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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: October 22, 2004

Contact: Chuck Baumann, 503-540-1015

MEGABUCKS JACKPOT NEARS ALL-TIME RECORD! SALEM – The $22.8 million Megabucks jackpot for the Saturday, Oct. 23 drawing is the second highest in Oregon Lottery history. The current Megabucks jackpot has been climbing since starting at $1 million on April 14, 2004. Since that time, there have been over 823,000 winning Megabucks tickets and more than $4.8 million in Megabucks prizes. What happens if there’s no winner on Saturday? The Monday, Oct. 25 Megabucks jackpot will be for an all-time record $23.2 million. The current top Megabucks jackpot of $23 million was won in July 1991 by members of the MaGinnis family of Portland. The Megabucks jackpot winner will have the option of receiving their prize in 25 annual installments or a one-time cash payment. For the $22.8 million jackpot, the 25-year installment choice would give the winner $611,040 a year, after taxes. If the winner selects the cash option, their one-time after taxes cash payment would ring in at over $7.6 million. Since the first Megabucks tickets went on sale Nov. 20, 1985, there have been 183 Megabucks jackpots won. Counting shared jackpots, there have been 251 Megabucks jackpot winners, resulting in 193 Megabucks millionaires. Overall, Megabucks players have won more than $546 million in prizes.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: August 12, 2004

Contact: Marian Hammond, 503-378-6169 Anna Richter Taylor, 503-378-6496

Governor Appoints Brenda Rocklin as Interim President of SAIF (Salem, OR) - Governor Ted Kulongoski announced today he has asked Brenda Rocklin to step in as interim president and CEO of SAIF, Oregon’s publicly-

owned workers’ compensation company. Rocklin has served as the director of the Oregon State Lottery since January 2003. “ For months now, I have been very concerned about management decisions at SAIF,” said the governor. “There are 815 employees at SAIF – and 814 of them are hard workers who are doing a great job, but what we are dealing with here are the consequences of bad decisions made by one person. Unfortunately, that person was the one in charge of the organization – and that’s a serious problem.” The governor announced that Rocklin will review the operations of SAIF and recommend whatever reforms are necessary to ensure that the company is operating with the highest possible degree of transparency and accountability to the public. “ I have asked Brenda to conduct a top-to-bottom review of SAIF to make sure that it is accountable to the public – and I trust her to do a great job. I have also asked her to make any recommendations she deems necessary to make SAIF more accountable to the public and its elected officials during the coming legislative session,” said the governor. “Brenda is a proven government reformer who is known for her toughness and her ethics. She is a former prosecutor with the state Department of Justice – and she has a track record of reform. Brenda took over as director of the State Lottery in January 2003, at a time when there were significant questions about public accountability at that agency. In just 18 months she has literally turned the organization around. She has transformed the Lottery into an agency that is accountable for the money it spends and that acts with the public’s best interest in mind.” The governor made it clear that SAIF continues to be a successful economic asset for Oregon. “ SAIF is part of Oregon’s future – it’s one of the principal competitive advantages we have in growing Oregon’s economy and providing jobs to Oregonians,” said the governor. “To preserve that future, the public needs to know that SAIF is being run in an ethical and accountable manner – and the person to lead this effort is Brenda Rocklin.” The governor has asked Cecil Tibbets, the current acting president and CEO of SAIF, to remain with the organization after Brenda steps in. The governor also stated that all of the members of the SAIF board are in support of Rocklin’s interim appointment. Brenda Rocklin Biography:

Rocklin was appointed interim director of the Oregon State Lottery by Governor Kitzhaber in December 2002. Governor Kulongoski appointed Rocklin to the permanent position as director in January 2003. Prior to administering the Lottery, Rocklin served as the attorney-in-charge of the District Attorney Assistance Section of the Department of Justice (DOJ) from 1999 to 2002. She joined the Department of Justice in 1984, where she worked in the Appellate Division, the Criminal Justice Division, the Civil Enforcement Division and Administration. Rocklin also served the DOJ Attorney-in-Charge of the Industrial Accident Section at SAIF from mid-1995 to mid-1996. Rocklin is a graduate of Idaho State University and Willamette University College of Law.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: August 3, 2004 GTECH Signs Three-Year Contract Extension in Oregon WEST GREENWICH, R.I., Aug. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- GTECH Holdings Corporation (NYSE: GTK) today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, GTECH Corporation, signed a three-year contract extension with the Oregon Lottery to commence June 21, 2005, as allowed under the Lottery's current online contract with GTECH. "The Oregon Lottery has been a valued GTECH customer since 1985," said GTECH President and CEO W. Bruce Turner. "We are proud of the innovations we have brought to the Lottery over the years in terms of online and video lottery technology. We look forward to delivering our Enterprise Series Video central system which is designed to enhance the Lottery's video central system management." Under the terms of the contract extension, GTECH will replace the Lottery's existing video lottery central system with GTECH's Enterprise Series Video(TM) central system. In addition, GTECH will provide the Lottery with approximately 2,000 internet protocol (IP)-ready Altura(R) LVT video site controllers, which will link over 10,000 video lottery terminals to the central system, and provide validation of winning receipts and printing of retailer reports. The Oregon Lottery

will also receive video lottery central system software support and software licensing. With respect to its contract extension with the Oregon Lottery, GTECH expects to generate revenues of approximately $22 million to $25 million.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: April 23, 2004

