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									Centennial High School Theatre Department
Dear Parents/Guardians, Congratulations! Your student has been chosen to be a part of our production. I have created a packet of information for you and your student that includes the following:        Calendar of rehearsals Advertisement Form for the program Theatre Patron Form Emergency Contact Information Form Tee-Shirt Order Form Parent Volunteer Sheet Student Contract

I would like for your student to have a fun and rewarding experience, so I am asking that you and your student read over the enclosed information carefully. In order to make this production a success, volunteers are needed. I am looking for parents/guardians to help in the following areas: set construction, prop building and purchasing, costume creation and purchasing, publicity and marketing, fundraising, and concessions. I am also looking for parents to be the managers of these areas. If you are interested in assisting, please complete and return the enclosed Volunteer Form. If you cannot support the show by giving time, please consider donating to the production. We are trying to raise $4000 to cover the cost of costumes, set pieces, professional sound design, program and poster printing. We will be fundraising by selling advertisements in the program, selling show tee-shirts and soliciting sponsorship donations. If you would like more information on our efforts, please e-mail me at KCarlsen@hcpss.org. We have a website for our show, www.chstheatre.org and click on “Current Production Page”. This site has all of the forms included in this packet as well as information about tickets and any changes in the schedule. Please visit the site often for up to date information. Again, congratulations to your student. Sincerely, Kathryn Carlsen Theatre Director

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