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Young Professionals for International Cooperation
Not yet a UNA or YPIC member? Click here to join today… and tell a friend about us! Wellcome tto UNA--NY We come o UNA NY YPIIC’’s ffiirrstt YP C s s newslletttterr!! Thiis wiilll news e e Th s w be a quarrtterrlly be a qua e y publliicattiion,, packed pub ca on packed wiitth iinfforrmattiion and w h n o ma on and eventts fforr tthe even s o he iintterrnattiionallly savvy n e na ona y savvy and UN polliicy curriious and UN po cy cu ous prroffessiionall.. Enjjoy!! p o ess ona En oy INSIDE THIS ISSUE
Chairman’s Shout-Out Is the UN Moving?

Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 1

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YPIC Chairman’s Shout-Out!
At UNA-NY YPIC we ended 2005 with a bang and we’re enthusiastically kicking off 2006. In the last three months of 2005 alone, UNA-NY YPIC ran seven events spanning a range of topics from an International Wine Tasting to a Career Workshop for Jobs in International Finance, to panels on Latin America’s Economic Expansion and on the Crisis in Sudan. Our goal is to keep stimulating your interest in international affairs, global policy, and activism. Our membership consists of a diverse, passionate group of young professionals who strive to keep informed and to drive change in the world. We are excited to continue to provide opportunities for you.     Let us know what you want to hear about: email editor@unanyc.org Keep an eye on our events calendar: http://www.unanyc.org/ypic/ypicevents.html Bring along your friends to events and talk to them about joining UNA-NY and YPIC. The more people ... the more ideas … the greater the impact! Join us February 13 for our next event: Turkey’s European Future. Info at http://www.unanyc.org/ypic/ypicevents.html

Happy New Year and we hope to see you soon! – Kevin Jefferson, UNA-NY YPIC Chairman

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Ethiopia’s Aids Orphans and their American Father

From The Rumor Mill: United Nations Diaspora?
Depending on what blog to which you subscribe, you may have heard the various rumors of where the United Nations will move in 2007 when renovation gets underway at the famed Headquarters on the East river. The United Nations could become your neighbor in 2006. In early 2004, the United Nations selected Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki to create a futuristic design for a 1st Avenue UN building. When the plan was rejected by the NY State Senate, the UN began contemplating various sites to house its employees ranging from the World Trade Center to Midtown to Brooklyn. Secretary General Kofi Annan announced in Spring 2005 that real estate analyses showed downtown Brooklyn offered the only available building space in the range of 700,000 . feet. While images of diplomats and artists merging in Williamsburg would be an ultimate statement of the United Nations‟ rejuvenation, UN Spokesman Farhan Haq told the News October 11th, 2005 that „At this stage, what we‟re looking at is Midtown.” According to the Daily news, the UN asked architectural companies to submit proposals for renovation of the 560,000 square feet of office space and 80,000 square feet of library space in Midtown. So far, there has been no word on the results of this request. Meanwhile, the Headquarters of the UN, which was opened in 1951, will need to find a home for its employees between 2007 to 2012. Keep your eyes open for diplomatic license plates in your neighborhood. The UN could be coming soon to a street near you!

New Year Celebrations

UNA-NY YPIC: Committees, Events and How to Get Involved!


The United Nations may have to be housed in 3 or 4 separate buildings around New York starting 2007 during construction. How would you like Kofi as your neighbor?


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UNA-NY Young Professionals For International Cooperation

