The following rules are intended to help ensure safe operation of our facilities and healthful, enjoyable recreation for all members. They have been approved by the Board of Directors of the Fallsmead Homes Corporation. Members are requested to cooperate in observing all rules. Parents should advise their children of the rules and encourage them to obey the instructions of the pool manager, assistant pool manager, lifeguards, other attendants and adult members of our community. Community members are responsible, along with the lifeguards and pool management corporation, for the safe operation of our pool. Each swimmer is expected to know and observe the detailed rules provided to all members. Failure to comply may result in temporary suspension of pool privileges. Members in arrears in dues payments will not be permitted to use the corporation facilities until payment is received by the Treasurer. Rules Covering Pool Operations For the swim season, the pool will be open from 12:00 noon to 8:00 PM on weekdays and from 10:00 am to 8:00 PM on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays with the exception of prearranged swim meets; the dates of the swim meets will be posted on the Swim Team bulletin board at the pool. Beginning August 31, 2009 hours will be 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm on school days. The pool manager is responsible for and has full authority for day to day operation of the facility. He is responsible for enforcement of these rules. Members should direct any complaints to the pool managers and not to the lifeguards or attendants. In addition, a comment log will be available at the pool for all members to address issues in writing. The pool manager and staff, as part of the management corporation, is working with our community to make the swim season safe and enjoyable, please treat them with the respect that such an endeavor demands. If there are unresolved issues or questions regarding any aspect of pool operations, please contact a member of the Pool Committee. The pool will be closed by the pool manager for such reasons as emergency maintenance, repairs, or lightning storms. Injuries occurring in the swimming enclosure must be reported immediately to the pool manager. No one may enter the pool enclosure unless lifeguards are on duty at the Pool. Members must have an up-to-date signatory card on file with the pool's front desk. All members and guests must sign in when entering the pool to comply with Health Department regulations. 2009 Pool Rules Continued - page 2

Guests Members may bring guests to the pool. All guests under the age of 7 years will be admitted at no charge. A $10 guest pass must be purchased, which is good for five Saturday, Sunday, or holiday admissions OR ten weekday (Monday through Friday) admissions. A maximum of six guest passes per household is permitted each season. (Payable only by check made out the Fallsmead Homes Corporation -- cash will not be handled at the Pool). Guests must always be accompanied by a member, who will be responsible for the behavior of the guests at all times. Guest Privileges are not intended to provide swimming on a continuous basis for individuals residing outside of Fallsmead. Guest passes will be good from year to year subject to any future restrictions. Complimentary Guest passes for visiting family members, other than children and grandchildren, or live-in caregivers may be obtained from the pool manager or assistant manager at the pool. Children and grandchildren may accompany resident members and be admitted without obtaining a guest pass. If you are planning to bring a large family group we request that you notify the pool manager 48 hours in advance so enough guards will be on duty. Loitering in the bath house/showers, at the check-in desk, or at the pool office is prohibited. The management company or the Fallsmead Homeowner's Association does not assume responsibility for safeguarding of or damage to personal property. Lost articles must be claimed within five (5) days. Any articles not claimed will be donated to charity. Bicycles must be parked in the rack provided outside the pool enclosure. Pool umbrellas, tables and chairs may not be reserved. Draping a towel over a chair does not reserve the chair or table. Umbrellas may not be removed from their fixed positions. Rules Governing Health and Safety In addition to providing a pool area for people to gather, the “beach entry” is just that - an entry. An area for socializing has been provided with a bench seat, and a mushroom fountain. All play and visiting activity should be limited to that two-thirds of the beach entry. The other third is to be kept clear and used for access only. The lifeguards will have discretion to order people to leave the access area if entry to the pool is impeded or if there is a safety issue. Children between 7 and 16 years of age may enjoy unrestricted use of the main pool only when they have passed a Deep Water Swim Test, consisting of swimming the width of the pool without touching bottom and treading water for one minute. Children who have not

