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Luxury Seafood Platters

From simple dressed crabs and lobsters or a mixture of tasty shellfish for a romantic evening for two, to a feast of seafood for any number of guests our experience will provide you with the perfect solution. Due to the nature and number of products prices vary.

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Platters of deep filled sandwiches with mouth watering fillings including: Egg mayonnaise, chicken, smoked salmon, cheese & celery mayonnaise mix, prawn mayonnaise, Poached Salmon with dill. Four quarters per serving.

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serving 8

Bridge Rolls

Open bridge rolls with a selection of tasty toppings including: Poached Salmon and dill, homemade chopped herring, egg and onion mayonnaise, smoked salmon, cream cheese with chives. Three halves per serving.

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serving 12

Smoked Fish

A platter filled with Smoked Trout Fillets, Smoked Mackerel, Smoked Halibut and lashings of Scottish Smoked Salmon. Great as a starter, or an eye catching addition to your buffet.

Platters start from Crudités


serving 8

Selection of prepared crudités vegetables and salad stuffs presented on a platter with tasty relishes and dips

Crudités Platters start from


serving 12

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