Unit 3 - Peripherals Higher Target Setting by iarthur


									NAME = Unit 3 – Peripherals Define and explain:
Interface is the hardware and software required to allow communication between processor and peripheral devices Functions of an Interface o Buffering o Voltage conversion o Handling of status signals o Protocol conversion o Data Format Conversion o Analogue to Digital, Serial to Parallel Buffering = temporary storage of data in RAM memory of peripheral Voltage Conversion = compensating for differences in voltage between peripheral and processor Status Signals = a signal sent from processor to peripheral and back to check both are ready to send and receive data Protocol Conversion = using odd or even parity to check that signals sent from the processor are accurate A to D Conversion = converting the analogue signal from a peripheral like a microphone to digital i.e. machine code for processing Serial to Parallel Conversion = serial sends data bit by bit along the same wire. Parallel sends data simultaneously along different wires i.e. along the data bus

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How confident am I? Unit 3 – Peripherals Define and explain:
Spooler = A spooler uses fast backing storage, such as the hard disk, for the temporary storage of print jobs. The data can be transferred gradually at a speed the printer can accept Advantage = uses hard disk so larger print jobs can be carried out Solid State Device = a storage device where there are no moving parts i.e. USB flash memory, Flash Cards for digital cameras Advantages of Solid State o Small and portable o Robust o Available in numerous capacities Current Backing Storage Trends o Increasing capacity o Holographic storage = storing data through the full depth of media and not just on the surface o Increasing Read/Write speeds o Lower cost of storage Current Interface Trends o Wireless communication – Bluetooth and WIFI o Increasing speeds – USB 2, Firewire 800 Selecting Hardware for tasks o Multimedia Catalogue o Graphics table, microphone, digital camera, sound card, CD-R, CD-RW Mark in how well you think you are coping with each section Discuss any areas which are problematic with your teacher Read up on these sections FIRST when you are studying! √ = very ?= unsure x = do not understand

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