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PREAMBLE We, the Lord of Life Student Congregation, are a community of Christian believers, welcoming all social and religious backgrounds. As a congregation we * recognize our unity in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; * confess baptism as the sign of God’s covenant with God’s people; * provide for the means of grace through the Word and Sacraments; * feel the need to draw together as a witnessing, worshiping, learning and serving community; * strive to extend our love and respect from the realm of humanity to encompass all creation Mindful of our Christian privileges and responsibilities, seeking to be God’s instruments in God’s world, hoping to witness those ideas and styles which unite us in our diversity; and desiring to celebrate that unit among God’s disciples for whom Christ prayed, we adopt the following constitution. ARTICLE I - Name The name of this congregation shall be the Lord of Life Student Congregation. ARTICLE II - Confession of Faith We believe that the Holy Spirit has gathered us together with a commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord. We see Old and New Testaments as the Word of God to us. We see the Holy Spirit at work in the world and thereby gain a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and life to which we are called. We find the confession of Luther and the events of the Reformation to be crucial to our understanding of the Lutheran faith. Therefore, our confession is formed by the Apostolic, Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds, the Unaltered Augsburg Confession, Luther’s Small Catechism, and other documents in the Book of Concord. ARTICLE III - Recognition and Relationship Section 1. This congregation is recognized as a Student Congregation by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Section 2. This congregation is under the shepherding responsibility of the Bishop of the Southern California West Synod, who may designate an appointee to act in their stead. Section 3. This congregation covenants to support faithfully with prayer and personal service, the work of the ELCA.

Section 4. This congregation operates under the By-Laws and Articles of the Incorporation of California Lutheran University. ARTICLE IV - Participation in the Congregation The call to worship and service is open to all student, faculty, administrators, staff, family, and friends of California Lutheran University. Voting participants shall be all persons in attendance at the time of elections who openly associate themselves with the congregation and feel themselves sufficiently interested in and aware of the issues and / or candidates at hand. Participation in the congregation may be concurrent with membership in another congregation. Records of baptism, confirmation, marriage, and death occurring at the Lord of Life Student Congregation will be kept by the Chapel Staff. ARTICLE V - Privileges of Participation In response to God’s love, it is the privilege of each of the participants of this congregation to use faithfully the means of grace, endeavor, to show gratitude for God’s grace, seek opportunities for growth in Christian character and stewardship of life, further the support of the congregation’s concern; and share God’s love with others. ARTICLE VI - Congregational Meetings A meeting of the congregation shall be held when deemed necessary by the council, the chair person, or the pastor and specifically the purpose of electing council members and dealing with any other items of business. Issues requiring voting will be passed by a simply majority, except constitutional changes or amendments, which will require a two-thirds majority. ARTICLE VII - The Church Council Section 1. Aim: The administration of the Lord of Life Student Congregation shall be vested in the church council. The council consists of servants of the congregation, who organize and provide for the continuity of the congregation’s existence. It should facilitate communications between the congregation and the pastor, the pastoral staff, and the Church at large. Section 2. Meetings: The council members shall meet regularly, at least twice a month. All decisions will be made with consensus of the council and the pastoral staff. Section 3. Membership: The members of the council will be comprised of the following positions: Chairperson, Treasurer/Secretary, Worship Coordinator, Christian Education Coordinator, Global Peace and Justice Coordinator, Social Activities Coordinator, Campus Hospitality Coordinator, Small Group Coordinator, Environmental Awareness Coordinator, Campus Wide Events Coordinator, Community Outreach Coordinator, Historian/Publicist, and two First-Year Representatives. The council may include other coordinators as deemed necessary. Church Council members shall participate regularly in the worship life of this congregation of which they were elected to represent.

