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Job Description
Job Title: Business Unit: Responsible To: Staff Responsibilities: Liaises With: Team Administrator Government House Operations Manager Nil Team Administrator, Deputy Official Secretary, Corporate Services $35,500 - $39,500 Plus superannuation

Salary Range

Purpose of the Position:
The team administrator is a member of the administration team. The purpose of this position is to work as part of the operations team to providing high quality support to their Excellencies, specifically: 1. Team Administrators are responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the Government House Office by giving timely and effective service to the Deputy Official Secretary; and 2. To promote the Office and Household of the Governor-General through harmonious and co-operative internal working relationships and handling external contacts with discretion and efficiency. Please note: the ability to travel between Wellington and Auckland, and when requested to other regions, is a requirement of this position.

Key Tasks or Responsibilities (including Accountabilities)
1. Office Administration including

Performance Indicator

• • • • • • • • •

Timely and effective support is given to the Deputy Official Secretary Anniversary cards are signed and sent promptly and meet with the Governor-General’s satisfaction Christmas Cards reflect the Governor-General’s wishes and are produced in a timely manner Blood Donor cards are signed and sent promptly and meet with the Governor-General’s satisfaction Document management systems are followed and all information is stored in Objective The office is kept well stocked with office supplies and other needs All filing is completed in an efficient and organised fashion Photocopier Readings are taken and conveyed satisfactorily Reception and telephone cover is provided Invoices are processed, entered and paid in an efficient and timely manner

administration support to the Deputy Official Secretary

2. Finance and IT administration

• • • • •

Reconciliation of communications and banking are completed swiftly and without error Calculations for Their Excellencies allowances are completed swiftly and without error Invoices and other financial information is filed in an organised manner Mobile phone and credit card reconciliations are completed swiftly and without error

3. Providing assistance to programme


Co-operation as a team member and willingness to assist where help is required is noted by the Operations Manager and other staff

team as required

4. Logistics and bookings

Other tasks lawfully requested are completed

• All bookings are completed in an timely efficient manner and
meet with the requirements of Their Excellencies and the Programme Team

• Arrange all transportation, travel
and accommodation bookings for the Governor-General and his spouse and for all members of the staff travelling on official business

• Relationship with Government House Travel Provider runs

Key Tasks or Responsibilities (including Accountabilities)
5. Support building management and

Performance Indicator


Provide back up assistance in relation to managing access for subcontractors conducting monthly IQP checks, dispensing keys and arranging routine maintenance calls

maintenance systems

• •

Supports the Operations Manager on property matters as requested Works daily with the Operations Manager to ensure maintenance strategies are implemented and any maintenance issues are address in an effective and timely manner

6. Other duties


Other duties as lawfully requested

Government House Values
Our people are the key to the successful operation of Government House. • We will co-operate, be helpful and pitch in when necessary • We will treat each other as we would like to be treated ourselves • We will develop an understanding of each other’s roles, skills and timeframes • We will work together to promote this behaviour and challenge those who do not

Specialist competencies and personal attributes
• Has excellent interpersonal skills; • Has a track record of building and maintaining good working relationships; • Demonstrates sound understanding of office systems and processes; • Has proven organisational skills i.e. systematic, methodical, finishes work; • Demonstrates accurate word processing skills, with proven use of a range of software packages i.e. advanced Word, good Excel skills; • Has an eye for detail; • Highest standards of behaviour and personal presentation are required; • Is professional and discrete; • Has the ability to apply sound judgement and make good decisions; • Must be able to travel as requested; • Is able to work independently at times; • Ability to maintain a high standard of personal presentation at all times; and • Able to obtain and maintain a confidential security clearance.


10 June 2009

Rob Taylor Official Secretary

Attachment 1: DPMC competencies
Competency Knows what DPMC is all about Demonstrates a good understanding of the particular function of the department and the nature of its work. Behavioural Indicator

• Can articulate the direction of the DPMC • Understands what is important for DPMC’s success and

• Has knowledge about DPMC’s special role in the
machinery of government

• Can explain the various roles and functions contained
within the DPMC

• Understands the sensitivity of security issues in the
DPMC environment

• Understands the implications of having the particular
customers we have Maintains productive team working relationships Demonstrates collegiality through knowledge sharing and excellent work relationships.

• Facilitates the work of the team through information

• Shares knowledge that is essential for DPMC’s

• Works collegially with other members of the team • Does not exceed their brief • Is respectful of others • Actively maintains a wide network of contacts • Delivers an exceptional product, no rework and all issues

Provides quality services Demonstrates the ability to anticipate the needs of our customers

• Is always asking – what do I need to do? • Accepts challenges and contributes to better ways of
delivering services

• Takes pride in the work and has a “can do” attitude • Knows the customers thoroughly • Communicates and consults within and outside the
business unit Communicates effectively Exercises clarity and directness in all forms of communication ensuring the message is understood.

• Gets to the point quickly • Actively listens to what is said and how it is said • Tailors their message, tone and delivery to the audience • Checks that the message is understood • Presents logical and reasoned argument in all

Competency Acts with integrity At all times acts in a manner that accords with the departments role at the centre of government accordance with the principles of the code of conduct.

Behavioural Indicator

• Maintains confidentiality • Exercises discretion • Exhibits impartiality and an unbiased approach • Completes work reliably • Acts honestly • Acts in a trustworthy manner • Meets or beats deadlines • Remains balanced under pressure • Demonstrates initiative in the face of uncertain

Acts with energy and initiative Thinks ahead and behaves proactively.

• Presents solutions, not problems • Adapts their work to accommodate new issues or

• Thinks ahead and behaves proactively
Demonstrates security awareness Demonstrates an awareness and understanding of the security protocols that apply to the information handled by the business unit.

• Understands and adheres to all security requirements • Knows when to consult on matters relating to security • Demonstrates a security consciousness

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