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Are You Testing and Balancing or Are You Enjoying Your Hot Tub


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Eliminates foaming. Safeguards our health. Protects the environmemnt. Harms no living creature. Spa Solution is a Tested and Certified Safe Product from Star Lab, a Bio-Safety Level 3 Secured lab Facility. EPA Est. #73281. Miami, Florida 1.888.336.9963. After years of research, Dr. Guy Hunter formulated Spa Solution (a.k.a. Spa Magic) and received a Nobel Prize nomination for this environmentally friendly product. The advanced, high quality enzyme formula is proven to be an effective and gentle alternative to harsh and dangerous hot tub/spa water treatment chemicals. ENJOY your Hot Tub and preserve your leisure and down time. Try SPA SOLUTIONTM today! We are so confident SPA SOLUTIONTM works effectively that we offer a no non-sense 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied!! 

No More Toxic Chemicals In Your Hot Tub Water
With the advanced, proven and natural seaweed enzyme formula in Spa Solution, you need only add a sanitizer as required.

‘Doctors’ Choice’

Eliminate Endless Time Consuming & Frustrating Water Balancing!
One application of Spa Solution lasts three months and you don’t have to test or balance the water!

Natural Water Maintenance For Hot Tubs Made Easy!

Surround Yourself in Sensuously Soft Water and Relax!
With added Lanolin and Glycerin, Spa Solution sooths the skin leaving it soft, not dry or itchy.

More Great Benefits with Converting to Spa Solution:
Protects and preserves your hot tub/spa equipment and bathing wear. Prolongs the life of your motor and pump(s). Compatible with other sanitizers.

Are You Testing and Balancing or Are You Enjoying Your Hot Tub?
Endorsed By Physicians and The Pool and Spa Industry
Your Local Spa Solution Contact:

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Sunleite Integrative Health Centre 188 Mary Street, Suite A Port Perry, Ontario 905-985-3303

The perfect way to clean your hot tub before using Spa Solution is to use our S p a Purge-The Penetrating Spa Cleanser enzyme based cleaner. This first step will cleanse your tub/spa of contaminants and chemical residue build up. • Simple to use – just add one bottle of Spa PurgeThe Penetrating Spa Cleanser directly into your existing water after having removed the filter. This process takes five days. • 100 % safe and can be drained into your back yard as it will not harm the environment. • Safely transitions your hot tub/spa from dangerous chemical water treatment to an all natural seaweed enzymes solution. • For cleaning your cartridge filter, use three capfuls of Spa Purge-The Penetrating Spa Cleanser in a pail of warm water and soak overnight, then rinse. Or replace with new one.

3. With the water at a minimum of 90 degrees F., circulate for a minimum of 8 hours per day for minimum of five days (Simply alter your filter cycles using your touch pad) as well as run the jets up to a half an hour each day at maximum power. 4. After five days (1 week is okay) drain the water, and flush the tub with fresh water by inserting a hose in the filter area and fill up to the foot well area, then drain and clean the well. This will aid in completely flushing contaminants from your spa. 5. Clean both sides of the cover, either with soap and water, or some of the Spa Solution. If your spa cover has a zipper closure it is important to unzip the cover but do not remove the cover as it’s difficult to put back on, and flush the inside of the cover with your garden hose. The inside of the cover has been known to harbour molds, mildews and bacteria all of which drip from condensation through the cover back into the hot tub water. Step Two: Spa Solution 1. Add one 480 ml bottle of Spa Solution to your tub (spas up to 500 gallons) once you have added new fresh water. (If water from a well, we recommend filling tub with filtered/softened water to yield better results). 2. After water has reached desired temperature (minimum of 90_ F); check the pH to ensure it is in the range of 8.0 to 8.4. You do not need to check your pH on a regular basis because Spa Solution will maintain pH at normal levels automatically. 3. Clean your filter every week, or more frequently, based on 'tubber' usage. It should be rinsed with hot water, soaked in Spa Purge and then rinsed with water or cleaned using products designed to do so which are available at your local hot tub dealer. 4. Add another bottle of Spa Solution every three months. For best results, change the water. 5. Your spa should be drained every 3 or 6 months depending on municipal requirements. 6. E n j o y the lowest maintenance, completely natural, non-chemical, skin conditioning, and environmentally safe product, made exclusively for the hot tub industry and, of course, YOU. ADDITIONAL HINTS AND TIPS WHEN USING SPA SOLUTION: 1. We do not recommend the use of fragrances because they may not be compatible with our natural product.

• Health Canada recommends a minimum of 3 ppm
sanitizer in hot tub water. Spa Solution is not yet registered as a sanitizer with Health Canada. DIRECTIONS FOR THE PENETRATING SPA CLEANSER AND SPA SOLUTION This is a two-step process. First step, all contaminants and chemical excess build-up must be removed prior to introducing Spa Solution for the first time, by pouring Spa Purge-The Penetrating Spa Cleanser directly into the tub water. Once a year, we recommend that S p a Purge-The Penetrating Spa Cleanser be re-introduced. Kindly refrain from using the hot tub/spa during the five day cleansing process. Second step, the tub is emptied, thoroughly cleaned and rinsed, re-filled and your new experience of safe, easy and natural water treatment with Spa Solution begins! Step One: Spa Purge- The Penetrating Spa Cleanser 1. Remove your cartridge filter. During the Spa Purge process, keep your filter out of the hot tub. We also recommend cleaning or replacing your filter at this time. 2. Pour in one 480ml bottle of the Spa Purge in the existing water of your tub which needs to be maintained at a minimum of 90 degrees F. If the spa is five years old or more, use two bottles of the Spa Purge to maximize the results.

2. Spa Solution is a positively charged ion product and the surface of the tub has a negative charge. Once in a 90-day period, they will bond and a slight film develop on the surface of your tub water. Wipe the inside of your tub with a clean cloth or sponge to break this bond. The great result of this bonding is that it also creates a natural lubricant within your spa, coating your heating element, pump, seals, and your plumbing, allowing your tub’s mechanics to work longer and better. 3. At times you may experience an organic smell. This simply means Spa Solution has found contaminants and is working harder. This may suggest your filter requires more frequent cleaning. Also, make sure the pH is between 8.0 and 8.4. Check to make sure the underside and inside of the cover have been cleaned. If the odour is still present after 24 hours, two to four ounces of non-detergent bleach may be used to shock the water. 4. Spa Solution is compatible with ozonators, chlorine and bromine. Add as needed. 5. Cloudy water may be caused by frequent use by a large number of bathers, or lotions, oils, deodorants, sunscreens or other products used on the skin or even soap residues in bathing suits. To clear up cloudy water: *Make sure tub users and bathing suits are as clean as possible. *Make sure the filter has been rinsed with hot water. *Make sure the filtration system runs at least 6-8 hours a day. *Four to six ounces of water clarifier can be used to speed up recovery time. *Be patient. The water will clear up and does not have to be drained if it is cloudy; Spa Solution just needs more time to do its job. Be patient. 6. If your tub water has a high metal content (well water), it may be necessary to use a product to aid in the removal of that metal. A high iron content, for example, may tend to leave a brownish ring around the spa. Most tub dealers will stock this item (To avoid this all together, use water from softener/iron filter system which, we highly recommend). 7. Low pH is very unusual and indicates that an acidic substance, likely from a bathing suit, has entered the water. Over a short period of time, Spa Solution will automatically restore the pH to the normal range of 8.0 to 8.4. Should time be of essence, natural pH up or down products may be used; a friendly method is using baking soda for pHup, apple cider vinegar for pH-down. Use a nondetergent bleach to shock your tub.

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