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					Cuttings from the Vineyard
Time has flown, before we know it, we are approaching our first anniversary on July 7. Why not come down and help us celebrate our birthday, we’ll have drinks and nibbles on all the weekend of 12th and 13th of July, which also coincides with the Sunday Farmers’ Market. On the Saturday we have the wines & Olive oils from the great vineyard of Planeta, from the Island of Sicily, this vineyard is regarded as the best on Sicily and makes some absolutely stunning wines, so come along and be wowed. On the Sunday we will be trying wines from New Zealand, fantastic Sauvignons, stunning Rieslings, aromatic Gewurztraminers, and of course seductive Reds, just make sure you don’t forget to come along!!! To get everyone in the party mood, we’ll also be giving discounts for purchases of any 6 or more wines. Our wine tasting’s, which we have held at least once a month, have gone down really well since we opened and we will be continuing with them through to the end of the year. We will try to show you something that you may have always wanted to try, something new or even something you may not be sure of, so please book early to secure a place on any of the following:-

All the tasting’s listed will be held at the Grants Arms, Market Place Ramsbottom st Thursday 31 July

A Dinner with “Morgan Vineyards” California £35.00 per Head
Hosted by Bradley Martin of Morgan Vineyards. Following on from the very successful dinner with Jeff & Amy Burch of Howard Park Winery Australia, we have been approached by Bibendum Wines our supplier, to host another dinner this time with Morgan. Limited places (35) The Double L Vineyard is in the northern section of the Santa Lucia Highlands sub-appellation of Monterey. This organically farmed site has 45 acres currently producing fine Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah. At present we have the Twelve Clones Pinot Noir and the Cotes de Crows Rhone blend of Grenache and syrah wines in the shop, depending on what you think on the night, we will be looking to expand the range. Rated in the top 100 wineries by the Times in 2007.

Tickets £22.50 per head. Friday 22 August A Tour of the Rhone Valley Hosted by Mr Martin Slater, Thorman Hunt Ltd.

You all know the name of wines like Chateauneuf Du Pape & Cotes Du Rhone, well come and find out more about all the other great wines from this region, where you are sure to find some real gems. They range from the disastrously expensive Hermitage, Condrieu and Cote Rotie to the far more accessible Cotes de Ventoux, or perhaps one of the 17 Cotes du Rhone Villages. As Oz Clarke has said, “there is no such thing as a good Chateauneuf Du Pape at £10 a bottle”; Thorman Hunt supply us with what we think is the best one in the shop from Domaine Roger Sabon.

Tickets £22.50 per head. Friday 12th September New Wines of Spain Hosted by Mr Danny Cameron of Raymond Reynolds Ltd
Many of you know Danny as the Portuguese expert, as Raymond Reynolds supplies us with most of the fabulous wines from that country on our shelves, including our best selling red, the “Douro”. Well, they have sneaked across the border into Spain and come up with some of the most stunning new wines seen for a long time, be one of the first to try them.

Tickets £22.50 per head.

Friday 17th October
New World Wines & Riedel Crystal Hosted by Charlotte Cotterill of Fields Morris & Verdin Ltd, & Mr John Hinckley of Riedel Crystal.
A real treat, we are going to taste some of the very best New World wines, Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, Cabernet from Australia, Syrah from California, etc and to really show them at their best, we aim to let you have the experience of tasting them out of Riedel wine glasses, which we believe are the ultimate tasting sensation, but of course we want you to tell us what you think. We have to limit the numbers for this tasting to 40, so please be quick and book your tasting extravaganza!

Tickets £22.50 per head.

We will be organising more tasting’s in the run up to Christmas, we will let you know by email and through advertising in the shop, so keep a look out to ensure you don’t’ miss a treat.

The Vineyard Fine Wine Club
We are about to launch our fine wine club for those of you who would like to try wines which would normally be outside the price you would want to pay, either because it’s simply too much for a single bottle, or because you’re not sure it will be good enough value for money. We aim to host the tasting in early December in the shop, were we will try some of the finest wines from France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, South America, etc, our aim is to try around 10 wines ranging from £50.00 a bottle to £250.00 per bottle, we are going to limit the number to 20 customers only, and the price will be £95.00 per head, we think that by letting you know now, you can pay so much per week-month up to the tasting, and not think that it is quite an amount at that time of the year, we already have a lot of interest and names have already been put down. So please let me know a.s.a.p. if you are interested. (We already have Chateau d’Yquem waiting)

No, not the fighting boys, this stands for Six Aussie Shiraz’s, a stunning collection of rare full bodied reds from down under, iconic names whose wines are snapped up as soon as they come into the country. Like the Carnival of Love, Aristea, Dead Arm, Bethany G9, etc, these cases are limited to just six cases, so be quick of the mark if you love Aussie Shiraz. Price £225.00 per case

Wines of the Season
Our best seller and best value wine is the Douro Feitoria red, at £6.50 a bottle. Well, great news – this Portuguese co-operative now produces a white at £8.95 – and we aim to have plenty on our shelves! We’ve actually had some warm sunny days over the past couple of weeks, which makes thoughts turn to Rose and whilst we have made a separate display in the shop to help you choose, what about trying Triennes, a dry, light version from the South of France at £9.35 a bottle. I’m sure your thoughts have also been turning to Barbeques in this weather, when you need a robust red to finish off alongside all that well

done meat – you couldn’t do better than the Estampa Malbec and Petit Syrah blend from Chile, a lovely wine and a real steal at only £6.95 a bottle.

The Vineyard Selection
We will hand pick a range of wines and deliver to your door every quarter you can choose between a case of 6 or 12 wines, and also choose what combinations you would like eg. All red All white, 8 / 4 or 6 / 6 splits etc. £79.95 for the twelve case. £40.00 for the six case, and £85.00 for the premium 6 case (top class wines). All the cases will have details and tasting notes on the wines, so you can keep details of specific wines that you may want to try again, and please don’t forget, should there be any wines you don’t particularly like we will gladly replace. We aim to supply the next case, in the 2nd week of September. If you would like to order please fill in your details below.

Name Address Tel No E-mail Specific Choice (i.e.) 6 case or 12 case. Any special requirements
Some of you may have noticed some increased prices in the shop – we promise this isn’t to furnish any lavish lifestyle for Stuart! We’ve been hit by a triple whammy – good old Government duty going up in the budget, a drought in Australia which has caused shortages and therefore lead to price increases and the fall in the value of the Pound against the Euro pushing up prices of old world wines. We’re sorry to have to pass these extra costs on to you, but promise that’s all we’re doing, nothing more, and in many cases we’ve absorbed at least some of the increase. We hope this doesn’t dull your enjoyment of our wines. Finally, many of you will have received this newsletter by email – if you haven’t, that is because we don’t have your address, so to help us do our

bit for the environment and keep you up to date with any special offers, next time you’re in the shop, please let us have your details. The Vineyard 12 square Street Ramsbottom Bury BL0 9LE 01706 822213

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