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Minutes of Meeting held at 1.45 p.m. on Sunday, 2 June 1996 at the Forest Hotel, Dorridge, Solihull


A J Braund P F Hunt J Davison M Hopkinson G S Smith P W Ball C R Buxton E Jones Dr C Maunder Mrs J Stewart E Hodgkins Mrs G Minchin D Bowen B Morley D Morley Mrs M Denman N Denman S Manning C Avery J T Jones K Evans Ms S Lane Mrs G Hopkinson A Pike Mrs L Sewell R Sewell G James A Burt Mrs M Burt A Kindred Mrs T Kindred Mrs P Allwood W Allwood Mrs S Maunder J Williams Ms J James H Burnett D Townsend Mrs J Townsend J Goff W Lim J Fine G Battersby Miss S Brett Mrs W Brett J McLaren Mrs M McLaren M F Penney Mrs K Fuller L Fuller L Jeffries Mrs J Eng C Kovac G Westmore Mrs O Barnett R Barnett P Phillips

Chairman, BOC; Somerset OS Hon Secretary, BOC; RHS Hon Treasurer, BOC; Southern Counties OS Vice Chairman, BOC; East Midlands OS Minutes Secretary, BOC; Bournemouth OS Vice President, BOC; Bristol & West of England OS Vice President, BOC; North of England OS Vice President, BOC; Bristol & West of England OS Vice President, BOC; Sheffield & District OS Vice President, BOC; RHS Birmingham & Midlands OS Birmingham & Midlands OS Bristol & West of England OS Cambridge OS Cambridge OS Cheltenham & District OS Cheltenham & District OS Cheshire & North Wales OS Central OS Central OS Devon OS Devon OS East Midlands OS Hinckley & District OS North Bucks OS North Bucks OS North of England OS North East of England OS North East of England OS OSGB OSGB Scottish OS Scottish OS Sheffield & District OS Sheffield & District OS Solihull & District OS Somerset OS Southern Counties OS Southern Counties OS South East OS South East OS South Wales OS South Wales OS South West OS South West OS Suffolk OS Suffolk OS Sussex Orchid Group Swindon OS Swindon OS Thames Valley OS Wessex OS Wessex OS Wessex OS Worcestershire OS Worcestershire OS BOGA

The Chairman opened the Meeting with the distribution of the Council‟s 25th Anniversary Tankards to Society representatives . The Chairman then advised that Brian Rittershausen of Burnham Nursery is seriously ill, requesting all present to sign a “get well” card being circulated at the Meeting. He also reported, with regret, the passing of Lesley Evans (Chairman of Worcestershire OS) and of Fred Fowler (Hon Secretary of Swindon OS) during May. He finally welcomed the representatives of the South West OS, Mrs Winifred Brett and Susan Brett, to their first Council meeting. 1. Apologies for Absence Received from R Dadd Mrs V Micklewright Mrs J Plested W Howey Dr McKay I Plested Mrs K Lindsay D Morton R Stevens R Lindsay Dr The Hon A Morrison


Correspondence a. General A total of 127 letters, faxes and telephone calls have been received since the last Meeting, many as a result of an article in the Independent on Sunday of 24 March about Kew‟s Orchid event, in which the name and address of Council‟s Hon Secretary was listed. The enquiries ranged from requests for information on the commercial importation of orchids into the UK as plants and cut flowers from overseas, to where Wardian cases could be purchased. There were several requests for speakers which stressed the need for Council‟s Lecturers‟ List (see Minute Item 6.c below) to include at least one speaker from each BOC member organisation willing to talk about orchids to non-orchid groups such as garden clubs. Two requests have been received for pro-forma constitutions for embryo orchid societies. That of Hinckley & District OS was provided as a model. b. CITES Further information has been received from CITES, but most of the concern has been about marine sites and pollution and endangered mammals and birds; orchids are never mentioned. One matter the Hon Secretary drew to the attention of the Meeting was a reminder from CITES that it is an offence to “plant or otherwise cause to grow in the wild any plant included in Part II of Schedule 9 to the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981” (which includes orchids). c. Changes to Member Societies’ Details Changes to details of member organisations‟ delegates, officers and meeting places are advised to various BOC offices, who are obviously in contact with each other and exchange information on a regular basis. However, it is recommended that a less time consuming approach in future is for such details (and indeed all correspondence to Council) to be advised direct to the Hon Secretary, who will pass them on to the Minutes Secretary, Hon Treasurer and Chairman, as appropriate, and - most importantly - to Norman Heywood for the “Golden Guide”. Member Societies were asked to note this for future reference and to take the necessary action. d. “Golden Guide” It is planned to distribute Societies‟ stocks of the new issue at the Orchid Fayre at Elcot Park in August, or at Council‟s next meeting in September. Those Societies which cannot collect at either event should advise the Hon Secretary. A few Societies have still to advise the number of copies they require; see also Minute Item 4.a below. e. Request for Membership of Council An application to join Council has been received from Mid-Sussex OS. Their constitution has been checked and their membership level meets Council‟s minimum requirement. It was therefore proposed that they be elected as a member of Council. This was carried nem con.


