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Content Ownership Disclosure Form – Video and CD-ROM
Project Title: Company: Contact Person: Format of Master:  CD-ROM  DVD  ECD  Video CD  Video  Files only Artist: Phone: Project ID: Intended Format of Product  CD-ROM  DVD  ECD  Video CD  Video Tape  Other Intended Distribution of Product  Retail  International  Free Distribution  Other______  Internal

ROM Content
Content (check all that apply):
Multimedia Presentation HTML / Web-type content Digital Video (see also “Video” section, below) Graphics/Artwork/Photos Program / Application Database Game MP3 (also submit “audio” form) Operating System Shareware Freeware Business Forms / Templates Informational Presentation Sales Presentation Enhanced CD / ECD (also submit “audio” form) Other (specify):

Does your ROM contain any of the following?
QuickTime Video PowerPoint Presentation Content Created with Macromedia Director QuickTime Installer PowerPoint Reader / Installer Content Created with Macromedia Authorware PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files Internet Explorer installer Content Created with Macromedia Flash Adobe Acrobat Reader / Installer Netscape Navigator Installer If you checked any of the above, have you reviewed and conformed to all logo and licensing requirements for these products? Yes No (Go to to review licensing requirements for each product.)

List all software included on ROM. Attach additional sheets if necessary. Software

Distribution Rights
Owned Licensed Owned Licensed Owned Licensed Owned Licensed

Rights Owner (if licensed)

1 2 3 4 Video Content
Check one statement within each row.
I am the owner of the rights to distribute this video. There is no copyrighted material, not owned by me, contained within this video. There is no copyrighted music/audio, not owned by me, contained within this video.

I have licensed the rights to distribute this video I have licensed any and all copyrighted material contained within this video. I have acquired all compulsory, mechanical, and synchronization rights for music/audio contained within this video.
If any statement in the right hand column is checked, please list all material on a separate sheet, and provide proof of licensing.

I affirm that the information provided herein is true. I affirm that I own or have licensed the contents of the master submitted, or am a proper legal representative of the persons or companies that do. I understand that World Media Group, Inc. may refuse to process any order that does not meet its criteria for proof of ownership of intellectual property rights, or for which any violation of copyright law is suspected. I agree to indemnify and hold World Media Group, Inc. harmless for any expenses or damages related to decisions or actions taken by WMG regarding issues related to copyrights, licensing, or intellectual property rights. Signed: _____________________________________________ Please Print Name: ____________________________________

Title, Company: ______________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________

Content Ownership Disclosure Form – Video and CD-ROM
This form must be submitted with every DVD, Video, or Data master submitted for reproduction. Audio masters should be accompanied by the “Content Ownership Disclosure Form – Audio”. If this master contains incidental music, or music files, the audio form must also be submitted. This form must be signed by the person, company, or group submitting the master for duplication, or by a proper legal representative thereof. This form cannot be signed by intermediaries, such as duplication brokers or studios. In the case of music used within a Video or multimedia presentation, in addition to other licensing required as listed on the audio form, Synchronization rights must also be licensed. Please provide proof of all types of licensing for any music used. Note that all uses of copyrighted music or audio must be listed, no matter how short. This includes samples and loops used in the creation of new compositions, background and voice-over music, and incidental “bumpers” and “stings.” Certain manufacturers of presentation technologies used in ROMs have specific requirements for the licensing of use of their products. While this use is generally without additional costs, requirements often include signing a form with the company, sending them copies of your completed disc, and including their logo in your presentation or on your packaging. Most notably, this includes content created with Macromedia Director, and video in the QuickTime format. These requirements are subject to revision, so check with the appropriate software company for the current status any such requirements. Links to many such companies are provided at Copyrighted sources, such as stock footage, television and cable broadcasts, and copyrighted still images used within a video or multimedia presentation must be listed, and proof of licensing must be supplied.

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