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					AIA Course Description In order for your attending architects to receive credit hours for their time spent with you, the tour should comply with the items mentioned in the following paragraphs. Please be aware that to meet AIA requirements, this must be an educational experience and allow for interactive question-and-answer sessions. Your tour should point out that the processes and techniques that are being observed are typical examples of how our industry produces products. (It is important that your tour not be totally self-promotional… its spirit is to be educational!)

Attendees will observe first hand how designs and engineering details are executed in the precast concrete manufacturing process. They will observe the entire precast and prestressed concrete manufacturing process, including engineering and connections, form setup, casting, and finishing. Attendees will gain a better understanding of precast and prestressed concrete capabilities and related quality issues. Attendees will learn how precast concrete fits within an entire building system and how to specify precast concrete accurately and safely. The luncheon portion of your tour should be used to describe case studies, material applications, and the general overview of how precast concrete components fit into a building system. AIA Forms There are two AIA form templates at the end of this document for use in this program: the AIA signin sheet and the certificate of completion. Please follow the directions below for administering this program.  Sign-in sheet: All attendees must sign in to receive AIA credit for this plant tour. Print out multiple copies of the form, just in case you have more attendees than there are lines on the form. Mail or fax these sign-in sheets to Michael Potts here at PCI (address and fax info are given below) within two weeks of your plant tour. DO NOT fax these to the University of Oklahoma (as it says at the bottom of the form). We here at PCI submit these electronically, and we must have the hard copy for our records.  Certificates: A template of the Certificate of Completion is also included at the end of this document. Update the highlighted areas with the information for your tour (date, location, presenter, etc.), and print out enough copies to give each attendee their own certificate. You should hand out certificates on the day of the plant tour. Send sign-in sheets to: PCI c/o Michael Potts 209 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 500 Chicago, IL 60606 Fax: (312) 786-0353

AIA/CES How to Conduct a Plant Tour
The plant tour should be tailored to fit the interests of the participants. A mere sightseeing trip will fail dismally. Give broad impressions and keep the program simple—too much detail tends to confuse. When you have a guided tour, you are showing off not only your plant and products, but the people who represent you and the skill they apply as well. Keep in mind that how well you treat participants may be just as important as what they see or learn. Advance planning makes a successful program. See to all the details and you will have a good tour. Planning takes time; start your preparation early. A good first step is to form a planning committee. Both management and plant personnel should be consulted not only to gather ideas, but to give them a sense of responsibility and cooperation. This will be reflected in their attitude toward visitors. Keep in mind the following helpful hints. If followed carefully, they will greatly improve the chances for a successful tour program. Guidelines for Good Tours 1. Determine immediate and long-term goals for the tour program. 2. Plan the program as carefully for a group of 10 as you would for 1000. 3. Receive all visitors as important people. Let them know you want to be of service to them. 4. Orient visitors with a brief explanation of the company and its operation. Use slides or a film if a suitable one is available. 5. Provide one escort for approximately each ten visitors. 6. Use guides who know the product and how it is manufactured, erected, and used. Don’t permit “canned” commentaries. Brief guides on the background and special interest of the group, and encourage them to conduct the tour in a conversational manner—pointing out, explaining, and interpreting, but never lecturing. 7. Run the program on a schedule and stick to it. 8. Don’t allow the tour to become mere sightseeing. Make it meaningful. Explain how the company operates within the framework of the American economy. 9. Use visual aids—charts, posters, displays, films—whenever you can. 10. Keep in touch with participants by sending them appropriate information materials. 11. Evaluate the plant tour carefully and objectively. Make the next tour an improvement.

Tour Committee Responsibilities           Defining a theme and incorporating the objective Setting the date Finances General housekeeping Transportation and parking arrangements Tour routes and escorts Obtaining safety equipment Displays and visual aids Refreshments Publicity

AIA/CES Sign Up Sheet

2008 AIA/CES Program Completion (Provider Form B)
Registered Providers are responsible for reporting to the AIA/CES the names of ALL AIA members. Use this form to report the names of AIA members who have earned credit. Do not alter the format of this form. This document must be kept on file for six (6) years with the Provider Point of Contact.

Precast/Prestressed Plant Tour
Program Title (same as on Form A)

Provider Number

Program Number (same as on Form A)

PCI (Plant Tour Guide name here:
Provider Name


Name of Person submitting this report: Phone number: (312) 583-6784

Michael Potts

Date of Program Completion:


 Ongoing Program
Participants at this program: (Please print or type) AIA Member Yes or No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. AIA Membership Number (required)

 One-time Program

Name of Participant

Certificate* Request

 Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes  No

              

Return this form within two weeks of program completion to: The University of Oklahoma, AIA/CES Records, Room B-1, 1700 Asp Avenue, Norman, Oklahoma 73072 or fax to (405) 325-6965. For additional information, call (800) 605-8229. *It is the responsibility of the Provider to send out certificates of completion to participants that request them.

AIA/CES Certificate of Completion


Participated in




PCI is an AIA/CES Registered Provider 209 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 500 Chicago, IL 60606 (312)-786-0300

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