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									Department of Physics and Astronomy Information
Hours: the building is open from 8:00 am –10:00 pm; please use your building key (E-1X) for other hours. Emergency: from a campus phone dial 333. Campus phones on floors B, C, and D-level are by the elevators; P-level phone is by the front door opposite the Department Office; S-level phone is at the foot of the red stairs. Building Problems: please report building problems (water/power/phone/structural) to Bob Segnini (Robert.Segnini@stonybrook.edu) or Rich Berscak (Richard.Berscak@stonybrook.edu) or call 2-8090. Keys: office/lab/building keys – please see Sara Lutterbie in the Main Office.

Students who are interested in purchasing a computer or software, should check Client Support’s web site as students do receive discounts and are eligible for their own copies of Microsoft Office and Symantec Antivirus software (for free) as well as other software packages at a nominal fee. Visit: http://clientsupport.stonybrook.edu for more information.

To connect your computer to the network, you need an IP address.  To get an IP address in the ESS building, email Doug Swesty (Douglas.Swesty@stonybrook.edu).  Advance registration is required to access the network installed in the Physics Building and portions of the Math Tower, Harriman Hall and the VdG Accelerator Building. A registered computer can be used at any ethernet (cable) access point within the physics.sunysb.edu subdomain. To register, send an email to John Noe (John.Noe@stonybrook.edu); he will reply with a list of the information you need to provide, which includes the MAC or physical address of your computer’s network card.

Wireless internet access is available at a limited number of locations. The campus AirNet system can be used in the Math, Physics & Astronomy Library (C-130), the Graduate Student Lounge on A-level, and in and near the Harriman Cafe. Follow the instructions on the web page to set up your laptop for this service: http://clientsupport.cc.stonybrook.edu/public/wireless/campus.shtml. In addition, a few research groups provide wireless access through local routers for their members and visitors. Contact the group leader or group computer administrator to arrange access. The campus policy on the use of information technology is at http://naples.cc.stonybrook.edu/Admin/policy.nsf/pages/P109/.

Research: a copy card to make copies related to your research can be purchased from Sara Lutterbie in the Main Office. The card will allow you to make copies on the copier on the Main Floor in room P-115. Course Material: to make copies for a teaching assignment, please see Maria Hofer in the Main Office for a copy card. Problems: please report any difficulties with the copy machine to the Main Office.

Incoming graduate students are added to the campus Electronic Post Office (EPO). The EPO gives you a generic email address (which is usually First name.Last name@stonybrook.edu) that directs email to your Sparky email account. To find your username and initial password, log into Solar http://naples.cc.sunysb.edu/DoIT/solarsystem2.nsf/ Read more about the Sparky account here: http://www.ic.sunysb.edu/helpdesk/email.shtml In particular, if you do not want to use the Sparky server, read this http://www.ic.sunysb.edu/helpdesk/email.shtml#forward about how to forward the Sparky Email to a different email address. Note that the Sparky account will expire in about half year after you leave the University. In addition to Sparky email accounts, graduate students in the Department of Physics & Astronomy will have a user account (non-email) on the grad.physics linux cluster.

Once you are admitted to the university, you will have a campus ID number that will allow you to log-on to the SOLAR system (see below) where class rosters/grades, etc. information can be accessed. The ID number will also allow you to obtain an ID card from the Campus Card Office, Rm. 103, Admin. Bldg. The ID card is your official identification at Stony Brook University. Your ID card also gives you the ability to become a member of Teacher’s Federal Credit Union (TFCU), which has a branch in the basement of the Student Activities Center, Rm. 009B.

Mail is distributed into the boxes twice a day. Please send personal mail to your home address. (See Maria Hofer in the Main Office if you have questions). Use your E-1X key to open the door. We ask that you access the mail boxes from the entrance opposite the elevators, rather than through the Main Office.

Set your Net ID password in SOLAR as soon as you can. You will need your Net ID for several reasons, including: Blackboard, Resnet (Computer Registration), SB Drive (Network File Storage), Web Space (Basic HTML Only) , Wireless and Campus Dial Up and Library Databases. To find your NetID and Password: Login to SOLAR and Click “Set your NetID Password” on the right hand side under “NetID Information”. Create a security question and answer (you will be asked this question

whenever you have to change your password, make sure you pick one that is easy for you to remember). Create a password. ** Password Expires every 6 months from the date you set it.

You may obtain a parking permit for your car by logging onto www.parking.stonybrook.edu. You will need to provide your USB ID # (or Social Security #) and the license plate number from your car.

State paychecks are distributed in the Main Office every other Wednesday. See Maria Hofer in the Main Office if you have questions. Research Foundation paychecks are distributed in the Main Office every other Friday. See Maria Hofer in the Main Office if you have questions. Attendance Rosters must be signed each month for either payroll roster. If you are not on campus when the notice to sign arrives, contact Maria Hofer for a form that you can submit by fax. Please see Maria Hofer for either State or Research Foundation forms that will allow direct deposit to your bank. This is a convenience to you, and highly encouraged university practice.

The on-line system the students use to register for classes, and faculty use to see class rosters and enter grades. Go to http://naples.cc.sunysb.edu/DoIT/solarsystem2.nsf to log in. Your Stony Brook ID # is your username.

All students have access to the Campus Network file storage system (SB Drive) which can also be used for personal web pages. You can also request webspace on Sparky. See the TLT help site for more information.

Stony Brook University: Dept. of Physics & Astronomy: http://www.stonybrook.edu http://www.physics.sunysb.edu/Physics/

Office XP, Mac Office 2001, and Mac Office X can be purchased for $11. See Sara Lutterbie in the Main Office.

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