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					Welcome to camp! We are excited you have chosen to improve your skills at BYU Volleyball Camp. Parents and participants: Please carefully read the following information regarding the camp. Should you have any questions, call BYU Conferences and Workshops at 801-422-4851. **IMPORTANT NOTE** Participants and parents, please check the information packet again one week before camp begins for updates on your camp, particularly for check-in locations and times. CHECK-IN
All participants must check in.

The location for check-in is as follows (site #1 on BYU Map. Link to map on the Information Packets page on our Web site): Camp I Camp II Monday, July 20 Monday, July 27 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Lavell Edwards Stadium West Parking Lot Lavell Edwards Stadium West Parking Lot

Camp agendas, meal tickets, and room assignments will be given out during check-in. Lunch will be provided on Monday. Parking is available in the lot north of the Marriot Center during check in. See the camp agenda for orientation times and locations. Participants staying in campus housing should check in to the residence hall before orientation. Late arrivals should go to the late check-in table at the Marriott Center. After 12:30 p.m. you will need to go to the Cannon Center (Helaman Halls) front desk to check in.

Camp ends at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday. Campus housing participants who must stay an additional night due to travel arrangements may stay in the residence halls Thursday night and check out on Friday by 9:00 a.m. All other campus housing participants need to check out with a counselor between 8:00 and 8:30 p.m. on Thursday. Attendance at the Thursday evening dance is optional for campus housing participants. Nonhousing participants can be picked up at the Smith Fieldhouse blue seats. Parents: After 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, participants will not be required to have special permission to leave campus. Please be sure to pick up your athletes on time.

A general agenda for the week, except Monday, is as follows: 6:30 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 11:30 a.m. 1:00 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m. 10:15 p.m. 10:30 p.m.

A detailed agenda will be provided at check-in.

Breakfast and preparation (campus housing participants) Instruction and training Lunch Instruction and training Dinner Tournament play End of day for nonhousing participants*/recreation for campus participants** Counselor devotional (campus housing participants) Head count and bed check (athletes– remember to be on time for head count) Lights out!

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* Nonhousing participants can be picked up at 8:00 p.m. at the Richards Building. **Tuesday, 8:00 p.m. Casual dance for campus housing participants ages 14 and older; Movie or swim party for participants ages 13 and younger.


**Wednesday, 5:00 p.m. Seven Peaks Water Park – All campus housing participants will be going to Seven Bring a towel and swimsuit for this activity. Nonhousing participants are not required, but are welcome, to attend. Dinner will be provided and there is no additional cost to attend. **Thursday, 8:00 p.m. (optional) “Sunday Dress” dance for campus housing participants ages 14 and older; movie or swim party for participants ages 13 and younger.

Dress standards are strictly enforced. Modest one-piece bathing suits are required for female participants; no Speedos or bikini briefs are allowed for male participants. No shorts above the knee, midriff tops, sleeveless shirts, low-cut blouses, or tank tops are allowed at either activity. Boys ages 14 and older: Please bring a tie, dress shirt, and slacks for the Thursday night dance. Girls ages 14 and older: Please bring a nice dress or a blouse and skirt (hemline must be knee-length or longer; no strapless or spaghetti-strap dresses) for the Thursday night dance. Participants who are dressed inappropriately according to the BYU Honor Code will not be admitted to the dances.

Campus housing participants will eat all meals in the all-you-can-eat cafeteria. Nonhousing participants will eat lunch and dinner in the same cafeteria. There is a $2 replacement cost for lost meal cards. BYU campus dress standards are strictly enforced in the cafeteria; therefore, please remember to bring pants, sweats, or knee-length shorts/skirts to wear at mealtimes. Flip-flops, slippers, swimsuits, and tank tops are not permitted in the cafeteria. (see Standards section below). Campus housing participants are lodged Monday through Wednesday nights. Campus housing participant who must stay due to travel arrangements may stay in the residence halls. Thursday night and check out by 9:00 a.m. on Friday. Meals on Thursday night and Friday morning are at the participants expense. The residence hall room is furnished with linen, bedding, towels, and a pullout drawer for valuables that can be locked (padlock must be provided by the participant). Laundry facilities are not available. Messages for those staying in campus housing can be left by calling the Cannon Center (Helaman Halls) front desk, 801-422-2034. Roommates are assigned two to a room by preference or by age. Overnight counselors are provided on each floor. Each evening will end with a head count, short inspirational thought, and prayer. Lights must be out by 10:30 p.m. Please be aware that overnight counselors are authorized to enter a participant’s room when deemed necessary. Key chains are recommended for those staying in campus housing. BYU Campus Accommodations charges $30 for lost keys! If you need housing the Sunday night before camp, please call BYU Campus Accommodations at 801-422-5671 or go to, fill out the early arrival form, and submit it online. If early housing is confirmed, athletes will not be able to check in to their rooms until after 3:00 p.m. The cost for the extra night is $22. Payment must be made to BYU Campus Accommodations upon arrival—please do not pay in advance.

