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Tri-V Umph February 2009

President’s Message
Well I was praying that Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow because I am sick of winter. But my prayers were not answered. My garage is always wet and dirty. I cannot kiss Donna without getting a shock (electrical). I never have enough hand lotion to keep my hands from bleeding. You get the message. In February the winter event will be at the Detroit Science Center. Here is a chance to have fun and possibly learn something. How novel. This is also the month where we have nomination for the officers of Tri-V. This is a very important month to attend the meeting, so you can personally have the opportunity to decide our officers for the next two years. Please do everything you can to attend. In January we had a murder mystery dinner in Goodrich. Despite the crappy weather and long drive, the attendance was great. If you missed this event, you missed a real fun evening. Thanks to the committee for organizing a very unique event. Your Prez for another two months (but who is counting), John C

TRI-V Election of Officers
February’s meeting brings Nomination of officers for the coming TWO years. Members who are eligible to vote but will not be at April’s meeting may request a Ballot from the nominations committee of Matt Hoffman and Brian Trachsel. If you want to vote it is up to you to request a ballot.

Wives Club Meeting
The Tri-V Wives meetings will continue to be held at 7:00 pm on the third Wednesday of the month.

Book Club

The next book club meeting will be on February 23 at the home of Irene Bliudzius. The book to be discussed is "World Without End" by Ken Follett. All women of TRI-V and their friends and or neighbors are invited to join us in discussing the books that we've read. If you've read a book that you think would be a good book for discussion, please let one of the regular members know.

Winter Event
Please mark your calendar for Saturday February, 21 at 1:00 pm. The winter event will be held at the Detroit Science Center located in the heart of Detroit’s Cultural Center. This event is open to all ages and will include hands on activities and scientific theater shows. A final count will be needed by February 2nd so please let us know if you are planning on attending. The cost for children 2-12 will be $6.00 and $7.00 for those over 12 years old. If you have any questions or would like to sign up please contact Steve Trachsel or Deon Angelosanto.

Easter Egg Hunt
The children's Easter egg hunt event is scheduled for March 29th at 1:00. It will be held at Maple Lanes golf club. Maple Lanes is located at 33203 Maple Lane Dr, Sterling Heights, MI. The event will include an Easter egg hunt outdoors (weather permitting), lunch, and a visit from the Easter Bunny. The cost per family has yet to be determined. Please RSVP for this event to Bill or Jeff Trachsel on or before March 15th. Let us know how many adults and children, ages 12 and under, you will be bringing so we can plan accordingly.

Council Party
The Tri-V Council Party was held on Saturday January 17 at the Cranberries Cafe in Goodrich, MI. We had a wonderful turnout despite the terrible snowstorm that lasted throughout the entire day. We had 44 people in attendance. The evening consisted of a Murder Mystery Dinner conducted by the wait staff. Everyone had a great time trying to figure out the details of the murder and who the murderer was. Congratulations to Bev and Ada for correctly guessing the details of the murder. They each won a gift certificate to the Cranberries Cafe.

Tri-V Pinochle Schedule 2008-09
If you cannot play call Nick (734) 522-5366 or Jeff (248) 249-2921 March 7 Mackson B. Trachsel Barnes Cashman Forsyth/Massoll Stress D. Angelosanto Clingerman Steinhauer M. Lardin N. Angelosanto J. Lardin Schaefer


