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There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes: but what are they among so many? And Jesus took the loaves…..John 6:11 [ A true story from the Bihar mission field of the NIEA] “Where will I find a place for my daughter to study?” said Janaki as she trudged towards Purnia town. It was a humid day and she looked up at the overcast sky, expecting rain to fall any moment. Her home was some twenty miles away from Purnia in a notorious area filled with every type of crime. The men of the village were robbers by profession and made their money in distant places and brought back the booty to their families. The ladies of the village were noted for their immorality. Unrighteousness and every type of wickedness was found here. Janaki had no husband. Her young seven year old daughter was a beautiful young girl, full of energy and zest. But Janaki knew that living in Khichad Tola was not at all safe. Over five hundred houses with a population of over four thousand. “In my life, I have not experienced any joy” she thought to herself. “at least for the sake of my daughter Sulochana, should I not find a place of safety?” She started inquiring in the town whether there were safe havens for children. Someone told her about the Queen Esther home run by NIEA in Purnia. She entered the campus. “My goodness, she said this is a beautiful place. Will my daughter be admitted here?” Sulochana soon found herself a new home here and her mother was happy. Surrounded by godly dorm parents, Sulochana started hearing about Jesus and growing in the things of the Lord. Then came the first vacation. “I will be seeing many of my friends!” Sulochana said to herself and waited expectantly for her mother to come to collect her. Once in the village, she was surrounded by several people who wanted to know what life in a children‟s home was like! „It is a very safe place; the people are good and we pray to Jesus everyday” said the young girl. In a matter of weeks, couple other little girls who were orphaned and poor from the same vicinity were admitted to the home. Manisha, a young girl seven years of age, went home to meet her relatives several months later. Her life was different. There was something different in this girl, which she picked up from the hostel. Manish told her mother “Mom, you must stop all these bad things. Jesus is not pleased. Speak the truth. Pray before you eat. Jesus loves you!” Gita, Manisha‟s mother was surprised. “This girl is telling me what to do! In other homes the parents tell children what to do and how to behave! Nonetheless it seems as if her life has changed!”

Gita decided to come for herself and see what the mission was all about. She heard about Jesus for the first time in her life that Sunday in church and gave her life to the Lord. Today from Khichad Tola some ten people regularly come to the NIEA church. They are seeking LIFE. Interestingly, they were introduced to the Christian message by the testimony of a little girl called Sulochana and then later Manisha. A church is planted in the village and people are growing in the knowledge of the one and only true God – Jesus Christ! [ Pictures: Top: Sulochana at the NIEA Home; Next: Believers gather in the first church of Kichad Tola; Below: Janaki – Sulochana‟s Mom; Bottom: A few believers at the service] * * *

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