Youth attending Volleyball Camp must maintain BYU standards. Included in these high standards are integrity; respectful language; morality; abstinence from tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea, and harmful drugs; and modesty in dress. With the exception of mustaches, males are expected to be clean-shaven. Males are also expected to have their hair trimmed above the collar, leaving the ear uncovered. Females are not allowed excessive ear piercing (not more than one per ear). All hairstyles should be clean and neat. Extreme hairstyles are unacceptable. Athletic shorts are acceptable only in the PE and housing areas; shorts worn in other areas must be knee-length. No midriff tops, sleeveless shirts, or tank tops are permitted. Earrings on males are not permitted. Dress and grooming standards are strictly enforced on campus. Failure to comply with these standards may result in a request to make appropriate changes and/or dismissal from the camp. Due to safety and liability concerns, any participant found in or entering campus construction areas will be subject to immediate dismissal (see Honor Code link on the Information Packet page on our Web site).

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While attending training sessions, camp participants will be supervised by the coaching staff. Those staying overnight in the residence halls will have a trained counselor responsible for their supervision during the evening hours. However, there may be some situations in which the participants may be unsupervised; for example, when participants are walking to and from the eating area and during limited free time, although the participants are usually in groups during these times. This should be taken into consideration when evaluating the participant’s eligibility to attend this camp.

Participants should be aware of the following rules and precautions: Do not bring a large sum of money or expensive items to camp. Do not leave equipment or luggage unattended (except in designated supervised locations). Do not walk alone on campus or leave campus unattended (without a counselor, coach, or other camp staff member). Always keep your room and valuables drawer locked (bring your own padlock). Write your name clearly on all items you will be bringing to camp. Brigham Young University is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Participants staying off campus who drive to camp may park their personal vehicles in the residence hall parking lots or in the lot north of the Indoor Practice Facility (see map in the Information Packet page on our Web site). Those staying on campus who are planning to come by car or motorcycle should be prepared to lock it and leave it parked. Personal vehicles may not be used during camp, and participants must never transport others. Violation of this rule may result in dismissal from camp. Parking is available for all campus housing participants in the residence hall parking lots or in the lot directly north of the Indoor Practice Facility. As a guest of BYU, and to help you enjoy your stay, please remember that disability stalls, dean and official stalls, service stalls, red curbs, etc., require special permits. Parking in any of these stalls without the proper permit will result in a parking citation. Please remember that timed stalls are enforced for the time posted.

Commercial shuttle services are available between the Salt Lake City International Airport and BYU. For reservations and pricing, contact Express Shuttle at 1-800-397-0773 or Anytime Airport Shuttle at 1-866-909-7678. To receive the special BYU discount, you must mention the camp you are attending, and the reservation must be made 24 hours in advance of your arrival/departure.

A Parental Release Form––including medical information––should have been completed online at the time of registration. If there are any questions or if you need to change your information, please contact our office at 801-422-7589.

BYU Summer Camps provides a limited secondary accident insurance policy that may pay excess claims not covered by your primary insurance. Medical expenses incurred due to illness will not be covered. Participants must carry primary insurance during camp. Expenses for treatment paid by BYU must be reimbursed to the university no later than August 31, 2009.


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For minor illnesses, participants may choose to remain in their residence hall rooms or at home. Counselors must be notified in such cases. Parents of participants who become seriously ill will be notified for discussion on the course of action. If parents or guardians cannot be reached, the sick participant may be taken to the hospital for treatment. Experienced athletic trainers will be on hand to treat injuries that may occur during workouts. For serious injuries, participants will be taken to the Student Health Center Utah Valley Regional Medical Center emergency room. Athletes are encouraged to begin strength, flexibility, and nutritional training prior to camp to minimize the risk of injury during camp. It is the camp participant’s responsibility to follow the trainers’ instructions. Our office must have on file a medical release form that should have been completed at the time of registration.

Nonmarking gym shoes Knee pads Clothing for workouts—shorts, T-shirts (no tank tops), and athletic socks Clothing for free time and in the cafeterias—knee-length shorts, sweats, etc. Clothing for the dance (campus housing participants 14 and older): Boys will need slacks, a nice shirt, and tie; girls will need a dress or a blouse and skirt (hemline must be knee-length or longer; no spaghetti straps or strapless dresses). briefs; Towel and swimsuit for outdoor pool and Seven Peaks Water Park (boys—no Speedos or bikini girls—modest one-piece suits) Sunscreen Emergency phone numbers Information on past injuries for trainers Alarm clock (campus housing participants) Key chain (campus housing participants) Padlock for valuables drawer (campus housing participants) Spending money (optional) for snacks, souvenirs, prescriptions, etc. Water bottle *Note: Write your name clearly on all items you will be bringing to camp. Items to leave at home include Rollerblades, skateboards, water pistols and squirters, water balloons, fireworks, firearms, and knives. These items are inappropriate to bring to camp and will be confiscated upon your arrival. We also discourage you from bringing media devices, expensive items, and excessive cash. Cell phones and iPods are acceptable but must remain in your residence hall.

Only a participant and his or her parents have the authority to request a refund. A refund (minus $25 nonrefundable) will be granted for all cancellations requested by 5:00 p.m. Monday, July 13, for Camp II and Monday, July 20, for Camp III (one week before camp begins). No refunds will be given after these deadlines. If a program is canceled, a full refund will be given. The simplest way to cancel a camp registration is to log in to the participant’s account online and process the withdrawal yourself. You may also call 801-422-8925 to cancel a camp registration. BYU cannot be held responsible for any cancellation or change charges assessed by airlines, travel agencies, or other institutions in the event of program cancellation. Should you have any questions regarding the information outlined above, please call BYU Conferences and Workshops at 801-422-4851. We’ll see you soon!

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