, blades $200/up. 130 Bart White Dr Jasper 35503; 205/221-4565 (Walker) Ford 7000 tractor 83hp exce mechanical cond new tires shed kept $7,400. Ray Dewberry 5223 CR 7 Repton 36475; 251/248-2892 (Conecuh) Balers: 1 NI 484 rd. baler very good cond $2,500; 1 Claas 62 Rolant rd baler $2,000. Anthony Peebles 251/243-6389 (Baldwin) JD 336 sq baler good cond new tires $2,950. Todd Cox 404-819-8268 or 404/824-7569 (Montgomery) Gehl 1315 6 ton side discharge, gin trash, dry manure spreader, 1997 lim ited use, barn kept, needs some work $3,000. 251/978-5495 (Baldwin) 2355 JD, roll-bar, canopy, great cond; 65hp JD wide tires; JD loader $9,400. 256/236-7376 (Calhoun) JD 40 parts crankshaft $100; Flywheel $50; complete hydra. lift unit $350; 420 operator manual $25, more parts. 251/928-9373 or 251/367-3257 (Baldwin) JD 2555, 1500 hrs $14,000; JD 2355 3000 hrs $12,000, exce cond will trade for JD 466/467 rd baler. 1014 8th St NW Arab 35016; 256/586-6230 (Marshall) Crank axle to fit Whitfield tree planter field ready $1,000. Carl Duke 334/855-3605 (Russell) Farmall “M” tractor 52 yr low hrs mint cont good paint $4,000. G.O. Littleton 544 Red Rd Calera 35040; 205/6680990 (Shelby) 1955 JD “M” good running cond/tires $800. Claude Bracknell 205/652-4278 (Sumter) AC 180 roll-bar top good front tires, back weak, bad 4th gear, good paint, runs good $3,000. James Barnes 594 Barnes Rd Arab 35016; 256/931-5972 (Marshall) MISCELLANEOUS 500 gal propane tank $400 cash; 18” Ford backhoe bucket $450 cash; aluminum auxiliary fuel tank $400 cash. Clay Mayfield 22725 US Highway 411 Ashville 35953; 205/629-5023 (St Clair) Calf squeeze chute, working table could be used for goats, good cond $500. Brad Nichols 11861 St Hwy 172 Hackleburg 35564; 205/935-5133 (Marion) Gourds thick wall hard-shell many varieties for crafts, birdhouses, from Oneonta 231N 3 mi. to Ebell Rd, turn right, 1 mi. to gourd pile on right $1/up. H. H. Adamson 3455 Ebell Rd Oneonta 35121; 205/625-5040 or 256/738-5287 (Blount) Genuine JD manuals, technical ser vice manuals $65, parts manuals $35, operators manuals $25, add $5 postage per manual. 256/574-1557 (Jackson) Free oak, pine, firewood, you cut, near Brundidge. 334/735-0160 (Pike) Log or pulpwood loader, electric 12v power boom, new cable $400. Melvin Henderson 190 CR 423 Haleyville 35565; 205/272-9597 (Winston) 4’ box blade needs 1 tooth push/pull $150; 1-row cultivator w/layoff plow $125. 205/454-5584 or 205/477-6484 (Tuscaloosa) Good gourds $1-$2/ea. 256/737-7330 (Cullman) Cattle portable squeeze chute good cond $875. 205/273-4181 (Lamar) 800’ peck drinkers $200; bell $1; feed hoppers 300# $75; 150# $35; cool cell pump $75; tank $20; winch $20, more equip. Nathan Barck 4276 CR 1043 Cullman 35057; 256/747-9909 (Cullman) Free sawmill/firewood white/red oak tree trunks 20’-30’ long 24”-36” diameter, already clean cut easy access to load. K.M. & Carol Yawn 11 Watson Cir. Montgomery 36109; 334/2796369 (Montgomery) Gooseneck trailer new floor metal top $165. 205/467-7997 (St Clair) 3-5hp Flywheel IHC farm eng, good cond, lots of original paint, ready to run $400. 752 North Georgetown Dr Montgomery 36109; 334/272-3855 (Montgomery) Several old hay rake teeth, some John Deere $3/ea. Renee Nunnelly Post Office Box 266 Pell City 35125; 256/892-1073 (St Clair) Cedar post $4/ea; hardwood 1x2x8 & 1x3x8 strips $.40/ea; hardwood tomato & bean stakes 8’ long $.25/ea. Chris Malone 256/577-0883 (Colbert) Valve grinding machine, cabinet, seat grinder, all accessories $800; Bowser gas pumps circa 50’s $250/ea. 8800 W. Williams St Citronelle 36522; 251/866-7477 (Mobile) Toolbox Polaris Ranger model 20022004 lock/key $50. Pete Clemens 5680 Cahaba Valley Rd Birmingham 35242; 205/991-7524 (Shelby) Blue Streak hammer mill 24”, magnet hopper, gear drive feed hopper extra screens etc $750. Dan Nelson 19870 St Hwy 129 Haleyville 35565; 205/486-4425 (Marion) Automatic squeeze chute head catch factory made $750; 250 gal. fuel tank, wand pump $200, all exce cond. 256/775-6568 (Cullman) Hay feeder wagon holds 4 large bales, saves hay, feeds 38 cows, road worthy, Amish made, almost new $2,950. Jr. Beard 205/655-2406 (Jefferson) MISCELLANEOUS Black walnut $5 for 5 gal. 3235 Corinett Rd Cragford 36255; 256/3542397 (Clay) Two 500 gal tanks, 1 good shape $450; 1 needs release valve $160/obo. 3500 Sandhill Rd Auburn 36830; 334/821-1302 (Lee) 12-4-24 & 11-2-24 Super “A” IH rear tires used $30 & $40. 205/339-3623 (Tuscaloosa) Gourds for crafts, bird houses, 1-1000 $1/up; bluebirds, other birdhouses made from cypress, pine $8/up wholesale/retail. Earl Suggs 1008 Freddie Whiddon Rd Webb 36376; 334/8995394 (Houston) 20 corral panels 12’ heavy duty 130# $75/ea; cattle guards 12-0 to 16-0 $375/up delivery available. Dennis Brown 205/594-7405 (St Clair) 60’ rd pen w 4’ gate $1040; 12’ gal panels $69/ea; 4’-16’ gal gates $50$82; medium duty gal gates $50-$92 w/wo mesh; 10’gal bunk feeder $92. Mike Ray 205/999-1744 (Shelby) 6” pond gate valve $150; several hundred ft. 8” PVC pipe $3/ft; ¼” steel plate 6’x16’, various sizes $.25/lb. 334/696-2292 (Henry) Chicken/rabbit cages $2/hole; 5’ pull bush hog $350; 16’ hd farm trailer $450. Jimmie Randolph 256/6852226 (Lawrence) Cattle gate w/latches steel heavy duty $100/ea; galvanized gates $60$80/ea. 205/229-5508 (Tuscaloosa)