Section 4. Elections: Election of the council members, except for first-year representatives, shall take place during the spring semester. Beginning in May, the newly elected council will meet with the current council as an introduction to their new roles. The new council will assume its duties the following fall semester and serve through the end of the spring semester. The first year representatives will be appointed by the council by the end of September in the fall semester. The two positions shall ideally include one female and one male representative. These representatives will serve until the end of the spring semester. Section 5. Formation of the Committee: The committees will be formed on a volunteer basis. Membership on a committee is not limited to one term. Each committee shall meet at their discretion. It is the duty of each committee coordinator to determine its best functional size. Section 6. Vacancies: If an elected member of the council is unable to fill the term, the position will first be offered to the first year representatives, then if still vacant, filled by appointment of the council. That person will hold the position until the end of the term. Section 7. Financial Responsibilities: The council shall have the responsibility to propose the congregational budget, based on committee projections. All expenditures of monies in excess of one hundred dollars ($100.00) must be approved by the council or pastoral staff. Section 8. Council Members: Definition and duties of the offices of the council are as follows: A. Executive Committee: *Chairperson: presides over meetings; insures that the council meets and functions properly; insures the same for committees; seeks to be aware of congregational, council and community needs so that areas of concern or problems of neglect will be discussed; seeks for mutually supportive relationships between the congregation ands the pastor, the pastoral staff, and the Board of Regents. *Treasurer/Secretary: As Treasurer/Secretary this person will assume the duties of the chair in his/her absence. If the chair’s office is vacated before the end of the term, the Treasurer/Secretary will assume that position. The council will then appoint a replacement for the Treasurer/Secretary. As treasurer, this person’s responsibility is to oversee all monetary matters of the congregation and council. Specific responsibilities include counting of the Sunday offering with the help of another council member and turning it over to Campus Ministry secretary for deposit, and recording of receipts and expenditures. As, secretary, this person’s responsibilities include keeping and submitting minutes of the council meetings; and keeping record of all correspondence concerning the congregation. *Pastoral Staff: seeks to ease communication between the Lord of Life Student Congregation and California Lutheran University as well as, serve as support and guidance for council members.

B. Committee Coordinators 1. Campus Hospitality Coordinator: The purpose of this committee is to: * Visit new students at the beginning of each semester; * Provide hospitality throughout the year. 2. Christian Education Coordinator: The purpose of this committee is to: * Provide the structure, means, and opportunities for fulfilling the educational needs of the congregation. 3. Global Peace and Justice Coordinator: The purpose of this committee is to: * Coordinate opportunities to increase our awareness of the world around us by providing educational programs and action-oriented opportunities. 4. Social Activities Coordinator: The purpose of this committee is to: * Explore means of providing a variety of opportunities for students to establish a sense of community; * Plan and organize regular social activities and retreats for the congregation. 5. Community Outreach Coordinator: The purpose of this committee is to: * Focus on outreach to the community through volunteer opportunities; * Work with the Community Service Center. 6. Worship Coordinator: The purpose of this committee is to: * Arrange for individuals to participate in the worship service through the reading of the lessons, assisting with communion, ushering, and overseeing sacristan duties; * Work collaboratively with the Worship Team Leader to provide for the enhancement of worship. 7. Environmental Awareness Coordinator: The purpose of this committee is to: * Put on events such as speakers, debates, worship services, and other educational programs which foster respect and care for God’s Creation; * Coordinate clean-up projects, field trips (hikes, camping, etc.) and other Earth-related activities. 8. Small Group Coordinator: The purpose of this committee is to: * Provide an outreach and support ministry; * With the pastor, recruit and train Small Group Leaders, including ongoing training throughout the year; * Organize those interested into specific groups; * Be the leader for the small group of Small Group Leaders which should meet regularly for support, encouragement and accountability. 9. Campus Wide Events Coordinator: The purpose of this committee is to: * Plan all campus wide events including, but not limited to, Sankta Lucia and Way of the Cross;

* Keep an open channel of communication between Lord of Life participants and the Cal Lutheran Community. 10. Historian/Publicist: The purpose of this position is to: * Take pictures at Lord of Life events; * Assist in Lord of Life publicity and monthly newsletter; * Update campus bulletin board monthly. C. Other Positions That Attend Church Council Meetings 1. First Year Representatives: * Serves as liaison between Lord of Life and first year students. 2. Lutheran Student Movement Representative: * Appointed position which serves as a liaison between Cal Lutheran and LSM; * Attends meetings upon invitation of the council. ARTICLE VIII - The Pastor The pastor must be in good standing with the ELCA. We recognize the pastor of the congregation as being called by God to preach the Word and administer the Sacraments. It is the pastor who presides over Holy Communion. The pastor conducts the worship services, cares for the people of the congregation, provides counseling, gives catechetical instruction, and conducts baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and funerals. Therefore, we, the Lord of Life Student Congregation at California Lutheran University, desire to be actively involved in the calling of a Pastor. We will cooperate with the Search Committee when they are engaging in nominating a Lutheran minister to serve as campus pastor. ARTICLE IX - Inter-Campus Relationships Recognizing the value and worth of ministries to the individual organizations which are a part of our campus community, we seek to cooperate with each organization and to support their ministries. AS an integral part of the life of this university campus, we are concerned with all aspects of the university. As a congregation, we seek opportunities towards becoming a more inclusive community at CLU. We will also work with the pastoral staff in organizing campus events. ARTICLE XI - Amendment Procedures Amendments to this constitution require a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Church Council as well as a 2/3 majority of those present at a congregational meeting.

Revised Feb 24, 2004

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