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Great Gospel Comeback Was a Great Inspiration for Attendees
Over 200 pastors and laity gathered April 10 and 11 for the WVCSB Evangelism Celebration held at Cross Lanes Baptist Church. The theme was The Great Gospel Comeback. The event focused on the importance of a renewed emphasis on glorifying God through evangelism. The evangelism committee of the executive board for the WVCSB did a great job in planning and organizing this event. The volunteer team at Cross Lanes did a fabulous job hosting and making attendees feel welcome. Speakers this year included Dr. Greg Frizzell, (pictured to the right) Prayer and Spiritual Awakening Specialist with the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma; Dr. O.S. Hawkins, (pictured below) President of Guidestone Financial Resources; Rev. Jeff Crook, (pictured above, left) Senior Pastor of Blackshear Place Baptist Church; and Dr. Jerry Rankin, (pictured below) President of the International Mission Board. Scott Bullman from Thomas Road Baptist Church and Crimson Flood from Liberty University led in worship. This year ’s Evangelism Celebration was made special by the presence of Matt and Cyndi June 2008 Maxon, (pictured below with BSU director, Shay Osborne, left) along with their daughter Lydia. The Maxon family is a newly appointed missionary family with


June, 2008 VOL. 38, NO. 6

A Cooperative Program ministry gladly telling the stories of God’s work in and through WV Southern Baptists

zines. Many other evangelism resources were available free to pastors and church members.

the International Mission Board who have strong ties with the Mountain State. West Virginia Southern Baptists were able to make a personal connection with this new team headed to the field in late spring 2008. (Jacob Atchley is pictured above.) Also, this year was a great year to discover new evangelism resources. Many vendors made donations and as a result all in attendance received a well stocked resource bag. Several free books focused on evangelism. The bag also included evangelistically oriented maga-

On Monday, September 29, 2008 at Westview Baptist Church in Martinsburg, the WVCSB will expand evangelism training efforts by hosting an Evangelism Celebration: One Day. Dr. Ergun Caner and Dr. David Wheeler from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary will deliver stirring messages centered on evangelism. The Great Gospel Comeback Evangelism Celebration was an inspirational and informative experience, well worth the time for those who did participate. Pictured above is Dick Howie (right) with Wade Wilkerson from Guidestone who had been touring the state earlier in the week. Shown below, left to right, are Tammy Knotts, Sandy and Ron McCoy.

From the Executive Director:
the summer months. If you are away from home and your church, make sure that you still take time to worship and focus on the Lord. We should remember that when we are away, the expenses of our church goes on. Therefore, we should mail our tithe to the church or drop it off before we leave for vacation or trips. The cause of Christ should not suffer because our schedule is more varied during the summer. It has been an exciting time here at the Convention offices this month as we welcomed Randy Spurgeon to the role of Director of Music and Family. Randy is a seasoned staff member and he has already picked up his responsibilities and is running with them quite well. He has already received many invitations to minister in the local churches and associations. I know that you will appreciate his ministry as you have opportunity to have his ministry among you. Our staff was saddened to learn that Rev. G. Lindell Smith, Berean Baptist Church passed away after a brief but difficult battle with cancer. Pastor Smith is survived by his wonderful wife, Judy, family and the loving congregation there in Morgantown. His funeral was May 8. Our hearts go out to the grieving community. I was saddened this week to receive the resignation of John Adams as Associate Executive Director/Director of Education. John has accepted a position as Associate Pastor of a church in Florida. This is a great opportunity to return to the local church, which John has missed greatly and it is a job that will especially utilize John’s spiritual gifts. John and Cheryl have not only done a great job of ministering during their days of service here, but they have also been wonderful friends to Cheryl and myself. It will be difficult to find someone as passionate for Sunday School and VBS as John Adams. We will miss them greatly. But, I am caused to rejoice, as I know they will be only about 30 minutes from their daughter and son in law and more importantly, two precious grandchildren. Who could fault them for making a decision like that? Let me remind all of our Pastors and church staff members to get in their reservations for Shepherding the Shepherd, which will be held August 11-13 at Pipestem State Park. We have planned not only great preaching, but also some great gospel singing is scheduled for this event. Billy and Lorie Walker from Detroit, Michigan will be with us to provide special music. They have recorded several CDs and are a great blessing. You will love them. Call Susan Carpenter or Joy Garrett in our office today and sign up. Where else can you have a great family vacation for the unbelievable price of $35.00? Cheryl and I have been on the road quite a bit these last few months. It is such a joy to come to your churches and associations and to minister among you. May God bless us all as we work together to further the cause of Christ in West Virginia. My Engagements for the Immediate Future: May 25 Speak at Good Shepherd, Scott Depot June 8-11 Southern Baptist Convention June 22 Jackson Avenue, Point Pleasant Building Dedication June 29 50 Days of Evangelism emphasis with George Secrist and New River BC

Executive Director Terry Harper

My Dear Friends:
Summer is a very busy time in most of our lives. Because the weather, for the most part is nice, we are able to get outside and do some things that we have been unable to do for several months. As well as working in the yard and completing other such projects around the house, we also have many recreational opportunities that present themselves. All of this to say that as committed Christians, we must take care to make sure that we do not allow good things to keep us from the main thing. In my own life, I must take due diligence to make sure that I maintain my close relationship with Jesus during
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The WVCSB is Building Strong Foundations for a Strong Future We are focused on ministries that Build the Kingdom: Missions and Evangelism Prayer and Spiritual Renewal Communication and Public Relations Strengthening Churches Fellowship
...Fulfilling the Great Commission


