55th Anniversary WINDHOEK SHOW 2009 by fionan


									55th Anniversary WINDHOEK SHOW 2009
25/09/2009 – 03/10/2009
To ensure that our WINDHOEK SHOW th 2009, which is our 55 Anniversary, will be successful and something special, we cordially wish to share the following important information and arrangements with you:
CONTENTS Date of WINDHOEK SHOW 2009 2. Delivery of Exhibits 3. Opening & Closing Times 4. FREE entry Passes 5. Entrance Fees 6. Exhibitor Parking 7. Payment of Stands 8. Electricity 9. Telephone Services 10. Facilities available at Windhoek Show grounds 11. Customs Regulations 12. Visa/temp work visa 13. Building & Dismantling of Stands 14. Vehicles on Show grounds 15. Security 16. Entry passes, passes, passes 17. Functions for Exhibitors 18. Judging of Stands 19. Judging of Livestock


7. PAYMENT OF STANDS Payments must be made according to instructions on your invoice NB: Full Payment MUST be made by the end of August 2009

to SATURDAY, 3 OCT 2009

NB. We draw your attention to paragraph 6.1 of the Space Booking Contract. Stands must be completed and dismantled in line with set deadlines (see section 13 of this letter)

8. ELECTRICITY PLEASE NOTE: 25 Amps per 9m² is available. Please advise if more amps will be needed. Additional power consumption will be for your account. A standard electricity fee of N$ 250,00 (Vat excl) will be charged for every 9m² occupied.

3. OPENING & CLOSING TIMES: Halls open for exhibitors: 09:00 - 22:00 weekdays and 09:00 – 21h00 (Sunday) This gives you one hour before the public arrives to finalise arrangements. Halls open for public: 10:00 - 22:00 On last Saturday (03 Oct) Entrance Gates for the public will close at 17:00, the Halls close at 18:00 and the Grounds will close at 20:00. Entrance Gates will close at 21:00 for new visitors. Please consult the section 16. Entry passes for arrangements regarding security and easy access for the persons working on your stand.

9. TELEPHONE / INTERNET SERVICES Applications for telephone services at exhibitors’ stands must be made DIRECTLY at Teleshop next to the Main Post Office, Independence Avenue. Contact Ms Grace Clarcksen / Ms Camilla Kotze tel:0612012629 / 0811240948 10. FACILITIES AVAILABLE ON WINDHOEK SHOWGROUNDS: NB: NO EXHIBITOR WILL BE ALLOWED TO HAVE A BAR ON THEIR STANDS TO ENTERTAIN THEIR CUSTOMERS 11. CUSTOMS REGULATIONS - FOREIGN EXHIBITORS

4. CUSTOMER / VISITOR ENTRY PASSES For Customers / Visitors invited by you: You can buy Single Entry Complimentary Tickets to WINDHOEK SHOW 2009 at N$30 each. These passes are your invitations to (existing or new) target customers you wish to attract to your stand.
These Passes must be ordered and collected at the Show Office.

Enquiries: Ms J U Tjiseseta – Tel 061-2092730 or Ms P Liswaniso – Tel 061-2092422/2421 Please study the customs regulations carefully before departure and ensure all documents are in order. PLEASE NOTE: ASD and VAT on all goods must be paid at the border. On your return, on proof of stocks not sold you will be refunded any excess ASD and VAT. Form NA 500 must be completed for all goods. The forms are available at all Waltons Stationers in South Africa. 12. VISA / TEMPORARY WORK PERMITS Foreign exhibitors must be in possession of a Temporary Work Permit/Visa for the duration of their stay in Namibia. 13. BUILDING & DISMANTLING OF STANDS All Halls will be available for BUILDING of stands from 21 September 2009 at 7:30 daily (Security guards will be on the grounds from 22 September 2008) NB: Stands must be completed by 23:00 on Thursday, 24 September 2009 when security will seal off the Windhoek Show grounds to protect your exhibits. DISMANTLING will be done from Sunday 4 October 2009 and Monday 5 October from 7:30 - see Security Letter.

5. ENTRANCE FEES: Adults N$ 30 School-going Children N$20. Senior citizens, pre-scholars and handicapped persons, FREE. Secure Parking for visitors - Bell Street Parking Area. N$10.00 per entry. Parking for the entire period, N$100.00 6. EXHIBITOR PARKING Free secure parking on Bell Str Parking Area. Exhibitor Access Pass must always be shown by the driver of the vehicle to qualify for free parking.

