Carolyn-Arends has an unerring way of weaving rich and by csgirla


Carolyn-Arends has an unerring way of weaving rich and

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									Carolyn Arends Capsule Bio:

"One of the most affecting communicators in any genre" - Billboard Magazine

Carolyn Arends has released 9 albums and is the author of 2
critically-acclaimed books. 15 of Arends’ songs have become top 10 radio singles on the Canadian pop and US Christian charts. Arends has earned 2 Dove Awards, 3 Juno Nominations, and was recognized as the West Coast Music Awards’ Songwriter of the Year. Her newest project, Pollyanna’s Attic, is already being heralded as her most honest and beautiful work. Accolades aside, Arends is known for songs and books that stir the soul, and a warm, engaging style that leave her audiences feeling like they’ve found a new best friend. “I don’t write songs and books as much as I get ambushed by them,” Arends confesses. “And I write primarily about God because he is what captivates my imagination. The idea that we can know the Creator of the Universe, and that he knows us … I simply can’t think of any more fascinating subject matter.” Arends graduated from Trinity Western University in Langley, BC with a degree in psychology and English. She lives in Surrey, BC with her husband Mark, eleven-year-old son Ben, and seven-year-old daughter Bethany.

Carolyn Arends Pollyanna’s Attic

It feels good to tell the truth, even when it is hard, and it feels good to hear it too, especially when it is couched in great songs by an amazing songwriter like Carolyn. In her own words, she says this album is 'darker', but I hear hope more than anything, and the light that comes with telling the truth. – Sara Groves, recording artist

A decade ago, Carolyn Arends wrote ―New Year‘s Day,‖ a song declaring that, in the wake of broken resolutions, every day yields an opportunity to start all over, ―to grab a hold of grace and never let it go.‖ It was indicative of Arends‘ notoriously sunny disposition, always seeking—and usually finding—hope in every situation. This year, Arends made another New Year‘s resolution: She would record an album of ―grumpy songs,‖ and nothing would stand in the way. Not even that sunny disposition. Several months later, Pollyanna’s Attic—the ninth CD from the award-winning folk singer—was born. Indeed, it includes some ―grumpy songs,‖ but moreso, it‘s an album of honest lyrics that delve into some of life‘s deeper, darker and more difficult realities. ―I got the idea on January 1st of this year,‖ says Arends. ―I was thinking about a bunch of songs that had never really fit with any of my other records. Every once in a while I would write a song that would go, not to a hopeless place, but a little bit darker place. Eventually, I had this little group of songs that were kind of the ones that got away.‖ Till now.
I just finished listening to Pollyanna's Attic for the first time. I'm sitting here with the little flutter in my stomach that you get when you witness something beautiful. It's inspiring to see that over the last decade that I've been a fan of Carolyn's music, her gift has not grown stale--it has flourished. Carolyn is one of those uncommon artists who manage to keep writing songs that actually have something to say. And that's saying something. -- Andrew Peterson, recording artist

―They‘re songs about distortions in our perceptions that pollute our relationships with God and each other and ourselves,‖ Arends says. ―Songs about our brokenness. Not hopeless songs, but songs about the kind of hope that shows up more in the cracks and fissures of our lives than in our pinnacle moments.‖

Carolyn Arends Pollyanna’s Attic (P. 2)
Arends insists she‘s ―not really a Pollyanna, but I‘ve been referred to as one because of a relentless hopefulness to my work. When I told a friend I wanted to call it Pollyanna’s Attic, she said, ‗That‘s perfect, because what you put in the attic is stuff you don‘t want to deal with but can‘t throw away.‘ And I thought, Oh, there’s some truth to that.” Admitting that ―I don‘t do dark very well,‖ Arends nonetheless explores such topics as the way we tend to hide our true selves (―Just Pretending‖), the way we tend to squander our gifts and talents (―Something to Give‖), the way we tend to become addicted to the things that should be good for us (―More Is Less‖), the way we tend to despair in the winters of our discontent, only to ultimately find hope (―Land of the Living‖).
I've been a fan of Carolyn's work for a long time, but recently I heard Pollyana's Attic and I discovered a whole new level of depth and complexity to her work. "Something to Give" continues in the great tradition of Carolyn's best work. But several songs go to new levels, from sharp social commentary in "Everybody Wants Everything" to some of the best satire I've heard in a long time in "Free". - Brian McLaren, author/activist

