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					Summary of the Island School Visiting Program Handbook TO BRING:  DAN (Diver Alert Network) coverage – ALL STUDENTS/INSTRUCTORS ARE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE DAN MEMBERSHIP FOR EMERGENCY EVACUATIONS. THE DAN PHONE # IS 1-800-445-2671. PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING REFERENCE # WHEN SIGNING UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP (447558)  Passport  US dollars for spending money  set of sheets and pillow case for twin bed/ or light sleeping bag.  towels  mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit  SCUBA DIVERS  Dive Watch  toiletries (shampoo, soap, deodarant, etc.)  prescription medicines (if applicable), and other non-prescription medicines that you may require (ibuprofen, allergy medication, etc.)  water bottle or hydration pack (Camelbacks are EXCELLENT)  sunglasses  hat(s)  sunscreen  aveeno anti-itch cream – there is no great repellent for sand fleas which most/all of us will be bitten by, but aveeno anti-itch cream seems to work well for most people for relieving itching/swelling  aloe gel  appropriate clothing for being outside and getting wet (bathing suits, shorts, t-shirts, quick-dry pants, long-sleeve sun-shirt or rashguard for cover up while in/on the water). Also bring some clothes for going into town (note that Bahamians on Eleuthera are conservative and we need to dress appropriately – shirts with suggestive/vulgar language or logos are inappropriate as are any outfits that show “a lot of skin”).  footwear - flip flops are handy for in the dorms & on campus but are not suitable for the water, so please make sure you have dive booties and/or sport sandals and/or water shoes (teva, merrell, keen, solomon). Running shoes or hikers are also appropriate for every day use. DO NOT BRING:  food – all food will be provided to you on campus. No food is permitted in the dorms whether you brought it from home, the store or from the dining hall. The reason for this is simple – food in dorms = COCKROACHES & FIRE ANTS. This is a rule that will be strictly enforced. This also applies to beverages. Water is the only acceptable liquid in the dorms. Everything else is cockroach & ant bait!! You do not want to be the one responsible for attracting pests to your bedroom.  controlled substances – possession and/or use of controlled substances is forbidden & will not be tolerated.  valuables – there is no need for fancy bling on the field course or on island so leave your pearls at home. Cameras are great for the field course but consider the environment you are bringing them into and pack accordingly.

BASIC RULES/EXPECTATIONS:  Your behaviour must never jeopardize the welfare of others or the good name of the Island School/Cape Eleuthera Institute or university you are representing. The Cape Eleuthera Institute
and it’s sister school The Island School have worked hard to become a welcome member of the community of South Eleuthera. Please be aware that your actions in the community could easily tarnish this positive relationship, and affect our reputation for years to come. As such, be conservative in dress and actions when spending time in Deep Creek or other local communities in the area. Respect local customs, our friends in the community, and the environment. Drunkenness and drug use, although often visible, is not viewed highly by the majority of community.


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Risk management is key – there are no hospitals on Eleuthera, and although there is emergency trained staff on site, injuries, no matter how minor need to be avoided as much as possible. Even simple cuts/scrapes can easily become infected with Staphylococcus bacteria in tropical environments so extreme care must be taken to act safely. Upon arrival to campus, students will be briefed regarding the potential hazards in the area and our risk management protocols. Leave no trace – take only pictures, leave nothing but footprints. Respect the environment in which you are visiting. Everyone is expected to participate in daily chores at the Cape Eleuthera Institute – these include keeping your personal and dorm space tidy, to assisting in the kitchen at meal times (putting out food, cleaning up, dishes). Compost buckets & food scraps get taken to the compost pile & pigs on campus and we are expected to participate in these community chores. Tardiness is not acceptable. Everything is on a schedule from field excursions to meal times and make other people wait for you is not cool.

OTHER STUFF:  As mentioned above, risk management is taken very seriously and we will need to know of any medications you are taking or any medical/mental or mental health history. You will need to fill out a form once you arrive on campus which will be filed with the proof of your DAN membership. NOTE THAT THIS INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL BUT WE NEED TO HAVE ACCURATE & COMPLETE INFORMATION TO ENSURE YOUR HEALTH & THAT OF THE REST OF YOUR COMMUNITY!!  Dietary restrictions – please let us know if you have any.  Laundry – a laundry service can be conducted once during our 2 week stay. The cost is $6/load. Please bring a laundry bag for your clothes.  Energy & water conservation is imperative at the Cape Eleuthera Institute/Island School. Rainwater is our source of drinking water & all water on campus so use accordingly. Navy showers are in effect (get wet, turn off water, lather up, turn on water to rinse off). Also, water conservation occurs in the toilet (if it’s yellow, let it mellow, if its brown, flush it down). Turn off all lights/fans when not in use.  Communications - Email and phone contact will be restricted to one call/email when you arrive and one call/email when you leave. The reasons for these limitations are 2-fold. One, the central goal of our community is for students to connect to place; the virtual world of the internet does not further this connection. Two, access to the internet, like all of our resources is limited and costly. That said, students may look to their instructors when they have special requests to communicate with home.

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