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									Dear Property Owner Did you realise it is now a legal requirement for all residential rental properties to be fitted with compliant and working smoke alarms? As your property manager, we feel obliged to make sure you understand your responsibilities under the law and help you by providing a service which ensures your property’s compliance. The smoke alarm/s in your rental property/ies, currently managed by us must, by law:   Be correctly fitted and maintained Be checked at each change of tenancy or lease renewal.

It is also recommended that alarms are:  Checked annually as per manufacturer’s requirements if no change of tenancy occurs within 12 months, this ensures the warranty on the alarms remain current, otherwise it is void. Not only are there substantial fines associated with non compliance but insurance companies require landlords to comply with all statutory obligations imposed by any public authority. This means that your insurance may fail to pay out if there is a claim and your property is non-compliant and that you could find yourself in a civil law suit, in the event of a fire. We have engaged Smoke Alarms Queensland to manage your property/ies in this respect. Pricing Structure


Year One - $154.00 (including GST). Includes a set up fee for our system as well as documenting and installing or replacing alarms where necessary to make the property comply with all regulations.* Every year thereafter – $99.00 (including GST) This annual fee covers any servicing requirements for the property, irrespective of the type or number of alarms at your property, or the number of visits required per year. If any alarms are expired or need replacing, supply and installation is included in this price.* You will also be issued with a certificate of compliance for every visit.

The professional service incorporates a full function test to ensure the smoke alarms are in working order. This includes checking that ventilation holes are clear of any obstructions and insects and cleaning alarms thoroughly. Alarms are also smoke tested and batteries are changed. Smoke Alarms Queensland has invested in sophisticated computer systems to ensure that a property does not get forgotten and fall out of compliance. In our view, this is the greatest risk to a landlord from this legislation – not failing to install a smoke alarm but failing to ensure it is maintained. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your property is compliant with the legislation and that it remains compliant. We believe it is in your best interests that we go ahead with this service, and so will be contracting Smoke Alarms Queensland on your behalf. If you have any objections to this service, please call by the (__/__/____). If we don’t hear back within this time we will go ahead with the compliancy inspection and service of your investment property. Yours sincerely,

Property Manager
* If hard wired alarms are requested or required, they will be charged at an additional cost of $75.00 per alarm (including GST)

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