Minutes of the Meeting held on 3 March 1996 Accepted as a true record of that Meeting.


Matters Arising a. Minute Item 4.a - “Golden Guide”

26 responses had been received from member Societies advising the numbers of copies required. Paul Phillips (BOGA) expressed some concern at such a low level of response. 5. Congresses & Weekend Events a. General The Executive has been considering the number of Shows now held by member Societies and the problems associated with take-up of the proposed 18th Congress. It therefore proposed that Congresses should be held every two to two-and-a-half years instead of the present 18-monthly frequency. In the discussion which followed delegates expressed little support for this change and a counter-proposal by Dr Maunder to retain the present 18-monthly frequency was carried overwhelmingly. b. 17th BOC Congress, Sheffield, 12-14 April 1996 This Congress has taken place since the last Meeting of Council. John Williams, Congress Chairman, expressed the thanks of Sheffield & District OS to all members, societies and traders who had given their support. He advised that the tally was 254 Registrants and 1,407 day visitors. Final audited accounts, which are included in these Minutes at Appendix 1, show a £2,708 profit. Joyce Stewart proposed a vote of thanks to Sheffield & District OS for a marvellous show and weekend, and congratulations to its members and Congress Committee; this was carried with acclamation. A small criticism was made as to the relatively high number of awards given to non-UK exhibitors and it was suggested that second place awards should be made in future. It was agreed that the matter would be taken under advisement for the next Congress; see also Minute Item 6.a below. c. Devon Orchid Weekend, 1-3 November 1996 It was reported that the Langstone Cliff Hotel is now filling up. Display space for the show is still available but applications are needed very soon to allow the floor plan to be finalised; prospective exhibitors should contact Sue Lane of Devon OS for details. d. 18th BOC Congress, 1998 The Chairman was very pleased to advise that the “volunteer host” had now confirmed that it would take on the task of organising Council‟s 18th Congress. This is the South East OS, with the dates set as 3-5 April. John Goff (South East OS) provided some background, stressing the existence of all the necessary expertise within the host Society had played a significant part in the Society‟s decision to “go it alone”, and extolled the virtues of the chosen venue, Kent University in Canterbury. Council‟s Executive Committee has received and approved the proposed budget, which it found to be very professional and well detailed. Relevant sections of the Society‟s formal written proposal to Council are included in these Minutes at Appendix 2. The proposal, which carried the Executive Committee‟s approval, was put to the Meeting and carried nem con. An officer of Council will sit on the Congress Committee. However, the suggestion that a BOGA representative should also sit on that Committee “as of right” (a normal practice which continued to carry the approval of Council‟s Executive Committee) was vetoed by delegates. This matter will be left with the Congress Committee. e. 15th World Orchid Congress, Rio de Janeiro, 15-23 September 1996 Joyce Stewart reported that large numbers of Registrants were expected. She recommended that travel arrangements be made as soon as possible by those wishing to attend, due to the limited number of direct flights from the UK.. e. European Orchid Congress, Geneva, 16-20 April 1997 The Chairman observed that there was no point in BOC trying to out-do local organisations with a “live” exhibit and suggested a poster exhibit as an option. Little support for this idea was evident and Paul Phillips reiterated BOGA‟s offer of transportation, etc., of member Societies‟ plants, and also BOGA‟s offer to supply some plants itself to a BOC exhibit. It was agreed that the matter would be left with the Executive Committee. All relevant details of the Congress - including hotels (both in Switzerland and across the border in France, where it was likely to be less expensive) will be available from the organisers during June. 6. Sub-Committee Reports a. Judging Sub-Committee

