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									Please remember that the godparents/sponsors are making the same promises as you are, so the issues of genuine commitment to Christ are as important for them as they are for you. They will be given a brochure explaining their role and where possible, meet with the minister prior to the baptism. 2. If you are having your first child baptized, you are required to attend church for four (4) weeks and take part in a short course (4 x 1 hour sessions) explaining the Christian faith. If you are having your second child baptized, you are required to attend church for four (4)weeks and take part in a short course (4x1 hour sessions) explaining the importance of reading the Bible, prayer, attending church and living the Christian life. Baptism services are generally held on the first Sunday of the month at 9am or 11am. They are sometimes held on long weekends to accommodate family members traveling a great distance. A booking will be confirmed at the conclusion of the interview with the minister. Fees are not charged for Baptisms although you may care to make a donation to the church to cover expenses and support the work of God through the various ministries that take place here. At both the Thanksgiving Service and Baptism Service, an appropriate certificate and child’s Bible is presented at the service.

Welcoming Children!
Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life; no one goes to the Father except by me’. Jn 14:6


101 Boston Street ( P O Box 266 ) MOREE NSW 2400 For further information or questions please contact your local Anglican ministers by phone on either: ( 0 2 ) 6752 1103 or ( 0 2 ) 6752 1284 Email: brian@moreeanglican.org.au Website: www.moreeanglican.org.au


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If you still wish to proceed, please complete the enclosed application form and bring it to church with you soon. Hand it to one of the clergy and we will make time for an interview, answer your questions and set a date for the service. Please do not send any invitations until after your interview and final date booking.

Welcome to the Moree Anglican Parish Tel: (02) 6752 1 103

The ‘What & Why’ of Thanksgiving & Baptism
Whether you are a regular member, or inquiring for the first time about Baptism, we would like to offer you a welcome to the church family that meets here in the Moree Anglican Parish. This leaflet seeks to help you understand the meaning and significance of Baptism and what it means to become a member of God’s church. Please read this information carefully. How do we welcome children and others, who have put their faith in Jesus, into the local church family? In the Anglican system there are two ways:
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The baptism service asks the parents and godparents to publicly answer questions about their faith in Jesus, and to make promises before God, your family, friends and the local church family, for themselves and their child. These are the questions!

Let’s look now at the service of ‘Baptism’.

* Do you turn to Christ?

Both children and adults can be baptized in the Anglican system.
Baptisms have been held since the birth of Christianity to welcome people into the church family. In the early church, whole families were baptized after 3 years of instruction and only on Easter Day each year. All who were baptized had to confess their faith in God the Father and Jesus who died and rose again to forgive their sins. Baptism was their ‘initiation’ to become members of the church and was the beginning of their Christian journey rather than an end in itself.

In other words, have you made the step of deciding to live with Jesus as your Saviour and having him in charge of your life i.e., are you a Christian?

Having decided to be a follower of Christ, does your life reflect that you read the Bible, live the way He calls you to, as His follower, and meet with His people each week?

* Are you a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child; and, Baptism.

Let’s look at the service for the ‘Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child’(this is not a form of baptism). It is a shorter service without the promises of baptism. In this service we do four (4) things: 1. 2. 3. 4. We thank God for the gift of the child. We ask for wisdom in bringing up the child. We ask God to help the child to know and follow Him. We name the child (no water is involved).

child what it means to be a Christian so that they will be helped to follow Christ as they become old enough to decide for themselves. You will also be asked to join in saying the Apostles Creed as an expression of your Christian beliefs. If you are serious about your relationship with God, then your child will have a great model of what it means to be a Christian, as they grow up.

* Will you live the Christian life and raise your child in this faith? This means that you will be endeavouring to teach your

of ‘religious insurance policy’ is an error that has crept into our understanding over the years. Sadly some people still think this idea is true. Baptism will not give your child religion, or ensure acceptance into heaven. It is a formal welcome into Christ’s church, and the beginning of learning more about what it means to follow Christ, with the help of his people, every day.

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minister, family and friends but you can’t fool God or yourself.

If you are seeking baptism because it seems a ‘nice idea’ but being a member of the church and living the Christian life are not high on your priorities, then the baptism promises will not be appropriate for you to make. You can fool the

If you choose to go ahead with baptism in the Moree Anglican Parish, there are some points for you to consider: 1. Godparents/sponsors need to be chosen carefully as you consider who you want to have an ongoing influence in your child’s life.

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