Ethiopia’s Aids Orphans and Jim Miller their American Father
The photo illuminates the palpable excitement of four girls, 3 - 5 years old, standing in frilly, festive colored bathing suits in front of an inviting swimming pool. The tallest girl seems drawn to the pool and turns to take a look. The littlest one squints skeptically at the camera, tugging at her too-big, two-piece suit, her tiny round belly poking out. While the moment is captured vibrant and genuine, it is not just any day for these children at the pool. On the bright sunny 2005 day in the photograph, Jim Miller, a New York businessman, bought 80 bright bathing suits in Addas Ababa, Ethiopia, and took 80 HIV orphans to play in a swimming pool. It was the first time the children had seen water unpolluted, blue, and sparkling. Jim explains, “You can‟t imagine the feeling of holding a child who has never worn a bathing suit and never been outside of destitute poverty, as she first touches clean water for the first time.” A friendly, endearingly humble, and articulate man, Jim Miller still insists he is “an everyday man.” Like many young professional New Yorkers, he holds a corporate job in the City (as director of an Italian Art School), lives in an apartment, and enjoys walking to work near the United Nations. But rather than choosing a more typical vacation option like a relaxing beach getaway, Jim Miller opts to travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In Addis, he is fondly known as “father” to 418 Aids Orphans and Vulnerable children (OVC) of the Medhen Social Center. “I never knew what poverty was before I went to Ethiopia. But when I did go, my heart stayed and never came back.” For more information about the Medhen Social Center donations or volunteering, please contact tonettetrillo@yahoo.com Jim became interested in work with HIV and AIDS in the early 1980s as he grieved the deaths of many friends due to HIV while working in the fashion industry. He was motivated to support those ostracized by family and friends and comfort those dying. In the early 1990s, he delivered meals to AIDS patients around the city. Slowly, however, he grew disenchanted with “delivering steak to people who could afford hamburgers. I wanted to give hamburgers to people who had nothing.” At the same time, after selling his textile company in his mid-thirties, he was searching for career enlightenment and challenge. After reading one of the first articles about the “new AIDS victims” in Africa in POZ magazine, a magazine for the HIV positive, he came to a realization that Africa was where he felt he could foster the most change. Part fate, part logic, and part luck, Jim was routed to Ethiopia as a major donor and hosted by the Catholic Relief Services. In Ethiopia, he saw beauty amidst the poverty and instantly felt “kinship” amongst the people and in the society. After volunteering in leprosy colonies and various orphanages, he found his cause helping children orphaned by AIDS, providing them “hamburgers” and support they had never had. In 1994, he opened The Medhen Social Center for children with AIDS, children who have been orphaned because their parents have HIV/AIDS, or who are vulnerable because of non-sustainable conditions in their homes. The center provides practical (food and clothing), educational, medical as well as psychosocial support to the children. While Sister Senkenesh - a fiery and charismatic Ethiopian nun who traveled the world aiding the poor for Mother Teresa‟s Missions of Charity - oversees the administration of the Medhen center, Jim is the primary funder and oversees fundraising here in New York. He has a strong belief that the intimate, grass-roots nature of the center fosters a strong, enduring support structure for the children. All 360 school age children (over 4 years old) received school supplies and attended school. Jim is also adamant about teaching the children pre-professional skills (for example, sewing classes etc.) so “they will be able to generate an income once they graduate from the center.” MSC chooses to house the orphans in foster living situations so they remain connected
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UNA-USA’s HERO Campaign (Help Educate at-Risk Orphans and vulnerable children) www.unausa.org UNA-USA’s Adopt-AMinefield http://www.unausa.org
Other organizations: -International Rescue Community www.theirc.org - Cotlands Baby Sanctuary for abused & abandoned babies, Johannesburg, S. Africa. www.cotlands.com -Aids in Africa www.aft.org/partners/africa-aids

UNA-NY Young Professionals For International Cooperation

Bring on, RING IN, the NEW YEAR!!!!!
As the days grow colder and snow covers the city, New Yorkers tend to lay low inside, sipping coffee in cafes, catching up on the New York Times crosswords, or filling the cinemas to see the latest flick. But on New Year‟s Eve, all types flock to Time Square to watch the ball drop - an immensely festive silver sphere reminiscent of a glittering disco ball. Cameras flash, champagne is uncorked, and kisses are shared amongst strangers. How do other cultures celebrate the New Year? * In South Africa, Six African Chariots for Peace carrying “Praise Singers” travel along rural roads towards the Bay of Durban * Sydney Australia shoots off 80,000 fireworks into the Sydney Harbor * In Moscow, Russia, on New Year's Eve, or Noivy God in Russian, people gather in Red Square to hear the tolling of the Saviour clocktower (they also celebrate Orthodox New Year Jan 13th) * Venetians take a chilly swim in Lidos Beach * On the lunar New Year (Jan 29th) in Shanghai, 108 Buddhists strike the temple bell at the Drum Tower in Longhua Park where each stroke symbolizes a type of earthly happiness * On January 8th the Shinto Dance Dai-dai Kagura is performed symbolizing how the heavenly gods tried to persuade Sun Goddess Amaterasu Ômikami to come out of hiding from her cave. * The Hindu festival of purification, Thaipusam, occurs during the first full moon day in the month of Thai (during Jan.) Hindu penitents attach metal frames to their bodies to test mind over matter. _________________________________________________________________________
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Ethiopia’s AIDS Orphans (continued)

