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Web Site - Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on Sunday, 6 June 2004 at The Strawberry Bank Hotel, Meriden Present
Brian Edwards Steve Manning Sue Lane Bill Allwood Chairman, Wiltshire OS Hon. Sec., Pleurothallid Alliance Devon/ Somerset O.S, Vice-Chairman Minutes Secretary, Scottish OS
Neville Dunn Lea Valley OS Michael Potter Lea Valley OS Ian Parsons Communications sub-committee Ch. Bristol & West of England OS & South West OS Denys Morten CANWOS Barry Cook Thames ValleyO.S. Christine Cook Hardy O.S. Tom Houghton North East of England O.S.

Pat Allwood Scottish OS Zigis Urdzins Solihull & District Hazel Edwards Wiltshire OS John Jones Central O.S. Lydia Cobb Chiltern OS Max Hopkinson East Midlands OS Celia Hopkinson East Midlands OS Eric Hodgkins Birmingham & Midland O.S. Cedric Maunder* Sheffield / Harrogate OS Silvia Maunder* Sheffield OS Betty Barber Chiltern OS Anne Rutter OSGB

* Members of the judging sub-committee

The names recorded as present have been taken from the attendance list circulated during the meeting.

Iain Wright Cheshire and N Wales OS Johan Hermans* Judging sub Committee Clare Hermans * Judging sub Committee Colin Evans Worcestershire OS Ross Taylor Worcestershire OS Kit & Ron Lindsay W.Cornwall O.S. W.Bond Solihull O.S. John Spires Central OS Ken Russell North of England O.S. Alastair Wilson North of England OS Chris Bulpitt OSGB Bill Bond Solihull & District Gillian Howey South East OS Walter Howey* Treasurer, South East O.S. Graham Houghton Mid Wales O.S.


2. Chairman's Opening Remarks / Agenda The Chairman announced the death of Paddy Woods (Scottish O.S.), a well-known orchid author and taxonomist. It was a sad loss and he will be remembered as a person who could enthuse others with his love of orchids. The Secretary will send a letter of condolence on behalf of BOC. „Matters Arising‟ had been inadvertently omitted for the Agenda, so this was added. 3. Minutes of the previous Ordinary Meeting held 7 March 2004 These were accepted as a true record. 4. Matters Arising – not on the Agenda Venue The members felt that Strawberry Bank Hotel was a suitable venue and agreed to book further meetings at a cost of £80 a time. Tea/Coffee and biscuits was a further £1.50 per head, paid for by BOC. Correspondence with Defra The Chairman had phoned Defra and obtained assurances that Max and Steve would be put on the distribution list re CITES documentation. This had not happened! He would now make a more forceful approach. Golden Guide Although strictly not a matter arising, Anne Rutter asked if OSGB could have any spare Guides as they had sold all theirs at Chelsea. This sparked off an animated discussion and the view was that Societies could sell the guide at 30p if they wished – although most do not. Each Society should place its annual order through either Steve or Ian Parsons as normal. Christine Cook would pick up this year‟s Guides from Newbury International Orchid Show and they would be available for collection at the September meeting. 5. Correspondence – Steve Manning Steve had had the usual enquiries and had sent out the Grower‟s and Buyer‟s Guide in response. The „Daily Express’ wished to discuss a new species of hardy orchid, which was a cross between… The Vice – Chairman of the Korean Orchid Society (Sung Ki Eok) expressed a wish to visit all the Orchid Societies in London and join BOC. He was referred to the OSGB. The Secretary had leaflets on WOC - Dijon, the BOGA Fayre and Simply Control. These were put out for members to take what they wanted. 6. Treasurer's Report - Walter Howey (not present) BOC assets were £24000. All Societies had paid their membership fees except Bristol and Hinckley O.S. Ian Parsons said he would follow up the Bristol situation and pay himself if necessary at the next meeting. The Chairman would write to Hinckley O.S., which was still a going concern.