PLANTS, BULBS, SEEDS Japanese maples $5-$300, good collection of named varieties/sizes, time to plant, no shipping. Paul & Glenda Lowe 11265 Hwy 50 Dadeville 36853; 256/896-0105 Thurs-Sat (Tallapoosa) Old southern apple trees $10-$20/ea, no shipping, free list. Joyce Neighbors 1039 Lay Spg. Rd Gadsden 35904; 256/546-7441 (Etowah) 20 Assorted varieties of Camellia rooted cuttings $15, $3 postage, 10 assorted varieties of Camellia liners 3¼ pots $15, $5 shipping. James A Rohmer 3703 Moffett Rd Mobile 36618; 251/343-6891 (Mobile) Helleborus $10/2 ppd cuttings double pink confederate rose $5/2, scarlet slipper, hibiscus $4/2 postage $2/ea; Jack M pulpit, helleborus, poppy $2 SASE. Mildred Maroney 784 Talucah Rd Valhermoso Spg 35775; 256/7788561 (Morgan) Angle trumpet seeds double bloom, 1 bloom purple outside white inside $2/tsp SASE 2006 seeds. Betty Ellison Apt 8 Hillcrest Cir. Oneonta 35121; 205/625-6349 (Blount) Price Albert English pea seeds, heir loom variety, running type, white blooms $5/500 seeds ppd. Timothy Fields 8100 15th St Irvington 36544; 251/660-7809 (Mobile) Double white angle trumpet seed, double yellow angel trumpet seed, single white angle trumpet seed SASE $1/tsp. Agnes Nunn 7640 CR 26 Wadley 36276; 256/395-4603 (Randolph) Old reseeding petunia or sweet William seed $3/tblsp + SASE. John Green 1354 Mardis Mill Rd Blountsville 35031; 205/429-3929 (Blount) Strawberry plants, June bearing old fashioned variety, full of flavor, extra hardy $25/per 100, plant now for spring fruit. David Eaton 350 Eaton Dr Sylvan Spg 35118; 205/497-1449 (Jefferson)

