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									CHICAGOLAND G.A. INTERGROUP th MINUTES FOR Aug 20 , 2007 corrected Sept 18,2007 Chairman: René B Secretary: Cindy M The meeting was called to order at 731 pm Readings: Recovery Program – Jim H Unity Program – Donna D One Day at a Time - Scott D Excused Absences: Alan S and Jim F New Reps: Scott D - Sat morning Downers Grove; Donna D Orland Park - Thur morning; Rigo H - Friday St Joe’s Joliet Review of the minutes from the June and July Meetings June minutes – No changes July minutes - Under phone service report: delete the line- there are currently no open slots on the phone service. June minutes approved and July minutes approved as amended. Old Business Rene confirmed with the hospital that we can continue to meet in this room next year. She will ask them to send us written confirmation. Rene has also checked with Mid American Bank re cost if we want to switch to a business acct when we ran out of the current checks in the treasury. She has given the info to the 2 treasurers and they can decide about any future changes such as changing to a business acct, changing the months end date, or even changing to a different bank. Steve S was on of the signatories at the bank, and we do require 4 signatories at a time. Suggestion was made to have a trustee be one of the signatories and Kathy H volunteered and was accepted. She will be going to the current bank to make arrangements. Election for trustee to serve out the remainder of Steve’s term. Arnie B and Dolores R were nominated. Ballets were counted by Margie P, Drew X, John B and Ann G. Dolores R is the new trustee and will serve out the remainder of Steve’s term. New business: Salvation army in Norridge is raising the rent to $50.00, from $25.00 starting in Sept. Discussion: Norridge is one of our smaller rooms and Debbie continues to encourage them to dig deeper into their pockets to aim to be self-supporting. Motion made by Debbie that we raise the rent payment to the $50.00 Motion passes Waukegan/Gurnee (Thursday) is changing the meeting time: new time is 630 till 830 pm.


Please call or email Heidi at 312-475-9041 or AT LEAST ONE DAY PRIOR TO INTERGROUP Room reps, PLEASE follow the format below when sending info to Heidi. When having an in room meeting, please indicate if it is open or closed! On the website we will be posting which trustee will be attending the pinning.


Thursday open Sunday – open

7:30pm ½ hour early 6:00 pm

Mayfair Lutheran- park in funeral home lot across the street Naperville

Debbie M Allen H Tim c John L Joyce C Fred R Mike K

10 yr GA 15 yr GA 1 yr GA 1 yr GA 1 yr GamAnon 1 yr GA 5 yr GA


8-29-07 9-13-07

Wednesday open Thursday Tuesday – open Monday – open

7:00 pm 7:00 pm

9-18-07 9-24-07

7:00 pm 7:00 pm

Wayback Inn Maywood Hosanna! Church St Charles Rooms 404/405 Michael Reese First Presbyterian Church –Joliet

Robert L Lori S

1 yr GA 1 yr GA

Committee Reports Budget report - Jeff F The first budget meeting was held and they discussed what the purpose of intergroup is and based on that discussion they have started a budget. They plan on presenting us with a report in Oct. Monies that have already been approved won’t be addressed and they will be looking at ways to spend down the money already in the treasury. The committee is always available for phone calls: Jeff F 312 399 9609 - Bill S 630 709 4864 - Bob K 847 590 1184 - Tom D 630 724 7713 . Motion to accept budget report - Report accepted Board of Regents’ report – Alan S No report Picnic report - Scott S The picnic was successful! Attendance was 147 adults with 62 kids. Attendance was down about 40 to 50 people from the past 2 years. There was a loss of $588.00 Discussion: Bill and René thanked Scott for a great job, and it was mentioned that Scott did the majority of the pre picnic work (including the morning of) alone, however he did get a lot of help from members during the picnic. Christine discussed the possibility about making next years picnic a free event, letting people provide their own food, with GA supplying the fun picnic details. Motion to accept the picnic report – Report accepted Pressure Relief – No Report We are in need of a pressure relief chairperson till the end of the year. Dan had to step down. The chairperson coordinates with the rooms as needed and should be available to assist with pressure relief. Jim A from Evanston was nominated and he accepted the position. Jim A can be reached at 847- 791- 7450, or email him at Public Relations – Kathy H. No report Phone Service – Dianna R There were 90 calls from June 19th thru July 18, totaling 466 minutes. Total bill was $209.93 and we paid $50. There are always spots open on the phone service, especially night hours. Forms are on the internet. Motion to accept the phone service report – Report accepted.

