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GRACE TO YOU and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ by fionan


									GRACE TO YOU
and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 1:2

November 2009 “Thankful for One Another”

“We ought always to thank God for you, brothers loved by the Lord.” 2 Thessalonians 2:13 It’s that month of the year when we turn to making our lists. One of those might be early Christmas lists, but certainly the other list will be the list of our blessings as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. On that list will be so many earthly blessings that we certainly can’t remember or name all of them. Also on the list will be “people” blessings, including our family and friends. As you make that “people” blessing list, don’t forget to include your fellow members here at Grace. As pastor, I get to hear so many stories and situations where one member of Grace tells me about how much the thoughtfulness, the actions of another member of Grace has meant to them. In most cases, I am sure that such thankfulness also gets passed along to the other person as well. However in the event that it doesn’t always happen, know this, “this congregation is filled with exemplary Christian kindness and thoughtfulness.” The stories I hear give evidence of it! So as you give thanks this month, think of the Bible verse above as Paul writes to the congregation at Thessalonica. Say a prayer of thanks for the blessing of being a part of a Christian family at Grace where brothers and sisters in Christ demonstrate their faith through their thoughtfulness toward one another. I know that I will. I am so thankful to be your pastor.

and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Ephesians 1:2
“Mission Minded Members” Pray the Prayer So far in our series we have identified two traits of Mission Minded Members. God restores the joy of our own salvation and stirs our compassion for the lost. This month we come to a third and natural follow up to those two traits, namely that we pray fervently and frequently for God’s help and blessing as we seek to bring the good news of Christ Jesus to others. One pastor suggests that our daily prayer in this regard could be stated in these words: O Holy Spirit, prepare the way. And teach me Lord, just what to say. Included in that prayer could be the following requests: 1. Pray for yourself and all Christians that we might see ourselves as the very ones that the Holy Sprit wants to use to bring the good news of Jesus to others. It is good and right for us to pray for missionaries, but the temptation that goes along with that is to think of them as the only ones who are spreading the good news of Jesus. Ask God to give you an increased awareness and eagerness to be His messenger. 2. Pray for courage and dedication that your Christian faith will show in how you live and talk. Jesus talks about it as “letting our lights shine so that others may see our good works and glorify our Father who is in heaven.” Yes, pray that Jesus will shine in your behavior and conversation. Then pray that the unbelievers who see it will be drawn to wanting to know more about your Christian faith. 3. Pray for opportunities to speak. Once when the Apostle Paul left on a missionary journey, he asked, “Pray for us, that God will open for us a door.” That should be our prayer every morning as we head out to another day in interaction with others. God, please open a door that with someone I meet today, I will have a chance to bring my faith, your love into the conversation. That fits right in with the next prayer: 4. Pray for boldness. Reluctance or shyness is one of the major hindrances to mission work. God does and will continue to give us many opportunities to speak about Him and our Christian faith. In sincere repentance, we confess our sins of omission as we hide our light under a bushel basket. Again we learn from the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 6:19 “Pray also for me . . . so that I may speak boldly to proclaim the mystery of the Gospel.” 5. Pray for the right words. Feelings of inadequacy are another major problem. It doesn’t take a sermon, a prepared script, or a polished speech. It’s about us naturally and lovingly speaking of that which we do know. As you pray for boldness, pray also for the right words, knowing that God is anxious and able to bless your conversations. 6. Pray for the Holy Spirit. The greatest comfort and encouragement in our lives of witness is that it is not about or up to us. It is the Holy Spirit who is truly at work through us to bring blessings. In complete confidence, pray for Him to work through you to accomplish what He wants done. Your witness will never, ever be in vain. In summary, prayer is essential in our lives as Mission Minded Members. It prepares us. It blesses those to whom we witness. It leads us to confidence that the God who calls us to witness will certainly bless us as we do so. Pray fervently and witness boldly in the assurance of God’s Grace to You,

October 2009

Pastor Rempfer (see you on Sunday)