Golden rain tree seed $1/tsp SASE. Rachel Morrison 170 Runway Dr Hayden 35079; 205/647-0271 (Blount) 15 seeds mixed colors, types Amaryllis good stock, 5 free large red daylily seed $4 + SASE. Bon Berry 961 CR 317 Woodville 35776; 256/587-6814 (Jackson) Asparagus UC72 1st yr roots $3/doz + postage roots will stay in ground until shipping day, bulk discount. PO Box 1553 Boaz 35957; 256/593-7057 (Marshall) Sweet shrub, blackberry, fig, crepe myrtle, nandina, forsythias, winter jasmine $15/2; hydrangea $15/4; daylilies, iris dwarf, cannas $1/ea. L.E. Stovall 912 Reedwood Ln Birmingham 35235; 205/836-5448 (Jefferson) Arizona cypress trees 1 gal $3/ea minimum order 25, great for privacy wall. 334/328-9767 or 334/567-8773 (Elmore) Figs $5; pencil cactus $10; peace lilies $1-$10; hanging baskets $5, sold at farm off hwy 26. 205/429-2994 (Blount) Purple angle trumpet, Texas star hibiscus, castor mole bean, cocktail plant, hollyhawk, shamrock bulbs, white Christmas cactus cutting $2/pkg + SASE + 2 stamps. Fran Higdon 2214 CR 92 Higdon 35979; 256/597-2691 (Jackson) Double Poppy Red, Purple Angel Trumpet, Texas Star, Yellow Angel Trumpet, and Mexican sunflower, Confederate Rose, Zebrina, Candelabra $1/pkg SASE G.R. Hinson 3413 Wiley Rd Montgomery 36106; 334/277-0234 (Montgomery) Bee balm, heirloom red Texas star hibiscus, money plant, society garlic, hyacinth bean $1/pkg SASE 2 stamps. E.B. Barton 3133 Boxwood Dr Birmingham 35216; 205/822-1266 (Jefferson) Brown turkey, large golden fig bushes in 2 gal. pots, ready to plant $10; oak leaf hydrangea potted $5. Annette Hendrix 445 Chula Vista Mtn Rd Pell City 35125; 205/338-7023 (St Clair)

Rabbit cages $12/hole good cond, dif ferent sizes, nest boxes, feeders included + waterers. James Champion 334/795-6298 (Dale) Want to buy used commercial type rabbit cages w/feeders, good shape. Doug Wilks 256/653-9494 (Jackson) San Juan rabbits crossed w/red mountain runner rabbits, ready for training Beagle puppies $5-$8/ea. Travis “Cottontop” Merritt 251/867-4166 or 251/867-1018 (Escambia) Californian junior doe ready to breed, NZW buck 18 months old good breeder $10/ea. 256/732-3686 (Limestone) San Juan red mountain runners, cane cutters running rabbits, crosses of the above, very good runners, references available $5/up. Lloyd Stockman 2005 CR 16 Valley Grande 36701; 334/8726396 (Dallas)

Deep rock hydra drill system 100’ pre mium drill stems $2,000. James Rogers 205/426-2110 (Jefferson) 6 1/2”’ steel post $1.25 if you take all, around 200-300 as is or trade for 2-bottom break plow. William Hernes 205/3919170 (Tuscaloosa) Cedar posts some rounds many splits 6 1/2’ long, barbed wire, some cross ties, cedar $2-$4, cross ties $5. 115 Minor Hill Rd Hartselle 35640; 256/739-9876 (Morgan) JD “R” manure spreader needs some repair, wood replaced $400. 511 Tinsley Spg Rd Hokes Bluff 35903; 256/490-1505 or 256/429-1350 (Etowah) Used tin $2 sheet, less if you take all. 334/485-3214 (Macon) 1x2 horse pony & goat wagons $200$600; bird hunting wagon $600; wheels $35-$75. Roy Hood 3031 Bradford Drive Opelika 36801; 334/745-5352 (Lee)

Emus 1 adult pr. laying now, you transport $300 cash. Warren Candler 205/836-0322 (Jefferson)