TOTAL X = Tie/Split Third & Fourth V = 3 Way tie for First $ "=Paid Points $ Robyn Mackson $ John Mackson $ John Clingerman $ Brian Trachsel $ Karen Thrift $ Ellie Connolly $ Mike Lardin $ Bud Massoll $ Vicki Angelosanto $ Bob Kuhr $ Lynne Barnes $ Terry Connolly $ Nick Angelosanto $ Tim Gies $ Donna Clingerman $ Jan Cashman $ Jack Schaefer $ Sherry Steinhauer $ Cal Cashman $ Blondie Forsyth $ Jacqui Schaefer $ Karlyn Gies $ Jeff Trachsel $ Jane Trachsel $ Brett Barnes $ Ken Stress $ Sherry Kuhr $ Bev Lardin $ Judy Lardin $ Geoffrey Steinhauer $ Kate Stress $ Dion Angelosanto $ Annemarie Angelosanto $ Jay Trachsel $ Delores McMillan $ Bill Suchner 10/1/2008 43.0 A 29.5 B 20.0 20.5 26.0 C 15.5 21.0 29.0 C 38.5 A 17.5 24.0 B 19.5 21.0 17.5 28.0 D 25.5 D 22.5 19.0 Z 26.5 B 12.5 13.0 17.5 8.5 21.0 13.5 7.5 @ 7.5 8.5 19.0 Z 13.5 7.5 @ 20.5 C 13.5 29.0 A 15.0 15.0 Y = 4 Way tie for Third & Fourth W = 2 way tie for second 11/1/2008 21.5 17.5 21.0 Z 18.5 16.0 20.0 B 18.5 23.5 A 19.0 26.0 A 6.0 @ 16.0 18.0 16.5 D 14.5 23.5 T 16.0 19.0 21.5 X 18.0 C 23.5 T 16.0 19.5 12.0 6.0 @ 21.0 Z 6.0 @ 24.5 B 15.5 21.5 X 6.0 16.0 21.5 C 0.0 16.5 0.0 16.5 4.5 4.5 @ 17.0 17.0 16.5 20.0 X 16.0 23.0 D 23.5 D 4.5 @ 21.0 T 16.0 17.5 0.0 0.0 0.0 21.0 T 4.5 @ 12/6/2008 28.5 B 29.0 A 26.0 B 20.0 X 28.5 A 20.0 11.5 24.5 C 12.5 24.0 C 21.0 18.5 14.5 4.5 @ 17.5 1/3/2009 19.0 21.5 D 26.0 B 21.0 C 15.5 21.5 32.5 A 8.5 @ 8.5 16.5 25.5 C 20.0 18.0 Z 25.0 B 14.5 22.5 15.5 31.5 A 19.5 18.0 18.0 Z 18.5 22.5 B 27.5 A 24.5 D 22.0 C 17.0 17.0 13.5 17.5 21.0 11.5 8.5 @ 0.0 0.0 0.0 21.5 0.0 0.0 0.0 Z = Two way tie for fourth place T = Tie first place S= Sub 2/7/2009 21.5 20.0 22.5 34.5 A 21.5 28.5 A 18.5 16.0 21.0 15.0 20.0 22.5 Z 24.5 C 31.5 C 18.0 19.5 15.0 15.5 20.5 22.5 Z 26.0 B 28.5 D 17.0 6.0 22.5 9.5 33.0 B 6.0 @ 6.0 @ 17.0 11.5 3/7/2009 133.5 117.5 115.5 114.5 107.5 105.5 102.0 101.5 99.5 99.0 96.5 96.5 96.0 95.0 92.5 91.0 90.0 89.5 88.0 87.5 85.0 85.0 84.5 83.5 83.0 80.0 79.5 79.0 77.5 74.0 67.0 64.0 61.0 50.5 31.5 15.0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 Round Double House Pinochle

Subs John Lardin Jerry Gies Dennis Wutka Barb Gies Marlene Wutka Geo. Hoffman Romas Bluidzius Sandy Petries Peg Hoffman 21.5 7.5 0 17.5 0 20.5 17.0 31 15.5 13.5 19 0 17.0 18 34.5 16.5 23 16.5 15.0 13.0 0.0 16.5 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 72.0 56.5 50.0 47.5 42.0 20.5 16.5 15.0 13.0 1

A = First Place Winners B = Second Place Winners The symbol @ stands for absent. This is the low score from all three houses.

C = Third Place Winners

D = Fourth Place


Forsyth/Massoll Pinochle in Dec.
John & Judy Lardin were first to arrive & john shoveled the snow in front of the garage. We had 6 couples-John & Robyn Mackson, Annemarie & Dion Angelosanto, John & Judy Lardin, Vickie & Nick Angelosanto, Jerry & Barb Gies, Bud Massoll & Blondie. Everyone seemed to enjoy dinner & friendship. Ask Annemarie how she likes the lush slush drink. I love to entertain & appreciate all the help putting chairs & tables away. My friends even cleaned the kitchen & loaded the dishwasher. When everyone left all I had to do is relax & start the dishwasher. Big thanks to all my friends. You will never know how much Tri-V has meant to me since Fraser passed away. While I’m writing this thanks to Christmas Party Committee. You did a great job & I really enjoyed it.

