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The president called the meeting to order at 4:05 P.M.

Directors present: Tim Gore, Cheryl Andrews, David Bridwell, Robert Bischoff, Wardwell Buckner, Susan Pinker-Dodd, Susan Sauer, Linda Weiner and Carolyn Willmore. Direcrors not present: Melanie Fathman, Catherine Hamlin, Pete Snyder, Ken Stone and Otis Williams, excused. Jane Blackwell. II. Approval of Minutes: Minutes of the February 25, 2007 meeting were approved on a MOTION by Cheryl Andrews, seconded by Carolyn Willmore, which PASSED. III. Treasurer's Report: In the absence of the treasurer, the president reported that a $200 donation for a mini-tour and several new memberships have been received. IV. Committee Reports:

A. Greenhouse / Flora Conservancy Susan Pinker-Dodd reported that it took two panel trucks with tray racks to move our plants from the Forest Park greenhouse to the park. Most of the material has been planted. The need for enough volunteers to water the planted areas is critical. The broken waterbox near the Washington statue has not been repaired. Linda Weiner reported that the number of volunteers is growing and that she has established a volunteer email address book which will make it easier to contact and direct the volunteers. Linda reminded us that the Flora Conservancy wants us to keep track of volunteer hours and we need to develop a simple system to keep track of them by logging on to a computer program, by using the form Tim developed, or some other system. B. Boathouse Project Bob Bischoff reported that the committee has met and developed a timeline for project tasks (Attachment # 1) and a proposed plan for the use of the building and a suggestion for its design (Attachment # 2).

The committee members will interview caterers, events planners, etc. individually and not at a single hearing. The suggested shape of the building would leave the existing building intact, build a replica building parallel and close to it on its north side. The two buildings would be connected with a glass-roofed enclosure to bring light intro the interior space. The cost might be $1 million. The committee will be open to anyone sincerely interested in the project Alderman Triplett will be asked about possibly using some of her sales tax allocation funds to support the project after plans have been finalized. C. Benton Statue Project Carolyn Wilmore reported that a grant application prepared by Catherine Hamlin has been submitted to the "Save America's Treasurers" fund administered by the Heritage Preservation Service of the National Park Service for $160,000 representing the estimated cost of conservation of the statue, granite pedestal, limestone base, the approach to the statue and signs. Carolyn Willmore reported on the successful luncheon meeting with Phoebe Dent Weil who was the lead conservator during the statue's conservation in the 1970s. Linda Weiner contacted Ms. Weil initially and Ms. Weil has a special interest in the work of Hosmer and the statue of Benton in particular. Ms. Weil will aid the committee with advice and by talking to her friends to enlist support for the project. The committee is thinking about observing the 100th anniversary of Hosmer's death in 1908 and the 140th anniversary of the dedication sometime in 2008. If the grant application is approved, we would be expected to match all or a portion of the grant. Alderman Triplett may be asked to help with our part of the match. D. Gazebo Project No report.

E. Membership Ward Buckner discussed details of a membership application form which can be mailed to renewing members Sue Pinker-Dodd presented a spreadsheet listing information about the membership. We do not have complete addresses for every member and there is some confusion about membership levels for some members.

Member's benefits haven't been distributed except for the magnets. Note cards using Carolyn's images can be printed this year. Note cards using images from the Plein Air competition might be used in the future. Persons buying Gala tickets did get membership cards with their level indicated. F. Mini-Tours / Special Events Carolyn Willmore reported that the minitour auctioned off at the Gala finally took place and was a success and suggested that we should do more mini-tours for a fee. She commented that the LPC needs a budget for the various committees of the LPC so members can get reimbursed for money they spend on projects. G. Gala at the Grotto Susan Sauer reported that the date is set for October 13th. We have a permit. She can create a budget for this one based on prior year's costs. Tim, Bridget Simpson and Karen Snyder will assist Susan. Alderman Triplett should be able to get fees waived., Bethany will provide the food and music. The 3 tier ticket pricing system used last year worked well. We will charge the same prices again this year and will try to increase publicity for the event. IV. Old Business V. New Business A. Park House Flag, We discussed taking over maintenance of the flagpole to include replacement of the two flags (when needed) at an estimated cost of $150 annually and planting a boxwood hedge around the base. A MOTION by Linda Weiner that the Conservancy assume responsibility for the maintenance of the Park House Flagpole, including replacement of both flags and landscaping, PASSED. B. Benton Statue Project Discussed above. None

C. House Tour We agreed to operate the food/water/beer/soda tent at this year's LSRC House Tour. We can sell our tee shirts. Ken Stone will be asked to chair the event. The anticipated net income could be $1,000. Time to organize the event is very short but Paul and Susan Sauer and others will advise on operations. D. Concert Series We will donate tee shirts. etc. to the raffle at the concerts. We discussed the need to update the large calendar cards and to

increase marketing to increase memberships and attendance at the Gala. E. Items from the Floor

(i) Memberships We agreed that annual memberships will begin on the date the membership is paid and that memberships will not be given automatically to persons buying Gala tickets. The membership committee will decide which premiums go with each level. (ii) New Trees in the Park Linda Weiner asked about the memorial trees which the Forestry Division is planting in the park. Some of the selections and sites seem inappropriate. VI. Announcements

A. The Community Garden at Park & Dolman Linda Weiner reported that it may be put into a "land trust" and the title vested in a 501c3 organization which would hold title for the benefit of the garden.

VII. Next Meeting Date / Adjournment Sunday August 19, 2007 at 4:00 PM We adjourned at 5:25 PM. ______________________________ Wardwell Buckner, Secretary

The next meeting will be held