Full SA Boers, Bingo Superman son, Bodacious Hoot, Eggsfile grand sons, Cloud Dancing, Wobbles, buck/does 3-9 months old $185/up. Jeremy McDonald 205/486-8624 or 205/269-7047 (Winston) ½ Boer and ½ Nubian, nanny with baby $200. Jo Ann Kitchen 205/3301322 or 205/344-3073 (Tuscaloosa)

SHEEP & GOATS Fainting goats: Unique LaMancha buck exce health, records available $200; ½ reg. Myotonic ½ reg. SA Boer buck DOB 5/14/06 $125; reg. premium foundation stock Myotonic buck $200, all born/raised on farm. 256/582-2326 (Marshall) Mixed breed goats, 1 grown Billy $60, 6 nannies $35/ea. 256/287-3213 (Cullman) 2 reg Foundation Stock Myotonic (fainting) bucks, exce health, records available, reducing herd $150/ea. 256/593-8642 (Marshall) 5 large framed ewes, one 2 yo white Dorper ram, ewes should lamb in next 2 mos $200/ea. Roger James 256/332-9420 (Franklin) ADGA purebred Nubian dairy goats, bucks, kids, bred does, show quality animals that produce, top bloodlines $150/up. 205/553-2855 (Tuscaloosa) Purebred Nubian dairy goats, bucks, *B bred does, Bell Haven, Musk Rose, Cooper Hill, best Maranatha lines $75/up, reg. $25 more. 256/7731632 (Morgan) % Boar goats 6 nannies $70. Katharine Curtis 205/647-5233 (Blount) Rams for breeding $75/up, ready now. Melanie Lambert 256/796-2684 (Cullman) Reg. “baby doll’ miniature rams $400, small, sound, not docked. 256/8203729 (Calhoun) Reg 100% Savanna doe breed, due to kid January $1,000. Tim Smith 28410 Cedar Hill Rd Ardmore 35739; 256/423-4098 (Limestone) Angora mohair fine adult/yearling $7/lb, reg adult $5/lbs unwashed, good for spinning, weaving, doll hair, rugs, crafts. Patty Tyler 10796 Hwy 50 Dadeville 36853; 256/896-2175 (Tallapoosa) Boer goat reg 4 yo don’t want inbreeding $150. W.O. Evans 334/567-2102 (Elmore) Katahdin, Dorper hair sheep rams, ewes $100/up. Thomas King 6285 Colburn Mtn Rd Tuscumbia 35674; 256/383-1039 (Colbert) Nigerian dwarf X Alpine cross young Billy, Nigerian dwarf X mixed Billy $60/ea taking orders for 07 hair sheep. Gary Spray 20745 Lacey Rd Silverhill 36576; 251/945-1447 (Baldwin) Reg Boer goat 18 mos $110; 75% Boer Billy 6 mos $85; 8 bred Boer nannies bred to full South African $85-$110/ea. Dewey Edwards 196 Seagraves Rd Lacey’s Spg 35754; 256/498-3277 (Morgan) Purebred Saanen buck DOB 12/7/06 on bottle now $75. 251/964-6135 (Baldwin) 2 full blood Katahdin rams $200/ea; one Dorper/Katahdin ram $125. Rickey Odom 3168 Myers Rd Nauvoo 35578; 205/221-9326 (Walker) Large bred Katahdin ewes $250/ea; Katahdin ewe lambs $150/ea. 334/2886323 (Montgomery) Reg Katahdin ewes, QR, RR, 100% hair “A” coats, SFCP $250/ea or 10 for $2,000, RR ram $450. Cindy Brasfield 251/945-5215 (Baldwin) ADGA Nubian bucklings $60, doel ings $250-$300, Nubian buck Foxwood Loff Gabriel, dam GCH5*M $350. Diana Sauer 334/297-5054 (Lee)