The West Virginia Southern Baptist

Almost Heaven, WV, Has Lived Up to its Name We Love You West Virginia Baptists!
I recently announced to my friends and co-workers that I have accepted a role to serve as the Associate Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Apopka, Florida, beginning July 1. Thus ends a twelve year ministry in the Mountain State that has been filled with joy and fruitfulness for Cheryl and me. John Denver’s hit song about our wonderful state has certainly proven to be true for us. While we are fully aware that no place on this sin-infected earth can ever match the beauty and grace that awaits the Saints in Heaven, we do know that life here in West Virginia is sweet. We have never felt more joy in a home or lifestyle than what we have experienced here among some of God’s kindest people. Unlike Tom Young and Maxine Bumgarner whose tenures stretched to nearly thirty years and who served with multiple Execs and Interim Execs, I have had the honor to serve here with only two Executive Directors. Dr. Jere Phillips was in his second year as our leader when I came here in August, 1996. The next four plus years were years of great growth for me and for this Convention. Dr. Phillips was full of more ideas than I ever had time or energy to even write down and was instrumental in bringing our state offices into a new level of technological competence that we are still building on today. Rev. Terry Harper’s gentle pastoral style has been easy to adjust to for all of us in Scott Depot. We have become more of a team and closer as a family under his loving care. He has been a true Man of God in his dealings with me and I will always consider him my friend. He has been a steady support for Cheryl and I during her hip dislocations and her revision surgery a year ago. In addition, he has prayed for me and with me throughout the process of discovering God’s new call on our life. The folks here in Scott Depot respect and appreciate Brother Terry. Cheryl has poured herself into an outreach ministry here in the Teays Valley for the last ten years that has enriched her and dozens of women. The Teays Valley Newcomers Club Bible Study has gone on all year with one series continuing throughout the school year and a new study sprinkled with testimonies ongoing through the summer months. As a result of her efforts, we have both had the June 2008 privilege of ministering to a large number of men and women who live near us. We will carry with us the relationships that have grown out of her proactive ministry. Our church family, Trinity Baptist of St. Albans, became dear to us while I served them as their interim pastor when they were forming as a new congregation and again following the departure of their first pastor. In saying good-bye to them one Sunday in May, I told them that their response to my leadership during my second tenure as their interim was one of the means God used to begin my call back into local church work. Fairlawn Baptist in Parkersburg was another congregation that opened its heart to us as we served as their interim pastor and wife. It was during our months with them that God made it abundantly clear to us that we needed to open ourselves to a role back in the local church. We are indebted to both these congregations because their generous love and response to our leadership was crucial to our process of yielding to a new call. When we began to sense that God was preparing to move us to a new ministry, we shared our pilgrimage and my resume with a hand full of friends in Tennessee and Florida. Since we have two married sons and one granddaughter living in the Nashville area, and we have a married daughter living in the Orlando area, we asked God if He would move us closer to Nashville or Orlando and said we would be pleased to serve Him anywhere as long as He made it clear to us that a specific move was His will. I don’t know how God could have made His will any clearer than he did April 7 when the phone rang in my office around 2:30 in the afternoon. First, the call came from a pastor I did not know at a church I was unaware was looking for any staff. Second, the recommendation he received regarding me came in an extraordinary manner that only God could arrange. Third, the pastor who called me to talk that afternoon was familiar with the church I served in Gladeville, Tennessee immediately before coming to WV and wants to model the Trinity, Apopka, style after many of the good qualities of the Gladeville congregation. He is personally acquainted with the pastor I served with there and thus was comfortable with who

Cheryl and John Adams are moving to Apopka, Florida where he will serve as Associate Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church. I am as a mentor in ministry. I could go on because the positive confirmations for him and for us have become so numerous that we have no question at all regarding the movement of God in our lives. God is gracious beyond description. He not only made it clear where He wanted us to serve Him next, He also answered our petition to live closer to at least one of our children. Apopka, Florida is thirty minutes north of our daughter’s home! Our two sons are not quite as happy about this move as she is but it will at least put our clan in two locations for a change instead of the three diverse locations where we have lived for nearly six years. Now for the bad news. Leaving WV after twelve years is really hard. I want all our readers to know that we have enjoyed you, the wonderful climate, the beauty of the Mountain State, and the great ministry opportunity we have enjoyed here. While we leave feeling our work here is done, we leave long before our hearts are ready to say good-bye to any of you. You have prayed for us. You have sent us kind letters, cards and dozens of emails during times of great challenge and times of great joy. Our hearts overflow with warm memories of our years here and we sincerely hope God allows us many return visits to West Virginia. We anticipate that we will hit the road around June 28 to drive toward our new residence in Florida. Between now and then I hope we have opportunities to give and receive a lot of hugs to and from many of you. If I don’t get to see you, know that you will not be out of our hearts and minds for long. We will think of our friends here often and always pray God’s best for you. Saying good-bye for Christians is always sweetened by the truth of the resurrection. If we don’t see you again here, we will sing with you over there! 3

