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									Work experience report written by a student. Source: Llantwit Major School 1.15 (and 1.16 if used as a ‘marking’ exercise for tutors)

Work Experience Report
Name: Cerys Watkins Date of work experience: 1-5 June 2004

Employer: Read Harris Achitects Before I went to my work experience I was worried that I would be given very boring tasks to do which were nothing to do with architecture. However I was completely mistaken. When I arrived at my placement the receptionist informed me that my supervisor Gareth Jones, was on his way to meet me. Whilst I waited she filled me in with details about the company and I asked her lots of questions about the company which I think made a good impression. Once I met my supervisor and the other architects, I was given a project to do for the next 2 weeks with lots of other jobs in between. This task was to design a house of my own choice. I did this by:  Researching the building site  Investigating costs of different styles and sizes of houses  Finding out about planning regulations  Using the internet to find out properties and costs of materials  Speaking to a quantity surveyor and the local council planning department  Visiting sites with the supervisor  Meting clients to find out people’s likes and dislikes  Learning out to draw plans using software I was taught how to use software that turned my plans into 3D but this was a very specialist task and I only really had a brief try. I would like to use this again sometime. Also I did some more repetitive jobs such as photocopying and ring binding but I didn’t mind as I saw why they were needed and everyone had to do these things sometimes. I really enjoyed my work experience. I learnt a lot of new skills and feel I have practised speaking to people and increased my confidence in asking for help. The people were very friendly and made my feel comfortable straight away. It was great being treated like an adult.

The only aspect I did not enjoy was travelling on the bus for 2 hours a day as this was very tiring after a long day but this is one of the realities of working I suppose

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