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Promoting Communication Between Members Use the Member Handbook template supplied by International to formulate a handbook that all members--new and old can benefit from Bulletin (publish one for all members monthly, bi-monthly, or as needed) Designate a "follow-up" person as part of the membership team to periodically check on new members and see if there's anything they're concerned about or have questions about in their first 6 months, year, or two years of membership Focused, informative weekly announcements/business at rehearsal; set a time limit on the length of announcement time or have a sign-up sheet for announcements Mailboxes (folders) for each member to receive chorus news or information Make a list of "who does what" in the chorus and post it or distribute to each member Nametag wearing encouraged or required; perhaps fine 25 or 50 cents for not wearing nametag Provide a Calendar of Events monthly or as needed (can be part of bulletin) Publishing Board/Team minutes as they are approved Promoting recognition/appreciation of fellow members Be affectionate with one another: give hugs, back rubs, hold hands during closing song, etc. on a frequent basis Birthday cards/membership anniversary cards sent to members' homes or presented in front of the chorus at rehearsal "Happy bucks" - allow time at the beginning of announcement time for members to get up and make any personal announcements (new grandmother, promotion, new house, etc.) for a "fee" of $1 that goes into chorus budget or to charity Institute a "Sweet Adeline of the Month/Year" award Showcase individual members and/or their personal accomplishments in your chorus bulletin The "Star" box - have a box with paper and pencil adjacent to it where a member can write something positive about another member (for anything from a section leader doing a really good job leading her section rehearsal to someone gives really good backrubs on the risers); put it in the box, and at the designated time during rehearsal, one or more of these papers is drawn, read, and that person is brought forward and given a standing ovation for 30 seconds from the whole chorus "Trace your hand" - On a relaxed rehearsal night when you're not a few weeks away from competition or a show, take a half hour or so, and pass a sheet of paper out to every member. Have each member trace her own hand on the sheet and sign her name at the top. Then have the member send her sheet down her row (or around the whole chorus if you're in a smaller chorus) and have each person write something positive about that person on her sheet. At the end of the exercise, be sure everyone gets her own sheet back

Secret pals - At a special time of year--maybe before Christmas or before competition, set up a "secret pal" system where every member gets an inexpensive gift one or more weeks from an anonymous fellow member in the chorus. Meeting the diverse needs of your members Actively encourage carpooling among members--especially for those traveling long distances Afterglows, parties, etc. held periodically to allow time for pure socialization among members Competing (even if it's just for evaluation rather than a ranking) Encourage, but don't pressure members into volunteering for additional duties in the chorus. Enforce chorus rules and requirements, but beyond that, be supportive of the level of involvement which each member chooses for herself. Have goal-setting sessions or more informal discussions after competitions or other major events as a chorus so that members can share their hopes, dreams, ideas, and memories regarding the chorus Membership survey - Have the board/team or membership team periodically distribute a written, anonymous all-member survey asking why they joined, why they're staying, what's fun about the chorus, what they wish was different about the chorus, what would make them happier as a member of Sweet Adelines, etc. Collect answers after two weeks or so and see if there isn't anything the chorus can adjust accordingly. Performing for the public as often as possible (not only shows or cabarets, but Singing Valentines, nursing homes, community centers, Christmas caroling, business functions, picnics, etc.) Promote involvement in regional/international events; perhaps save room in the budget for every member to be reimbursed $5 or $10 once each year for her registration at a regional school Promote quartetting/double-quartetting activity for interested members

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