INDY SBC: Fulfilling the Mission
INDIANAPOLIS (BP)—Fulfilling the mission Christ gave His followers — bringing lost souls into God’s Kingdom — will be the focus of the 151st session of the Southern Baptist Convention when it convenes June 10-11 at the Indiana Convention Center. The meeting will extend a theme of spiritual awakening that has characterized the tenure of Frank Page as SBC president, pressing on to the evangelistic outreach that flows naturally from renewal. “The motivation and power for evangelism arises out of spiritual awakening,” said Page, who is completing his second term as SBC president. “I keep going back to Acts 1:8, which says, ‘When the Holy Spirit comes, you shall receive power.’And when we have been stirred by God’s spirit, we reach out to the lost and God draws people to Himself.” That’s why Page said he selected Acts 2:47b as the watchword for the gathering: “And every day the Lord added to them those who were being saved” (HCSB). “The recent report of a decline in baptisms and membership in the Southern Baptist Convention re-emphasizes that for too long we have been attempting to raise baptisms among nonrevived people in non-revived churches,” Page said. “The lack of connection with lost people and the lack of urgency for soul-winning and personal evangelism is a direct indication of our lack of spiritual passion and love for the lost. “Even when there is a love and a concern for the lost, sometimes we have a total disconnect with the culture in which we live,” Page added. “Many of our people simply do not know how to relate to people in 21st-century culture and have been frustrated at their inability to communicate the Gospel.”

SBC Agenda June 10-11, 2008 Indiana Convention Center Indianapolis, Ind. THEME: "FULFILLING THE MISSION"
Scripture: "And every day the Lord added to them those who were being saved." Acts 2:47b (Holman Christian Standard Bible) TUESDAY MORNING, JUNE 10 SESSION THEME: UNDERSTANDING GOD'S PLAN SCRIPTURE: "The Lord does not delay His promise, as some understand delay, but is patient with you, not wanting any to perish, but all to come to repentance." II Peter 3:9 (HCSB) 8:00 Concert of Praise: The Sanctuary Choir -- Jeff Hensley, music associate, Taylors First Baptist Church, Taylors, S.C.; Worship Team and Band, First Baptist Church, Jackson, Miss. 8:10 Congregational Praise and Worship (Color Guard presentation): L. Lavon Gray, Convention music director, minister of music and worship, First Baptist Church, Jackson, Miss. 8:15 Call to Order: Frank Page, president, Southern Baptist Convention, pastor, Taylors First Baptist Church, Taylors, S.C. Registration Report and Constitution of the Convention: James H. (Jim) Wells, SBC registration secretary, director of missions, Tri County Baptist Association, Nixa, Mo. 8:20 Prayer: Bill Bryan, associate pastor, First Baptist Church, Atlanta, Ga. 8:25 Committee on Order of Business (First Report): Gearl Spicer, chairman, senior pastor, One Heart Church, Atlanta, Ga. 8:30 Welcome: Stephen P. Davis, executive director, State Convention of Baptists in Indiana, Indianapolis. 8:35 Announcement of Committee on Committees: Frank Page Credentials, Resolutions, and Tellers 8:40 Introduction of Motions: Frank Page 9:05 Music Feature: Gaither Vocal Band, Alexandria, Ind. 9:15 Local Arrangements Committee Presentation: R. Clark Logan Jr., vice president for business and finance, SBC Executive Committee, Nashville, Tenn. 9:20 Crossover Evangelism Report: Ken Weathersby, senior strategist, evangelization, North American Mission Board, Alpharetta, Ga. 9:25 Executive Committee Report: Morris H. Chapman, president, Nashville, Tenn. 10:25 Committee on Nominations Report: David G. Hill, chairman, senior pastor, Northside Baptist Church, Springfield, Ohio 10:35 Congregational Praise and Worship: L. Lavon Gray 10:40 Music Feature: The Sanctuary Choir, Taylors First Baptist Church 10:45 SBC President's Address: Frank Page 11:25 Benediction: David S. Dockery, president, Union University, Jackson, Tenn. TUESDAYAFTERNOON, JUNE 10 SESSION THEME: ENGAGING GOD'S PEOPLE SCRIPTURE: "Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His Harvest." Matthew 9:38 (HCSB) 1:25 Concert of Praise: L. Lavon Gray, Choir and Orchestra, First Baptist Church, Jackson, Miss. 1:35 Prayer: Reginald Fletcher, pastor, Living Word Baptist Church, Indianapolis. Continued to page five ... The West Virginia Southern Baptist