7. CITES – Max Hopkinson Firstly Steve Manning, specifically at Brian‟s request, brought the Council‟s attention to a widely circulated proposal by Harry Zelenko – an American living in Ecuador – to completely abolish CITES. CITES had not saved a single orchid in his opinion. Many responded some for and some against. Steve‟s view (against) was that it was like „throwing the baby out with the bath water‟. Later another missive from Harry stated that he had given up his idea, thanking those who had responded. Max then presented a brief report on the CITES position in the UK. It has taken Defra 4 years to come up with yet another consultation paper. This was entitled “ Review of charges for CITES Licences” and ran to 16 pages. In addition a “Partial Regulatory Impact Assessment” (8pp) had been made. The Department was required by the Treasury to break-even, meaning that they had to recover £1,0068,823 costs minus the accrued income of £61,149. There were three Options proposed 1) Do nothing. 2) Charge a standard price for every application based on full costs. 3) To obtain 90% recovery of cost, collecting 100% from commercial applications and 25% from non-commercial applications. A further option for 2 & 3 above would be to implement over a number of years. The upshot of the revised charges would mean a £5 plant would cost £100 to get a permit. It was clearly non-viable for continuation of trade and Option 1 was most sensible. They seem to have heard our comments but had not changed anything. (Strangely there was no intermediate Option between 1 & 2 Ed) The Chairman thanked Max and said that to obtain maximum impact individuals should write with their comments before the deadline of 30 June. The full papers can be found on E-Mail to and Fax to 0117 372 8206. Conservation BOC had received a request from Flora and Fauna International for information on the number of species endangered by international trade. This was not acted upon possibly because no one could answer the question. Steve Manning after the end of the March meeting asked if BOC could consider having a Conservation Officer. Some discussion ensued and it was established that the person would act as a focal point for the latest information available on conservation with no travel involved. If individual member Societies knew about these initiatives they may well like to support them as others had in the past. At a previous meeting Council rejected giving cash to projects but had contributed to conservation in-kind via the considerable website work. Terms of reference would be needed for the post and the Chairman said that the Executive would prepare a proposal for the next meeting.


8. Congresses 14th EOC,Padua, February 2006 Proposal for joint venture Display at EOC2006, Padua – Anne Rutter You will remember that at the last meeting I asked for your support for a joint venture (between OSGB, RHS and BOC) to take a display to the EOC at Padua in February 2006. I have, as you requested, prepared a budget as follows. It has been approved by the OSGB. Accommodation/Meals Dinner, B&B for 3 drivers staying overnight for 2 nights (out & return) + coffee breaks & lunch in transit £400 Printing leaflets etc £200 Stationery £20 Stamps/phone £100 Trolley Hire in Italy £100 Vehicle Hire, Insurance & Breakdown Cover £1000 Fuel Diesel for journey + petrol for collection trips in UK £200 Ferry Charges £500 Moss/Ferns etc £100 Registration Fee £60 Incidentals £320 Total £3000

Since we last met I have heard from Lucinda Lachelin, of RHS Wisley. She says that she has spoken to Jim Gardiner about the proposal. He would like a presence at the EOC to promote the new glasshouses that are to be built at Wisley and will be underway by 2006. He would like a poster display together with some orchids from the Wisley collection. After some discussion, it was unanimously agreed that the Chairman‟s proposal that BOC would contribute up to one third of the budgeted figure i.e.£1000. 21st BOC Congress – Winter Gardens, Weston Super Mare - Ian Parsons The contract for the venue hire had been received from North Somerset Council and was duly signed by the Chairman. The Winter Gardens, Weston-Super-Mare (WSM) has been booked to include Thursday 28th September through to Sunday 1st October. Access to the facilities will be from Thursday evening (18.00) until Sunday evening (21.00). The Congress will be open to the public from Saturday morning (time yet to be agreed dependent on judging) until 16.00 on Sunday. It is planned to have the Delegates‟ Buffet and Show Preview on the Friday evening. The Delegates Dinner will be held on Saturday 30th September in the Hotel Royal (next to the Winter Gardens – two minutes walk away).