Pinochle at the Nick Angelosantos
Pinochle at our home was uneventful. No outrageously high or low scores, but a very respectable 28.5 for Ellie followed by Jacqui with 26, Nick had 24.5. Terry and Blondie shared fourth with 22.5. Low was held by Jack with 15. If that is the low for absent players you know who to thank. Vickie has already had two months lower than that and she showed up for cards. No one went away hungry, but the cook was disappointed that she overcooked the roast. She had better luck with the dessert, since it was store bought. We hosted Cal and Jan, Blondie, Bud, Terry and Ellie, Mike Lardin, Jay Trachsel, Jeff and Karen, Jack and Jacqui, and Geoff and Sherry. Thanks to our guests for a wonderful evening.

Florida Anniversary Party
We have set a date of March 1st, 2009 for the Florida Anniversary Party. George Hoffman is in charge of events, and will be publishing details soon. We are looking at a dinner theater for Sunday, March 1 and golf on Monday, March 2nd for those interested. Please let George Hoffman or Lee Anderson know as soon as possible if you are planning on attending, so we can order tickets and set up lodging. Thanks

Anniversary Party
I have scheduled the Anniversary party for the Maples of Novi on April 18th. We will be entertained by the comedian Ken Ruff at 8:30PM. We will be having a buffet dinner supplied, containing all of the below. Fresh Seasonal Vegetables Rosemary Roasted Potatoes Pasta w/ Parsley Butter Warm Rolls, Bread and Butter 3 salads Tossed Green (w/ 2 dressings) Caesar Coleslaw Coffee, Soft Drink and Tea Service Included. There is also a cash bar available as in previous years. Cost will be between $15 and $20/person depending on attendance. 4 4 Entrees Mostaciolli w/Italian Sausage Baked Roasted Chicken Baked Honey Glazed Ham Slice Baron of Roast Beef

Tri-V Steak Roast
Please mark your calendar: Saturday, August 8, 2009 Place: Gunnar Mettala Park in Wixom

Tri-V Website Update
After the discussion at the club meeting in January, I decided to take a look at our website to see what improvements could be made. It seemed to me that the biggest problem with the website was that the homepage was static. There was no content to encourage people to use the website. A big factor behind this problem was that only Geoff and I could post content to the site. Based on this i set out to redesign the website to find a format that would be more usable by all members of the club who wanted to help contribute. The website can still be found at www.trivclub.com but the site now has a new look and feel. I set up the new site using a Content Management System called Drupal. This web page allows anyone who registers with the site to post information to the site. Once you are logged in you will have a link on the left side of the page to "Create content" From here you can post a blog, forum topic or a poll. I hope that the new site will be more usable for our club. I encourage everyone to post to the site about anything relating to the club or anything else that is on your mind. Feel free to share jokes or websites you find interesting or helpful. Create a blog to let others know what is on your mind. Also, you can comment on other people’s posts. The idea here is to make this webpage your own. The more people contribute to this page the more successful it will be. If you have suggestions on how this site can be made better, please share them by posting to the site or contacting me directly. I look forward to hearing from people on our new internet home and hope your experiences here will be positive. I will continue to look for improvements as well and will update this blog with changes or ideas that I have. Michael Trachsel