Continued from page four ... 1:40 Woman's Missionary Union Report: Wanda S. Lee, executive directortreasurer, Birmingham, Ala.; Kaye Miller, president, National WMU, Little Rock, Ark. 1:50 SBC Historical Library and Archives Report: R. Albert (Al) Mohler Jr., chairman, Council of Seminary Presidents, president, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Ky. 1:55 Business: Gearl Spicer, Committee on Order of Business (Second Report) Referrals/Introduction of Motions 2:10 Executive Committee Report (Part 2): Morris H. Chapman 2:40 Time of Prayer: Larry Wynn, senior pastor, Hebron Baptist Church, Dacula, Ga. 2:45 Election of Officers (First) 2:55 Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary Report: Jeff Iorg, president, Mill Valley, Calif. 3:10 Introduction of New Motions: Frank Page 3:20 Worship in Music: Derrick Burt, concert artist, First Baptist Choir and Orchestra, Jackson, Miss. 3:25 Challenge: Forrest Pollock, senior pastor, Bell Shoals Baptist Church, Brandon, Fla. 3:45 LifeWay Christian Resources Report: Thom S. Rainer, president, Nashville, Tenn. 3:55 LifeWay Christian Resources Presentation: Thom S. Rainer 4:15 Congregational Praise and Worship: Scott Allred, minister of music and worship arts, Hunter Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, Ala. 4:20 Introduction of New Motions (Last Opportunity): Frank Page 4:35 Time of Prayer: J. Brian Fossett, president, Conference of Southern June 2008 Baptist Evangelists, president, Fossett Ministries, Dalton, Ga. 4:40 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Report: Paige Patterson, president, Fort Worth, Texas 4:55 Election of Officers (Second) 5:10 Benediction: Lt. Richard Ryan, chaplain, United States Navy, O'Fallon, Ill. TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 10 SESSION THEME: SHARING GOD'S MESSAGE SCRIPTURE: "But how can they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how can they believe without hearing about Him? And how can they hear without a preacher?" Romans 10:14 (HCSB) 6:30 Concert of Praise: Indiana Baptist Combined Choirs, directed by Steve Blanchard, director of worship ministries, State Convention of Baptists in Indiana, Indianapolis; Worship Team and Band, First Baptist Church, Jackson, Miss. 6:40 Prayer: Wade Steelman, director, Xtended Missions Network, Hernando, Miss. 6:45 The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission Report: Richard D. Land, president, Nashville, Tenn. 7:00 The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission Presentaion: Richard D. Land 7:20 Election of Officers (Third) 7:30 Business: Gearl Spicer, Committee on Order of Business (Third Report) 7:40 Previously Scheduled Business: Frank Page 8:05 Congregational Praise and Worship: L. Lavon Gray, Worship Team and Band, First Baptist Church, Jackson, Miss. 8:10 Music Feature: Indiana Baptists Combined Choir 8:35 Concert of Praise: Mark Harris, INO recording artist and worship leader, Daphne, Ala. 8:50 North American Mission Board Report: Geoffrey A. Hammond, president, Alpharetta, Ga. 9:00 North American Mission Board Presentation: Geoffrey A. Hammond 9:20 Benediction: Michael Nardin, retired pastor, Central Baptist Church, Clinton Township, Mich. WEDNESDAY MORNING, JUNE 11 SESSION THEME: SEEKING GOD'S FACE SCRIPTURE: "Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, so that you may be healed. The intense prayer of the righteous is very powerful." James 5:16 (HCSB) 8:00 Concert of Praise: Mississippi Baptist Symphony Orchestra, directed by David Young, instrumental consultant, Mississippi Baptist Convention, Jackson, Miss. 8:15 Prayer: Marcos Elizondo, associate director, Hispanic & Multicultural, South Carolina Baptist Convention, Columbia, S.C. 8:20 Election of Officers (Fourth) 8:30 Business: Gearl Spicer, Committee on Order of Business (Fourth Report) 8:50 Previously Scheduled Business: Gearl Spicer 9:05 Committee on Resolutions (First Report): Darrell P. Orman, senior pastor, First Baptist Church, Stuart, Fla. 8:15 New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Report: Charles S. (Chuck) Kelley, Jr., president, New Orleans, La. 8:30 Time of Prayer: Bill Taylor, president, Unlimited Partnerships, Inc., Brentwood, Tenn.

Continued to page six 5

Continued from page fiv e ... Getty 9:35 The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Report: R. Albert (Al) Mohler Jr., president, Louisville, Ky. 9:50 Congregational Praise and Worship: L. Graham Smith, director, Church Music Department, Mississippi Baptist Convention, Jackson, Miss. 9:55 Music Feature: Louisiana College Chorale, directed by Fred Guilbert Jr., coordinator of church music, Louisiana College, Pineville, La. 10:00 Challenge: Rob Blackaby, president, Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada 10:20 Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Report: R. Philip (Phil) Roberts, president, Kansas City, Mo. 10:35 Election of Officers (Fifth) 10:45 Committee on Committees Report: Stephen P. Davis, executive director, State Convention of Baptists in Indiana, Indianapolis. 10:55 GuideStone Financial Resources Report: O. S. Hawkins, president, Dallas, Texas 11:10 Prayer Time: Rick Shepherd, director, Department of Prayer and Spiritual Awakening, Florida Baptist Convention, Jacksonville, Fla. 11:15 Congregational Praise and Worship: Keith and Kristyn Getty, modern hymn writers, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 11:20 Music Feature: Keith and Kristyn 11:25 Convention Message: Al Gilbert, senior pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, N.C. 12:00 Benediction: Shane Hall, pastor, First Baptist Church, Clinton, Okla. WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 11 SESSION THEME: ACCOMPLISHING GOD'S COMMAND SCRIPTURE: "Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age." Matthew 28:19-20 (HCSB) 6:00 Concert of Praise: Combined Choirs and Orchestra -- Taylors First Baptist Church, Taylors , S.C., First Baptist Church, Jackson, Miss., Northside Baptist Church, Indianapolis; John Reeder, associate pastor worship and evangelism, Fall Creek Baptist Church, Indianapolis; Rick Terry, minister of music, Calvary Baptist Church, Greenwood, Ind.; David Tripp, minister of music, Mississippi Baptist Symphony Orchestra 6:10 Prayer: Gi Youl Bahn, pastor, Indianapolis Korean Baptist Church, Indianapolis 6:15 Presentation of Outgoing Officers: Morris H. Chapman 6:20 Presentation of New Officers: Morris H. Chapman 6:25 Recognition of Former SBC Presidents: Frank Page 6:35 Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Report: Daniel L. (Danny) Akin, president, Wake Forest, N.C. 6:50 Business: Gearl Spicer, Committee on Order of Business (Fifth Report) Election of 2009 Convention Sermon Preacher, Alternate Preacher, and Music Director 7:00 Previously Scheduled Business: Frank Page 7:15 Committee on Resolutions (Final Report): Darrell P. Orman 7:40 Congregational Praise and Worship: Charles Billingsley, worship leader, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Va. 7:45 Special Music: Charles Billingsley, Combined Choirs and Orchestra 7:50 Challenge: Leo A. Endel, executive director, Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention, Rochester, Minn. 8:10 Concert of Praise: Charles Billingsley, Combined Choirs and Orchestra 8:30 International Mission Board Report: Jerry A. Rankin, president, Richmond, Va. 8:40 International Mission Board Presentation: Jerry A. Rankin 9:00 Benediction: Ken Render, vice chairman, SBC Committee on Order of Business, senior pastor, Lakeside Community Church, St. Clair Shores, Mich.

