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					MINUTES PLANNING AND ZONING ADVISORY BOARD REGULAR MEETING JUNE 18, 2007 Pursuant to public notice, Chairman Chase convened a regular meeting of the Planning and Zoning Advisory Board on June 18, 2007 at 7:00 pm in the Council Chamber, City Hall. Those present were Paul White, Edward Kinberg, Michael Chase, Courtney Harris and alternate John Holdsworth. Also, Building Official John Stone, Acting Community Development Director Laura Canady and Recording Secretary Anita Kirby. Mr. Chase led the Pledge of Allegiance. Chairman Chase announced that Ms. Harris has been appointed as a regular member to fill the vacancy of John Pitkethly and Mr. Holdsworth reappointed as alternate. Member Comments: Mr. Kinberg stated he will be out of town on July 16 and will not attend that meeting. PUBLIC HEARING: PZ# 4-07 - (quasi-judicial) - ORDINANCE 966 - IMPOSING MORATORIUM ON AGGREGATION OF LOTS IN AREA NORTH OF DESOTO AND EAST OF A1A Chairman Chase asked for any exparte communication, there had been none. Ms. Canady provided information on the proposed ordinance stating this board requested the moratorium on aggregation of lots south of Desoto Parkway and east of A1A be extended to the lots north of Desoto Parkway and east of A1A. The language of this ordinance is the same language as the moratorium adopted to prevent those lots south of Desoto from being aggregated. Mr. Chase read draft ordinance 966. Public Comments – None MOTION: Ms. Harris MOVED, SECOND Mr. White to approved Ordinance 966 as presented. VOTE: ALL AYES. MOTION CARRIED.



PZ#5-07 - CONSIDER AN ORDINANCE TO ESTABLISH NEW ZONING DISTRICT RM-4 - MULTIPLE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL This item was pulled from the agenda. Information to present to the board is incomplete. PZ# 8-05 - CONSIDER A REQUEST FOR REZONING TO PROPOSED RM-4 ZONING DISTRICT FOR PROPERTY LOCATED AT 1035 HIGHWAY A1A, DESCRIBED AS TWP 26, RNG 37, SEC 35, PARCEL 3.2 This item was pulled from the agenda. Information to present to the board is incomplete. PZ#7-06 - LAND DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS - Provide written comments and recommendations to City Council regarding proposed revisions and amendments to the City of Satellite Beach Land development Regulations (Chapter 30)
SHORT TERM RENTALS Mr. Stone introduced this stating that at the April 17 meeting this board made recommendations that have been incorporated into a draft ordinance for review and approval. A short-term rental policy is being proposed by adding resort dwelling rentals with certain restrictions as a permitted use in the RM-3 zoning district. He stated condo associations can be more restrictive but must comply with the minimum rental period of no less than 30 days. Violations of the resort dwelling rentals will be a code enforcement issue. Board discussion included the need for information to contact the person responsible for the rental unit. A 24-hour availability telephone contact number should be listed on the property. Mr. Kinberg suggested the Code Enforcement Board draft an information brochure explaining procedures for short-term rental and penalties for violations. Council Liaison Dominick Montanaro stated the Code Enforcement Board is not set up to put together public information. It is a quasi-judicial board that determines code violations. Mr. Stone stated a brochure would be prepared and distributed to the condo associations when the policy is adopted. PUBLIC COMMENT: Wes Shafer, President, Eastwinds Condo Association - he stated the point of contact for rental properties will be the unit owner or representative, or realtor. The Condo Association is not involved in rentals. Patty Pressler, 1125 A1A, stated she is not in favor of 30-day rentals because it does not promote the hometown atmosphere of our city.



The following code changes were presented, incorporating board recommendations:

SECTION 1. Satellite Beach Code of Ordinances Section 30-107 Definitions is hereby amended to include the following: Resort Dwelling shall mean any unit in a multi-family dwelling which is rented for less than 181 days. SECTION 2. Satellite Beach Code of Ordinances Section 30-415 is hereby amended to include provisions for short-term rentals as follows: Section 30-415. RM-3 , residential-mixed use district. (a) Intent. The provisions of the RM-3 district are intended to regulate the construction of group dwellings (planned unit development), whether of one-family, twofamily or multiple-family construction, and limited commercial uses. Such a development will allow a more flexible placing of the buildings on the land and permit the grouping of open space and accessory facilities, such as recreation facilities, garages, parking spaces, and utility and service areas, while preserving a residential environment of sustained desirability and stability. Individual units may be sold providing the responsibility for overall management and control of all common areas is retained by a single agent. (b) Permitted uses. Permitted uses are as follows: (1) (2) Duplex or multifamily dwellings. Accessory structures and uses: a. Accessory structures and uses permitted in the R-1 singlefamily residential district. Laundry buildings. Parking garages and structures. Cabanas. Recreation halls.

b. c. d. e. (3) (4)

Single-family dwellings. Resort dwelling rental.




a. b. c.

East of Highway A1A. 30 day minimum rental period Performance standards 1) 2) State License Required. Local business tax receipt required.

3) Local management. Each resort dwelling shall have a designated local manager. Contact information for the local manager shall be on the local Business Tax Receipt and shall include a 24 hour contact number. The information shall be posted in each dwelling unit and on the property in a manner visible from the public way. The posted information shall include the nonemergency police number. 4) Penalty. The resort dwelling's local business tax receipt may be revoked under the following conditions: code enforcement finds a violation or recurring violation of the Satellite Beach Code of Ordinances or by any other means provided by law. MOTION: Mr. Kinberg MOVED, SECOND Ms. Harris to approve the draft ordinance for short term rental policy. VOTE: ALL AYES. MOTION CARRIED.
MOTION: Table remaining LDR review.     Article I – General Provisions - definitions Article II – Administration Article III – Planning - providing procedures and minimum requirements for site plans and subdivisions Article IV – Zoning - retaining existing zoning districts and designations; amending the allowable uses, conditional uses and prohibited uses in each district; moratorium on land aggregation north of Desoto Parkway and east of A1A; setbacks; and other construction requirements for each district Article V – Building Regulations - signs, accessory structures, fences, docks and similar structures, swimming pools, driveways and similar items, antennas, turtle lighting, sidewalks, septic systems, maintenance generally, roof requirements, exception to height, underground utilities, floor level, drainage, lighting, permit fees, site work Article VI –Supplemental Regulations - governing home occupations and other provisions including trash, outside storage areas, portable storage containers, commercial and recreational vehicles in residential areas






Article VII – Resource Protection - landscaping, surface water runoff management, shoreline protection, armoring; wells; and miscellaneous items; Article VIII - Telecommunications facilities Article IX - Planned Unit Development (PUD) Pelican Coast

MOTION: Mr. Kinberg MOVED, SECOND Mr. Holdsworth to table all remaining LDR sections on the agenda. VOTE: ALL AYES. MOTION CARRIED. It was recommended the next meeting begin at 6:00 due to the material to review.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes of the April 16, 2007 meeting were approved as corrected to include the length of Mr. Pitkethly’s term. NEXT REGULAR MEETING: The meeting adjourned at 7:55. Respectfully submitted: July 16, 2007

Anita Kirby Recording Secretary