From the N. Angelosantos Vickie Angelosanto’s mom came to Michigan from sunny warm Arizona on Dec. 9. She was only going to stay for about three weeks, but settled in nicely and it was decided that she should stay until Jan. 29. Vickie is going to fly out to AZ in the beginning of May and bring her back to MI for the summer. We are sure the weather should be nicer. Dang it’s been cold. Nick flew down to Florida with Brian Lardin for their annual golf outing. Since the majority of golfers are already down there the outing has dwindled to one foursome. The other golfers 5

are Jack Schaefer and John Lardin. Vickie is flying down and meeting up with Nick for one week. She is very happy to get away from the above mentioned “dang cold weather”! From the Connolly’s We would like to thank everyone for all the cards and notes, calls, and visits; during this very difficult time with the loss of our youngest son Terry. Your love and support is a comfort to us. With much appreciation, From Brett Barnes I would like to thank everybody for their thoughts, prayers, and cards during my surgery and recovery. Everything went well with the carotid endorectomy, all cleaned out, and somewhat back to normal. Getting better daily. I have learned that I am not a fan of being awake for procedures (not enough happy juice), but you do what you have to do. Anyway, all is well and thanks again, From Delores McMillan I would like to thank all the Tri-V Members for all the support you gave when my son pasted away. Thank you for all the cards and phone calls & being with me during this difficult time. From the Dusharys Art & Kathie's son, Adam, was down to Florida for a 2 1/2 week visit. Unfortunately he brought the cold Michigan weather with him. Fortunately we did have some nice days. We managed a bout 3 rounds of golf, a visit to Rainbow Springs, Homosassa Springs, Tarpon Springs, also his grandparents and my sister Carole in Vero Beach. My brother and his wife were also down for a week. Part of the time they went to Mom & Dads and then to Carole's for a weekend, where we all met up. All is well in Florida and we are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Florida Anniversary party. From Art Trachsel Two buddies plan to get away from the snow & ice in Michigan in mid February. The two, Ken Plocharczyk and Ken Stress are planning on driving down to Florida leaving in mid Feb. They plan to stop in Ocala & spend a few days with Art and Cathy Dushary. From there they will head over to spend time with Art Trachsel. They will head down to be part of the Florida Tri-V party in the Fort Myers area. On the way home they will stop by on the East Coast and visit Ken Stress' brother. It will be sometime in March before they get back home and will be hoping that spring has reached Michigan. From Jeff Trachsel Karen and I will be travelling to North Carolina on the 16th of February to welcome home my son, Ryan, from Iraq. He will be back at Camp LeJeune on the 18th or 19th. After a week of debriefing, he will come home to Michigan about the 28th of February and will be here until about the 22nd of March. It will be so good to have him back on US soil.

Calendar of Events
February 6 Pinochle 11th Men’s Club Mtg. (Walkers) 14th Pinochle for some

March 7 Pinochle 11th Men’s Club Mtg. (Walkers) 29th Easter egg Hunt (Maple Lanes)


21st Winter Event (Det. Science Ctr.) 23rd Book Club (I. Bliudzius) February Birthdays 1st Eric Hoffman 2nd Ken Stress 7th Romas Bliudzius 9th Tim Gies 11th Babs Wagner 13th Lynne Barnes 18th Debbie Lockhart 22nd Tom Untener 23rd Bonnie Untener 24th Sherry Kuhr 26th Esther Chamberlain & Dorothy Richeson 28th Helene Ryan March Birthdays 3rd Victoria Angelosanto 4th Terry Dunham & Barb Gies 7th Dave Reutenik 8th Bill Suchner & Dick Barnes 17th Marlene Wutka 19th Mike Lardin 20th Ellie Connolly 28th John Clingerman 29th Bill Trachsel (young) 30th Cal Cashman 31st Art Dushary & Geri Reutenik