Southern Baptist RA Ministry is 100 Years Old!
Congratulations to Southern Baptist RA leaders for 100 years of ministry! The cake to the right was one part of a minicelebration of this historic milestone during the wMu Missions Celebration April 25-26. National RA leader Rob Carr attended the event and made a special presentation to WV RA trainer, Earl Stout, a layman from Westview Baptist Church in Martinsburg, WV. Happy Birthday RAs! 6 The West Virginia Southern Baptist

Annual WV wMu Celebration Sought to Make a World of Difference
The annunal wMu missions celebration hosted by Wayside Baptist, Buckhannon, drew around fifty participants and focused on the theme, Make A World of Difference. Martinsburg, and in the Tri-County Association. Health concerns have forced them to seriously cut back on travel. In the picture below, Maxine Bumgarner is shown expressing the appreciation of WV Southern Baptists for the dedicated services of these two exemplary leaders. tional missionary and current leader of the Chinese congregation in Huntington. The planners encourage men to attend this meeting and Eddie was one of approximately a dozen who were there. Past WV wMu president Lynn Talley is shown in the picture to the left while she led a conference on new dimensions of work within the Women on Missions ministry. Below conferees listen as Liz Adletta leads a conference on Prayer Makes A Difference.

Sara Murray and Marie Davidson are shown above during one of many humorous skits they performed to interpret and apply the theme to the participants. The two donned various costumes and personnas in the process of presenting the theme at the beginning of each session. Alpha Goombi is shown to the left in a beautiful Native American ceremonial costume which she wore during her testimony on Friday evening of the event. Goombi and her husband are NAMB appointed missionaries who serve among Native Americans in the Kansas/Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists. Earl and Betty Jo Stout shown to the left are a husband and wife team who serve as special workers training RA leaders (Earl) and leaders of preschoolers in missions eduction (Betty Jo). The Stouts have been heavily involved in Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and Missions Education for decades, first in Maryland, then in West Virginia. They are semi-retiring from those roles and will continue to serve in their local church, Westview Baptist in June 2008

Another featured missionary whose testimony inspired and challenged attendees was Carolyn Kirk seen in the photo below who is an IMB missionary serving in South America. A native of Great Britain, Kirk’s diction and accent made her descriptions of mission service and her personal calling truly interesting to hear. Part of the Missions Celebration is personal growth conferences during the Friday afternoon session. Below are a group of attendees listening while Caroline Jones, a national WMU leader from Birmingham, led a conference on involving people in missions. By the way, that is a guy attending the wMu Celebration. He’s Eddie Henson, retired associa-

Jerilyn Smith, wife of James Smith, both of whom serve the Monongahela Baptist Association as NAMB missionaries, is shown on the left in the photo below leading a conference on GAs and CIAs making a World of Difference.

D o n Knotts on the left is conferring with Dennis Cherry, Allegheny Associational Missionary. Continued to page 8 ... 7

Continued from page 7 ... Terry Harper, Greg Wrigley, Jacob Atchley, and John Adams, all led Bible studies during the wMu Celebration. In the photo to the left, Harper is bringing words of encouragement and challenge during the Saturday closing session. Rob Carr, National RA leader from NAMB is shown to the upper right with Maxine Bumgarner enjoying a piece of the birthday cake pictured on page 6. From

the smile on Rob’s face the cake was very good or Maxine was very funny. In the photo below and to the left, Caroline Jones is behind the pulpit during the formal installation of officers. The photo to the right shows Wanda McConihay reading from her annual report as president.

Position Opening
The WVCSB seeks to find a person to lead our churches in educational programs, primarily in Sunday School growth and Vacation Bible School and to serve as our state paper editor. The person will have a variety of other program assignments as well. The staff member will need to have training in these areas and some experience in training others. Interested parties should submit their resume with a cover letter to Terry L. Harper, Executive Director of West Virginia Convention of Southern Baptists. Mail them to One Mission Way, Scott Depot, WV 25560 or email them to or to Mr. Tim Kearney, president, (same address) or at Resume should be sent NO LATER than June 15.

State Bible Drill Recap: First Person Account by Randy Spurgeon
On May 3, I had the privilege of conducting my first State Bible Drill at the convention office in Scott Depot. Nine boys and girls participated in the contest, 6 churches (Brushfork BC, Burke Memorial, First Baptist of Princeton, Good Shepherd, Silver Springs in Princeton and Willowbrook Baptist) and 2 associations (Pioneer and Mountain State) were represented. Around 45 people attended and supported the children as they enjoyed the event. All drillers did very well and several came close to letter perfect. A big thank you goes to Terrie Hannah, Debbie Spurgeon, Connie Woodyard, Rick Weber and Joseph Spurgeon for their help in making the Bible Drill a success. We hope that next year we will see several others join in this great event of learning God’s Word.