with the community. While a few children live with close relatives, the majority of the children are placed with foster parents in the neighboring leprosy colony, a unique strategy of the center. “It is phenomenal to see the bond that is formed between child and parent, both of whom have been ostracized from society due to their illnesses. In their own homes, they find love,” Jim explains. MSC provides both counseling and support for the parents and children. The center‟s triumphs are in contrast to the cold reality of the AIDS crisis in Ethiopia. A recent assessment by the United Nation agencies and the Ethiopian Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs states that there are 4.6 million child orphans in Ethiopia, according to the Angola Press. This number equates to 13 percent of the total number of Ethiopian Children. 800,000 of those orphans are orphans by AIDS. Unfortunately that number is estimated to rise to 14.8 percent by 2010 if conditions continue. In addition, this number does not include children who are not orphans but are vulnerable. The Medhen Center fights its own battles as well. It grieved the deaths of four children in 2005. However, for the survivors, their foster experience has spawned hope. Jim says, “Many insist they want to host children someday as well.” In addition, Jim Miller has seen five children go to college this year. Small organizations such as Jim Miller‟s Medhen Social Center have recently garnered attention from larger NGOs and missions such as the Millennium Promise. “I have a big belief in the domino effect,” says Jim. “The small impact I make on 418 children today can have a huge impact on a global scale, as more people become aware, become active, and realize that it is our battle as much as it is one of these children‟s.”
-Written by Faith-Ann Young

Event One Hundred Children. One Hundred Hearts, One Hundred Dollars. Fundraiser benefiting the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Program of the Medhen Social Center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Fall 2006 Details TBD

For information contact tonettetrillo@yahoo.com

What can you do? Check out these UNA-USA programs making a difference today:
UNA-USA’s HERO Campaign (Help Educate at-Risk Orphans and vulnerable children) http://www.unausa.org UNA-USA’s Adopt-A-Minefield http://www.unausa.org


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UNA-NY Young Professionals For International Cooperation

:: UNA-NY YPIC CORNER :: INTRO TO….Human Rights Committee
In each newsletter we will introduce you to a new aspect of UNA-NY YPIC - get engaged!
Human Rights Committee
Acknowledging that the enforcement of human rights through legal means is indispensable, the UNA-NY YPIC Human Rights Committee explores the intricate linkages between the legal framework and the necessity to prevent discrimination, uphold political freedom and equality under the law, and protect people from inhumane conduct on the local level. The mission of the Human Rights Committee echoes a goal laid out in the preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in that a “common understanding of these rights and freedoms is of the greatest importance for the full realization” of the principles contained in the document itself. The Committee hosts two events a year. If you are interested in Human Rights and would like more information or wish to help develop panels and events and socialize new ideas visit: http://www.unanyc.org/ypic/ypic.html Find out more information about all UNA-NY YPIC COMMITTEES: Economic Development, European Affairs, Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs, & Latin American Affairs http://www.unanyc.org/ypic/ypic.html UNA-NY YPIC EVENTS INFORMATION http://www.unanyc.org/ypic/ypicevents.html

We hit the streets to find out how fellow New Yorkers feel….they tell it like it is……


Stephanie, 21, East Village: “I think he is a
disgrace and is jeopardizing the United States’ reputation around the world. That’s exactly what we don’t need.” Edmond, 34, Upper West Side: “Isn’t John Bolton in that new Broadway musical? What is it called?” Sara, 30, Midtown: “I am surprised. I don’t think he is doing as bad a job as I would have thought. My family’s French and my father has worked at the United Nations for 20+ years. He says John makes an effort to say hi to everyone, so he’s more open than he appears in the press.

That’s it for the first edition of the UNANY YPIC Newsletter. If you have any comments or opinions about the articles you have read, please email editor@unanyc.org.
UNA--NY YPIIC NEWSLETTER UNA NY YP C NEWSLETTER Special thanks to: Jim Miller EDITOR-IN-CHIEF/WRITER: Faith-Ann Young ASSISTANT EDITORS: Sharlene Ratcliff-Korenica, Kavya Rajan YPIC CHAIRMAN: Kevin Jefferson YPIC COMMITTEE CHAIRS: - Economic Development- Liubov Grechen - European Affairs- Kinear Young - Humanitarian Affairs- Antoinette Trillo - Human Rights- Emily Krasnor - Latin American Affairs- Jenifer Henry & Laura Purcell - Marketing & Communications – Sharlene RatcliffKorenica ABOUT UNA NEW YORK’S YPIC:
UNA-NY is the highly active Manhattan chapter of UNAUSA, with a mission to make the United Nations and it's accomplishments visible to the New York City community through events, films, discussions, and presentations by leaders from the U.N. and other international organizations. UNA-NY's YPIC is a unique forum for young professionals in NYC to learn about and get engaged in international affairs, while tapping into a dynamic network of like-minded young professionals and a line-up of influential speakers.

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