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					Board of Governors of Beta Omega Chapter The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity Saturday, September 8, 2007 Bell Memorial Union, CSU, Chico Meeting Minutes



The meeting was called to order by BOG Chair, Doug Hall at 11 a.m. Attendees introduced themselves. Attendees included: NAME Steve Alber Kyle Clark Rick Costello Bill Edmiston John Gray Doug Hall Joe Leoncavallo Ralph Meuter Chris Monroy Chase Mullins Mike Oliver Jeff Sexsmith TITLE House Management Advisor Chapter House Manager BOG Member BOG Member Risk Management Advisor BOG Chair Chapter President BOG Member ` Chapter Vice President Membership Orientation Chair BOG Member Chapter Recruitment Chair E-MAIL

There were no minutes from the 3/31/07 meeting. The agenda was approved with the following additions: Steve Alber: Future work party schedule Rick Costello: Notification to alumni when brothers die 2. Reports Finance (Joe Leoncavallo in Matt Stewart’s absence)) There is approximately $5,000 in the treasury, but BOSF has not cashed the most recent rent check, so the true balance is substantially less.

BOG Minutes 9/8/07 Page 2

Omega Financial is sending $125 per month to national on schedule to repay the chapter debt. The Chapter budget is not yet complete because the focus has been on rush. A new Wells Fargo account has been established separately for dues only. This will be easier to manage and a commingled account. Rent is current and the house is full, with 13 occupants. A Standards Board was conducted recently to address members’ financial delinquencies. One membership (Andre Chevalier) was revoked for action unbecoming a member. All other financial obligations are now up to date. Risk Management (John Gray) Two seminars have been completed recently: Fire and General Risk Management Overview. Drugs and Alcohol is scheduled for November, and Health/Sex Abuse for February. Reporting deadlines: 10/15 Fire 11/15 Drugs and Alcohol 2/15 Health and Sex Abuse

All Borradaile standards for Risk Management have been met. Recruitment (Jeff Sexsmith) Members are making it a point to do a better job following up with potential members. A list, although in rough form, is being maintained to ensure those calls are made. Optimism reigns for the fall semester rush, with a possible associate class of 16. Deadline to sign up for rush is Wednesday, September 12. New rush techniques are being used this year, including posters, buttons and flyers on campus, the purpose of which is to create and maintain the buzz about Phi Tau on a proactive level. General discussion ensued, with the following recommendations and observations: 1. The chapter website needs to be brought current and maintained as such.

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2. All members need to be on the same page with a consistent and positive party line about the advantages of being a Phi Tau. Standards of behavior must be clear among the membership, with no public airing of dirty laundry. 3. The house is an enormously important recruiting tool. It has to be well maintained at all times. 4. The chapter should zero in on its selling points: a. Scholarship – Beta Omega has the highest average GPA of all Greek organizations on campus. b. Social environment – The house and the members provide a great opportunity for quality camaraderie. c. Community service – Being a good community citizen generates positive press. Closely related is participation in the Hole in the Wall Gang efforts. 5. Kyle Clark reported that for the spring rush the chapter plans to recruit through other organizations by visiting and presenting Power Point recruiting presentations. 6. The chapter should consider having “business cards” made up with contact information and a summary of Phi Kappa Tau’s core values. 7. The legacy of the fraternity needs to be touted. We are the oldest Greek organization at CSU Chico and we are about to celebrate our 50th anniversary as a Phi Tau chapter. Kyle urged BOG members to forward any other creative solutions via e-mail. Orientation for Associates (Chase Mullins) The orientation program is better organized. It has been updated and now totals 78 pages. The University Cup scores Greek organizations on a number of factors. Higher scores will translate to fewer restrictions. Beta Omega is second overall, and first in Orientation. Scholarship (Chris Monroy) National has available six scholarships, in the amounts of $5,000, $2,500 and $5,000 specifically for treasurers.