PLEASE NOTE that the Windhoek Show Society takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for the safety of goods during the erecting and dismantling period before and after WINDHOEK SHOW 2009. There will, however be guards at the entrance gates and on the grounds during that period and entrance is restricted to authorised persons only. The Windhoek Show-grounds are guarded at night time. 14. VEHICLES ON WINDHOEK SHOWGROUNDS During building up / breaking down period: Drivers must display Exhibitor Passes to the gate guards at the Nedbank and Bell Street Gates

DELIVERY PASSES are only issued to refreshment outlets that need to deliver daily (food and drink). All delivery passes must be displayed in the vehicle’s window. DELIVERY TIMES ONLY FROM 9:00 - 10:00 AND 15:00 - 16:00. 17. SPECIAL FUNCTIONS DURING WINDHOEK SHOW 2009 • Livestock Function: Monday, 28 September 2009, at 18h00 in the tent on the old arena. • Official Opening of ICT EXPO – date and time still to be confirmed. • Exhibitor Prize Giving Ceremony, Thursday, 1 October 2009, at 8h00-9h00, in the CocaCola Entertainment Dome • The Official Opening function and prize giving of agricultural awards will be on the Livestock Arena on Thursday, 1 October 2009 at 17:30. The Guest Speaker will be announced at a later stage. 18. JUDGING OF STANDS Stands will be judged for a number of different awards, according to the following criteria: design impact (20 points); information, message, theme - literature available (20); presentation of merchandise or story (20); originality knowledge (20). Judging of all indoor and outdoor stands will be done on Monday - Wednesday The following trophies must be won: * Trophy for Best Overall Outdoor Exhibition * Trophy for Best Overall Indoor Exhibition * Trophy for Best Food Outlet * Trophy for Best Entertainer * Trophy for the Best Exhibition - Namibian Products. * Merit Certificates – Gold/Silver/Bronze – are awarded to deserving exhibitions 19. JUDGING OF LIVESTOCK Please request a copy of the Livestock Programme at the Show Office. PLEASE CONTACT Zinadia Visagie and Angela van Taak Industry Co-ordinators Hennie Kruger Livestock Co-ordiantor Harald Schmidt Managing Director
TEL. (+264 61) 224748 FAX. (+264 61) 227707

Unauthorised vehicles will be towed away at the cost of the owner. EXHIBITORS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SLEEP ON THEIR STANDS DURING THE SHOW PERIOD.
15. SECURITY During WINDHOEK SHOW 2009, the Show Grounds will be patrolled by security guards 24 hours per day. Should you prefer to employ your own security guard(s) to protect your stand, you must make use of G4S Security tel 0811 287174 / 0811 244416. They are the appointed Security Company of the Windhoek Show Society. No other Security Company will be allowed on the grounds to perform duties. 16. ENTRY PASSES The EXHIBITOR ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM, initiated in 2007, will continue to be in force. All Exhibitors, who received an EXHIBITOR ID CARD in 2007, can merely apply for their passes to be re-activated on the system. Anyone who lost his or her card can apply for a new one to be issued. New Staff must be issued with their own Exhibitor ID Card. To process the new card, a recent passport-type photo (can be colour) must be e-mailed to Show Office office (wssexpo@iafrica.com.na) together with the following particulars: - Name of Exhibitor - Name & Surname of person depicted on photo - Cellphone No (or Telephone No) The following SECURITY PASSES are issued to you • TEMPORARY PASSES for all people and vehicles (non-exhibitors) that need to enter the show grounds for the building up and breaking down period. EXHIBITOR ID CARD – to access Show Grounds and for free secure parking for your car(s) for use during WINDHOEK SHOW 2009. Enter the secure parking area from Bell Street (turn off Lazarett at Neo Paint into Bell).


WINDHOEK SHOW 2009 Handbook

EXHIBITORS ID CARD ENTITLEMENT Every exhibitor is entitled to FREE exhibitor ID cards, based on stand size. These cards allow unlimited entry to the show grounds. Additional Exhibitor ID Cards may be purchased for N$ 80.00 each. PLEASE send us the required info and photo of each additional person asap to enable the Office to produce the exhibitor ID cards.

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