Sonically, it‘s stripped-down, pure: ―We hope we‘ve captured a musical honesty appropriate to the candor of the lyrics,‖ says Arends. And yet, it‘s hardly a dirge; the music itself is often more upbeat than the lyrics. No mourning cellos here. Of the project, Arends says she believes that ―we will one day be all that we were created to be. But in the meantime, there‘s no point in denying the ache. It‘s a part of who we are, it‘s a promise that we won‘t always be that way, and it‘s a call to participate now in the Kingdom of Heaven by decrying justice and living love.”
What a freakin’ great album! Who but Carolyn could write penetratingly from the shadows and loss of our society's tragic and wayward individualism, and yet leave the listener with a good hope? Carolyn is a master of her craft, she keeps getting better and we are the better for it. - Steve Bell, recording artist

Pollyanna’s Attic is on Arends’ independent label, 2B Records. For more info – including a digital press kit with full bio, images, lyrics, contact info, and more – visit

Canadian Pop Radio
This is the Stuff Top 5 Canadian AC Stayed in the Top 10 for 9 weeks #4 on Canadian Pop Adult Year in Review Top 10 Canadian AC #14 on Canadian Pop Adult Year in Review #1 AC Top 5 Inspo Top 10 AC Top 5 CHR, Top 10 AC Top 5 AC Top 5 Rock #1 CHR, Top 5 AC Top 10 AC, Top 10CHR #1 AC, Top 10 CHR Top 5 AC Top 10 AC Top 10 AC Top 10 AC

I Can Hear You

US Christian Radio
Go With God In Good Hands Happy Do What You Do There You Are This I Know New Year’s Day Father, Thy Will Be Done I Can Hear You Power of Love Seize the Day Love is Always There Reaching

Awards and Nominations
Shai/Vibe Awards – Female Vocalist of the Year (2005, 2003, 2002) Shai/Vibe Awards –Folk Album of the Year (2007, 2005) Inspirational Album of the Year (2005, 2003) Seasonal Album of the Year (2005) Covenant Awards – Folk/Roots Song of the Year (2007) Inspirational Song of the Year (2005) Seasonal Album of the Year (2005) Inspirational Album of the Year (2003) Pop/Contemporary Song of Year (2002) West Coast Music Award – Songwriter of the Year (2002) 3 Juno Award nominations (2007, 2002, 1998) West Coast Music Award nomination – Best Folk Album (2002) Dove Award -- International Artist of the Year (1997) Dove Award -- Country Recorded Song of the Year (1995) Dove Award nomination New Artist of the Year (1996) Billboard Video Award nomination for “Seize the Day”

Tours and Performances
Arends presently maintains a year-round weekend touring schedule throughout North America. Past tour-mates include Steven Curtis Chapman and Audio Adrenaline (80-city tour), Rich Mullins and Ashley Cleveland (60-city tour), Steve Bell and Bob Bennett (2002 “Living Room” cross-Canada tour), Bruce Carroll and Bob Bennett (2004 “ABC” cross-America tour), Point of Grace and Fernando Ortega.

Film and TV Song/Performance Usage
Do We Dare – used in Providence (NBC) There You Are – used in When in Rome (Mary Kate and Ashley) feature film This is the Stuff – used as theme song for BC Summer Games This is the Stuff, I Can Hear You, Seize the Day – featured in Eddie Bauer and other retail loops Carolyn’s catalogue is used extensively on a variety of digital radio networks.

Television Appearances
Arends has been featured in numerous television shows including Canada AM, 100 Huntley Street, Live from Studio B, The Standard, Home Life Today, His Place and The Dini Petty Show. In February 2006 she was the subject of an episode of People on The Biography Channel.