The nine drillers are pictured to the left. Bible Drill Coordinator Randy Spurgeon is shown to the right. The three judges are shown below left to right: Connie Woodyard, Rick Weber and Joseph Spurgeon.


The West Virginia Southern Baptist

West Virginia Prayer Focus
Your state convention staff meets each working day for a brief time of prayer. We pray for missionaries, campuses, associations, churches, and chapels by name each day. We invite our readers to pray as well. New Work: Claude Stevens retired as associational missionary in the Immanuel Association. In 2006,Claude heard the Lord’s call to be a church planter and begin a new work in the association. Dick Howie, the current associational missionary, worked with Claude in launching Harvest Time, SBC in Parkersburg. This has become a solid new work with great facilities. Pray for Claude and his wife, Margaret, as they lead this new work. Pray for their outreach and current projects as they seek to win souls to the Lord Jesus. Pray for leaders in all areas of ministry. Ministry Focus: Mission Teams coming to West Virginia and West Virginia Teams going to other places. Scripture: But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. Acts 1:8 NKJV Weekend Prayer Focus: 52 Days of Ministry and Evangelism, June 20-August 10 Allegheny Association, Dennis Cherry, associational missionary; George Secrist, leader of 52 Weeks of Prayer for 52 days of Ministry and Evangelism. Resources: Andrew Murray, The Prayer Life Date June 9 June 10 June 11 June 12 June 13 June 16 June 17 June 18 June 19 June 20 June 23 June 24 June 25 June 26 June 27 June 30 July 1 July 2 July 3 July 7 July 8 July 9 July 10 July 11 Association Coalfields Greater Huntington Immanuel Monongahela Mountain State Pioneer Potomac Highland Tri-County Upper Ohio Valley Allegheny Coalfields Greater Huntington Immanuel Monongahela Mountain State Pioneer Potomac Highland Tri-County Upper Ohio Valley Allegheny Coalfields Greater Huntington Immanuel Monongahela Campus Bluefield State Concord Univ. Marshall Univ. Mt. State Univ. WVU Morgntwn Bluefield State Concord Univ. Marshall Univ. Mt. State Univ. WVU Morgntwn Bluefield State Concord Univ. Marshall Univ. Mt. State Univ. WVU Morgntwn Bluefield State Concord Univ. Marshall Univ. Mt. State Univ. WVU Morgntwn Bluefield State Concord Univ. Marshall Univ. Mt. State Univ. Church Canaan Canaan Valley Cathedral of Prayer Central, Bluefield Ceres Charity, Wyatt Chattaroy Christian Family Fellowship Ch. of the Good Shepherd Community, Grantsville Covenant, Princeton Covenant, Romney Cross Lanes Crosspoint Cumberland Heights Danville Community East End, Bluefield East Williamson Eastwood Edgemont Emmanuel, Great Cacapon Emmanuel, St. Clairsville Emmanuel, Lewisburg Evangel, Bridgeport Chapel Harvest Time Hope, Richwood The Journey Lighthouse, Charleston Lighthouse, Ivydale Marland Heights New Life, Arnoldsburg Oak Creek Pipestem Solid Rock South Wheeling So. Bapt. at Flatwoods So. Bapt. at Salt Rock So. Bapt. at Wayne Abundant Hope The Bridge Carpendale Centerpointe Chinese Mission Crossroads, Birch River Faith, Winfield Faith Fellowship, Athens Freedom, Charleston Friendly

The Family of Mark Patrick Steele Appreciates Your Prayers
Pictured below is a little boy for whom many prayers have been lifted in the last 4-5 years. Mark Patrick Steele, son of Shannon and Pat Steele, brother of Matthew Steele, and grandson of retired WVCSB staffer Tom Young, all members of Riverwood Baptist in St. Albans, has lived with an enlarged heart all of his short life. At the time this edition was compiled, Mark was doing well in the Children’s Hospital in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania as he continued to await the heart transplant that will restore his health and hope June 2008 for a normal lifespan. All across West Virginia, people have prayed for the Steele family, for both sets of grandparents, and for the family of the potential donor. Your prayers are appreciated and needed to face this challenge. Major medical expenses for the family always accompany heart transplants. Many persons have wondered if there is anything they can do for the family especially as it relates to the expenses that have accompanied this long ordeal. Gifts can be made payable to Riverwood Baptist Church, Attention Buddy Clark, 3002 Shadyside Road, St Albans, WV 25177-9519. Mark the check “For Mark Steele’s Medical Expenses.” Shown below, left to right are Tom Young, Randy Spurgeon, Doug and Judy Virgin during a recent lunch in Scott Depot during which the Virgins delivered a check for Mark from some of the folks in the Greater Huntington Association.