Contact: Chuck Baumann Phone: 503-540-1015

Vendor to Replace Oregon Lottery Click&Play CD-ROM Discs SALEM–After isolated incidents of players reporting problems with their Click&Play CD-ROM discs breaking in their computers, the Oregon Lottery will begin distribution of new replacement Click&Play CD-ROM discs next week. Early last week, the Lottery began receiving reports of discs breaking while players were playing the new Mini Golf Click&Play CD-ROM game. After an examination of a random sampling of the original Click&Play discs by the manufacturer, no apparent cause for the problems could be found. Regardless, the manufacturer is producing replacement Click&Play CD-ROM discs at no cost to the Oregon Lottery. “It is vitally important to the Oregon Lottery and our retailers that players have the utmost confidence in our games,” said Lottery Director Brenda Rocklin. “Our vendors and staff have worked very quickly to resolve this issue. Click&Play games are just part of the Lottery’s on-going efforts to offer new games to help raise revenues for the State of Oregon.” The Lottery has asked its retailers to remove the current Click&Play CD-ROM discs from their shelves to make room for the new replacement Click&Play CDROMs set to arrive in stores the week of April 26. To thank players for their loyalty to the new Click&Play games, from April 26 until May 31, 2004, in exchange for their original Click&Play CD-ROM disc, players can get a free $2 Mini Golf Scratch-it ticket and the free “New Release” Click&Play CD-ROM disc. This offer is good at all Oregon Lottery retail locations selling the popular Mini Golf Scratch-it ticket. Limit one free Mini Golf Scratch-it ticket per person. If a player has any problems with the Click&Play CD-ROM disc, they should call

the technical support number found on the Lottery’s Web site, on the Click&Play CD-ROM, and also listed in the Click&Play how-to-play brochure. Click&Play is a new type of Lottery game that combines a Scratch-it ticket and a CD-ROM game disc and is played on a computer. Since the game began on April 6, over 271,000 Click&Play CD-ROM discs have been distributed to Lottery retailers statewide. The first Click&Play game offered was Mini Golf. When players purchase the $2 Mini Golf Scratch-it, they received the Click&Play CD-ROM game disc free. By adding this new category of game, sales of the new Click&Play games will help maximize revenues back to the State of Oregon to be used for education, economic development, State Parks, and watersheds.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: March 30, 2004

Contact: Chuck Baumann Phone: 503-540-1015

LOTTERY DIRECTOR MAKES FINAL RETAILER CONTRACT RECOMMENDATION SALEM–Oregon Lottery Director Brenda Rocklin has released her final recommendation for a new four-year Lottery retailer contract. The final recommendation gives Video Lottery retailers an option of selecting between a three-tier or a two-tier commission rate. “Retailers with low- and midvolume sales would most likely choose the three tiers,” said Rocklin, “while higher volume retailers would most likely choose the two tiers.” Each business year during the life of the contract, retailers will be able to select one of the two options. Once the annual choice has been made, Video Lottery retailers will earn commissions according to the tier option they have selected for that business year. “Many retailers have asked the Lottery Commission to consider a flat-rate option,” added Rocklin. “They assert the flat rate would serve to increase revenue to the State because retailers would be motivated to increase sales. The two-tier option, while not a flat rate, provides an incentive to retailers to maintain or increase their video lottery sales.” Video lottery retailers, who are able to maintain or increase their sales in the two-tier option, may experience less of a reduced commission rate than they would under the three-tier option, which would also then generate additional revenue for the State.

The director’s final recommendation will be formally presented to the Lottery Commission on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 during the Commission’s regular meeting from 9 AM-noon at the Lottery office in Salem. A limited period of time for public testimony will also be provided during the meeting. The Lottery commissioners will then discuss and vote on a final contract for Lottery retailers. After issuing her initial retailer contract proposal on February 25, 2004, Director Rocklin and Lottery staff have met with Lottery retailers and the public across the state. In submitting her final recommendation, Director Rocklin thanked those who have attended the statewide retailer forums and public hearings, written letters and e-mails, and contacted the director by phone. “From the beginning of this process, it has been the Lottery’s intention to take into consideration all concerns and comments,” said Rocklin. “We’ve heard from Lottery retailers and their employees, public officials, and members of the public. That feedback played a valuable role in helping us arrive at this final recommendation.” Both the director’s initial contract proposal and the final contract recommendation can be viewed on the Web at

FINAL LOTTERY RETAILER CONTRACT RECOMMENDATION DELAYED SALEM – Citing the need to consider variations to contract options and variables that have been developed by the director and Lottery staff, Oregon Lottery Director Brenda Rocklin has decided to delay issuing her final Lottery retailer contract until Tuesday, March 30, 2004. The director’s final contract recommendation will be formally presented to the Lottery Commission on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 during the Commission’s regular meeting from 9 AM-noon at the Lottery office in Salem. A limited period of public testimony will also be provided during the meeting. The Lottery commissioners will then discuss and vote on a final contract for Lottery retailers.

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