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									Local Agenda 21 (LA21) Steering Group
Thursday 20 November 2003, 3 – 4pm St Leonard’s House, St Leonardsgate, Lancaster

Present Cllr Chris Coates Dr Hugh Cutler Richard Grave Mark Robinson Weston Herran-Young Janet Lees Kevin Williams Richard Tulej Jim Robson Joy Grayson Donald Read Ann Morris Mary Chabrel Linda Logan CC HC RG MR WH JL KW RT JR JGr DR AM MCh LL Lancaster City Council St. Martin’s College Lancaster & Morecambe Trades Union Council Entropy International Environment Agency Morecambe & District Chamber of Trade & Commerce Lancaster University Lancaster City Council Lancaster City Council Lancaster City Council Morecambe Bay Primary Care Trust (MBPCT)
Lancaster District Chamber of Trade, Commerce & Industry

Friends of the Earth Lancaster City Council

1. Welcome & Introductions JG welcomed new members and everyone introduced themselves to the group 2. Apologies Alison Page Trevor Singleton John Gordon Sandra Elsworth AP TS JGo SE Furniture Matters Landscape Trust Youth & Community Services Local resident

3. Summary Report from Business Engagement meeting AM gave a verbal summary of proposals for how the group could engage local businesses in Agenda for Action and help them become more sustainable (see LA21 Business Mins 1) 4. Engaging local communities in Agenda for Action Poster A draft A3 poster was circulated and minor amendments proposed and agreed.  text to be changed from ‘Dreaming of a Sustainable Future?’ to ‘Creating a Sustainable Future’ and ‘Local People and Projects are making a Difference Today’ to ‘Local People are making a Difference Today’  text at base of picture to be upright MC believes we still need A2 posters for the individual chapters as discussed and agreed at previous meetings. These would have an educational / engagement function. They would be a summary of each chapter. They would be used by the organisations that have been involved in production of Agenda for Action and state ‘This organisation is involved in Agenda for Action‘. Action: Action: Changes to the general poster as agreed (JGr) LA21 Topic Groups to be asked to develop A2 posters (JGr)

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Leaflet A second draft of the leaflet was distributed and minor amendments proposed and agreed.  Add Environment Agency to the list of organisations on back page.  Make it clear that Agenda for Action is free on page 2 & 4  Give reason why people should send information on their projects – i.e. in order to encourage good practice (the projects could become part of proposed LA21 press campaign or be used within next version of Agenda for Action). Discussed possibility of some form of accreditation, e.g. certificates, but we would need to set clear criteria and assessment procedure.  Distribute leaflets via LA21 Partnership / Topic group organisations (2,000), within the Agenda for Action strategies (1, 500) and via Chamber of Commerce distribution (1,000) Action: Action: WH to send brief text on Environment Agency and contact details to JGr Print and distribute 5,000 leaflets (JGr)

Agenda for Action Workshops Discussed whether there is the capacity within the Partnership to run workshops for existing groups – i.e. going out and engaging with local groups. Action: Develop workshop proposals (DR and JGr)

Distribution Action: Agenda for Action to be sent to LSP members as soon as possible (JGr) Press Launch A draft press release was circulated - comments arising were:  Include a sentence on what sustainable development means  Change the word ‘actions’ to ‘goals’ as there are no actions in the LA21 strategy  Include an editor’s note – why we are doing this plus some background on the national sustainability agenda  Include a copy of Agenda for Action and the poster The group discussed running an ongoing press campaign / staggered ‘launch’ with regular LA21 project stories from around the district– a series of linked articles, one chapter ‘theme’ per month, ‘face to face’ campaign. Use the ‘LA21 in Lancaster District’ logo. Action: Action: Re-draft press release as agreed (RT) Discuss & develop publicity campaign with the City Council Communications Team (JGr)

Websites Action: Agenda for Action website to be developed and linked to partner organisations websites Education Discussed having an education sub group to develop Agenda for Action into a resource pack for schools, linking it into the curriculum (Key Stage 2?). Would need to identify organisations / people for this group and routes into community youth groups (e.g. ‘Connections Training’ at University and St Martin’s College) Action: Education to be put on Agenda of next LA21 Steering Group meeting

Attachments: LA21 Business Mins 1
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