SYRUP, HONEY & BEES Honeybee medications for spring Terramycin 6.4 oz $5.20; 62 packs $298; Gard Star for SHB $22.50; Terramycin pre-mix $4.75 lb. Garry Forsythe 25294 Flanagan Rd Athens 35614; 256/729-1342 (Limestone) Honey 2006 crop 12 qt. case $72. Hoss Mason 2308 CR 119 Woodville 35776; 256/574-4020 (Jackson) WANTED Early model JD 2 cyl tractor for restoration project, prefer complete tractor running/not. Ray Hobson 15193 Old Greensboro Rd Moundville 35474; 205/758-4528 (Tuscaloosa) 5’ belly mower for Farmall Super “A” will consider usable tractor w/mower attached. John McFaddin 334/2835234 (Elmore) Full grown heavy bred roosters. Andy Whitt 256/729-1208 (Limestone) Cultivator for “M” JD tractor. Fred Bolton 256/370-7595 (Colbert) Tractor equip: scraper blade for IHC cub low-boy tractor. PO Box 1632 Hamilton 35570; 205/921-4390 (Marion) MF 65 tractor for parts or wide frontend for same. Andrew Boody 238 Bullock Rd Gurley 35748; 256/7762585 (Madison) Anvil, other blacksmith equip, old farm tools. 205/594-5474 (St Clair) Serviceable 7.50x16 front tractor tire, 6’ box blade, 6’ rotary cutter. 256/5820248 or 256/527-4423 (Marshall) Cultipacker, Brillion brand, double gang, 8’ +/-. Buddy Clark 7189 Cavern Rd Trussville 35173; 205/681-5406 (Jefferson) Salvage tractors, late model JD cotton pickers. 256/527-4733 (Madison)


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Want to buy purebred Duroc pigs prefer close to Sylacauga, will consider all offers. 256/245-9655 leave msg (Talladega)

2 heavy iron lug wheels to fit 3hp Merry tiller. Robert Jackson 7085 Nauvoo Rd Nauvoo 35578; 205/6975462 (Walker) Complete dolly w/tongue for NH tricycle rake, good shape. Gordon Keel 700 S. Main St Camp Hill 36850; 256/896-4013 (Tallapoosa) Commercial pecan cracker exce cond. 256/734-7271 (Cullman) 3-shank subsoiler. David Lynch 8430 CR 460 Moulton 35650; 256/9745870 (Lawrence) 40/50 thousand BTU vented natural gas heater for small greenhouse, good cond. Verlon Beck 803 Meadowbrook Dr Scottsboro 35768; 256/599-4345 (Jackson) Disc harrow 4-section 3pth 7’ or exchange 5’ & pay difference. Bob Edwards 4055 Al. Hwy 219 Selma 36701; 334/874-6406 (Dallas) Grinder, mixer, hammermill, good operating cond, prefer NH. Chuck Morrow 205/477-5540 (Jefferson) Lime spreader 2-3 ton pull type broadcast. 205/428-8962 (Shelby) Drawbar for Farmall “H” or junked out Farmall “H” that has drawbar. Roy Johnson 256/207-2095 (Clay) Old grist mill or old mill stones, any size. Richard Eaves 334/289-8906 (Marengo) 80 gal or larger syrup kettle, pay reasonable & pick up. J. English 3206 Vernon Ave Opelika 36801; 334/7454552 (Lee) 1 ton truck w/lift bed or dump. Bobby Richardson 1600 CR 62 Gaylesville 35973; 256/643-8635 (Cherokee) Round stone wheel w/water bath used to sharpen knives, hatchets, axes. Clay Gingo 252 Hwy 267 Maylene 35114; 205/663-0457 (Shelby) Disc hay cutter 8’9” prefer Vicon 240 PTO mower good cond reasonable price. H.M. Keeton 205/522-0940 (Walker) Sweet potatoes, pecans large quantity. Dean Horsley 1375 Fletcher Smith Rd Cottonwood 36320; 334/691-4018 (Houston) MF bare block for TO-30 Continental Z129 engine reasonable for grandson tractor. Ben Jensen 19312 Highway 411 Springville 35146; 205/903-2612 (St Clair) Starter for Tecumseh engine must have Tecumseh & 32817 written on back of starter to work. Paul Blankenship 5483 Coaling Road Sylacauga 35151; 256/245-3801 (Coosa) Mower deck for 1655 MF lawn/garden tractor or parts tractor. 205/924-0299 (Walker) Someone to clean out 2 chicken houses, spread the litter on hay fields/pastures using their own equip. Sarah McCullars 675 Providence Rd Talladega 35160; 256/362-5974 (Talladega) Hood, grill for W900B Kenworth truck 1990 model or newer. L. Harbin 205/486-3414 (Winston)

Cuban Officials get a Taste of Alabama Products continued...
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cooking lesson by Commissioner Sparks. Alvarez has committed Alimport to purchase Alabama products including: peanut butter, paste, and peanuts from Mazur & Hockman, peanut butter blended with Alaga syrup from Whitfield Foods, soybean oil processed in Decatur, Alabama poultry through various traders, utility poles from five Alabama manufacturers, grains through FC Stone, and Alabama lumber and newsprint.