Sunday School Perfect Attendance for September N/K – Ella Hayden, Marcus Newton, Alison Newton, Elijah Rabe, Blake Soquet, 3/4 Carter Hayden; 5-8 Taylor Hayden Sunday School Perfect Attendance for October N/K – Breck Coffland, Marcus Newton, Elijah Rabe, Cody Wright 1/2 Garrett Coffland; 3/4 Carter Hayden, Samantha Rabe; 5-8 Taylor Hayden


October Financial Activity
Home budget Mission offerings Undesignated 10,360.00 170.00 749.00 $11,279.00

Education/subscriptions Maintenance Missions Office expenses Salaries Utilities Worship expenses 220.00 59.83 1,708.33 84.80 6,572.99 2,058.33 139.55 $10,843.83

Other Income: Clausen Memorial


Still have not received Driveway bill from Kimms Ready Mix.

Checking Balance Oct. 31: $340.97 Carolyn Rinholen, Treasurer

Rake and Run . . . On Sunday, November 8th at 1:30, we will meet at church with our rakes (and pick-ups if you have one) to go across Blairstown looking for yards to rake in Christian service to our neighbors. Donate T-Shirts . . . Do you have used blankets, sheets, or adult-sized T-shirts (any color) that you wish to discard? Please bring them to the church basement by Friday, November 13th. The blankets and sheets will be used by ladies of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League to assemble quilts, which will be tied at the district convention next summer. The T-shirts will be used to make cloth diapers to go into Lutheran World Relief layettes. Your generosity and participation will be a blessing to those in great need around the world! Invitations Sun. Nov. 1 Tues, Nov. 3 Sun. Nov 8 Fri. Nov. 13 Wed. Nov. 18 Central Lutheran Brunch 11:00 – 1:00 St. Andrew, Van Horne Soup Supper 5:00 – 7:00 St. Paul, Luzerne Soup Supper 4:30 – 6:30 Lutheran Home Luncheon ( at U.S. Bank) 11:00 - 1:00 St. John Newhall Soup Supper 4:30 – 7:00

Harmony Hawks The Harmony Hawks Gospel Concert will held on Saturday, November 14th at the New Covenant Bible Church at 1800 46th St. N.E. in Cedar Rapids. Two performances will be held, one at 3:00 and one at 7:00. (Doors open at 2:30 and 6:30) Free Admission. Money Matters: Parenting Workshops at Central Lutheran School on Sunday, November 15th On Sunday, November 15th, at Central Lutheran School, Thrivent will conduct a Parents, Kids, and Money Matters educational workshop at 4 PM, and a Parents, Teens, and Money Matters educational workshop at 6 PM. These interactive, one hour, values-based workshops help children learn about money management. Specific needs for each age group are addressed in a fun atmosphere. Pizza will be served from 5-6 PM and childcare will be provided for younger children. The 4:00 workshop is designed for parents and their children ages 6 to 10. The 6:00 workshop is designed for parents and their children ages 11 to 14. Each workshop will offer practical teaching tools. To register, please contact Thrivent Financial Associate Dan Newton at 319-721-4033 or by November 13th.

3rd Quarter Voters’ Meeting Summary July Average Attendance: Church Sunday School Bible Class Total Communion 123(114) 12(12) 23(19) 197(194) Aug Sept Quarter % in church 28%(34%)

116(113) 134(164) 124(130) 14(18) 17(20) 14(17) 21 (21) 22(25) 22(21) 179(170) 189(197) 564(561)

(Numbers in parentheses are from 3rd quarter - 2008)

Baptisms Confirmations - Brian and Kathryn Pisch, July 19 Marriages Funerals – L.H. “Shorty” Clausen September 28 Membership Changes Membership Totals Baptized:

Jan. 1 442 Confirmed: Jan. 1 348 Jun 30 442 Jun 30 348 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reports and Business
 Benton Circuit delegates to the 2010 LCMS convention are Rev. Doug Woltemath - Atkins David Gahring – Keystone