As an Author
Arends is a regular columnist and film reviewer for Christianity Today magazine. She is increasingly in demand as a freelance writer, speaker, and columnist.

Pollyanna’s Attic (May, 2006)

 

Produced by Carolyn Arends and Roy Salmond 10 Arends’ originals, plus covers of Mark Heard’s “To See Your Face” and Pierce Pettis’ “I’ve Got a Hope” Layton Howerton, Sheree Plett, and Gayle Salmond contribute guest vocals

“What a freakin’ great album! Who but Carolyn could write penetratingly from the shadows and loss of our society's tragic and wayward individualism, and yet leave the listener with a good hope? Carolyn is a master of her craft, she keeps getting better and we are the better for it.” -- Steve Bell, recording artist Christmas: An Irrational Season (November, 2004)


Produced by Carolyn Arends and Roy Salmond 8 Arends’ originals, plus inspired interpretations of 4 Christmas classics

“***** A lush, yet simple, vibrant yet reverent Christmas album … this disc will easily become a favourite for your holiday listening colleciton.” – CCMplanet Under the Gaze (October, 2004)
   Produced by Carolyn Arends and Roy Salmond All 12 songs written or co-written by Arends Guest artist Shari Ulrich contributes harmony vocals

“Under the Gaze proves Arends’ talent as potent as ever. Think Beth Neison Chapman or Mary Chapin Carpenter. A consummate song writer … beautifully crafted mloedies and poetic lyrics.” – Steve Stockman, Rhythms of Redemption

We’ve Been Waiting For You (The Parenthood Project) (May, 2002)
  Produced by Carolyn Arends 8 Arends originals, plus covers of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” and Carole King’s “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman”

“OK, I’m man enough to admit it: Carolyn Arends brought tears to my eyes. I defy even the most hardened cynic to listen to We’ve Been Waiting for You and not be moved in some way.” – Jeff Dewsbury, BC Christian News

Travelers (October, 2001)
    Produced by Carolyn Arends 11 Arends originals, plus a cover of T Bone Burnett’s “River of Love” Features the Carolyn Arends Trio (Spencer Capier, Spencer Welch), as well as Randall Stoll on percussion Steve Bell guests on “It Has to Be You”

“A 12-song gem featuring not only her best songwriting to date but also one of the finest acoustic trios in the business … one of the very best Christian records of 2001.” – Mark Moring, Christianity Today Seize the Day and Other Stories (2000)
   Produced by Brown Bannister, Dan Marnien, Brad Crisler, and Carolyn Arends Featured guest artists: Phil Keaggy and Mac Powell (Third Day) 15 Arends originals, plus a cover of “They Will Know We Are Christians”

“It won't be long before all music fans (and not just Christian music lovers, I'll bet) latch on to Carolyn. She's an excellent singer and songwriter -- she's more Mary Chapin Carpenter than Amy Grant, but she can rock, too! … Carolyn’s the real deal, fellas.”… “It’s clear that Arends excels in the live setting, giving color and breath to her material and making her a must-see if she plays a venue near you.” – Brian Donofree and Michael Lyttle, This Much I Understand (1999)
   Produced by Dan Marnien and Carolyn Arends Arends wrote or co-wrote all 12 songs Recorded at Randy Bachman’s Salt Spring Island studio with a stellar cast of studio musicians, including Shawn Pelton, Michael Rhodes, Jeff Trott, Greg Leisz and Gordon Kennedy

“A benchmark album from one of the most affecting communicators in any genre, it should be warmly embraced by those who are moved by literate songs delivered with emotional intensity.” – Billboard Feel Free (1997)
  Produced by Brown Bannister and Carolyn Arends Arends wrote or co-wrote all 10 songs

“Arends has electrified her poetry and created a spunky, folk/rock/pop hybrid, buckling up her deep thoughts for a wild, rollercoaster ride. … The colors are loud, the images original, and the overall effect is inspiring.”