News from West Virginia Churches
Highlawn Baptist, Huntington, reports that two of their Marshall University students, Andrew Merritt and Tanner Arrowood, recently announced their calls into the ministry, and Andrew has been employed by the church as a Ministry Intern. Susan McKenzie has been employed as the new Director of Children and Preschool Ministries, and Suzanne Sutherland as Ministerial Assistant. The congregation rejoiced to see two young people saved and baptized during April. They enjoyed hosting the first night of the Building Bridges conference in Greater Huntington and participating in the second session at First, Ceredo. Minister of Music, Matt McKenzie and the choir were busy in April building bridges with two churches in Kentucky. Matt led music and worship for revival services at First, Ashland and was joined by the choir on Sunday, April 13 and by the Praise Team on Monday, April 14. Their choir joined with the choir from Unity Baptist in Ashland to present a musical on Sunday, April 20 at Unity and the next Sunday at Highlawn. The pastor has been conducting New Member class for all current church members as well as new members. Approximately 25 ladies enjoyed a spring retreat focusing on their relationships with God and others. Highlawn requests your prayers for their Youth Minister Search Team as they seek a new staff member. Ricky Ray is the pastor. Eastwood Baptist is rejoicing over a recent profession of faith. A group of teens and leaders attended the Mercy Me winter tour in Huntington. The church hosted an adoption seminar for Happy Families International Center, who help orphans in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Guatemala find loving families. Each month the church family and friends gather for a game night for fun and fellowship. Hugh Summers and Brady Lipscomb pastor the church. The ladies of First Baptist, Ceredo, made Easter bags to distribute to the pediatrics floor of St. Mary’s Hospital, King’s Daughters’ Hospital, Cabell Hospital, and the Huntington City Mission. The church hosted Ladies Appreciation Day, with ladies in attendance from six Greater Huntington Association churches as well as eight other churches in the Tri-State area. Music 10 was provided by Marsha Thompson and her father Claude Hurst, and Judy Virgin was the speaker for the Celebrate Sisterhood themed event. The church meets for dinner on Wednesdays, after which folks are involved in visiting in the community or sending cards to prospects, shut-ins, and members, followed by a time of prayer and praise. Rodney Hale is the pastor. The Puppet Praise Team from Hamlin Baptist, where James Caldwell is the pastor, received an invitation to participate in the 12-yr. anniversary celebration of the Martin Luther King, Jr., Male Chorus at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Charleston. The choir performed an Easter presentation, and twenty-one children attended the annual Easter Celebration where they enjoyed an afternoon of games and refreshments. The Children’s Choir and Adult Choir sang during a revival of a local church in April. Recent special musical guests have included Larry and Nancy Kidd, and Lewis & Lewis, from Nashville, TN. The WMU hosted St. Patrick’s Day and Spring parties for residents of a local nursing home. During the month of March the children’s Sunday School classes collected money in Easter eggs for the Annie Armstrong Mission Offering. Locust Grove Baptist, pastored by Randall Robertson, added two new members recently, one by letter and one by baptism. Mrs. Marjorie “Mammie” Perdue, a founding member of the church, was the guest speaker for the Woman’s Missionary Union. On the 5th Sunday in March the morning service included the children’s choir and the evening service was led by the Teen L.I.F.E. members. The teens led the songs accompanied by Rachel Lewis on the guitar. Brennan Boggs presented a devotional. Twentieth Street, Kenova, held a Spring Retreat, followed by Revival Services with speaker Russ Chambers. A baptism was held in March, and several new members have been added recently. At Westmoreland Baptist the Upward Basketball and Cheerleading season finished up with 202 in attendance for the Award Ceremony, followed by pizza, chips and soft drinks. Three new families have been attending the church as a direct result of the Upward ministry. Registration and evaluations have been completed and play has begun for the Upward Spring Soccer league. The combined choirs of Westmoreland and Altizer Baptist presented an Easter musical drama For Such a One As This, directed by Randy Spurgeon. The pastor at Westmoreland is C. J. Adkins, and Cledith Campbell pastors Altizer. Freedom Baptist, Charleston, has in recent weeks witnessed two salvations, scheduled three baptisms, and observed a total of five people desiring membership. Jimmy Morton is the pastor. First Baptist, Bluewell, where Jim Milam is pastor, held revival services in May. Don Deel, Associational Missionary for the Mountain State Baptist Association was the speaker, and there was special singing each night. Lilly Grove Baptist has had two additions, one by letter and one by baptism. Bruce Woodson pastors the church. An article in the Princeton Times-Community Cornerstones issue of March 28 recognized Jim and Arnetta Davidson for their 37 years in the mission fields ministering to tribal villages in Peru and Bolivia and their continued mission to serve God at Riverside Baptist Church in Bramwell. Silver Springs Baptist, Gerald McKinney pastor, is rejoicing over three who were baptized and two who received Christ as Lord and Savior and were awaiting baptism. Three more members were added by profession of faith. Twenty participated in a work day at the church, cutting brush, trimming shrubbery, cleaning and organizing the kitchen, painting class rooms and outside doors, and other tasks. Youth Pastor Wesley Belcher and his family have been called as full-time pastor in Saltville, VA. An ordination service and reception were scheduled for May 18. The ladies of Cross Lanes Baptist enjoyed a weekend retreat in April. They participated in Bible Study sessions, fun activity sessions, and time to just talk, laugh and get to know one another better. They completed six cozy fleece blankets with Jesus loves you printed in both English and Spanish which were given to the Women and Children’s shelter of the Union Mission. Seth Polk is pastor. The West Virginia Southern Baptist

