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					Don’t Get Left Behind!

229 workplace deaths 2008. 1000 direct family members left behind, 10,000 colleagues affected!!

Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living! Workers Memorial Day Event in Preston, 25th April, 2009

Are Company Directors Responsible? Its not just the dead that suffer!
Corporate Manslaughter The corporate manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007, was intended to be the vehicle to enable legislators to influence workplace improvements in Health and Safety. Unless the courts get tough with directors who do not take their responsibilities seriously, then more people will get left behind.


Mick Antonie of Thompsons Solicitors – a firm which represents many families involved with fatal accidents at work - comments: “We welcome the Bill. It is a major step forward. However, we are not confident it will be effective. The government has missed a great opportunity to give the bill real teeth. The lack of any clear guidelines on penalties means that current fines are likely to be no greater than under existing health and safety law. There is also no provision for the disqualification of directors who fail to ensure their companies put safety above profit. The failure to introduce more flexible penalties such as corporate probation is another lost opportunity.” Save Lives at Work

Remember the Dead! Fight for the Living! Workers Memorial Day Event in Preston, 25th April, 2009

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