 

The Benton Circuit has formed the Benton Youth Fellowship to plan and host more youth events on a circuit level. The B.Y.F. leadership group is made up of one adult and one youth from each congregation Central Lutheran School, Lord willing, will add a new gymnasium and expanded kitchen to their facilities. A information meeting about the mission of Central and Building in Faith will be held after worship on Sunday, Nov. 15th The next phase of the 100th anniversary celebration will be the formation of committees to formulate plans in five areas: History; Celebration Events: Building and Grounds; Spiritual Growth; Mission Emphasis. A congregational coordinator will be chosen soon and the committees established. The trustees indicated that the parsonage roof will need to be re-shingled next year. They asked that members be invited to support this project financially since it is not covered in the budget. Rake and Run Servant Event will be held on Sunday, November 8 at 1:30 Stewardship Sunday will be held on Sunday, November 15th The voters approved a request from Dakota Stults, son of Paul and Sherri Stults, to replace the shrubbery around our church building as his Eagle Scout project. Dakota will make contacts, enlist volunteers, and do some fund raising. Our congregation will be involved through decision making and supporting the project with money and labor. Elections were held with the following results: Chairman – Don Jensen; Elder - Ray Wittenburg; Trustee- Butch Akery; Treasurer – To be determined; Education – Stacy Siek; Stewardship – Gina Niebes; Evangelism – Carole Jensen; Usher – Tracy Coffland and one to be determined; Financial Assistants – Jerry and Diane Rabe A budget for 2010 was adopted with a total of $144,043, an increase of $1,759 (1.2%)


   



Parents and Teachers Working Together to Follow Jesus’ Command

Feed My Lambs
Grace Lutheran Sunday School November 2009 Pastor to Parents:

“Protecting our Children”
What’s on the list, parents? What’s on the list of all the things from which our children need protection? Protect them from the flu by washing their hands, getting their shots, wiping down the shopping cart. Protect them from injuries by using government approved car seats, bicycle helmets, and face guards on their little league helmets. We can be thankful for all the guidelines and all the provisions that help us protect our children. May I remind you of one more item that protection list, in fact, the most important item on the protection list. When you brought your child to the baptismal font, he/she received the sign of the cross on their foreheads and on their hearts. It marked him/her as one redeemed by Christ the crucified. It also marked him/her as a target for Satan. Thus, we now know the most important protection we strive to provide for our children. They have an enemy lurking, seeking to weaken and rob them of that faith in Jesus that was given to them in Holy Baptism. It’s our calling to protect them! How do we do it? In two words – Teach and Pray! There simply is no greater spiritual blessing and protection we can give our children then to teach them God’s Word. As your talk to your child about sin and forgiveness, right and wrong, truth and error, temptation and obedience, God is building in them and around them His divine protection from Satan. There is no greater need than to be parents who daily pray for our children and their spiritual lives and spiritual growth. Pray that God will use your devotions and your teaching to keep them always safe and protected in the true faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ.

November Notes
Sunday School Perfect Attendance for September N/K – Ella Hayden, Marcus Newton, Alison Newton, Elijah Rabe, Blake Soquet, 3/4 Carter Hayden; 5-8 Taylor Hayden Sunday School Perfect Attendance for October N/K – Breck Coffland, Marcus Newton, Elijah Rabe, Cody Wright 1/2 Garrett Coffland; 3/4 Carter Hayden, Samantha Rabe; 5-8 Taylor Hayden

November Baptismal Birthdays Jaxson Snitker 11/3; Hailey Myers 11/3; Brycen Myers 11/3; Chloe Meeks 11/3; Jenna DeJong 11/28; Cody Wright 11/29; We will celebrate Baptismal birthdays on November 8th Upcoming Choir Dates Cherub Choir (Preschool – 6th grade) November 8th Christmas Eve: We involve our Sunday School and midweek students in our 6:30 p.m. Christmas Eve worship service. We hope we will have the privilege of having your child(ren) participate.

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