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									Rom Sathler
Flat 3, Ladygrove court, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. OX14 5DB Mob: 07958 420894

PROFILE A highly talented and enthusiastic Senior Software Engineer, with excellent technical knowledge and ability, seeks a challenging position where to expand the skills set, encompasses the full life cycle and further his career. Possess excellent communication and customer-facing skills, supported by strong self-motivation and a desire to succeed. A natural team player, with a sound background in both industrial and academic environments, is ideally seeking a role that will prove to be both a personal and professional challenge . TECHNICAL SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE SUMMARY

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C# 2.0, 3.5, .NET Windows Forms, UML, Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, WPF, Microsoft Expression Tool kit, C and C++, Java, XAML, XML/XSLT, HTML, UNIX, Linux, GRADE-IDE (Pal2), Turbo Pascal, Basic script, Winwrap script, MFC, Pspice, MatLab MS-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access)


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As a result of good organisational skills and attention to detail, successfully increased the team‟s ability to provide an efficient, robust and satisfactory solution to the customers. Maintaining a close relationship with the customer and marketing team during design, development and testing of the software, applying AGILE software development methodologies that promote development iterations, open collaboration, and process adaptability throughout the life-cycle of the project. Designed and developed tools based on the core SensiumSoft API for in-house engineers to support EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) tests and ESD (Electronic Discharge) tests for the compliance test certification of the Pebble, Dongle and DataLogger devices. Posses the ability to technically implement, troubleshoot and programmatically customize software applications. Able to take direction from Management and Market Director as well as the Principal Engineer overseeing the projects, act on those directions, delegate tasks and liaise to team members to get it done. Competent on prioritize multiple tasks and responsibilities, while maintaining a high level of quality service and calm assertive professionalism.




CAREER November 2008 to Date Senior Software Engineer: Toumaz Technology Ltd

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Appointed to manage and develop Sensium technology for the new generation of non-intrusive bodyworn and wireless devices to monitor vital signs in real-time. As a senior engineer within the Toumaz SensiumSoft team, I am expected to lead the maintenance and development of existing Sensium technologies, and play a central role in innovating new products, supporting existing customers and meeting potential ones.



Successfully managed the released of over 7 version of the SensiumSoft API for PC and PDA and its three versions of the Software Demonstrator GUI. This includes regression testing, CD release to customer as well as off site support, bug solving, adding new functionality, identifying hardware short comings and working with the hardware engineers as well as with the embedded engineer to get them fixed. Work along side the embedded software engineer to incorporate new functionality to SensiumSoft API and devices, testing them and providing feedback to tune those functionalities to the specification.

Sept 2005 to October 2008 Software Engineer: Malvern Instruments Ltd


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Appointed to develop, test and release software for analytical instruments used in the characterization of a wide variety of materials. Those instruments are conceived and developed in house for various industries such as pharmaceutical, Adhesive, Aerospace, Asphalt, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Nanotechnology, Proteins, etc. Involved in the review of the department BPM and the implementation of Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008. Responsible for releasing the version 3.5 of the particle size analyser, Mastersizer 2000. This involved discussing software specifications with the product manager and mechanical, firmware and hardware engineers. Also to implement the requested functionalities, fixing raised software issues; produce documentation and finally signing off this version for production. Provided a one-week customer support visit in Copenhagen/Denmark, June 2006, to an Asphalt development centre to understand the customer needs and to solve problems that were occurring due to combination of our instruments with other third party instruments. This trip was a success and very productive and all the customer needs where cleared. Joined another developing team in the company, whom where developing Malvern‟s latest generation rheometer, code-named Revolution to design and implement using .NET framework on C#. Took the responsibility to develop the Engineering Control Panel and assist in the development of all parts of the architecture, User interface, algorithms and user features. This project involved a designing and implementing of a complete new software application in NET using C# as well as making use of C++ libraries and unmanaged scripts. Implemented mathematical models for the data analyser, such as Cross over point and Smoothing algorithms. Designed and implemented a search tool, using the Windows Desktop API, capable to run in XP and Vista for the rheometer software. Help design and implemented the storage data structure and serialization rules for the rheometer software as well as making use of .NET reflection and generics.

Nov 2000 to August 2005 Software Test developer Engineer: Teradyne-DS, Manchester

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Appointed to combine the expertise of an electronic engineer with the knowledge of software engineering and programming languages Responsible for writing software that will interact with all the various modules that form computerised hardware, installed within vehicles for clients such as Ford Motors Company, Jaguar and Aston Martin Developing applications to pinpoint a specific fault valve through specific constraints parameters, conducting a network search, interact with every module in different protocols, providing a report to the technician at the service bay about the vehicle state using MFC applications and DLLs. Utilising protocols such as MSCAN and HSCAN, ISO, SCP and programming languages C, C++, JAVA. Established a close relationship with the customer to satisfy the huge demand for software-controlled applications Liaising and supporting a consultant engineer to provide the best possible solution for a particular requirement Delivered an effective customer service and customer support performance Successfully promoted twice and took over the responsibility to provide software solutions for ETAC module and RCM module. Designed and developed a Database Dictionary with all relationships explained and took charge of the database distribution.

Feb 1994 to Nov 2000 Student: Full Time Education in UK (worked part time during this period and had a gap year in 1996) Jan 1993 to Jan 1994 Electronic Technician: BEMG, Bank of Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Appointed as an electronic technician “standing-by” Responsible for the maintenance of the electronic devices such as fax machines, computers and cash dispensers Undertook additional interim position as a cashier and account‟s assistant in a regional branch, dealing with clients as well as small branches Dealt with clients both by telephone and face to face and established and maintained relationships with new and existing customers Conducted computer analysis of monthly data sheets

Jan 1991 to Jun 1992 Maintenance Electronic Technician: TELEMIG, Telecommunication of Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Appointed as maintenance electronic technician in this regional telecommunication company Responsible for performing a wide range of tests and maintenance on the transmission line‟s distribution panels and other electronic equipment Alignment of transmission aerials on remote sites and analysed data from the site equipment Designed, developed and produced technical reports on equipment performance


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Project aim was to provide a critical evaluation of its application Involved using the UML to produce a specification and then translate a sample into OO language code (C++ and JAVA) Process and products were then subject to critical appraisal

B.ENG PROJECT (2.1): Back up Power Supply Based on Solar Energy System Built a prototype and extended research to other alternative energy sources in comparison to the chosen „Solar Energy‟ as a back up to conventional power supply Extra curriculum research - From Cathode ray tube to LCD technology

EDUCATION AND TRAINING MSc - Computing (Manchester University – 2003) Modules: Java and Advanced Java with enfaces on Object Oriented programming languages techniques, SQL Oracle 9iplus, Computer Networks, Systems Development, Database structures and Neural Networks BEng (2.2 Honours) - Electronics and Computer Engineering (Brunel University – London – 2000) Modules: Power Electronics and Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Design of Intelligent Systems, Parallel Computer Technology, Neural Networks, Microprocessor programming Diploma Electronics and Electrical Engineering (PUC University – Brazil – partly completed BEng) Modules: Engineering Mathematics, Fundamentals of Physics, Data Bank Processing Basic Computer Programming, Design of Electronic circuits, Psychology applied to work English Language course - 3 years full-time IT Courses - Dbase III plus & CLIPPER

PERSONAL INFORMATION Date of Birth - 18 May 1972 Nationality - German/Brazilian (British citizenship, work permit not required) Full, clean, Driving Licence Languages – English & Portuguese (fluent) & Spanish (fair) Interests – Running, squash, aeromodelism & Socialising Excellent references available upon request

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