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2 - 14 September 2009
IKAR Gallery, Club of Aviation (Klub Vazduhoplovstva) Strosmajer street 3, Zemun, Belgrade, Serbia

With the invitation to participate, we submit the list of planned activities and conditions of the participation. 1. 1.1. INFORMATION ABOUT THE EXIBITION The content of the exhibition  Plans of all categories (spatial, master and plans of detailed regulations) which are in connection with landscape architecture or the parts of the plans which refer to landscape architecture (environment protection, protection of the cultural landscapes, recreation and tourist areas, city greenery and recreation areas systems , etc... ).  Designs - parks, open sports and recreation centres, pedestrain areas, squares, cultural heritage objects, open space of public and dwelling areas, residential gardens, objects of the park and garden architecture, design of landscape structures, interior landscapes etc ...  Studies and research on the landscape architecture  Publications (books, magazines, guide books...)  Student projects of all kinds. Possible participants  Professionals (individuals, groups or offices) engaged in the field of landscape architecture  Students (individuals or groups from all the faculties dealing with landscape architecture) Propositions All contributions of the mentioned categories which have been proposed or realised during the last three years (2007 - 2009) can be submitted for the Exhibition, under condition that they were not exposed on the previous Landscape Architecture Exhibitions organised by SALA.


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1.4. Application  Material should be submitted until Friday, 29th of May 2009 on the following address: Uros Brzakovic- NIS PETROL (APPLICATION FOR THE III LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE EXHIBITION) Milentija Popovica Street 1 11070 Novi Beograd Republic of Serbia Or via e-mail: or The application should include: Filled application form (in English) - included in the attachment. The authors should also submit textual explanation in the following way - Description - text form in Word file - Abstract - short description of the work, for the catalogue (up to five sentences in Word file)  Graphical contribution for each submitted project– scanned drawings, digital photos, computer drawings - in PDF, JPG or TIFF, up to ten illustrations According to the application, the commission will make a selection of the projects. The selected project will be shown on the exhibition, included in the competition and published in the Exhibition Catalogue. Notes:  In case that authors send the application via mail on CD, authors of the project should be named  In case that one candidate submits more projects, each one should be sent in a separate envelope  The application is free  The material WILL NOT BE RETURNED to the authors 1.5.  Selection of projects for the exhibition The III Landscape Architecture Exhibition Commission will select the projects which will be presented at the Exhibition. The works which do not refer to the Exhibition propositions or are not of sufficient quality will not be selected. The Commission will inform candidates, whose projects are chosen, via e-mail or phone until Monday, 08th of June 2009, in order to prepare the material for the Exhibition. Selected projects will be published in the Catalogue of the Exhibition and presented at the Exhibition. Authors of these projects have to prepare their contribution for the Exhibition and to pay the exhibition fee.



1.6. Exhibition fee for the selected projects The exhibitioners whose projects are chosen for the Catalogue and Exhibition must pay the conference fee in the following amounts:  Students – 30 Euro  Professionals – who are members of the National Associations which are members of IFLA and EFLA – 70 Euro  Professionals – 100 Euro for each project The cost of poster printing is included in the given price. All the participants whose projects are exposed and pay the conference fee will get FREE catalogue of the Landscape Architecture Exhibition. The conference fee should be paid on the account of Landscape architects. Authors of selected projects will be informed about details of paying. The purpose of paying: Conference fee for the third Landscape Architects Exhibition 2009. 1.7. The preparation of chosen projects The authors whose projects are chosen should pay the fee and prepare their projects for the exhibition in the following way:  Contributions will be presented in the shape of posters, dimension 70 X 100 cm or 100x70 cm. The authors must prepare posters in this format. Up to two posters for one project can be submitted, with the marked order (1 and 2 in the down, right corner). Each poster should include names of authors.  Studies and research should also be prepared in the form of posters, in the same way. If the studies are published in the form of a publication, they should also be submited it in this form.  Publications should be presented in the original form. 1.8. How to submit the projects All the chosen participants should submit:  Projects prepared in the PDF, JPG or TIFF format  The evidence of a fee paid in the adequate amount should be presented in the mail 1.9. Deadline and address for sending prepared contributions   Deadline: Monday, 23th of June 2009 Address: Uros Brzakovic- NIS PETROL (application for the III Landscape Architecture Exhibition) Milentija Popovic Street 1, 11070 Novi Beograd Republic of Serbia Or via e-mail: or

Notes: Publications (books, guide books, magazines etc...) should be sent in an adequate package which is protected from damage. The author should cover the post expenses.



The Commission may give the following acknowledgements: 1. GRAND PRIX (this acknowledgement is given to the project which is of outstanding quality, no matter of category - plans, publications, designs, studies). 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. PRIZES according to the categories: In the category of PLANS In the category of DESIGNS- subcategory of public facilities of landscape architecture In the category of DESIGNS-subcategory of garden designs. In the category of STUDIES AND RESEARCH In the category of PUBLICATIONS Special prizes of the Exhibition: Prize for students’ projects Prize for the art contribution Prize for cultural heritage in landscape architecture Special prize of the Commission

7. 8. 9. 10.

The Commission has the right not to give the prize if there is opinion that contributions are not satisfy quality criteria of the mentioned categories. In addition, they may allocate more than one prize in the mentioned categories if the several projects deserve them as well as to agree on the special prize of the Commission.


ACCOMPANIED EVENTS OF THE EXHIBITION Round tables, as well as other activities, are planned during the Exhibition. Further information about it will be given in the next announcement.


till Friday , 29th of May 2009 1 – 4 June 2009. till Monday, 08th of June 2009 till Monday, 23th of June 2009 26-29th of June 2009 30th of June, 2009 Wednesday 2nd September 2009 Friday, 5th September 2009 at 6 pm Monday, 14th September 2009 at noon

APPLICATION OF PROJECTS Work of the Commission for Selection Replay of the Commission to the applied candidates Delivering of projects prepared for the exhibition Work of Jury Report of the Jury Opening of the Exhibition for the visitors Inauguration (with allocation of prizes) Closing of the Exhibition

If you have any questions, please be free to send it to: or Follow the news on the website: In the name of the Organisational Board of the III Landscape Architecture Exhibition, With kind regards, President of SALA Andjelka Jevtovic

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