Supplies – Christine K and Jeff F Supplies distributed at intergroup 574.60, amount collected tonight 125.00, supplies ordered 361.49 Discussion: the thinking behind trying to be self-supporting is to make rooms aware of what the supplies cost. We wont turn people away from getting supplies if they don’t have the cash. The only supplies you have to pay for are the medallions, blue book, red book and the one-day at a time book. Your rooms don’t need to break out the line item at this time, unless your room has voted different. Motion to accept supply report – Report accepted. Internet – No report. Treasurers’ Report – Phil S and Harvey W Motion to reimburse $14.47 to Kathy H for copying and mailings. Motion Passed Collection tonight,$3598.45 - Ga intergroup $1801.20 – ISO$769.80 - supplies $190.45 - Can collection $45 – Picnic $774.00 service charge$ 8 – pinning fund $10.00 Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report - Report accepted. Sunshine Report – Debbie M Cards are up to date. Motion to accept the Sunshine report – Report accepted. Trustees Report – Tom D, Kathy H, Jim M th Tom - Reminds us that previously Chicagoland voted that Thursday September 13 , which is the 50th anniversary of GA, is ISO NATIONAL ATTENDANCE DAY. This is a day for all members to attend a meeting and make a donation to the ISO, which will be a separate collection. We are having this instead of a walkathon. Tom is also looking for feedback regarding the discussion topic,” what groups are doing in pressure relief re credit cards and the new bankruptcy laws? This is in reference to changes made after Aug 06 and the credit card companies being able to go after unsecured debts. He is looking for examples of how negotiations are going before the matters get to the courts. There are 5 items from Chicago on the agenda at the next conference. You can find specific info on our web site next week. Kathy – Kathy passed out printouts re the ISO and what it does for us. She also passed out material re GA contributions and what these funds are used for. She reports that with so many of the rooms being self-supporting, that some of these rooms are no longer contributing to the Chicagoland GA or intergroup. GA pays rent and supplies, we also help pay the rent for rooms who don’t have enough money to support themselves, there are trustees expenses, conferences, phone service bills. We need our rooms to continue to contribute to the intergroup general fund. The next spring conference meeting will be Monday September 10, 07 at 7:00 pm at The Westin Itasca Hotel, in the Chambers room. The meeting room is to the right of the bathrooms on the main floor. The conference will be May 2, 3 4 2008. Normally we would have begun working on this in June. PLEASE COME AND JOIN – WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET- GET INVOLVED- BRING YOUR IDEAS! Kathy can’t thank the room enough for all the generous support she has gotten for the walkathons. So far she has forwarded $1907 to Karen for the LA walkathon. Kathy went to Fort Wayne, found them to be having problems, and closing meetings. She was told that they never felt connected with us here in Chicago. Kathy reminded them that they always have the opportunity to call the trustees here and let us know there were problems. Trustees are here to

help and support, but remember you have to ask for help. Jim- Jim reports he and Kathy plan on going to Milwaukee and hopefully will bring back a plan on how to get Wisconsin autonomous. Motion to accept the trustee report – Report accepted. Motion to accept trustee report - report accepted New Meetings Report – Dave M. No report Anniversary Report – Christine K No report Good and Welfare Phil S’s mom passed away. Dave M’s brother passed away. Tim P is back in hospital, Lutheran General. Scott S’s new baby girl is in the hospital. Daryl J’s mom had a stroke and should be home from the hospital this week. She lives in a mobile home, which has had some damage, and he is looking for help in repairing her home. If you can help him please call him at 630 497-4536 A Gammon family (we will call them Tammy) needs our prayers as they go through a difficult time right now. Activities report – Heidi Heidi asked if anyone check with their rooms re the adventure experience handout she passed out last month. There was no discussion, so she will drop this activity. Motion to accept the activities report - report accepted Motion made by Christine regarding a holiday party in 2008. Please check with your rooms and let us know if there is any interest. Discussion: some rooms are currently having their own holiday parties. Motion passed 2007 conference report - Arnie B Final figures for the conference were $21,218.64. This was split between the 2 groups – 55% going to GA and 45% to GamAnon. These monies are turned into ISO, Chicago doesn’t keep any of the money. The final checks will be going out in the next few days. Motion to accept conference report - Report accepted Meeting adjourned at 9:03 p.m. with the group joining hands and reciting the Serenity Prayer.

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