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					Bill’s New Frock Questions Questions typed in bold and italic are more inferential (higher order) than those in plain type. Chapter One 1. Who are the main characters? (Bill, mum, dad, class teacher – Mrs Collins, old lady, Head Teacher and Mean Malcolm.) 2a. What do you think the name Mean Malcolm tells us about this character? b. Why do you think that this was a good name? 3a. How did Bill feel about being a girl? b. How do you know? 4. Why do you think Bill was treated differently? 5. What do you think Bill would have said to the teacher’s questions about how he felt that day? Why do you think this? 6. What do you think was the main idea in Chapter One? 7. Why do you think Bill’s teacher thought he was feeling unwell? (wearing a dress and he wouldn’t normally make a fuss about The Rapunzel story.) 8. Do you think it was fair of the others to treat Bill the way that they did? Why?      Old lady – crossing the road. Mean Malcolm – whistling. Class teacher – handwriting could be neater. Head Teacher – sympathetic when girl is late. Class teacher – allocated different roles – boys – boys/ girls – girls.

9. Do you think it’s fair if this happens in real life? Why? In what ways? Have you noticed/experienced this? 10. What does the fact that Bill was the only person in the class wearing a dress (although there were other girls) tell you about the girls in his class?(Page 9) 11. In your experience, is this true in real life? 12. What does the fact that the Head teacher chooses only 4 boys to carry the table to the nursery tell us about his thoughts towards boys and girls? Do you think this is fair? 13. Do you think that Rapunzel should have waited on the Prince? Why not? Chapter Two 1. What do you think made the girls feel that they always had to stay away from the football pitch? (previous bad experiences, boys had been horrible to them). 2. Why do you think Bill didn’t cry when he got the 1p chew? (girls watching, they knew what it was, he felt hurt.) 3. What do you think the girls could do to make the boys realise how selfish they were in the playground? 4. What do you think the teachers and/or the children could do to make the use of the playground fairer? 5. Martin bribes Bill by giving him his last 1p chew to get the football back for the game. What do you think this tells us about what the boys are really like? (Do you think the boys are really as tough and scary as the girls think? (Why?/Why not?)

6. What secrets do you think the girls were sharing? What’s strange about sharing secrets? 7. Why did Bill think kicking the ball through the window was easy? 8. Why was Bill disappointed when he received the wumpy choo? Chapter 3 1. Why do you think the class had so few art resources? What could this tell you about the school? 2. How did Bill feel when Mrs Collins chose him to be painted?(Unhappy/reluctant, upset) How did Bill show Mrs Collins that he was reluctant to be painted?(he pulled against her) What does this tell us about the type of person Mrs Collins is/was? 3. Why do you think Bill didn’t want to be a model to be painted by the other children? 4. Do you think it was fair of Mrs Collins to make Bill be a model, to be painted by the other children? Why? Why not?

Chapter 4 1. Why do you think the other children were envious that Bill was chosen to go on the message? 2. Why do you think Bill went to the toilet without asking before he delivered the spare key to the office?

3. How could Bill have done things differently to make his job of delivering all the objects and messages easier?

Chapter 5 1. Why do you think Mrs Collins went into a ‘dark’ mood at wet weather break? Girl’s Comics Bunty Mandy June Judy (Girl’s names) Boy’s Comics Hotspur Lion Victor Thunder Valiant Beano Dandy Boy – Girl’s comics Bill – Bunty

Girl – Boy’s comics Melissa – Beano Flora – Dandy

Boy – Boy’s Comic Rohan – Valiant Martin – Victor  Brainstorm with the children which comics were boy’s titles/girls titles – why and how do you know? 2. What comic(s) did Bill most want and why? 3. Why did Bill not want a Bunty? (Boys only read boys comics. Girls could read either but remember he was a boy).

4.Do you think that it was fair that Flora had two Dandy’s? (She was reading one and was sitting on another) Why? Why not? 5.What did Bill think of the Bunty once he read it? How do you know this? 6.How did Bill’s view of the Bunty change once he read it? (Stories were ok/ he didn’t want to swap when Flora came with Dandy) (a) What was it before? (b) After? 7.If you were Mrs Collins, how would you have punished Bill & Rohan? 8.Do you think you can tell what a comic is like by its name? Why/Why not? Chapter 6 1. Why do you think Mrs Collins decided to take the children outside for the races? (other than the fact it was sunny). 2. Why do you think Mrs Collins let Paul run in a heat of his own? Do you think this was fair? Why?/ Why not? 3. (a) Why did Bill find it so difficult to let Paul win the race, even when he agreed with the girls who were running the race? (Because he was a boy – more competitive, wanted to prove that he could win, he didn’t want a girl to be beaten by a boy)

(b) What could this tell you about what boys and girls are like? (Maybe he didn’t normally win and this was his choice to take advantage of the other children letting Paul win Boy’s competitive, he wanted to beat the fastest runner in the class) 4.Why did Bill feel ashamed when he realised that Kirsty, Talilah & Astrid were cross with him for not letting Paul win the race? Chapter 7 1. Why do you think Mean Malcolm didn’t expect Bill to throw him into the dustbin? 2. Why do you think Mean Malcolm did not get up and fight Bill back? 3. Why do you think Bella the cat treated Bill no differently when he had the dress on compared with the jeans?

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