Melissa Riddle, CCM Magazine

I Can Hear You (1995)
   Produced by Brown Bannister Arends wrote or co-wrote all 11 songs Featured guest artist: Rich Mullins on hammered dulcimer

“**** An uplifting and potentially world-beating debut … Arends has a heartbreaking voice and the crack band serves up a variety of rootsy settings.” – The Record

Wrestling with Angels (2007) Harvest House Publishers “This book is a masterpiece album of chapters that will make your heart sing. It will do your heart good by stimulating your mind, your imagination, and your faith. ” – Brian McLaren, author/activist “Carolyn observes keenly, reflects deeply, and renders it all poetically. Wrestling With Angels is a book I can give to almost anyone with confidence it will speak truth in the inmost places. ” – Mark Buchanan, author “Carolyn is a writer, a terrific writer. God has gifted this woman with a remarkable ability to illustrate ideas that very few writers can illustrate. If you are looking for a friend to take a journey with, this book makes pleasant company. ” – Donald Miller, author “Anyone who has tired of hearing famous Christians discuss their faith with trite platitudes will appreciate Arends’s refreshing book, in which the musician embraces the fact that her world and her God do not always make sense.” – Publishers Weekly “Carolyn Arends is Anne Lamott with a happy childhood. … She is clever, but never annoyingly so, and has a tremendous sense of timing. She turns phrases like a songwriter.” – Ron Reed, BC Christian News We’ve Been Waiting For You (2002) J. Countryman Publishers “Carolyn writes like a dream--and by that I mean not "dreamily," but like any wordsmith's best dream of making the craft work, making the words sing (like a

world-class songwriter, which Carolyn happens to be), and telling a story without making the structure intrude.” –

“… Carolyn Arends hit the Jubilee Auditorium stage and leveled most of a full house with a passionately delivered performance of rootsy originals. … There are only a handful of artists that this scribe has heard over the years that have made such a strong impression, on so many levels …” - Peter North, The Edmonton Journal “Arends is an engaging singer/songwriter with a wonderfully fresh perspective on life. … She has an uncanny knack for crafting highly melodic fare filled with engaging storylines and keen observations. Quirky imagery and a sharp wit add effective seasoning. Her beliefs are apparent, yet mature enough to not be used in vain.” - Robert Mineo, The Music Paper (New York) “One of the more striking aspects of Arends’ music is how she can see the world through a child’s eyes and, in doing so, find a maturity that many other artists miss. … The songs [on “Seize the Day and Other Stories] capture the honest humility and adventurous hope that are characteristic of her work.” - Peter T. Chattaway, BC Christian News “After touring with Carolyn last fall, my already high regard for her music developed into a blushing awe. She is a most gifted singer/songwriter and performer with a wonderful soul and spirit. Her candor and wit is completely disarming. Her faith is wise and believable. Her witness is trustworthy and infectious. Plus... she's really, really nice.” - Steve Bell, recording artist “One of the most affecting communicators in any genre.” - Billboard “She’s a songwriter’s songwriter. More than being a craftsman of a great song, she has that very unique ability to take the real ordinary and show how profound it is.” - Steven Curtis Chapman “Tell us about some songwriters you respect and why?” “I appreciate lyrics that kind of take me in a memory somewhere or give me a real visual picture of what’s going on or make me feel something. I try to incorporate that into my songwriting. Some people that do that well are Carolyn Arends and David Wilcox. I’ll stop at those two.” - Recording artist Chris Rice in Christianity Today “Carolyn Arends' music expresses my heart's feeling and attitude toward God better than I can express it. When I listen to her songs I feel like I'm worshipping Him and learning about Him at the same time. I feel like she understands my relationship with Christ because she has the same one, the joy and the wonder and the mystery.” Victoria Jackson, comedian, actor “I was mesmerized with Carolyn’s concert. It seemed intimate and personal and seemed like spending an evening with a good friend.” - Fan in Ottawa

CAROLYN ARENDS – CONTACT Running Arends Music 1-866-953-1833 fax 604-953-1834 Canada: Running Arends Music PO Box 74018 Surrey, BC V4N 5H9 USA: Running Arends Music 1685 H Street, # 341 Blaine, WA 98230

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