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									POOL RULES
GENERAL RULES 1. Patrons should wear a regulation bathing suit to swim in. A regulation bathing suit is an article of clothing that is used for swimming or bathing. No street clothes, cut-offs or shoes allowed in pool area. A minimum of 3 Lifeguards will be on duty (in guard chairs) at all open swim times. No running, pushing, throwing other participants, wrestling, dunking, riding on shoulders, or other rough play. Obey instructions of Lifeguards. Obey diving board rules. No hanging from, diving or jumping from pool ladders, steps or sides of pool. No snorkels, masks, fins, or flotation devices allowed in pool, except during designated times. No hanging on lane lines. Patrons must be a minimum of 40 inches to the chin and six years of age to enter the main pool without an older teenager (at least 16) or an adult. No kids, 16 and under, in lap lane unless authorized by Pool Manager or Asst. Manager. No sitting on stairs or playing on railing. No floating on stomach. No running on deck. No glass or other foreign objects allowed on deck or in pool. No open cuts, sores, or bandages in the pool. No animals allowed in pool area. No alcoholic or narcotic influences allowed in or around pool. Abusive or foul language will not be tolerated. No private swim lessons may be conducted in the pool. Patrons are to stay off lifeguard chairs and leave emergency equipment alone. No one may interfere with emergency procedures, accidents or drill exercises. All signs pertaining to rules and regulations are to be strictly enforced, i.e.: LIFEGUARDS ONLY, DO NOT RUN, POOL PERSONNEL ONLY, etc. NO PERSONS SHALL SWIM IN THE POOL UNLESS THE POOL IS OPEN AND

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LIFEGUARDS ARE ON DUTY. 24. No eyeglasses may be worn within the swimming pool unless the glasses are required for proper eyesight and are certified to be unbreakable by a licensed optometrist or optician. A statement from a licensed optometrist attesting to the need must be presented to the pool cashier prior to entering the pool. All eyeglasses must be worn with an elastic band designed to prevent the glasses from falling off. No eyeglasses may be worn while diving. Wearing of eyeglasses in the pool must be approved by the Pool Manager or Asst. Manager. Smoking at the high school pool and grounds is prohibited. Patrons must keep all body parts out of pool gutters. No flotation devices, unless they are approved by the Manager and are US Coast Guard approved. Obey slide rules. Lap Swimming Lane is for just that, lap swimming. This is a continuous lap swimming lane, when patrons stop swimming they need to exit the lane. Diaper changes should occur in the rest rooms. Diapers should be disposed of in the rest room trash. No chewing gum at the pool facility. No black soled shoes in the pool facility. You must shower before entering the water.

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DIVING RULES 1. Patrons must be able to swim the width of the main pool twice (over and back without stopping) to go into diving area. When climbing up ladder and on to board, use handrails. One person at a time on ladder. One person on the board at a time. No double bouncing. No sitting, laying or hanging from boards. No diving or jumping from sides of boards. No crop tops, seat drops or hand stands. Person waiting to dive must wait at end of ladder with one foot on the ground until previous diver has reached pool side. No diving from the side of the diving well. No inward dives.

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No performing back flips and other trick dives. LOCKER ROOM RULES

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Take shower before entering the pool. Checking in personal items is optional, the City of Peoria is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Check in clothes in clothing bag at the hut, the City of Peoria is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Items of value will not be checked in, such as: pagers, wallets, cellular phones, etc. Weapons are not to be checked or brought into the facility. All persons entering the facility during open swim must pay entrance fee. The use of cameras, cell phones with camera capabilities, video recording devices and digital photography is prohibited in the locker rooms. Any type of recording or photography must be approved by the Pool Manager. 0 DEPTH AND BABY POOL RULES


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No one allowed in baby pool or 0 depth area without a Lifeguard on duty. No child over seven years of age will be admitted to the baby pool. An adult (age 16 or older) needs to present with the child in the 0 depth and baby pool No jumping from sides in the baby pool. No one on center circle in the baby pool.

Manager may make any other rules deemed necessary.

POOL SLIDE RULES 1. Riders must be 42”tall. Children under 42” are not permitted to ride down with a parent or guardian. Single riders only. Feet first descents only; No stopping, kneeling or standing in flume. Keep hands and feet inside flume. Swimsuits only. No Cut-offs. Suits with zippers or button on back pockets not allowed. No twisting or turning in flume. Place hands to side or across chest. Keep feet together. No jewelry, watches or eyeglasses (except with head strap). Please do not ride if pregnant or have a physical impairment.

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