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					Internal Use Only: Candidate Number Interview: Yes / No

Application Form – Part 1
If you require this application form in another format please contact us. Completed Application Form: Parts 1 & 2 must be received by the closing date: 8 October 2009 by 12pm sent either to: Email: or Post: ONS, Census HR, Room 4200E, Segensworth Road, Titchfield, PO15 5RR If you have any queries then please contact 01329 44 4529

Please ensure that you have checked our eligibility requirements before applying, further details can be found in Part 2 of the Application Form. 1. Post details Full title of the position: Location (state which site): Field Force Support Services: Titchfield, Hampshire Instructions and Training Officer Dates you are unavailable for interview: Please tell us how you became aware of this post (e.g. website name, name of publication/newspaper): Grade/Pay band of post: EO

2. Education, qualifications and membership of professional bodies - starting with the most recent Dates Education
(please state where you were educated)

(please state level of qualification e.g. GCSE, BA, PhD plus subject & grade attained)


Membership of Professional Body

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Internal Use Only: Candidate Number Interview: Yes / No

3. Career details to date - starting with your current/most recent employer Dates Organisation Title and brief description of the job
Current Salary

Current Notice Period

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Internal Use Only: Candidate Number Interview: Yes / No 4. Criteria to be assessed at the application form stage – you must complete this section Please see application form guidance for more information on completing this section.
Criteria Essential/ Desirable Evidence For internal use only. (Sift mark)


Skills & Experience:
Good problem solving skills with the ability to identify issues and suggest practical, workable solutions Good general administrative experience with a proven track record of delivery within the required timetable, often to tight deadlines Ability to communicate effectively tailoring style and content to suit the audience, with an awareness of confidentiality. Good organisational skills and ability to work on own initiative and with close attention to detail to produce work to the required quality Evidence to demonstrate the ability to respond or lead through a period of change. Experience of developing instructions, induction or training materials Evidence to demonstrate participating and supporting a team working collaboratively in order to achieve business objectives. Evidence to demonstrate building relationships with internal\external customers E








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Internal Use Only: Candidate Number Interview: Yes / No
and suppliers satisfying their needs and expectations, making informed decisions and offering workable solutions. Evidence of managing people or projects or team members to achieve results.


Other requirements of the post:

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