BOG Minutes 9/8/07 Page 4 BOSF granted $250 each for the three members who attended this summer’s Leadership Conference, to offset expenses. BOSF is keeping its commitments. An Associate Scholarship is available, the amount being tied to GPA. The top Associate can earn $400 for a 4.0, $300 for a 3.0, and $250 for a 2.5 GPA. The BOG recommended that the chapter’s scholarship availability be emphasized during rush. Alumni Relations (John Gray in Scott Palmer’s absence) John Gray has drafted a letter to alumni that will be mailed and e-mailed soon. It will update alumni on chapter activities, provide initial information about the upcoming 50th anniversary celebration and solicit donations for the care and upkeep of the house. The 50th anniversary celebration of the Beta Omega chapter will take place in Chico during the weekend of April 20-22, 2008. John Gray is seeking volunteers to help make this a memorable event. Paul Newman has been invited to be the keynote speaker. If he is unable or unwilling, National president Steve Hartman will be invited. Other possibilities include key Phi Tau personnel and Paul Zingg. It was agreed that this will not be advertised as another reunion weekend, but as a very special 50th anniversary fete. The House (Kyle Clark) Everything is improved. This summer’s work parties have been a great help. The back yard will be cleaned up soon, with the help of a parent-sponsored backhoe. A couple of members are renting units next door, which serves as a good (and legal) outlet. Members can use this “annex” for parties with no fear of being in violation of the University’s policies. The dumpster has been removed due to late rental payment. It is expected that it will be returned soon. Replacement of the bathroom floors is pending. Cost is a major factor. Steve Alber has received a quote for $8,000 to replace the floors with epoxy coating, but he thinks he can find another resource for perhaps half that amount. The BOSF intends to pass along the cost through rent increases, but it may be possible to cover the costs through alumni contributions. The tentative goal is to have the work performed during winter break.

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Rent is currently $4,700 and the BOSF wants to increase it to $5,000 in order to rebuild the reserve. However, there seems to be a willingness on the part of BOSF to work with the chapter, so perhaps a compromise is possible. Community Relations (Kyle Clark) The police band is quiet, at least respect to Beta Omega. Beta Theta Pi had their charter revoked due to hazing. The chapter continues to work with the City of Chico to fulfill its community service responsibilities. Work Parties (Steve Alber) The next alumni work party schedule was discussed. Possible dates are the weekend after the Super Bowl, or perhaps the weekend prior. Kyle Clark and Steve will jointly decide and announce. It was proposed that we consider two per year on a regular basis, just before rush. No resolution. 3. Open Issues New Officers: Joe Leoncavallo will fax Doug Hall a list of new officers for his signature and submission to National. Academics: Still a high priority. Associates will have mandatory study hours, but in a quieter part of the library, which often is more social than serious. Vandalism: Property damage around the house is not as big a problem now as it was last year. Outside lighting is credited. Pending events: Snow trip during Thanksgiving break; West Coast Road Trip in the spring; IFC/Pan Hellenic retreat at the end of January. Leadership Academy: Three members attended the summer ’07 Academy and found it to be an invaluable experience. National Website: The new version is cumbersome. Links are absent. Initiations: Three associates (Matt Peak, Scott Ivy, Chris Smith) will be initiated in mid-October, bringing the total active membership to twelve.






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Discipline: The Executive Council is holding the chapter accountable for standards, with zero tolerance on key issues. The BOG is willing to help conduct standards boards as needed by the chapter. Bylaws: Submitted and indicated as such in the Borradaile Challenge results. National Debt: The BOG has approximately $2,400 in a Wells Fargo bank account. This could be used to help retire the debt or it could be used as seed money for the pending 50th Anniversary event. John Gray will advise Doug Hall how much, if any, he needs before we commit the funds to the debt. 50th Anniversary Event



John Gray will send out the preliminary announcement letter, possibly with a “Save the Date” card included, imminently. The banquet facility at BMU has been reserved for the Saturday evening dinner, and work has begun on finding a keynote speaker. It was agreed that Little Sisters and the parents of the actives are welcome. Actives have volunteered to handle the registration table. Invitees will be required to pay in advance to preclude an expensive no-show bill. If it is decided to provide souvenirs such as shirts, orders will be taken but the shirts will not be ordered from the manufacturer in advance. The idea of a silent auction was floated and that decision is pending. 5. Death Notification

Rick Costello pointed out that we have no procedure in place to notify fellow alumni of the passing of a brother. It was generally agreed that the website would be a logical vehicle for this purpose. 6. Next Meeting

The next BOG meeting is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, November 2. Time to be determined.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 p.m. Respectfully submitted,

Mike Oliver

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