Judging will start early (time to be fixed) on the Saturday morning and a Judges‟ Breakfast will be provided. The main organising committee comprises the body of the BOC Congress Sub-Committee, with BOGA and representatives from the South West Orchid societies. An invitation to participate in this has been sent to the following organisations.        The Bristol and West of England Orchid Society. The Cheltenham and Gloucester Orchid Society. The Devon Orchid Society. The Somerset Orchid Society. The South West Orchid Society. The West Cornwall Orchid Society. The Wiltshire Orchid Society.

The South Wales Orchid Society has now been added to the list. Many of the invited societies have now replied in the affirmative. None have yet declined. A new budget will be drawn up shortly and circulated for the next meeting of Council in September. A programme of lectures will be proposed by the sub-group organising lectures and other events. 22nd BOC Congress – Devon, 2008 Nothing to report. 9. Sub-Committee Reports a) Judging Committee – J & C Hermans (not present) New Trainees: The following new trainees joined the scheme: Geoff Dicks of the South West Orchid Society, he will be mentored by Bill Haldane. Jonathan Watson of the Wessex Orchid Society, mentored by Charlie Kovac. Joseph Ford from the RHS, mentored by Lucinda Lachelin. Future Symposia. * Last Drop Village, 1st -3rd October 2004, in conjunction with the North of England Society Show. More information from: <>. Bookings through the Last Drop Village, Darwen Road, Bromley Cross near Bolton, Lancashire, BL7 9PZ, telephone: 01204 591 131, website: The weekend package will be £165.00 per person sharing a twin or double room with a single supplement of £15.00 per person per night. This will include: Friday - Evening Dinner, Saturday - Breakfast, Lunch & Gala Dinner. Sunday - Breakfast and Lunch. Extra nights will be charged at £75.00 per room (2 sharing) for Bed and Breakfast or £65.00 for single occupancy. Bookings through the Hotel, quoting the 'Orchid Weekend 1/2/3rd October 2004'. * McBean's Orchids on Sunday the 20th February 2005.

* Dawlish Orchid Weekend from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th October 2005. * London Orchid Show in March 2006. * Elsecar Orchid Show, 12 November 2006. b) Congress sub-committee – Sue Lane Nothing further to report. c) Speakers List – Anne Rutter This report will be short and positive. There has been one change in the last three months. This means that we have not gained any new Lecturers but we lost one – Walter Howey. The Panel seems to have settled down. It also suggests that Societies are happy with the choice, as I have had no further requests for copies of the list. Either that or they are used to using the website that they have no longer need a hard copy. Anyway, all is well; but please continue to give me the names of any good, new speakers that I don‟t know about or it will soon not be. It was decided that the list should be updated quarterly for the website and annually issued with the Minutes after the June meeting. d) Slide Collection – Tina Stagg (not present) No activity to report e) Communication sub- committee - Ian Parsons Golden Guide (Pink Guide?) BOGA have reported that we (BOC) may have two additional sides in this year‟s publication (this confirmed on 5th June). A new layout will be produced, and a copy sent to every member society before the end of June. Please ensure that any changes to the information published are sent to the Secretary as soon as possible. BOC Web Page Work on the web page is now mainly support and maintenance. Orchid Specialist Group (OSG) Graham has continued with the ongoing work of keeping the OSG web site updated. Additional information has been added since the last report. The web page can be found at EOC Web page The EOC web page is still being amended, and members will be informed when it is ready for uses. Organisation of Information Hopefully we shall be able to introduce the first attempt at members‟ updates at some stage soon. This depends on available time, and is below the Golden Guide in priority.

10. Any other business Steve Manning reminded the Council that the subject of permanent momentoes for Trophy winners had not been discussed. The minutes Secretary noted that this was raised at the AGM and would be put on the next meetings Agenda. Brian Edwards said that he had attended the EOC meeting held in Dresden on Council‟s behalf. He found it interesting and would report in due course. The meeting ended at 3.30 pm Minutes Secretary Bill Allwood, 17 John Gresty Drive, Willaston, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 6RH Tel/Fax 01270 560 585 E-Mail


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