2009 Pool Rules Continued - page 3 passed the Deep Water Swim Test are prohibited from using the diving well except when

receiving swimming instructions from the lifeguard. Children who have not passed the water test are not allowed to walk or play around the pool unless accompanied by someone at least fourteen years of who has passed the swim test. No child under 7 years of age is permitted to enter the pool enclosure unless accompanied by an adult member or guest, or a responsible youth member or guest of at least 14 years of age. The adult or youth must remain within the pool enclosure while responsible for any child using the facility. The wading pool is not attended by lifeguards! It is ONLY for CHILDREN 5 YEARS OF AGE AND UNDER. Older children may not use the wading pool during Adult Swim Each child in the wading pool must be continually supervised by a parent or guardian in attendance at the wading pool. All non-toilet trained children MUST wear the special swim diapers (available commercially) and rubber pants or bathing suits with rubber lining when in either the main pool or wading pool. Non-toilet trained children will be permitted in the main pool only when accompanied by a parent or an adult over age 18. There will be a 15 minute rest period (Adult Swim) each hour. During that time, only adults age 16 and over or students entering 11th grade in the fall may remain in the pool. Lanes 5 and 6 will be reserved for lap swimming by adults. During adult swim, parents with children who are infants up to three years old may play with them in the shallow area of the pool - one parent per child. Parents may not go beyond the dividing rope into the larger area of the pool with their children during adult swim. Children older than three will be required to observe the adult swim rules and take their 15 minute rest. The parent will be responsible for the safety of the child with him or her in the pool. There will not be a lifeguard in the short chair that watches over the beach entry of the pool at this time. Any person having a communicable disease, skin disorder, inflammations, cuts, or who is wearing any kind of bandage must not use the pool. A doctor’s certificate that a skin disorder is not communicable will permit entry into the pool. Spitting or offensive language or behaviors are not permitted in the pool or pool area. Boisterous or rough play, pushing, running, including running dives from the deck, are prohibited. Only one person is permitted on the diving board at one time. Diving from the side of the board or excessive bouncing of the board is prohibited. Divers will not dive until the previous diver has reached the ladder at the side of the pool. No one shall enter the roped-off diving area except from the diving board. Swimmers other than divers are not to be on the diving board or in the diving well except for period 2009 Pool Rules continued - page 4 when diving is prohibited. There is to be no retrieving of objects from the bottom of the

diving well unless authorized by a lifeguard. The diving board may be closed during busy periods and adult swim periods to enlarge the area available for swimming. Inflatable toys are not permitted in the main pool. Glass is not permitted in the bath house or pool area at any time or under any circumstances. Alcoholic beverages will not be permitted within the deck area of the pool area during hours of operation. Food, candy, non-alcoholic beverages, loose paper, etc. are not allowed inside the bath house or the pool deck immediately adjacent to the pool. Food and candy may only be consumed within designated areas. Picnic tables will be provided in these areas. Vehicle accidents on corporation property must be reported to the pool manager immediately. The corporation assumes no responsibility for ANY ACCIDENT OR INJURY INCURRED WHILE USING THE FACILITIES. Information on social events, swimming lessons, and other items of interest may be posted at the pool, but only on the bulletin board. Private parties sponsored by paid-up Fallsmead Homes Corporation members or Fallsmead organizations will be permitted if they do not interfere with the normal operation of the pool or do not generate unreasonable noise. This rule is intended for relatively small groups similar to those that normally are entertained in members' homes and for groups organized within Fallsmead. Daytime parties may be scheduled on Sunday mornings between 10:00 AM and 12:00 noon. Family groups will need to reserve the pavillion at least one day in advance if they plan to use that area for a family gathering. There will be a charge of $5.00 per person, and a limit of 18 guests in the pool. Evening parties should end by 12:00 midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, and by 10:00 PM other days. The fee for use of the pool has been set at $30 per hour per lifeguard assigned, a minimum of two lifeguards being required. Groups over 50 people or with many small children will require three or four lifeguards as determined by the pool manager. Raindates for pool parties may not be scheduled for consecutive days of the weekend. Parties scheduled for Labor Day Weekend will have no raindates. The pool fee must be paid in advance by check made out to Fallsmead Homes Corporation. There are two party request forms attached to these rules for your convenience. Additional party request forms may be obtained from the pool manager or assistant manager. These forms should be submitted in duplicate to the pool manager at least 2009 Pool Rules continued - page 5 two weeks in advance. The forms must be signed by a member of the Pool Committee and the Manager. The manager will arrange for lifeguards. All pool rules are to be observed during

private parties. NO GLASS IS ALLOWED.


POOL COMMITTEE Fallsmead Homes Corporation

I request permission to hold a private party at the Fallsmead Pool on (date) from to .

I understand that I must assure that my guests observe the rules of the Fallsmead Homes Corporation. The approximate number of people expected is . The number of lifeguards required is . Enclosed is a check made payable to the FALLSMEAD HOMES CORPORATION for which compensates Fallsmead at $30.00 per hour per Lifeguard (minimum of 2 guards). Signature ________________________________ Date ____________________________________ APPROVED: Pool Committee__________________________________________________ (signature) (date) Pool Manager ___________________________________________________ (signature) (date) NOTE: Private parties sponsored by paid-up Homes Corporation members or Fallsmead organizations will be permitted if they would not interfere with the normal operation of the pool or generate unreasonable noise. This rule is intended for relatively small groups similar to those that normally are entertained in member's homes and for groups organized within Fallsmead. Parties should end by 12 midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and by 10:00 p.m. on other days. The pool fee must be paid in advance by check made out to Fallsmead Homes Corporation. Party requests should be submitted to the pool manager at least two weeks in advance. The manager will request approval from the Pool Committee and arrange for lifeguards. All pool rules are to be observed during private parties. NO GLASS IS ALLOWED. This form is to be filled out in duplicate and signed. Leave one form with the manager and deliver the other form, along with your check to the Treasurer, Linda Saveland, 1113 Fallsmead Way..

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