Phone: 334/240-7125


Fax: 334/240-7169

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Bee suit, 18 boxes extractor electric uncapping knife smokers, 1 hive of bees, bee suit $600. Larry McCann 205/392-4775 (Sumter)

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Place a check below in front of information to be printed with ad. ________Name _______Address ________Telephone Number Mail to: Alabama Farmers and Consumers Bulletin, P. O. Box 3336, Montgomery, AL 36109-0336




• January 6 & 20 -Alabama Goat Auction at 10 a.m. at 15128 AL Hwy 168 in Boaz. For more information call 256/878-0739. • January 6 & 20 - East Alabama Goat & Poultry Auction at noon at 1006 Co Rd 474 in Woodland. For more information contact Phil Stewart at 256/449-6376 or 404/535-9713. • January 13 & 27 - Clay County Goat & Poultry Auction at 748 Co Rd 91 in Goodwater at noon. For more information call Richard Askew at 256/839-6824. • January 27 & 28 - The Alabama Horse Fair will be held at Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery. Admission is $10.00/day (children 6 years old & under are free). For more information visit or call 800-945-8033.

UPCOMING AG EVENTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pesticide Dealer Meetings Set For January
Pesticide dealers selling restricted use pesticides are required by Alabama law to take a written exam once every three years to demonstrate their knowledge of pesticide products. The test is offered annually in conjunction with a series of pesticide dealer meetings held at various locations across the state. The one-day programs, set from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., are scheduled for the following locations around the state: January 9 - Cullman-Cullman Electrical Coop at 1749 Eva Road NE January 10 - Montgomery -- Richard Beard Bldg. Auditorium, 1445 Federal Drive January 11 - Headland Auburn University Wiregrass Research & Extension Center East of US Hwy 431 & AL 134 Intersection The dealer examination conducted by the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries will be administered immediately following the program about 2:00 p.m. Anyone with a commercial pesticide license is encouraged to attend a meeting since recertification points will be given. If you need more information about the meetings contact Dr. Patrick Morgan 334/240-7236.

“Homegrown Alabama” Farmers Lung a Dangerous Disease By Ashley Boyd
The University of Alabama organization, “Homegrown Alabama”, made its formal introduction into the Tuscaloosa community by hosting "Dinner From Our Own Backyard" Thursday, Nov. 16, at the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority house with a central theme: buy fresh, buy local. As part of their efforts to convey their message, the full-course meal was prepared using only Alabamagrown food. The newly-formed organization was founded last semester when UA law student Joshua Segall made it his mission to move the community to buy local produce and support local farming. He started “Homegrown Alabama” with the help of students and professors to try and get Alabamagrown foods to be served on campus. Wanting to expose the University and the Tuscaloosa community to Homegrown Alabama's belief that buying local supports the farmer and is fresher, healthier, and bettertasting, “Homegrown Alabama” began developing a plan of action to incorporate local food into campus dining. That action was consummated with the help of nutrition major Camille Caprio, president and house manager of Alpha Gamma Delta. Ms. Caprio, who was the lead organizer for the dinner, said that by entering the Greek community, the group hoped to create a buzz and to convince sororities to buy some of their food directly from farmers. The first of several more events to come, which will include a farmer's market at the Ferguson Center in the spring, “Homegrown Alabama” invited members of the Alpha Gamma sorority along with members and house mothers from other sororities to their kickoff initiative. The menu was created with the help of Marcia Lehman, Alpha Gam's house director, and Professor Mildred Switzer of the UA Nutrition Department. Numerous Alabama farms were represented on the menu including Snow's Bend Farm, John Bruce's farm, Bulgar Creek Farm, Tommy Green's farm, Nick Peturis farm, Burris Farm Market, Blue Bell, Seven Winds Kitchen, Fidler Farms and Art Sessions' farm. Several members of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority and guests said they were pleased to be eating freshly-prepared food and glad to be supporting local farmers. Don Wambles, director of the Alabama Farmers Market Authority and featured speaker at the dinner, challenged the Greek system to be a leader in bringing local food to campus. He said that he felt that the dinner was the beginning of great things to come and encouraged guests to continue to request local food on campus and at area restaurants.
Ashley Boyd is a journalism major. She is the editor of Epiphany Magazine and writes for Dateline Alabama. Homegrown Alabama member Edward Miller contributed to this story. For more information, e-mail Homegrown Alabama President Max Young at

