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									A Sure Shot Magic Trick To Make Your Ex Return Your Phone Calls...Even if They Have Been Trying To Avoid You Till Now.
So where did it all start for you? I don't know about you but I'll tell you about me..I don't really know where it started...But definitely know where it ended. All I remember is the day she hit me with that dreaded "BREAKUP" word and shattered my world to pieces. I am sure you know what I am talking about...This is the point when 3 major questions chew up one's brain. Q 1- Will My Ex Ever Come Back to Me? Q2- Will the Pain Ever Go Away? Q3- Has My Ex Found Someone Else? So what happens next? You instantly start to PANIC... You cry every hour of the day like a baby...Stop caring about your health...Job...Friends...Family. It feels like your ex is the only medicine to your disease...You get slammed into this desperate zone where you are ready to do almost anything to get him/her back. And what do people normally do in this situation? Don't know about people but I'll tell you what I did. I ended up calling my ex almost a zillion times each day...Trying to convince her how big of a loser I was...How screwed up I feel...How I cry 1000 times a day listening to goofy songs & thinking about her...How badly I love & want her back...Yada Yada Yada.

Heck! I can't even tell you the rest as it is just too embarrassing when I think about it today. But did all this effort work? In one word- NOPE! In fact, the harder I tried...The more she tried to avoid me. I was convinced without a doubt that she was the one for me...I knew I will never find anyone else as good as her. But wait! It gets more interesting here... I got drunk one night...And called her up. This time I wasn't going to give up no matter what it took.

First I "Pleaded"
Me- Sweetie! Please come back to me...I feel so empty without you. Her- I am not in the mood to talk...Please stop calling me!

Then I "Begged"
Me- You don't know how much I love you...I will do anything to keep you happy. Please! Come back. You were the best thing that ever happened to me. Don't leave me like this...Please! I feel so miserable without you. Her- She Hung up! So I called her up again...

Then I "Harassed"
Me- If you won't come back I'll tell all your friends all the nasty things you used to say about them behind their backs. And I am going to do it right now! Her- You are such a jerk! See this is why I left you. Do what you want. I don't care anymore. Me (Now back in the desperate state) - Oh Please...I am sorry...I didn't mean to. Please...Don't hang up. Her- She hangs up... I don't think I can tell you the rest of the story...But I guess you get what I am tying to convey here. No amount of convincing, pleading, begging, harassing would work. But this is the most common mistake most people make on a constant basis.

Now let's get to the exciting part....
With constant trial and error I came across this extremely effective trick to get your ex to return your phone calls. We are going to use a bit of psychological trickery to get the job done here... Before we get to the trick let's first understand why it's going to work. Humans are driven by emotions and in order to make your ex return your phone calls you would have to evoke all the right emotions in them to get the desired response. So what kind of emotions are we looking for here? 1- Desire- You must say something which would raise your ex's level of desire which means they would develop a sense of eagerness to talk to you again. 2- Curiosity- Once they have the desire...Next they will need to get highly curious regarding what you have to tell them which would compel them to talk to you.

3- Excitement- Excitement is known to be one of the most powerful human emotions and if you can get your ex excited, half your job would be done right there. 4- Action- This is where you will get your ex to act...Which I'll explain in a bit. So our concept is simple here-

Desire> Curiosity> Excitement> Action.
Now let me show you the trick which works freakishly well every single time. In order to use this trick effectively you must ensure that you call your ex when their answering machine or voicemail is on. Call them up when you feel their answering machine or voicemail would be on and say the following--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hey! It's me...Just wanted to tell you that you were right about many things in the past which I have realized today...Something real exciting happened recently and I couldn't wait to tell you...Guess that's why I called. You really got to know this...I don't know when you will hear this but let me tell you anyway...Now listen...A few days ago I waa........ And HANG UP! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So what happens next? You have triggered desire, curiosity, excitement in your ex's mind with the above mentioned message and he/she will take action by giving you a call back whenever he/she listens to it.

This is how it would help you1- You created desire by telling them that something exciting happened...Now they are eager to know. 2- You triggered their curiosity because you told them a bit and now they are curios to know the rest. They know that something exciting happened but what exactly was it? This will keep them curious to know more. 3- By only telling them half the story you have planted the seed of excitement in their mind where he/she is excited to know more. 4- And finally, your ex will take action by calling you back to know the rest of the story...Which was your main purpose anyway. But wait? Now you might be thinking...What next? Getting them to call me back does not really mean that I have them back in my life? Well I have a solution for that too...What If I give you a step-by-step formula...That will make your ex crawl back to you even if your situation seems utterly hopeless? You Are About To Discover The Ultra Rare Secrets To Stopping A Breakup, Divorce Or Getting Your Ex Back...Even If...

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