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					Work Experience Placement and Recruitment Opportunities
Section A: Organisational Details
1. Please complete the following: Partner Name Position Organisation Address Email Address Telephone Number Fax Number Do you deliver Train to Gain provision? Do you deliver Apprenticeship provision? Select Select

Section B: Professional Development of Work Based Learning Provider Staff
1. Do you have staff that you believe would benefit from joining the Assessor or Verifier programme? Yes No Please complete question B2 Please go to section C

2. Please state the number of staff who you would like to participate in each award. Award A1 VI Number of Staff

Please ensure that all those staff who you are putting forward to join the London Assessor Project complete an application form and return it to the project’s recruitment team. The application form can be found at:: All providers who put their own staff on the London Assessor Project are required to provide the work placements for these members of staff and fulfil the work placement provider responsibilities as defined on the London Assessor website.

S:\\Assessor Project\Placement and Recruitment\Placement and Recruitment Form V2

Section C: Work Placements
1. Candidates on the London Assessor Project, who don’t presently work in the Work Based Learning (WBL) sector, are required to spend a minimum of one day a week in a WBL provider work placement. Work placement providers benefit from:     £75 for each work placement Free good practice workshops Mentoring training for your work experience mentors Contributing to the development of potential employees

Are you able to offer one or more work placements to candidates of the London Assessor Project? Yes No Please complete question C2 Please tell us why you are unable to offer work placements:

Our organisation is unable to offer work placements because:

2. Work placement details: Occupational Area Assessor/Verifier Placement Select Select Select Select Select Select Select Select Select Select Select Select Select Select No. Work Placement location, if different from the above

S:\\Assessor Project\Placement and Recruitment\Placement and Recruitment Form V2

3. Do you currently have links with one of the project’s lead delivery partners and would like to work with them on this project? If yes, please indicate which partner: Focal Point (Redwood Skills, Head to Head and B2B) JHP Skills for Growth TBG Learning Troy Solutions Uxbridge College Westminster Kingsway College

Section C: Recruitment
1. Do you currently have capacity within your organisation to employ a graduate from the London Assessor Project? If yes how many? Occupational Area Assessor/Verifier Select Select Select Select Select Select £100 is being paid to all work based learning providers who employ, or use the freelance services, of a London Assessor Project graduate. Number you are looking to employ

S:\\Assessor Project\Placement and Recruitment\Placement and Recruitment Form V2

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