Are you at Risk?
infested with black mold spores which Hillman had inhaled. Doctors started him on an aggressive dose of anti-inflammatory medicines to help him breath. While they saved his life, he still had months of recovery and rehabilitation ahead of him. During his two months and three weeks of hospitalization, much of it on a respirator, Hillman lost 40 pounds. He was left too weak to even raise his arm. In addition, he suffered a relapse, a bout of pneumonia and his medication left him temporarily diabetic. "I probably gave up two times," Hillman said. "One day when my preacher was visiting me, and he helped me through it. The second, I was all by myself, then Sue came by." While breathing and able to walk today, Hillman has still not returned to his job as an engineer and land surveyor, but he exercises twice day, and continues to work toward recovery. "When I was in rehab, they asked me how many steps I had to climb to get inside. I told them two," Hillman said, laughing. "So, we practiced walking up two steps and down two steps every day. "When we got home, I looked out the window and said 'Oh my God. Sue it's four steps, not two.'" Doctors predict, with exercise and medication, Hillman will make a full recovery within a year. With a new lease on life, Hillman has dedicated himself to spreading the word about the dangers of farmer's lung and mold. He wrote an article on the subject that was published in the Alabama Society of Professional Land Surveyors magazine.

By Evan Belanger The Cullman Times
A Cullman man had his life to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. While not a farmer, Mike Hillman was nearly struck down earlier this year when he contracted a little-known airborne disease called farmer's lung. It occurs most commonly when dust-borne particles of mold and bacteria are inhaled, usually from working with hay, straw or some other silage crop that was stored damp. The mold grows in the lungs causing varying degrees of damage, inflammation and even death. In Hillman's case, the effects were severe, sudden and life threatening. "We didn't know it at the time, but the first symptoms were pains in his back," said Hillman's wife Sue. "He went to work that day, and when he I got home he was having chills. "He went and laid down on the bed and then immediately he grabbed his chest and started screaming. That's when I called 9-1-1." At the hospital, doctors could tell little about what was causing the problem. They eventually placed Hillman on a respirator, but predicted he would not survive the night. "The doctors said they had never seen anyone go so close to crossing over and not go over," Sue said. "The bottom level of his blood pressure was 17. He was barely there at all." Later that week, a casual comment from a friend reminded Sue her husband helped his brother spread hay on a graded hillside about three weeks before the incident. The hay was

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ment. This will facilitate pre-disaster identification of companion animals, so that in the event of a major disaster and evacuation, pets that are separated from their families will have a greater chance of being re-united with their owners. These are just a few of our plans for 2007. I believe that our goals for the year will come to fruition and am hopeful for success. Happy New Year!

He also stresses protection with friends, family, neighbors and anyone else who will listen. "It's a miracle that I'm still alive," he said. "But this story is not about me. The real story is that I'm not even a farmer, and I got it. The story is about getting people who work with hay to protect themselves. "This disease is a lot more prevalent than people think it is. If you see little black spots on the hay, don't touch it. Burn it." Farmer's Lung Farmer's lung occurs when biological dust, usually in form of mold spores and bacteria, is inhaled into the lungs. It can cause severe lung damage and death. Domestically, the disease will affect between 4 and 7 percent of the farming population, but anyone who handles hay, infected compost or any type of silage is susceptible. As a disease, it can occur in varying degrees, from an acute and violent reaction to a chronic cough from prolonged and continuous exposure to the antigen. To prevent exposure: • Avoid contact with moldy crops. • Be sure crops are dry and keep them dry when storing them. • Wear a high-quality face mask and protective clothing, keeping in mind mold spores are small enough to pass through most economy-priced filters. • Wet the crops before moving them to reduce stirring up dust. • Use machinery to avoid handling crops. For more information on farmer's lung, go to the National Ag Safety Database at and search farmer's lung.