The next Judging Symposia are in Edinburgh later in the month, and at the Devon Orchid Weekend in November, as previously announced. The question of awards at Congresses was continued, having been raised earlier in the Meeting (see Minute Item 5.b above), particularly as regards the granting of the present single award only compared to a 1st, 2nd and possibly 3rd in each Class. Dr Maunder made the point that time was rather against the additional effort needed by judges to assess additional awards, bearing in mind the customary 11.00 a.m. opening of Congresses to the public. He would, however, liaise with South East OS as regards possible changes for the 18th Congress in 1998. b. Species Group The distribution of seedlings from Kew was effected at the Meeting. Ted Jones reported that, as usual, the list was over-subscribed - this year by some 400% - and there were again differences between what was listed and what was supplied. The next Species Group meeting will be held jointly with a Judging Symposium in Edinburgh later this month. c. Lecturers’ Panel In Val Micklewright‟s absence, the Chairman asked for any further names of potential lecturers to be advised direct to Val.. d. Slide Library Steve Manning reported that fairly frequent use is now being made of the Library, and that a number of cassettes had been donated. In response to an enquiry from the floor as to how to go about borrowing slides, Steve advised that prospective “customers” should contact him indicating the genera of interest. 7. Dairy of Events - additions and alterations An updated „Dairy of Events‟ is attached to these Minutes. 8. Any other business a. Congress Trading In response to an enquiry from the floor, Paul Phillips (BOGA) advised that in general little profit was made by the trade - both UK and overseas - at the recent 17th Congress in Sheffield, due to the low volume of sales. b. Delegate Name Badges Paul Phillips suggested the use of name badges by delegates at Council meetings, in view of the large numbers and continuing turnover of delegates. No decision was taken. There being no further business, the Meeting was declared closed at 4.00 p.m.

Minutes Secretary

Graham Smith 61 Mallard Road Colehill Wimborne Dorset BH21 2NL Tel. 01202-885536



Income & Expenditure
Income A. Congress & Show 254 Registration Fees 31 Trade Stands Hire of tables, power sockets, etc. Day Visitors Sundry Income 5,381 1,660 1,776 4,678 67 Hire of Octagon Hall Hire of Lecture Hall & equipment Hire of Loxley Hall & equipment Pre-Show Expenses Publicity, posters & travel Administration Registrants‟ Costs Show Expenses AA Signs Lecturers St John‟s Ambulance Casual Labour Press Advertising Sundries


2,600 588 1,977 5,165 1,018 480 1,498 1,082 373 345 108 240 1,240 608 2,914

Total Show Income

£ 13,562

Total Show Expenses Surplus of Congress & Show

£ 10,659

£ 2,903

B. Registrants’ Supper Receipts £ 2,496

Cost of Supper Surplus of Registrants’ Supper

£ 2,903

£ 96

C. Congress Dinner 182 Bookings 5,019

187 Dinners & Guest Hospitality Incidentals

4,325 985

£ 5,019

£ 5,310

Deficit on Congress Dinner

£ 291

Summary A. B. C. Congress & Show Registrants‟ Supper Congress Dinner Net Surplus of Event Surplus Surplus Deficit 2,903 96 291 £ 2,708



Extract from formal proposal by South East Orchid Society, May 1996

The South East Orchid Society at its last committee meeting approved a motion the Society was willing to offer to host the 1998 Congress providing that it is entirely funded by the BOC and that our Society is acting purely as the organising agent on behalf of the BOC. The SEOS committee request the BOC‟s formal confirmation that our understanding in this matter is the correct interpretation of responsibilities and funding for all BOC Congresses. Subject to the above condition the SEOS has approved the formation of a committee of eight for this purpose. The committee has already commenced preparatory work on the basis that the SEOS tender will be acceptable to the BOC Committee, and recommend that the 1998 Congress be held at the University of Kent at Canterbury. The points in favour of this are 1. 2. 3. 4. The Congress has never been held in Kent. We are superbly situated in a beautiful and historic part of England. We have good access for transport, both from within Britain and for overseas visitors via the M20, M2, M25, the Shuttle, Eurostar and the Channel ports, also Gatwick, Heathrow and Stanstead airports, etc. The team has considerable business experience and have confirmed their willingness to take on the major tasks and planning involved in setting up and running the 1998 BOC Congress.

A number of SEOS members and regional societies‟ members have intimated their support and help with the show itself. At that stage such support will be appreciated. Our Society is made up of enthusiastic and talented members who are as capable as anyone of staging a successful and, we trust, memorable Congress. As part of the preliminary investigations, four locations have been considered a. b. c. d. The Hawth at Crawley. The Stour Centre at Ashford. The University of Kent at Canterbury. Brands Hatch.