News from West Virginia Churches
Chattaroy Missionary Baptist hosted their first Children’s Missions Day, attended by fifty children and adults from Chattaroy, East Williamson and Horsepen Baptist Churches. The children celebrated missions by listening to special speaker William Hunt, playing games, having lunch, making crafts, watching a DVD presentation, having photos taken and completing a very special mission project. The children made Happy Birthday Bags for children of the Tug Valley Recovery Shelter and the Harless Shelter which houses foster care children. Each bag was decorated then filled with everything needed to have a birthday party, and included a birthday card made by the youth. At the end of the program the children reassembled for a brief worship session and were quizzed on what they had learned. Pastor W. L. Bostic would like to thank youth directors Angie Brock and Chris Dotson along with teachers Leasha Johnson and Jimetta McCoy as well as the members of the church for their work on this project. Memorial Baptist in Beckley is holding a series of vision meetings to discover their Core Values. Randy Tate, Church Planting Director for the WVCSB, is working with the church in the process to help clarify and define the Core Values and compose a Mission Statement. Tom Warnock has been called as Worship Pastor. A Welcome Reception for Tom, Dottie and Jonathan was held April 13. Paul Blizard serves as Senior Pastor. Heritage Baptist, Elkview, has been blessed with seven salvations in a recent month. Pastor Dean Meadows performed his first one-armed baptism (due to a broken arm) when he baptized a father and son. The church raised approximately $600 for the Kids Hope program through the concession stand for the Pioneer Association Adult and Youth Volleyball Leagues. Witcher Baptist celebrates one recent salvation. They had a great turnout for their first Community Easter Egg Hunt, and are praying that contacts made will lead to souls won for Christ. Bernard Toppings is pastor as well as being Associational Missionary for the Pioneer Association. Cumberland Heights Baptist, Bluefield, has had a blessed winter with June 2008 the addition of thirteen new members since January. Jim Kestner is the pastor. The UpWord Gang from Berkeley Baptist, a group for those age 50 and up, traveled to the Washington County Playhouse for a performance of Oklahoma. The youth hosted a dinner to show appreciation for the congregation’s support of their activities, missions endeavors, and more. Pastor George Hopkins is recovering from recent hip surgery and has returned to the pulpit. Charity Baptist, Wyatt, where Dan Adkins is pastor, had two saved in April. A baptism was held after revival services April 30-May2. Freedom Baptist, Nutter Fort, is now a host church for the Angel Food Ministries. They have also ministered to the family of a new Christian who is terminally ill by making needed repairs to their home. Jimmy Sanders pastors the church. New Creek members were saddened at the passing of Anna See, a charter member of the church, on April 18. She will be greatly missed. New Life, Weston, had three adults follow the Lord in believers’ baptism in April. They held a work day on April 19. Dave Riddle is the pastor. The members of Southern, Philippi, collected many items for Russia, and the youth were challenged to see how many hot wheel cars they could collect. The answer - 2 big boxes - enough that when placed end to end they stretched from their parking lot to the bridge on the other side of the sanctuary and up the stairs leading to their educational building! Even more exciting is that six people were baptized April 20, and a record number were in attendance to witness this great event. Wade McGee pastors the church. Wayside, Buckhannon, Don Knotts pastor, had one baptism in April and hosted the Associational Ladies’ Retreat and the State WMU’s Annual Missions Celebration back-to-back weekends. James Smith, Associational Missionary for the Monongahela Association, informed this publication that they have over 100 good 1975-edition dark crimson Baptist Hymnals to give away. Interested parties should contact the Associational Office at 304-622-4520. Our sincere sympathy is extended to the family of G. Lindell Smith who died May 1. Lindell, along with wife Judy, was the pastor of Berean Baptist Church, Morgantown. Please keep Judy and the church in your prayers during this difficult time.

Twentieth Street in Kenova hosted a youth retreat attended by their youth and groups from Altizer, Locust Grove, Spring Valley Freedom and Eastwood Baptist churches. Each congregation participate in the Greater Huntington Baptist Association. A total of 75 youth, leaders, and program guests participated in the March 7-9 retreat at Scioto Hills Camp.

Nine members of Anastasia Baptist Church in St. Augustine, Florida served alongside associational missionary Mike York in the Coalfields Association. The team, shown above, worked to help with a new church plant in the Neibert community. They visited and prayed for more than 90 homes in the area and staffed a community outreach cookout at the end of their week in the Coalfields. The Coalfields Association also hosted a Community Revival at the Coalfield Jamboree Theater in Logan April 28 - May 3 at 7:00 p.m. each night. Area preachers and musicians provided worship leadership and there was good participation from nearly all of the 15 churches in the association. Several prospects were discovered and will be cultivated by area churches. Two persons made public professions of faith and several other decisions were noted.


WVCSB Calendar
26 Memorial Day (Offices closed) 30-June 1 Campers on Mission

8-11 SBC Meetings in Indianapolis 13 Men and Boys Golf Tournament 28 Disaster Relief Training 30 - July 5 Cleveland Mission Trip

4 Independence Day, office closed 7-12 Centrifuge 12-19 Tyrone, PA Mission Trip 20-21 Missions Camp Orientation 21-25 Missions Camp 30-31 CGA Pastors’ Retreat

Graydon Baptist Kids Learn How to Grow
Graydon Baptist Church has started a new project called God’s Kids Garden led by Rev. Paul Gene Syner of Edmond. Open to all neighborhood kids, the project is designed to teach children how to grow a garden. Rev. Syner stated, “There are hundreds of kids in our county who do not know how to plant or grow a seed. In this day and time when bread is upwards of $2.00 per loaf, there may come a time when growing a garden is once again a necessity as it once was.” Syner wants children to know how to plant a garden so he is doing something to make that a reality. Since the first day of Spring Break was beautiful (See the photo below.), everyone gathered at the half acre plot in Edmond to spread the 8 tons of manure that Syner had acquired. If you’re in the neighborhood, you’re welcome to pick up a hoe and help them grow!

The West Virginia Southern Baptist

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