February Anniversaries

March Anniversaries
3-22-03 Bill & Michelle Trachsel

The February Issue of TRI-V Umph was interesting as it covered a number of different topics as well as a lot of filler material. First thoughts are of our Club Family that was in need of our prayers. The results came back on Ruben Fischer and sadly the cancer had returned and was in his liver, a terrible tic came back on Peg Wendt and required to have the nerve frozen by needle injection and to Rose Elliott was also battling cancer for the last few months. We were happy to report that Judy Lardin was recovering comfortably from her recent gallbladder surgery; Pat Reid was getting around well with the help of her new prosthesis. Last month we reported that Ken and Diane were to meet her brother, Kirk, in Florida. Unfortunately that never materialized as his plans changed unexpectly. The Angelosantos, Cashmans, Dunhams, Kuhrs and Lardins were getting ready for a trip to Florida with the guys going down four days earlier to play 36 holes of golf before the girls arrived. Special recognition went out to Art Trachsel who became an Elder in the Presbyterian Church, also to are from the Sarasota Community Blood Bank for donation over 10 gallons of blood and to Nick and Vickie at being honored as the Volunteers of the Year at St. Bernardine Church. There were 52 TRIV Club Members attending the Council Party at Windsor Casino with eight couples spending the night. The big snow of January that required pinochle to be rescheduled to the second Saturday also caused flooding problems to the Connollys and Kuhrs at their condos and to the Andersons at their home on Wolverine Lake. The Anniversary Party was scheduled for Dave & Busters in Utica on March 7th and the Winter Event was set for March 13th at Timberwolf Tavern, Redford, with dinner followed by a “One Pound Auction” with the proceeds going to charity. Final Pinochle was to be held on the April 10th at the Waterclub, Plymouth. Pinochle scores through January play had Dave Ruetenik in first place with 103.5 points, Terry Connolly in second place with 97 points, Vickie Angelosanto in third place with 95 points and Brett Barnes in fourth place with 94 points. 7

Our prayers went out to Judy Lardin and her family on the loss of her Dad, John Hoch, in January. We also offered our prayers to Lorraine Trachsel who was hospitalized for a week suffering from dehydration, to Peg Wendt who had been fitted with a walking cast and starting therapy to learn to walk all over again, to Ken Plocharczyk who was still suffering with his back problems and to Karen Thrift on her gallbladder surgery the end of January. Karen’s recovery was compounded with her having back problems that required emergency surgery to remove a piece of bone chip that was resting on a nerve. Congratulations were in order for Dave and Gerry Ruetenik on the birth of Isaac to their daughter Kristina and to Lee and Marian Anderson on the birth of Chloe to their daughter Debbie The February Social was set for February 22nd at the Putting Edge Glow in the Dark Mini Golf in Novi and the Anniversary Party set for March 13th at the Maples of Novi. Ten couples attended the TRI-V Florida the end of January in Port Richey, Florida, attending the musical “Chicago” at the Show Palace Dinner Theatre in Hudson and the TRI-V Council Party was held at Damon’s in Canton with 33 Members in attendance. The only reporting of doing any traveling was John Lardin. Judy, Mike and John left on January 30th to Cancun, Mexico, returning on February 3rd. On February 4th Mike and John joined Nick, Lee, George, Jack, Terry Dunham and Brian Lardin for their winter golf getaway to Florida returning on February 9 th. On February 14th John, Judy and Judy Mom were again leaving this time to San Antonio, Texas, to visit son Larry and family. John did go to work on February 10th through the 13th. The move to Northwest for John has to be the best move almost anyone could have made and to this day continues to reap the benefits. This wraps up another trip down memory lane. How many remember the Council Party in 1999 at Casino Windsor? To refresh our memories Dolores McMillan, after investing her first three quarters, received 1,000 in return, Tom Untener received 4000 plus quarters and Mark Elliott paid for his trip to Florida with his winnings. Wonder if Tom still remembers the Royal Straight Flush on the card slot machine? These memories are being typed in January before I leave for 50 plus days in Florida. With the long drive I will have a chance to reflect on past memories. Like the nasty snow storm in 1999 that forced pinochle to be rescheduled yet I still made it to work that night at the airport, one of five that did. I also reflect on the many years at the Free Press fighting the snow, the newspaper racks being buried and having to be dug out as well as the coin slots, locks and money being frozen inside the racks. I can also remember the trips to Cancun in February and the golf trips the TRI-V guys and friends went on in February. I can remember playing out in the snow with Johnnie, Mike, Larry and Brian and Mike being the one that got the best of his brothers. Even to this day Mike still gets the best of Larry and Brian. It is great to watch the three of them compete against each other. Think back also to the cold winter nights that you cuddled with your “special person” watching television, eating popcorn and maybe a fire burning. As a part of the TRI-V Family we have all been blessed to have each other, to be there for each other in both good and not so good times. Think of those times. Don’t let those memories fade and be lost. Talk about them and share them with one another. Until we see you in print next month, the Good Lord willing, take care of one another.


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