Product Spotlight
Red Diamond Coffee, Tea and Foodservice is an original Alabama company established in 1906 by Williams Fitz Donovan and is located in Birmingham. Red Diamond is named for the rare jewel that is unsurpassed in quality and represents the superiority of specialty coffee and tea which Red Diamond Inc has to offer. Donovan Provision Co. soon became Donovan Coffee Co. which is now the well known Red Diamond, Inc and is one of the three oldest coffee and tea companies in the nation continuously operated by members of the same family. Today the company serves its customers with over 6,000 beverage and food service products including: whole beans, various coffees such as breakfast blend and Columbian, dark and light roasts, Latin magic coffee and chicory, decaffeinated coffee, hotel packs, tea bags, green tea and decaffeinated tea. Red Diamond is a national leader in the production and distribution of private label brands and an extremely successful manufacturer of Alabama products! With a strong legacy of quality and customer service, Red Diamond takes pride in its history of integrity, competitive pricing and exceptional products. During the cold winter month of January, a warm cup of Red Diamond Coffee or Tea is just the right Alabama product to warm you up and remind you of how good it is to enjoy a cup of Alabama’s finest! To find out more information about Red Diamond Inc or to download an order form, please visit their website at


Prospective bidders desiring more information should contact Bill Johnson, Executive Director, Agricultural Center, P.O. Box 70026, Montgomery, AL 36107 Phone: 334/242-5597

Agriculture and Industries Commissioner Ron Sparks announced the formation of the Center for Alternative Fuels. The Center will initially consist of department employees and will focus on the creation and development of opportunities for the production, usage, and promotion of alternative fuels in Alabama. "We are facing some serious challenges in this country regarding energy consumption, and it seems to me that the only viable alternative is changing the way we make and use our fuel," said Sparks. "As citizens, the most patriotic action we can take is to develop and use alternative sources of fuel to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. Agriculture must be a big part of the solution. In fact, this could be the biggest revolution for agriculture in this country since farms were mechanized." The Department of Agriculture and Industries has the responsibility of inspecting gas and diesel pumps to insure that consumers get what they are paying for - both in quality and quantity. Commissioner Sparks has also been an integral part of promoting the use of alternative fuels. Sparks hosted his first seminar on bio-energy just after taking office nearly four years ago and has continued to push for the development of alternative fuels programs since then. The department is a strong supporter of the establishment of the


Commissioner Sparks pours a sample of the first biodiesel produced at the Alabama Biodiesel Corporation’s Moundville plant. Alabama Biodiesel Corporation's facility in Moundville. "Hardly a week goes by that we don't get calls to provide guidance to interested parties on how to build biodiesel or ethanol plants, or where to purchase alternative fuels. They want to know about licenses, permits, and various rules and regulations. I get requests from various sectors of agriculture wanting to know what crops should be planted for use in bio-fuel production," said Sparks. "I'm announcing the establishment of a Center for Alternative Fuels at the Department of Agriculture and Industries. The Center will be a kind of one-stop-shop for information on what it takes to get into the business, where consumers can find it, and how Alabama farmers can support it with crops. In addition, the Center will serve as an economic development resource for recruiting producers of alternative fuel."

Woody Biomass - A New Management Tool for Forest Landowners
With all the talk about alternative fuels is there really a place for woody biomass harvesting in Alabama? That is exactly what a group of partners want to find out, and they are asking forest landowners to join them in this quest. Recently a group of Alabama partners received a grant from the USDA Forest Service to begin developing a woody biomass market for Alabama. These partners will explore key factors in the production and processing of woody biomass. A large portion of the project will take place on the Talladega National Forest and will help Forest Service managers address significant forest health concerns by removing small diameter stems and unmerchantable woody material. The challenges of a depressed pulpwood market and the risks associated with prescribed fire have many landowners accepting overstocked stands and heavy midstory conditions as "normal". This does not have to be the case. We know that thinning increases stand vigor and improves habitat for many species of wildlife. The partnership is inviting you, an Alabama forest landowner, to join them in exploring ways to improve forest habitat while creating a market for woody biomass in January. Landowners, loggers, forest managers, business people or interested individuals are invited to learn about the woody biomass developments in Alabama, and participate in a workshop to help identify questions that need answers so that private landowners can make informed decisions about biomass harvesting on their land. Workshop highlights: • Overview of goals associated with the woody biomass grant. • Presentations on woody biomass markets. • Tour of previous biomass harvesting on the Oakmulgee District. • Q&As on what we know about biomass harvesting, and what we need to find out. • Facilitated session on landowner interests and concerns regarding biomass harvesting. The meeting will be held Saturday, January 13, 2007 from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm at the USDA Forest Service Work Center in Brent, Alabama. Make plans now to spend a day with neighbors and others interested in sustaining Alabama's forests while working towards new markets for wood products. For more information call 205/926-9765.

Stand on the Talladega National Forest - Oakmulgee District recently harvested for biomass.

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