Each venue can provide the space (14,000 sq ft) required, good vehicular access and, importantly, good car parking. The Hawth and Canterbury have good quality decor and are attractive whereas Ashford‟s interior decor is rather utilitarian in the reception areas. For an “in country” location, the University of Kent is the preferred choice.
The University of Kent at Canterbury The exhibition area would be in their Sports Hall, which is well lit, spacious and attractive. The Hall has a large room adjacent that is ideally suited for the RHS Judging Committee. The lecture theatres, of different sizes, are reasonably close by, i.e. about two minutes‟ walk. There is also easy access for the unloading/ loading of plants and equipment; this latter point was a slight problem in Brighton and Sheffield. The campus is particularly attractive and can provide some in-house accommodation - 160 rooms with en suite facilities. These are largely single-person, though some twin-bedded accommodation, 30 units, are available and may be negotiable; the accommodation would include breakfast. There is a varied choice of accommodation to suit all needs in and around the city, from small hotels and B&Bs to country house hotels. There is a choice of refectories for the Congress Dinner with vistas sweeping down to the city and the cathedral. The University has an excellent reputation for such functions and offers a good range of menu items from which to make our choice within budgetary constraints. For those visitors who are not so committed to the orchids there is much to see of historical and archaeological interest and, surrounded by such glorious countryside, it will certainly be possible to arrange coach trips while the orchidoholics are otherwise engaged.

A number of speakers have already indicated a willingness to participate in the lecture programme for us, also we are in contact with a number of companies who may prove to be of some benefit to the project in some form or another. With regard to start-up finance, we would request that the BOC Committee provide us with an initial working capital/advance of £1,500. We are bearing very much in mind the possible effect on prices of the forthcoming general election; we are hoping to pre-empt price rises on some of the larger items of expenditure and thereby contain rises in overall costs and charges to Registrants. Obviously advertising, stationery, printing, etc. are items where benefits would accrue from advance/early purchase or production. In this area we are anticipating advance notice of the conference for distribution at the European Congress in 1997.


1996 Aug. 24 - 25 Sept. 1 7 15 - 23 28 Oct. 5 12 19 26 27 Nov. 1 - 3 2 - 3 9 17 23 26 - 27 Dec. 1 7 - 8 14 1997 Jan. 17 - 27 Feb. 22 22 Mar. 1 2 8 - 9 15 22 Apr. 5 6 13 19 16 - 20 26 - 27 May 20 - 23 30 Jun. 1 RHS Orchid Event, RHS Gardens, Wisley Bournemouth OS Spring Show, Selwyn Hall, Boscombe, Bournemouth North Bucks OS Show, Woburn Village Hall Cheltenham & District OS Show, St John the Evangelist Church Hall, Churchdown, Gloucestershire BOC AGM & Council Meeting, Forest Hotel, Station Approach, Dorridge, Solihull RHS Orchid Show, RHS Halls, Westminster, London Southern Counties OS Show, Durrington Community Hall, Worthing Worcester OS Show, Astley Village Hall, Stourport-on-Severn Bristol & West of England OS Show, Somerset Hall, Portishead North East of England OS Show, Houghall College, Durham Birmingham & Midlands OS Show, Botanic Garden, Birmingham West Cornwall OS Show, Donald Thomas Centre, Camborne European Orchid Congress, Geneva, Switzerland North of England OS Centenary Show, Southport RHS Chelsea Flower Show RHS Scottish Flower Show, Strathclyde County Park (to 1 June) BOC Council Meeting, Forest Hotel, Station Approach, Dorridge, Solihull BOGA Autumn Fayre, Elcot Park Hotel, Newbury BOC Council Meeting, Forest Hotel, Station Approach, Dorridge, Solihull North of England OS Show, Mirfield, W Yorks 15th World Orchid Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Bournemouth OS Autumn Show, Selwyn Hall, Boscombe, Bournemouth Cheshire & North Wales OS Show, Wrexham Memorial Hall North of England OS Show & Auction, Bolton School, Bolton Somerset OS Show, Glastonbury Town Hall East Midlands OS Show, The Lawns, Lincoln South East OS Show, British Rail Club, Ashford, Kent Devon OS Orchid Weekend, Langstone Cliff Hotel, Dawlish Warren BOC Judging Symposium - at Devon OS Orchid Weekend above North of England OS Show, Newchurch Parish Hall, Culcheth, Warrington Sussex Orchid Group Show, Crawley Swindon OS Show, Cricklade Town Hall OSGB Autumn Show, RHS Halls, Westminster, London BOC Council Meeting, Forest Hotel, Station Approach, Dorridge, Solihull Paphiopedilum Society Symposium, Marwell North of England OS Show & Buffet Lunch, Hale Barns, Altrincham

Jul. Aug.

8 - 13

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

Sept. 7 Oct. Nov. Dec. 7 1998 Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. 3 - 5 4

BOC Council Meeting, Forest Hotel, Station Approach, Dorridge, Solihull Cheshire & North Wales OS Show, Northwich Civic Centre

BOC Council Meeting, Forest Hotel, Station Approach, Dorridge, Solihull

18th British Orchid Congress, Canterbury

1999 Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. (last 2 weeks) 16th World Orchid Congress, Vancouver, Canada

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