Camp by fionan


									Westfalia CAMPING LIST Friday, November 27, 2009
Camp: sleeping bags pillows and pillow cases flashlight, batteries, lamp masking tape, string, citronella candles kitchen tent camp stools + chairs wood- tarp bed sheets Kitchen Stuff: Coleman stove Coleman fuel water kettle pots & pans cooking spoons & fork spatula plastic containers for food Drain basin table cloth & clips lighter, matches dishwashing soap

5:20 AM

candle lantern & candles tarp, plastic, floor blanket cooking stove and fuel plastic bags whisk broom / dust pan tent pegs folding shovel folding saw

rope hatchet clothesline, pegs awning & poles entrance rug

pot scrubbers paper towels cutlery wash basin cork screw cutting board wine glasses fire starter stove lighter insulated cups

tea towels, J-cloths plates, bowls, cups sharp knife cooler can opener/bottle opener coffee maker tin foil, baggies camp toaster water jug large garbage bags

Toilet Stuff: soap shampoo first aid kit glasses sewing kit aspirins Q-tips tums medication pills gravol mosquito coils Miscellaneous: wallets camera & film + Camila’s watercolour stuff & paper laundry soap letter writing stuff address book car blanket 4 safety whistles walki-talkies extra batteries

washcloths & towels comb & brush sunscreens sunhats lip stuff lozenges kleenex tiger balm sunglasses insect repellent

toothbrushes & pastes mirror hand lotion toilet paper anti-histamines tempra hair stuff medicinal creams therapik wet wipes

money binoculars clock and watch swiss army knife cassettes / Cds car window shades flask of Irish Whiskey radio mushroom books snorkeling stuff

maps & camping guide books extra car keys playground bag etc. fishing tackle / license fiddle autoharp walking sticks IPod and iTrip

Clothes: Lorna & Juan undies sweaters bathing suits & towels bathing caps (4) sunglasses - Juan reading glasses

27/11/09 5:20 AM

shoes & sandals/espadrilles t-shirts jackets rain poncho sunglasses - Lorna

socks jeans & shorts umbrella fanny pack day pack

Kids: clothes, etc. 1 soft toy each shorts & pants socks hats washcloths books and magazines new toy(s) for car pillows

jammies light cotton dress sweaters bathing suits CD players + CDs crayons etc. car toys - small stuff Boogie board

t-shirts sandals, runners, shoes jacket boots, raincoat beach toys backpack Sunglasses Camila Sunglasses Eamonn

Food: coffee, tea bags milk & yogurt butter or margarine veggies beer + wine cheeses maple syrup garlic (powder) rice + potatoes (roesti) bottled water couscous

pesto bread & buns meat-hot dogs, chicken etc. canned goods-soups snacks marshmallows soya sauce lemon pancake mix vinaigrette

sugar, salt & pepper, spices cereal fruit juices cooking oil bread sticks, crackers boxes of raisins capers vinegar twizzlers for car

Pre Leaving Check: answering machine doors and windows lights and timer stove off? extra keys updated inventory list computer backup put away guitars empty home fridge gravol Camila park other vehicle

neighborhood duties:  mail  plants  grass valuables put away take out garbage lock house coffee maker frozen water jug credit card numbers

camper check pre-cool camper fridge gas can fill propane tank fill water tank driving sunglasses registration insurance papers check fire extinguisher emergency info VW manuals + Bentley

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