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“A-camping we will go, A-camping we will go, Hi-ho and off we go, A-camping we will go.” It’s A.G.B.U. Scouts SUMMER CAMP time!!! And, here are some fast facts: SUMMER CAMP CHECKLIST All items must go in a big CAMPING BACKPACK (NO hockey bags, NO suitcases, NO garbage bags). It must be something they can carry on both shoulder, and big enough to fit all the materials listed below. Sleeping bag Blue foam carpet Extra blanket (optional but recommended) Uniform 7 pairs of shorts 4 pairs of pants (jeans) 2 pairs of running shoes 9 T-shirts 3 long sleeve sweatshirts 8 pairs of underwear 9 pairs of socks 1 pyjama (jogging suit) 2 bathing suits 2 Big towels Bathroom accessories (small towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, brush…) Sun block lotion Off / Musk oil & After-bite (i.e. Calamine Lotion) Flashlight + extra batteries Cutlery (plate, bowl, cup with handle (for hot drinks), fork, tea spoon) Hat (cap or bandana) Raincoat or Plastic Rain Poncho (Pharmacies have them) 1 jacket or windbreaker (in case of extreme cold and wind) 5 plastic bags (for dirty clothes: like Adonis bag) Water bottle Small back pack (like a school bag: to carry essentials when hiking/going to the beach…) Note book (easy to carry) and 2 pencils or pen Life jacket (ONLY if child doesn’t know how to swim) If medication is needed during period of camp, please advise the leader ahead of time (before Summer Camp dates) AND give the medication (IN A ZIPLOC BAG WITH THE CHILD’S NAME ON IT) to his/her leader.

PROHIBITED to bring Any kind of food (cereal & granola bars, gum, candy, cookies etc…) Any electronic item (walk-man, game boy, disc-man, MP3 players, iPod, cell phones, blackberry) Luxury item (jewellery, watch, make-up, high heels) Note that anything that doesn’t belong in the context of camping will be confiscated and will be given back the LAST day of camp.

For more information contact the Leaders or Khorourt Members


I am the parent of ______________________________________________, and I consent my child to attend Summer Camp 2006 at Tamarakouta. Signature: _________________________________________________ Date: ________/_________/________

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